CW’s ‘The Flash’ Will Get Standalone Pilot; Costume Won’t Debut on ‘Arrow’

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The Flash in The Flashpoint Paradox CWs The Flash Will Get Standalone Pilot; Costume Wont Debut on Arrow

DC and Warner Bros. may not have quite caught up with their Marvel Studios counterparts, as far as creating a shared universe between its film and television projects. However, it definitely appears – between the looming 2015 release of Batman vs. Superman and the recent announcement of an Arrow spinoff centering on the Flash – that DC is hatching plans of its own.

Green Arrow is currently the only DC hero to headline a live-action series, and the CW had initially planned on introducing The Flash in three episodes of Arrow season 2. The first two episodes – set to air in December – would bring the speedy hero’s alter-ego police investigator Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) to Starling City, and he would re-appear once more late in the season in a “backdoor pilot” episode designed to serve as a springboard for the Flash spinoff. However, it appears that is no longer the case.

According to Deadline, the CW was so pleased with Gustin’s first two appearances that the network has instead decided to feature The Flash in a traditional standalone pilot. As such, the character will not appear in costume and is unlikely to acquire his superpowers on Arrow. Both series share the same creative team, as Arrow co-creators Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg and writer Geoff Johns are behind the Flash pilot. David Nutter – who directed the Arrow pilot – will also do so for the new series.

It remains to be seen if Gustin will appear or be referenced at all on Arrow season 2 following his two-episode arc, but the decision to expand the Flash origin story and loosen its ties to Arrow is a curious move on the part of the storytellers. Of course, it should allow a better opportunity to delve into the circumstances that result in the character’s super-speed. Still, it also effectively downplays the new show’s connection to Arrow and raises even more questions regarding how the CW series will be connected to the inevitable Justice League film.

Grant Gustin to play Barry Allen AKA The Flash in Arrow season 2 CWs The Flash Will Get Standalone Pilot; Costume Wont Debut on Arrow

Arrow star Stephen Amell has previously dropped hints that he may eventually join Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck onscreen, but recent developments have also indicated that the show may be casting its own version of Nightwing separate from the rumored film version, leading some to believe that the DC television universe might be entirely separate from the films.

We recently speculated that DC/WB may be shying away from committing to a shared multimedia universe in order to integrate only the properties that have proven successful.  The announcement then that the proposed Flash show will be less tied to Arrow could, in fact, be a safeguard to protect the success of Arrow in the event that Flash flops. If the new show is a hit, then Flash and Arrow could both carry over into the Justice League film; but if the Flash show flops, Arrow could still stand on its own and bring Amell to the big screen, where a new version of the Flash could be introduced, if necessary.

Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen in Arrow City of Heroes CWs The Flash Will Get Standalone Pilot; Costume Wont Debut on Arrow

That being said, DC’s road to the Justice League film (and how it hopes to integrate its growing number of television projects) is largely a mystery. We’ve already speculated on what their approach, but now it’s your turn to speak up.

Do you think that the CW’s decision to push the Flash origin story to the new show is a smart move? What do you think it means about DC’s plans for the future? Sound off in the comments section.


Stay tuned to Screen Rant for updates on the Flash spin-off as this story develops.

Source: Deadline

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  1. Honestly, when I look at the images from his intro episodes, Grant Gustin looks so much his Glee character which I really really despise. I hope his mannerism in that episode will turn the table on me though…

    Anyway, about moving his Flash intro to a new Pilot… I guess, in the end it’s either to be or not to be for the Flash show after all. Look what happened to that Wonder Woman show, they shot the pilot but the network never took it as full and the project went bye bye. Same risk is definitely going to happen with Flash then.

    • Different networks, I do believe. The Adrianne Palicki Wonder Woman was for NBC. Given their turn toward darker fare in recent seasons, the show would have had a difficult place finding a time slot. As far as I know, the CW is still moving forward with Amazon, I’m just not sure how fast they are on their feet.

  2. Just wish DC would show some bigger balls and actually produce a big budget Flash movie instead. It’s an argument that’s been banged to death, but they should really look at the achievement of Iron Man as both example and inspiration.

    • How about huge ones, like Green Lantern #2? We need that!!
      Re: Flash:
      Barry Allen-great!
      One that looks like a kid?-DUMB!
      Flash does need a series, tho. One with the traditional costume, and if I were DC, I’d look to the early comics to see how he should be done.

      • It’s a shame they’ve waited as long as they have to get Flash back on a screen. I always thought Robert (T2) Patrick would have made a great Jay Garrick (in cameo).

  3. I can’t recall the exact number, but from what I recall, David Nutter has an extraordinarily high success rate in terms of his pilots becoming successful series. Coupled with Geoff Johns writing, this show could be a lot of fun. As much fun as Arrow has been, I like the idea that we won’t see Flash. The costumes haven’t really been the strongest part of the series and neither show needs another Smallville Hawkman right out of the gate. Saving the costume for a series with a dedicated budget to making it the best it can be seems far more fair. Of course, I still recall the old CBS series, so hopefully it won’t share its predecessors sense of campiness.

    I’m 99% unfamiliar with Grant Gustin but I’m looking forward to seeing him as an actor before seeing him as a superhero.

  4. Im disappointed that we have to wait longer for Flash’s origin now,(especially after that hint they dropped for how Flash gets his powers last episode), but if they think Gustin can survive in his own pilot, then sure.

    • Or, they’re playing it safe. They can always recast before introducing the Flash.

      • As far as I’m aware, they’ve only said that we wont see the Flash’s costume in Arrow, not the events that provide him his powers…

        • Citing the article, “As such, the character will not appear in costume and is unlikely to acquire his superpowers on Arrow.”

          • That’s Robert’s opinion (i.e. THIS article’s author), nothing has been said either way about it by the show’s producers.

            • EP Marc Guggenheim has stated that the Flash will get his powers on Arrow. Hasn’t anyone been hearing about the Central City, Star Labs particle accelerator in like all the episodes of season 2 so far?!?!?

  5. Well, I won’t lie that this disapoints me a little bit, I was looking forward for the Flash to be introduced in Arrow but I think what they are doing is for the best, a smart decision

  6. Just in case it sucks.

  7. Disappointed.

    I’m not even sure what the logic is here.

    TV executives gushing over something and actual fan reaction are two very different things. If Grant Gustin flops as the Flash with Arrow audiences, he can be replaced in the standalone show without much fanfare. Now they have to hope he can carry the load on his own as Flash. Seems like unnecessary risk on their part.

    • Yeah, they are truly lacking the balls to do what they need to to make this work. I love Arrow. It got me into DC when I was a Marvel only (besides Batman & Deathstroke) hardcore fan. I would love to see that expanded universe, but they are going to d**k around and ruin it.

  8. The situation just continues to be unreadable.

    I am glad that apparently Gustin impressed, and hopefully his Flash will be well done, on Arrow or not.

    But what we REALLY want right now is a clearer idea of how all of these pieces fit together, continuity-wise. Well, WB has some “free time” next year (no film) during which they will hopefully give us something more to chew on while we wait…

  9. i think it shows that they have some balls, instead of riding off Arrows success and shoehorning a origin story into Arrows, they can hint at it in Arrows then give Flash his proper due.

  10. forget flash lets get a deathstroke spin off

    • nah deathstroke will probably become one of the main antagonists in arrow, let’s just wait for that instead

      • Deathstroke needs his own show. He has been one of the best characters since I began reading comics in the early 90′s.

  11. I love DC comics. I find it sad WB/DC doesn’t seem to have much vision or ambition. It’s like they are embarrassed of their own creations.

    • They have both, it just seems like they don’t want to screw it up now after the mess that Green Lantern turned out to be.

      • I thought green Lantern wasnt that bad, then i just recently watched it again (last night) and I was wrong it sucked. they needed a better villain. A better version of Parallax or a better villain like Mongrel. A super hero is as only good as his villain. It needed more action. and should have stuck more to the comics as far as Hal Jordan. he wasn’t always cracking jokes but he did have an ego and a smart mouth. I just hope DC doesn’t reboot it just make a Green Lantern Corps with a flashback of him getting the ring.

        A Green Lantern Corps movie could have 2 or all the earth lanterns 2 choose from have them fight the red or yellow lanterns and the Manhunters in the sequel.
        Green lantern had so much potential but they blew it.

    • They are being more cautious with their projects then Marvel. Which you cant really blame after Green Lantern.

      • Watch the Wonder Women pilot and tell me they are cautious. They are embarrassed by their own creations, which is why they try so hard to change them when they put them on screen. Why hasn’t Arrow donned a mask? Why do they call him the “Vigilante” instead of Green Arrow. I like the show, but I wish it would be more super-hero and less grit.

        • Where can you watch the Wonder Woman pilot?

      • They need to do Green Lantern #2, it is all set up plot-wise with an excellent general premise at least and ready to go. However, they do need to fix some things. #2 needs: no dorky humor, but a more serious Hal Jordan; a better script; possibly a different actor as Hal, although IF he gets serious I am OK with Ryan Reynolds (although I think he is scared off of reprising the part); no useless bedroom scenes hinted at (that adds nothing to the story). And although many disagree with me, I do not think it was all that bad as a first attempt (the above things needing fixing be the biggest exceptions in my opinion). Green Lantern is way too big, too powerful, to integral, too important to ignore or put on a shelf. With the possible exception of Superman, he is probably the most powerful member of the JLA (I suppose a few might try to make an argument for Martian Manhunter or Flash, who are powerful, but I still place on chips on the GL square). I could argue that anywhere from his abilities to personality to backstory, but you get the general idea. If I were DC/Warner, I certainly would not let this potential money-maker franchise just sit idle. Sooner or later, if there ever is a JLA movie, they are going to have to deal with getting Green Lantern back up and running!

        • I could definitely get behind this idea. With Arrow mentioning Ferris, it might give DC a chance to do something a bit more adult and less aimed-at-kids to test the waters for another big budget production.

  12. I’m glad that they are giving the Flash his own pilot and not wasting an episode of Arrow on a spin-off character. This will allow the Flash to have better development and for Arrow to continue its story.

    As for the future of WB/DC, I don’t see the television universe spilling over into their movie universe. By the time Bats V. Supes hits theaters, Arrow will have 3 seasons under wraps and will be moving towards a fourth season. DC movies usually have a year or two between them…so if that’s the case and the Justice League is next up. Arrow will have to have survived for five or six seasons and the Flash show would have to survive for three or so. TV survival is one thing, but keeping these stories interesting without making viewers wonder why Superman or Batman isn’t intervening is another thing. Plus, you have continuity and things of that nature. Currently on Arrow, we’ve heard newscasts about the particle accelerator that will introduce the Flash…why haven’t we heard about the damage to Metropolis? Because Superman doesn’t exist in the television universe.

    • But I do hope to see an Arrow/Flash crossover event in the next couple of years.

        • I was thinking more on the line of those 2-part crossover episodes that tie into each other…like NCIS & Hawaii Five-O as well as CSI & CSI: NY

          • Yeah, I was just having a little bit of fun with the idea. Who knows? It could become an event like Smallville’s Absolute Justice.

            (Also, to Lou Ferrigno’s credit, he did a cool crossover with Lee Majors once between his show Trauma Center and The Fall Guy. LF ripped the door right off Colt Seavers’ pickup. The Hulk & The Six Million Dollar Man on one small, small screen.)


            • I seem to remember a really shallow cross-over between Daredevil and Hulk for some reason. For some reason I want to say someone (maybe Hulk???) beats up Daredevil? I could be remembering wrong, tho.

              • The Trial of the Incredible Hulk – from the late eighties or early nineties. Murdock is the lawyer and his Daredevil costume wasn’t right. I believe it was the Kingpin’s henchmen that beat up Daredevil.

                • Yes, and Daredevil set a fashion trend by wearing an all-black costume.

                  • that’s right…he was a ninja wannabe ;)

    • We also don’t know the timeline of the movie and tv universes. Arrow could take place before Superman reveals himself.

      • True. We don’t know the timeline. But if Arrow takes place before Man of Steel, wouldn’t you think that road weary Clark might travel to the city where an area was destroyed on a massive scale and try to help restore order? Sure he hasn’t revealed himself, but he was a guardian angel for quite a few people.

        I think it’ll seem forced to combine the two universes. Keep it simple. Keep ‘em separated.

  13. I get the feeling that they’re doing it out of confidence. Maybe, they feel that the pilot is strong enough to not need the Arrow brand as a launching pad. Who knows, but I’m sure its links to Arrow will stay strong. They will probably crossover, should it be picked up.

  14. DC will save a lot of money on actors when they finally combine Arrow and Flash into the cinematic universe, and you know it is coming. There is no way Stephen Ammell and Grant Gustin will command much money.

    • Gustin Grant along side Ben Affleck and Henry? no way dude. no way.

      • Sorry to disappoint you but they are not going to recast another actor in the movies. It is clear with Ammell’s rise with fans of DC that they will use him in any Green Arrow adaptation in the films. And now that Gustin’s Allen is introduced into Arrows world they will have no choice but to use Gustin in any film adaptation of the Flash.

        • Once you combine the films and TV shows, guess what happens to Arrow? You handcuff it, they have to compensate for everything that happens in the films and vice versa. I’d rather have the Arrow universe have complete freedom. Either way, as much as I like Stephen Amell, he isn’t big enough to be a reason to connect both universes.

          • That does not change the fact that it will most likely happen, and the two previously mentioned actors will have to be used in that case.

  15. All this build up in ARROW referencing the particle accelerator and now he won’t get his powers on the show…that doesn’t seem right.

  16. It’s a damn shame that Marvel doesn’t even have all of their flagship characters (Spider-Man, X-Men, Fantastic Four (Surfer, Galactus, & Doom along with them), and they still have a better plan in place than DC. Warner Brothers has rights to all the DC characters. Not only that, but DC has the way more famous characters. I’m a high school senior and everyone in my age group knows the justice league. Wonder Woman, The Flash, and Green Lantern were way more famous than Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America prior to the MCU. Guardians Of The Galaxy and Ant-Man are getting put out before a Wonder Woman movie, that is crazy. The Flash, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman could all sustain their own movies. Wonder Woman and Aquaman especially could be box office monsters if done right. Themyscera and Atlantis would be amazing locales for a live-action movie to take place in. The fact that WB are too scared to make Flash, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman movies is weak as hell, when DC has way less famous properties become smash box office successes. Green Lantern should’ve been a big hit too, but they managed to blunder that enormously. How difficult is it to hire talented writers and directors who can stick to the source material? Why can’t they get someone like Bruce Timm or Paul Dini (or both) who know these characters like the back of their hand to play a Kevin Feigie/Josh Whedon role overseeing the DCCU and making everything connect together properly? I know this had almost nothing to do with Grant Gustin as The Flash, but I’m just saying lol…

    • *MARVEL has had way less famous properties become box office smashes.

  17. It’s a shame that they still won’t confirm or deny if Arrow is in the DCCU. it’s also a shame that DC/WB is scared to take risks.

    I don’t think Grant Gustin is going to fair well as the new Flash, he has neither the bulk or the hair color that is dominant in portraying Barry Allen Successfully. (see the set photos)

    I can’t stand that they’ve strayed so far from his signature hair color and “bulky” body. He could at least have some muscle on him. It’s sad. I won’t be watching…

  18. Cant wait to see barry allen

  19. I think they have a plan, we don’t know about it. And hopefully DC/WB can take the superhero genre to new heights, because Marvel is making the genre too generic and half-baked. DC/WB just needs to do right, so taking your time is the best opinion.

    • wishful thinking girl!! wishful thinking…

  20. I need arrow to be connected to man of steel. it would be awesome.

  21. Don’t get me wrong, Arrow is one of the top 3 or 4 shows on television; I love it!
    With that said, the star/actor is not major motion picture ready (at this time). Adding him to the cast could over saturate the film with bad actors, two is more than enough.

    • Who are the 2 bad actors?hmm

  22. Hope he’s not gonna get red paint on his face to cover up his identity…

    • He’s not going to wear red paint on his face but a mask

  23. I like this idea. I think it’s a great move by the CW. It will help Arrow to complete its story for the season without people focusing too much on the Flash, and it also will help the Flash to have a better opportunity to stand on its own, as a TV show. Im sure that there will be mention of both shows throughout and i wouldn’t be surprised to see Amell in the Flash show in the middle of the season.

    The one thing that will be hard to balance, is how both shows will interact with each other. They are already establishing that they are in the same universe, with Barry appearing in a couple episodes of Arrow. t will be the same thing that people are complaining about with Agents of SHIELD with the Marvel movies, and for that matter, The Avengers movies with the other solo movies. “Why doesn’t the other come to help fight the villians”. I can see it now.

  24. I was reading an article last night about this. It seems that his intro on Arrow will be before “the events” happen that gives him his abilities. Reasons for this approach isn’t really known but a lot of speculations are DC is still not sold on Gustin and want to see how he does before handing the full reigns on the character. Also, another set of speculations are similar but also goes as far as saying they want to see the fan reaction good/bad before they proceed into a JLA movie. I wouldn’t be surprised if we soon hear some information about Green Lantern as well. Amazon is being said to be in the working stages (2015) and I think the whole plan is to combine TV/Big screen for a JLA movie for 2017. If that’s the case then I can see it working considering Amell will be older/more seasoned, we will know if Gustin is the real deal, and any other characters in the works.

  25. Olicity!

  26. A really cool way to approach the 20th episode now that we won’t see the “Flash origin” is to continue with the story line but not show the effects of what happened to him. Evidently, Barry Allen is introduced as the scientist in episode 8 and 9. And they have been dropping hints this season with S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator. So they could still possibly have Oliver witness this “accident” with Barry and not be able to save him in time. Then just continue as if Barry “died” in the accident and this is what Oliver and Felicity believe.
    Now CW can pick up a bit where Arrow left off and do their pilot. Bam.

  27. Will DC and even WB for that matter, ever get their stuff right? They still don’t know what they’re doing, right up until the last minute. Arrow wouldn’t last even a whole season on a real network, and The Flash on tv instead of the big screen? And they want to tie these two into the nonexistent shared universe? What a joke.
    At least Amell is a better actor than Cavil and Affleck, and that ain’t saying much.

  28. This is a smart move.

    What better way to boost the ratings of a premiere than to put the origin there? Introducing him as plain Barry Allen in Arrow just helps fuel the intrigue and then people will be curious to see what happens in Flash.

    I was skeptical when Arrow was announced because I really couldn’t see how that could do well (not really a Green Arrow fan) but after watching it (and being similar to how I imagine a Batman show would be), I think DC/WB has it right the way they are doing it. They could probably make a whole block of shows dedicated to spandex (like they are already doing with vampires).

    I don’t really mind if it’s not connected to the films, I think it makes it easier on the TV show writers/producers to not be so they don’t have to worry about continuity.

    If they do a third show, it should be a female lead. The question is who?