‘The Flash’: New Poster is Filled With DC Comics Easter Eggs

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Flash TV Show Teaser Trailer The Flash: New Poster is Filled With DC Comics Easter Eggs

If it wasn’t clear that The CW and DC Comics were well on their way to creating a shared universe, it should be now that the studio has given up any attempts at secrecy. The Flash may be building off the success of Arrow, but the showrunners have their sights set on much, much more. The latest promotional poster for the show teases not just hints at future villains and characters set to appear in The Flash, but larger companies that could span their entire TV universe.

Comic book fans have had plenty of pleasant surprises in regards to DC’s television properties, with The Atom and Wildcat set to appear alongside Oliver Queen in Arrow‘s upcoming season and Grant Gustin’s Flash joining forces with Firestorm.

It should be clear to anyone who has seen or heard of The Flash pilot that the tone and attitude of it and Arrow will be quite different. Despite that, the new poster revealed via the series’ official Twitter account shows that on the streets of Central City, Oliver Queen’s company – and the burger joint frequented by he and his friends – is impossible to miss.

We took the liberty of highlighting the clearest easter eggs (and a few well-hidden ones) in the full size image below. There may be more contained within, but for now, the logo of Ray Palmer (Brandon Routh) and his tech company can be seen along with a Big Belly Burger sign, graffiti promising that “Grodd Lives,” S.T.A.R. Labs, Kord Industries, and perhaps most suspiciously, AmerTek.

Have a look for yourself, and see if you can spot any more:

Flash TV Poster Easter Eggs The Flash: New Poster is Filled With DC Comics Easter Eggs

With Gorilla Grodd already teased in the Flash pilot, it’s no surprise to see another cryptic message contained here. The same goes for S.T.A.R. Labs – the facility that will help Barry Allen come to grips with his new abilities – and Kord Industries, the company run by billionaire (and superhero ‘Blue Beetle’) Ted Kord. It’s expected that Kord will appear in one of the two CW shows before long, having his company teased already in Arrow, and reports claiming a man of Ted Kord’s description is set to join The Flash‘s cast.

If one easter egg is worth special attention, it’s the presence of a nod to AmerTek, a military weapons manufacturer. The presence of a military industrial firm isn’t a total shock (since fans know to expect a military presence), but the company is also a key player in the origin story of John Henry Irons, better known to comic – and Shaquille O’Neal fans – as ‘Steel.’

The Flash Easter Egg Steel Irons The Flash: New Poster is Filled With DC Comics Easter Eggs

Casual comic fans may not know the details of the hero known as Steel, but it’s enough to say that when Irons realized his work was being used to do evil as opposed to good, he branched out on his own, forming a suit of armor suited to a vigilante crimefighter. The new poster uses the same logo seen in the Batman: Arkham video game series, but exactly what it implies for the future of The Flash is still unclear. We have our own suspicions that The CW could already be cooking up another spinoff series, but could Steel be next?

Hopefully the other easter eggs – including the almost impossible to decipher signs and buildings – will be uncovered soon, but there’s more than enough to keep fan speculation fueled for the foreseeable future. What do you make of the easter eggs contained within this piece of marketing? Are they merely for fun, or do you think a more substantial connection is being teased? Sound off in the comments.

The Flash premieres Tuesday, October 7th, 2014 @8pm on The CW.

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  1. Cool poster but the trailers have not been intriguing to me in the least

  2. looks great, cant wait for show

  3. It would be cool if they crossed Arrow and Flash with the Arkham Series! Could also lend credence to video game Stephen Amell has apparently voiced.

    • Not a bad idea at all, especially with the recent addition of the Suicide Squad.

    • I’m having a hard time understanding why they’d have an Arkham series on one network, and a pre-Batman series (Gotham) on another… This confuses the audience. People will wonder if Gotham is canon for the the CW shows, and things will get messy soon.

      • Really, nothing to worry about, chances are if you understand that comics, TV, movies, and video games exit in different media continuities and platforms, then you’ll have enough common-sense to mentally separate the storylines, without trying to adhere to some inconsequential canon. That’s the whole idea of the “multi-universe” concept, Superboy and Superman can and do exist in the same time and space without conflict, furthermore, we can watch re-runs of all the previous Superman, Flash, and Batman-related television series CURRENTLY in syndication as-we-speak [along with the new shows], without trying to resolve accordance with canon.

  4. Does anyone know what the symbol on the tall building at the top, just left of the middle is? It looks familiar.

    • Not sure what the name says, but the actual graphic logo is very reminiscent of the graffiti from The Dark Knight Rises.

      • Yeah, I guess in a way it does with the shapes. After zooming in it appears to be four triangular like objects whose formation kind of reminds me of the eye of sauron to be honest.

        • That’s the one bugging me as well. It looks like it should be an easter egg, but with an eye(?) or a vertical loop, it’s not ringing any bells.

    • After zooming in on it, I’m sure I’ve seen that symbol before, I just can’t place it.

    • Isn’t it the Wayne tower ?

      • The symbol is Stagg Industries

  5. While the poster looks cool its absolutely illogical type of movement.


    • The man running at the speed of light, isn’t illogical. ;)

    • It’s very hard to lead a moving target with a rifle when they are moving illogically.

  6. Blow Beetle, Arsenal, The Atom, Wildcat, Steel, Firestorm…and a reference to Doctor Fate in Constantine…I am liking what I am seeing from DC. And there is also talk of an Hourman show from CW Network next year! Keep up the good work, DC, you are finally showing more signs of waking up!

    • Oops, “Blow Beetle” should read “Blue Beetle”. Sorry, guess I should not type when I first wake up after only a couple hours’ sleep! I will be glad to see Ted Kord in action. Arrow seems like a good place to introduce him.

      • Actually the Arrow writers already wanted to bring him in but The Atom is the character that took Kord’s place on the show because DC said they have other plans for Blue Beetle so hopefully we’ll see what those plans are soon, maybe a BB TV series like the one they scrapped a few years ago or a BB movie with Kord, would be awesome either way. I would’ve preferred Kord on Arrow than Atom because i would’ve liked to have seen The Arrow vs The Beetle and cause Atom might not get his powers on the show since even with Flash out there, Arrow is trying to stay dark and grounded and a superhero with shrinking powers isn’t likely to appear unless they move Ray Palmer from Starling to Central city before he gets his powers.

        • I have wanted to see The Atom (w/powers intact) for a long time, and was honking my horn for him even before Arrow discussed having him on there (besides, he has a cool costume!). I would like to see him get spun off of Arrow like Flash was. besides, DC might like the opportunity to have another alternative to a Marvel character (ie: Atom versus Ant-Man, Green Arrow versus Hawkeye, Flash versus Quicksilver, etc.). I like them all, Marvel and DC alike. I just wish someone would throw another hat in the ring and roll a movie or series with the T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents!!

    • Don’t forget Vibe,Katana and Manhunter

    • Waking up? So the multitude of amazing animated movies, awesome comics for almost 100 years and great movies for some of the characters, with the third terrible girl drama show DC is waking up??? Just stop talking.

        • you probably don’t know this but, the Justice League movie has been in development for over 20 years, in between that time there was– League of Xtrordinary Gentlemen, +3 Swamp Thing movies, V for Vendetta, Road To Perdition, The Losers, Constantine and Catwoman. So believe-or-not Justice League has ALWAYS BEEN IN DEVELOPMENT, in film, animation, gaming, tv and oh I don’t know– what would the next logical step be…………. oh,film! We’re adult here, so let’s not pretend that JL was never going to happen! Unless, we pretend that we’re ALL stupid, WB/DC were making these movies before anyone else had the money, technology or courage to. And now they are once again paving the way for “Team-ups and versus films,” “wake-up” and show some respect for this mythology, and our true iconic heroes, from which all others come!

  7. not specifically a comic reference but the classic WB water tower thingy is silhouetted nicely in the top left

    • AWESOME!! I can’t wait for the Animaniacs crossover!! Hellooooooooooo Nurse!

  8. Could it be a Wayne Enterprises tower in the background?

  9. The logo on the top left (the highest building) is probably STAGG INDUSTRIES as it has already been mentioned on Arrow and recently Willaim Shadner has been cast to play Simon Stagg on Arrow.

    • Sadler, not Shadner. You had me scrambling for google search because I was like “William Shatner is going to be on the Flash?” LOL!

      • Also, this is a cool bit of news that this character is being introduced that I hadn’t heard until now. Does this mean Metamorpho is on the horizon? Or even the whole group of The Outsiders? Didn’t they already cast someone as Katana in Arrow or Flash too?

        • I suggested Metamorpho quite some time ago (not necessarily on Arrow or Flash, but someplace somewhere somehow). Glad to see I am not the only one who thought of that idea!

      • Only “on the Flash” if he is feeling romantic…but I heard he was quite a Lothario when he was on Star Trek and that cop show he was on later on in his career!

  10. Does anyone else think that the tower at the back looks quite similar to a Wayne Enterprises building? Mainly the design of the building but also what we can see on it could be a variation of the “W” logo for Wayne Enterprises. Pure speculation of course and likely just a fun easter Egg if it is. Although, come to think of it, it would be in the wrong place… Unless that’s the edge of Central City off in the distance, bordering on Gotham. I don’t know the geography…

    • I think that wayne industries was already eluded to in the pilot because of the news paper at the end. but it’s a good sign of things to come

  11. Upper left building = Superman?

  12. ‘Wayne Industries & Queen Consolidated merging in 2024′

  13. The name Grodd in the entrance of the first building on the right.

    • Why, this show is merging with Planet of the Apes!! Did Cheetah write that graffitti?

    • Can you image Anthony Serkis [ LOTR, PLANET OF THE APES, KING KONG ] portraying GRODD!

    • I’m thinking it *might* be the logo for ‘Stagg,’ as in Simon Stagg?

  14. The trailer already had him running on Ferris airstrip so that was in there as well.

  15. the sign in the first episode they are a ferris airway or something iets has something to do with Carol Ferris and maby hal Jordan

  16. The tall tower to the left of centre/to the left of the Q consolidated tower looks like Wayne tower to me.

  17. Only thing missing is a Daily Planet poster…

  18. you forgot the eye of sauron in the back left ;)

  19. I was introduced to Steel through ‘Superman: The Animated Series’.

    And is that sign at top far left a reference to ‘Smallville’?

  20. Bring Shaq to the show! Let him reprise his award-winning role as Steel! We are talkin Emmys people! :P

  21. If we get tedd Kord we better get booster gold too!
    I think a booster gold movie or series could be really successful in my opinion

    • Daredevil’s not on Netflix yet…

  22. I hope all this characters (and even more) will appear

  23. I’ve already seen the pilot – it’s good, but different than Arrow. Has more of a ‘Smallville’ vibe going on , in a sense that it’s less dark than Arrow. Looking forward to the rest of the season!

      • Thankyou! I was getting eye strain trying to figure this out!
        Ladies & Gentilemen, we have confirmation, it is Stagg Industries.

  24. The building next to Big Belly Burgers (one building up) reads: “CC Jitters” with a coffee mug for a logo.
    The name of Central City coffee shop.

    Also, faintly seen next to the police station (on the left hand side) is a faded boxing poster on the outside of the dumpster.

  25. Another DC series I will not be watching. If they can screw with the costumes, what’ll they do to the characters?

    • I believe your a frustrated Agents of Shield fan that’s obviously disappointed your favorite Marvel show doesn’t have the library of heroes & villains WB is putting together with Arrow, The Flash, & Constantine! It’s a great time to be a DC fan!

    • What do you want them to wear spandex?

  26. There is a few easter eggs when e news paper from 2024. It mentions the crisis of infinite earths, it mention Wayne tech and Queen merger.