‘The Following’ Season 2 Premiere Review: A New Chapter Begins

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the following season 2 premiere review The Following Season 2 Premiere Review: A New Chapter Begins

[This is a review of The Following season 2, episode 2. There will be SPOILERS.]

When one story ends, another begins, and The Following season 2 sets off by starting anew, in New York City, with a group of followers attempting to resurrect Carroll’s name. However, there’s still much from the past that needs to be revealed, and therein lies the first obstacle Kevin Williamson’s new chapter has to overcome.

In the premiere episode, written by creator Kevin Williamson, a group of masked Carroll followers massacre an entire train of people on the anniversary of Joe’s (James Purefoy) death, reigniting the investigation of the mysterious cult, which pulls the resilient Mike Weston (Shawn Ashmore) and relapsed Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon) back into the chaotic case they thought was over. Elsewhere, Emma (Valorie Curry) is surprised by the cult’s resurgence, while a lumberjack-looking stranger hints at Joe’s return.

There was a time when Mike Weston was simply an ancillary character; great episodes like “Welcome Home,” which found him being tortured by Carroll’s former right-hand man, quickly made him a fan-favorite. Ashmoore deservedly earned the bump in focus that his character received, but this episode proved the producer’s decision correct, as he served as the driving force for much of this episode and is currently what will keep fans tuning in.

the following season 2 hardy1 The Following Season 2 Premiere Review: A New Chapter Begins

Hardy was there, present and enjoying all his various vices, which helps build intrigue for the inevitable battle between Hardy and Carroll everyone knows will, at some point, occur. But his actual use in this episode is purely vanity and is what makes this episode feel more like a well-made prequel that’s standing in place of the actual premiere, which, as it turns out (or now feels), is next week, in episode 2.

The audience, along with Carroll’s followers, are ready for round 2, yet we’re still waiting for Hardy to get his shoes on. Though the flashbacks do give us perspective of what occurred in the time that has passed, we’re now in a position where we need him to take us through his past journey, which is now only slowed down by continued self-indulgence. Even so, Bacon never wavers as the extreme Hardy – there’s just no reason to care yet.

the following season 2 emma1 570x294 The Following Season 2 Premiere Review: A New Chapter Begins

The intense brutality is back and perhaps elevated even more with the new recruits, and the story does, indeed, thrive because of it. Williamson is no stranger to writing intense tales filled with blood and violence, and allowing him to stay where he’s comfortable benefits the series overall; however, there are more than a few times where the trappings of The Following fall away and Scream 2 (or 3 and 4) takes over, completely removing you from the focus of the intended scene.

What lies ahead in The Following season 2 appears interesting – especially with Emma unaware of activities – so it still feels worth investing the time required for the story to get on its feet. Keith Carradine (Dexter) also helps. After a few episodes, however, a sense of the overall story will more or less be revealed, and then it will be up to expectations and hinted promises to help make up for whatever you feel is lacking elsewhere. It’s still too early to tell.


The Following returns next Monday with “For Joe” @9pm on Fox.

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  1. The Following – King of the Twists.

    Will not be surprised if Claire is alive. They probably are hiding her survival in case of Carroll’s return. My issue with this show is that there are TOO many twists. I’m expecting that to be one of them.

    • “This is a review of The Following season 2, episode 2. There will be SPOILERS.”

      **This should read season 2 episode 1. For a minute, I thought there was another episode Monday night and I missed it.

      Follow me on Twitter @USAHeyUSA

    • I agree but I also think they are protecting here from Ryan too so he doesn’t get her hurt again

  2. SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!

    SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!

    SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!





    …… We’re was Carrol supposed to be at the end of the episode? A lot of weird ass stuff happens on this show but that had to be the weirdest… a backwoods house with a young black girl seemingly doing homework, while some dude humps a hooker in the next room? WHAT?…

    • *Where – darn auto correct

      • The real shocker here is that someone still uses the word “humps” :)

        • Q: What’s the horniest animal in the world?
          A: The camel, cuz it’s always gootta hump!

    • are you serious? it couldn’t have been more obvious…

      • Wait, THAT was Joe Carol? Credit where it is due; usually television shows (including this series) telegraph every little plot point.

        Still, this means someone in the writing room watched the series finale of Dexter and thought it was an ingenious plot twists. Does serial killing improve your ability to haul lumber?

  4. I watched season one and while this series was watchable, I just didn’t think it was good enough to do a second season. Either the general audience of other fans or the studios thought it merited one, and so gave it a second season, so I will likely watch that one as well.

  5. Same crap from the same restroom. Who cares?

    At least they dropped the stupid subplot with the kid.

    • Additionally, no one saw this coming, but now Emma has even less relevance than before.

    • Also how is Ryan Hardy still walking? The man has gotten stabbed numerous times, been shot at, beaten, tortured multiple times, and in this episode gets hit by a car. The human body is a durable self-fixing machine, but they are really pushing suspension of disbelief here. That is not even taking into account psychological trauma.

      Meanwhile, his girlfriend gets stabbed twice and dies despite receiving immediate medical treatment. Not that I am shedding any tears, but you could have easily avoid this by having her get killed with a more fatal injury.

      The FBI is still trying to get Ryan to work on the case as opposed to, you know, putting him in protective custody further trying to push the idea that “he’s the only one that can do it!”. Granted, it is consistent within the context of the show which takes place in a world where law enforcement is utterly inept at their job.

  6. Warning: There will be spoilers.

    Did you actually watch the episode before you wrote this review, or are you reviewing the preview? Because the followers didn’t “massacre an entire train”, they massacred the people in one particular car. Ryan Hardy isn’t currently “relapsed” as you make it sound; this takes place several months after he had relapsed, and is now back on the wagon. It was clear by the middle of the episode that Hardy never considered the case “over”.

    Other than the flashbacks offered, I don’t know what we need to know about his “past journey”. This is about Hardy vs. Carroll. I’d like to know what Carroll’s been up to, and how he faked his death. Hardy’s past year seems pretty well summed up to me.

    • Reading comments like this make me think corporations hire shills to flood the comment section with nothing but apologies for their crappy shows.

      Take no offence if you really do like the show this is just a pattern I am noticing.

      • I’ve reread my comment several times, but I fail to see any apology for anything. I do like the show, though.

        I’m sure that some corporation somewhere, however, is feverishly composing a personal apology to you right this minute regarding their “crappy show” that got renewed for a second season. Clearly, they’re sinking without your input. Thank god you’re finally here.

        • Your welcome.

  7. Just skimmed the article bc I haven’t watched the episode yet, but I was really left with a bad taste in my mouth after the first season. I feel like everyone is a traitor and the loyal agents are bumbling morons. It was very good when it started, but they need to do something or it will be one of the only shows I give up on after wasting this much of my life on.

  8. The beginning of this article states that its a review of Season 2 episode 2… but that was only episode 1. For a second I thought i had missed something (the drvr’d slot for the following was 1.5 hours, but it was only 1 hour)

    I have a feeling that woman that survived the train attack is involved somehow, she only endured minor injuries, and her exchanges with Hardy were suspicious. I liked the addition of Hardy’s sister, even though she didn’t have a lot to do, I liked her and I hope she has a bigger role going forward. The Dexter kid made me laugh a bit… both of them haha

    OK series premier, but I expect more going forward

  9. I’m willing to bet anything that Claire is still alive.
    I don’t remember exactly what was said but when the son was brought up they said something about witness protection but the answer seemed purposely vague.
    So I think they are together somewhere and will show up again in the last half of the season.

    • In the episode they said the son was taken custody by the grandmother and they were both put into witness protection. I really hope that is not a set up for any kind of plot twist; I always hated that kid. And the mother, for that matter. Both characters were useless.