‘Ghostbuster’ Ernie Hudson Could Join ‘The Flash’ TV Series

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Ernie Hudson Joins The Flash as Detective West Ghostbuster Ernie Hudson Could Join The Flash TV Series

When we first heard about the inclusion of Barry Allen a.k.a. The Flash (Grant Gustin) on Arrow season 2, there was some question as to whether or not the character – a lighthearted superhero with quasi-magical super powers – could fit comfortably in the gritty, vaguely realistic universe created in Arrow season 1. Of course, that was before all the other crazy stuff was introduced in Arrow‘s second season (Black Canary, the league of assassins, super powers, and bad guys galore). Suffice it to say, Barry fit in just fine by the time he arrived.

Now that we know The Flash is officially getting its own pilot – instead of a backdoor pilot as was originally planned – we’re starting to get some news about what that might entail (character descriptions, interviews, et cetera). Today, we learned that Ernie Hudson is up for a role.

Hudson recently joined the Ghostbusters-related Cross the Streams podcast where he talked a bit about his upcoming projects. Here’s what he had to say (via CBM):

“In the meantime, there’s a spin-off of ‘Arrow’ called ‘Flash.’ I’m meeting the creators next week. So, I have to prepare for that. [I'm up for the role of] his adoptive dad – or the dad of – “

Hudson cut himself off for a moment, perhaps for fear of giving away too much information, before finally saying:

“[Barry Allen's] dad has a problem.”

Anyone who read our previous story about the Flash character descriptions likely already knows which character Ernie Hudson will be playing if he gets the part. Here’s the description in question, just in case you need a refresher:

DETECTIVE WEST – Late 40s to Early 50s – African American – Detective West is an honest, blue-collar cop who’s seen it all. A soulful, funny caring father to Iris, and a surrogate father to Barry, West came up through the foster system himself. He took in Barry after his mother’s murder and his father’s imprisonment. He believes in Barry and supports Barry’s efforts to prove his father’s innocence.”

For those who don’t know, Detective West is the father of Iris West, who, in the comics, went on to marry Barry Allen. She was also the aunt of Wally West (a.k.a. Kid Flash I a.k.a. The Flash III) and grandmother of Bart Allen (a.k.a. Impulse a.k.a. Kid Flash II a.k.a. The Flash IV). That’s a lot of Flashes.

While Ernie Hudson is best known for his role as Winston the fourth Ghostbuster in Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters 2, he’s also made a pretty solid career out of playing police officers a la Detective West – including Sergeant Albrecht in The Crow, Sergeant O’Malley in Airheads, DEA Agent Baxter in For Which He Stands, Detective Gresko in Best of the Best 4, Detective Glen Teal in Red Letters, Detective Ron Mills in Paper Bullets, Senior Deputy John Henry Barnes on 10-8, Detective Ridley on Desperate Housewives, Captain Frank on Private Practice, Captain Lubbock on Heroes, and the list goes on. Obviously, Detective West won’t be too much of a stretch for him.

Ernie Hudson as Detective West in The Flash Ghostbuster Ernie Hudson Could Join The Flash TV Series

Ernie Hudson in ‘The Crow’

As for the problem Barry Allen’s dad has, Barry spelled it out pretty clearly on Arrow: When he was a child, his mother was murdered by a “blur” (probably the Reverse Flash), and because the police don’t arrest homocidal blurs, Barry’s father was charged with the crime instead. Now, some 15 years later, Barry is working as a Criminal and Forensic Science Assistant for the Central City Police in hopes of finally solving her murder.

Fans of The Flash will doubtlessly recognize this origin story – murdered mother, incarcerated father, Reverse Flash’s involvement, et cetera – as the one Geoff Johns created for the Flash’s semi-reboot in Flash: Rebirth (2009-2010).

While some bemoaned Johns’ injection of grim-n’-gritty into the backstory of one of the last remaining superheroes whose parents deaths didn’t inspire him to don a mask, there’s no doubt that a little mystery works wonders for a serialized live-action show. And if the tone, whimsy, and leitmotif used in the Barry Allen episodes of Arrow are anything to go by, the producers are heading down the right path already.

What say you, Screen Ranters? Are you looking forward to seeing Ernie Hudson as Detective West in The Flash TV show? Drop us a line in the comments.


The Flash will probably debut in fall 2014. We’ll keep you apprised of any new information as it becomes available.

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Source: Cross the Streams [via CBM]

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  1. Hudson is 68, he does not look like he’s in his 40′s or 50′s, unless their going for a detective that is so stressed out that it manifested, taking a hefty toll on his body.

  2. He could play a grandfather

  3. There is nothing I can say without people falsely accusing me of being a racist.

    • Racist!

  4. I think he looks pretty good for being 68. Frankly I think Ernie Hudson is awesome and would love to see him on the show.

  5. A great actor with a fantastic speaking voice and screen presence. The 45-year age difference between Mr. Hudson and Grant Gustin would make for a peculiar surrogate father dynamic, though, it’s not impossible. I’m not sure where he’d fit into the series as another character but a recurring role would be welcome. I’d think they’d want/need to have a specific idea of who will portray Iris first, otherwise they’re doing a disservice to their decision to employ a racially diverse cast.

  6. Ernie Hudson is a good actor. I have no problem with him playing that kind of role at all. The problem I have is the back door way their using this as a way to convert the Flash from white to black by eventually introducing a black Wally West. Grant Gustin you’d better watch your back. Your days are numbered.

    • How the hell did you come to this conclusion?

  7. I am still not sold on their casting for Iris and her dad. I’m an old school fan of the flash, I grew up with him, and even the new 52 versions are incredible, I’m sorry but no matter hos beautiful she could be on here, she can;t beat her classic fiery red head reporter self.

    • I have a bad feeling that if the show is a hit, that in the comics Iris will be in some horrific accident that leaves her very badly burned, and that the only skin available for skin grafts will be from black donors.

  8. Yes, I think it’s confusing

  9. i wish this could be a summer series while other shows are on hiatus. i’m also curios as to what day the show will air on. will it be arrow and flash Wednesdays, or a different day for speeding?

    • I have my fingers crossed that they cancel The Tomorrow People and put The Flash in its’ timeslot.

  10. i wonder if arrow and the flash will ever get a mention on big bang theory? seems like this would be part of their “must see” tv. it’s bound to be part of the roommate agreement, just like watching firefly, because ” obviously it’s going to be on for years.”

    • If BBT is still going strong by the time “Arrow” finishes its THIRD season (thus, having established its staying power a bit more solidly), I wouldn’t be surprised to hear, at least in passing, a reference to Ollie FINALLY getting his mask (…or, “Where’s the boxing glove arrow?”). “Flash” MIGHT be mentioned at that point, as it will still be in its relative infancy…

      It would be a neat thing to see. :)

  11. Why TV series, why not a Flash movie?

    • To see if there would be enough interest for a Flash movie.

  12. I HATE the “updated” origin, its so damned cliche and diminishes Barry as character and reduces him to Batman’s ugly (and frankly childish) origins.

    Bruce Wayne once said that, if his parents hadn’t been killed, he’d hope to be kind of man that Barry Allen is. Its one of my favorite comic quotes ever, and the grim and gritty origins just basically take a piss on it and the old Barry who just does what he does because he believes in justice and doing the right thing.

  13. I met Ernie Hudson in person at Boston Megafest last month and I respect him even more now. He was a cool and nice guy, he signed autographs and took pictures with people who were there. Of course I had to get both, it was quite the nostalgic moment after seeing him in so many great roles. I support this casting 100% and think he will be a highlight of the show. Awesome casting choice by the producers and he will be an excellent addition to the show.

  14. Nice! Can’t wait.

  15. NOOOOO

    • Ummm, why?