‘The Following’: Season 2 & 3 Are Already Planned – Is that a Good Thing?

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following keyart The Following: Season 2 & 3 Are Already Planned   Is that a Good Thing?

[WARNING: The Following Season 1 Spoilers Below]


The season finale of The Following has come and gone, and we’ve already moved on to details about season2. We still have plenty of questions like whether or not serial killer Joe Carroll (James Purefoy) is still alive, are there new followers, and what happens after that surprise cliffhanger?

Answers won’t come until season 2 – likely in the company of more questions and mysteries – and while some fans might be ready to jump ship after the conclusion of the first season, it might be comforting to know that series creator Kevin Williamson, the man behind the Scream franchise, planned this tale through season 3.

Speaking with TV Line, executive producer Marcos Siega divulged plenty of details about season 2 (read more about that here), and he let this tidbit of information out of the bag:

There’s a big picture here. Kevin’s been very vocal about this being a passion project for him; he’s gone through a lot of stages and evolution about how he’s going to tell the story… But I do know that when he first sat down, he knew how three seasons could play out — and he could build beyond that. He had a solid foundation when he started.

So whereas some might think the writers just wrote the end of the first season without any idea of where to go, there’s at least a set path for Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon) and Claire (Natalie Zea) to continue (at least if they survive). And there must some other followers out there to keep this interesting at least through a third season (if it makes it that far).

However, we’ve heard reassurances like this before – especially in the case of ABC’s Lost. Some fans are still bitter about how that series ended, and some of the strange turns that presented themselves throughout each season. It’s important to note, though, that as much as the writers touted a big plan for Lost, they were also open to changes. For example, the Benjamin Linus character was never meant to become a pivotal part of the show, but Michael Emerson made them want more out of the character, and that’s what happened.

the following season 2 followers1 The Following: Season 2 & 3 Are Already Planned   Is that a Good Thing?

In the case of Joe Carroll and his followers, any grudge from his cult won’t seem as substantial without significant ties to Hardy or Claire. The use of Hardy’s former fling (who was revealed to also be one of Joe’s followers) helps in that regard, but without Caroll, any other bad guy seems a little bit weak.

Right now, it seems like fans will give season 2 at least a couple of episodes to continue the arc and give them an idea of where Williamson might be headed with this cult, but it’s going to have to be a great set up to keep fans who don’t want the same old twists and turns as the first season.


The Following will return in 2014 on Fox.

Source: TV Line

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  1. They have plans for 7 seasons for Hannibal.

  2. thats not good for anyone. Show is so bad.

    • Amen…

    • Eh. It’s not a masterpiece, but it’s a good show if you just wanna kick back.

  3. Can’t wait, I love The Following so as long as it all works out and doesn’t start getting silly, I’m all in.

  4. Done properly and as good season 1, am all for it.

  5. I really dont like this show. Watched 5 episodes and then just could not stand it anymore.
    Poorly written, terribly irritating characters – not a single likeable character to be found and the same formula repeats over and over.
    Wont mind seeing this cancelled.

    Hannibal is a million times better.

    • I agree.”The Following” is stupendously pathetic and is in no way comparable to a TV gem and soon to be a cult show,”Hannibal”.

  6. If Joe is dead, I am done with the show. James is the major reason I tuned in. Without his brilliant portrayal of Joe Carroll, the show loses everything including hoardes of viewers.

    • Did you know he played the lead character in Solomon Kane? That was a tolerably-good flick deserving of a sequel or a TV series.

      • @Goldilocks

        Did you know that Purefoy used his actual accent in Solomon Kane? But yeah, the comic books have a wealth of material to draw from if they made any sequels. Too bad it went under the radar.

    • He very well might still be alive. Burnt and disfigured, but possibly still alive

  7. really 3 seasons?? im surprised it made it past one season.

  8. I have been watching this show, and just can’t quite get into it. It seems like the writers are kind of writing it and inventing characters as needed as they go along. It is not bad; it just is not all that good. I am not quite ready to give up on it yet, tho, and will keep watching it.

  9. This show is hot garbage. How anyone involved in this “production” could be proud of it, would be beyond me.

    I’ve never seen dumber portrayals, especially of federal agents/cops, ever. How did this get green lit?

    • Possibly the same way you learned to spell :)

  10. Watched Hannibal Dident like got on my nerves will give that series a miss-But the following was great carnt wait for S2

  11. I loved the pilot of this show and a few episodes thereafter but it got a tad silly by the end. Hope if gets better and James purfory returns as the scarily compelling Joe Carroll

  12. I don’t know what “Hannibal” is, so i can’t compare…. I love The Following!!! I think its clever and it always kept me on the edge of my seat. Even if Joe is “dead”, i surely will watch the seasons to come, to see how it all unravels and ends… Joe’s cult could still carry out their “duties” and Joe’s plan… I just LOVE it!!

  13. I like “The Following”, but I don’t love it. I was able to get through the whole season and come out satisfied so, depending on how Season 2 goes, I might be there for the whole ride.

    “Hannibal”…I’m sorry, the show is just not clever at all. It isn’t like “Bates Motel” where you are interested in the transformation of Norman Bates from a disturbed boy into a complete psycho. Hannibal Lecter is…already Hannibal the Cannibal, and the way they try to shroud things in mystery is pointless because we all know he is the one behind all of this.

    • Yeah, we only just got episode 1 this week and when I saw it, I knew instantly that he was behind it all before they even started to show hints and such towards the end of the episode.

      I’ll keep investing time into it but so far, it didn’t impress me like episode 1 of The Following did. In fact, The Following had likable characters and Hannibal doesn’t so far.

  14. really????? i can’t believe a 2 season, a 3 is ridiculus.

  15. Love the show its not totally outrageous the following carrol has is much like what manson has/had and if he was ever to escape much of the same would happen…

    as far as the federal agents being way out there that couldn’t be further from the truth are you that naïve to think that agents don’t get obsessed about a criminal I know just ordinary police officers that get obsessed with trying to catch one person or end a cult so in reality the show isn’t that far off base as to what really happens

    most federal agents if involved in a dramatic case such as the joe carrol story end up with PTS just like soldiers who have seen horrible things while at war….

  16. i watch the show and it’s not the best and not the worst but it is getting a little ridiculous (the whole ultimate chase going on between ryan hardy and joe carrol…) i mean really they can only milk that story line for so long because right now counting the times he’s managed to escape full federal custody and ALWAYS manages to get away! on my count so far he has gotten away at least three times. He escaped from max security prison, escaped from prison transport after he was captured after he escaped prison, and then at the end of season 2 he gets away from ryan hardy by doing the whole if you don’t surrender now i’ll kill claire bit.
    and there is like 1 or 2 shows left for season two and i can see the whole “i’ll kill claire if you don’t surrender” bit developing AGAIN!

    Don’t get me wrong I’ll keep watching but if Joe Carrol manages to keep getting away it will take away from the integrity of Kevin Bacon’s character. the writers are going to have to be really creative about the story line and make it a damn good reason if J.C. gets away AGAIN! and sometimes it’s hard to watch because they (the good guys) just keep getting outsmarted at every turn. and you may be smart enough to escape hundreds of cops and the FBI but eventually everyones luck runs out and it is getting about that time.
    so if they do capture J.C. and execute him or whatever how will they continue the show then? the whole premise for the show is the relationship between J.C. and R.H. and without the antagonist gone what will give R.H. the hate and passion to keep up a chase as entertaining as the one we’ve seen so far?

    Happy watching!

  17. I’m a little disappointed that the good guys keep showing up at places alone and ditching their backup. No wonder you can’t catch the bad guy!?!

  18. Loveree this show but seems like its been forever since season 2 season finale!!