‘The Flash’ Full Costume Revealed – Do You Approve?

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The Flash TV Show Costume 570x380 The Flash Full Costume Revealed   Do You Approve?

DC Comics and Warner Bros. have enjoyed some success bringing their library of superhero characters to TV screens. Smallville told the story of Superman’s younger years for no less than 10 seasons, while Arrow is enjoying a spirited (and fan-approved) run at the current time. Things will get a bit riskier, however, when The CW attempts to launch a new Flash TV series this year, starring Grant Gustin (Glee) as Barry Allen/The Flash.

After seeing the actor own the role during his Arrow season 2 debut, and getting a teasing glimpse of Gustin in the new Flash costume (from the neck up), we now have a full look at the Scarlet Speedster’s full costume.

Check it out below – CLICK the IMAGES for Hi-res versions:

THE FLASH Full Suit Image 570x945 The Flash Full Costume Revealed   Do You Approve?

The first point of comparison we must make is between what is seen above and the Flash costume worn by actor John Wesley Shipp in the ’9os Flash TV series. (Fun fact: Shipp has been cast in an yet-to-be-announced role in the 2014 Flash pilot.)

Flash Costume 90s TV Series 570x718 The Flash Full Costume Revealed   Do You Approve?

As you can see: the colors are darker; the emblems and logos are sleeker and sharper; and faux muscle padding has been replaced by leaner aerodynamic design (possibly reflective of modern runner sports tech). Even though many fans still remember the Shipp costume with warm feelings of nostalgia, seeing the older and modern versions so close together inevitably leaves one with the felling that improvements have indeed been made over time.

More to the point: Gustin’s overall body type looks like a more believable version of a superhero whose power is based in running; he looks like a better vision of who The Flash is. His costume also has that mix of leather and mesh that makes it at home with with the more modern costume design of, say,  Zack Snyder’s Superman, continuing a sort of stylistic harmony arguably first inspired by Nolan’s more grounded and real-world take on Batman.

grant gustin the flash The Flash Full Costume Revealed   Do You Approve?

Gustin as Barry Allen in ‘Arrow’

It’s a important to remember that this is a touched-up promo photo (and therefore can only be trusted so far), but even from this early juncture it wouldn’t be hard – theoretically – to see this version of the Flash fitting into a Justice League group shot alongside Henry Cavill’s Superman. There are plenty of reasons why that maybe won’t happen (ever) – but it’s a good sign for the Flash TV show that this costume would be acceptable and fitting on cinematic level, let alone a television level.

But enough of our breakdown – what do YOU think about this new Flash costume?

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The Flash is expected to air on The CW in the fall of 2014.

Source: The CW

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  1. Great costume. Terrible photo.

    • Exactly what I thought.

  2. If you look close at his left hand, there’s a yellow blurry aura emanating from it and possibly his whole body. Wonder if that has to do with his speed FX?

  3. The angle & perspective is weird, plus Gustin has an impressive melon to begin with. All that aside though, I love it.

  4. Some of the comments on here are just silly. “what a weird angle of pose, or his head is too big, or he needs more muscle.” I’m a runner, and no runner is bulky. He is the perfect body form, and from the top photo he looks like Barry Allen should. I can’t wait for this show to become as popular as ‘Arrow,’ and hopefully more crossovers in the future.

    • I don’t know about other people, but personally my comment about his head comes from what Gustin actually looks like, not from the funky angle of the promotional shot. The bald-cap just accentuates it.

      More muscle? What kinda goon said THAT?

    • Some of the comments on here are just silly. “what a weird angle of pose”

      Why is that a silly comment? With his body angled back into the background of the picture you can’t get a proper look at the costume, because the whoe torso isn’t visible. That’s not “silly”, that’s a fact. It’s called “perspective”.

      • Well, I have seen Spiderman, Iron Man, Superman, and Thor all get into weird contortionist poses, so this is not so bad.

    • Sprinters have plenty of muscle. Another reason why running long distances is for the birds.

    • Idk I think he looks like an adolescent in a red, leather suit. Sprinters have plenty of muscle, the difference is that it’s aesthetic and not like a bodybuilder.

    • man of steel doesn’t look like a real superhero

  5. I’m liking the costume…they just need to make it lighter during post production or has the season continues make this costume the prototype. Can’t wait to see The Rogues!

  6. I want an entire scene of him trying to stuff it into a ring….

    • Maybe he could borrow Green Lantern’s Power Ring. With that ring’s abilities, he could make anything from a bathtub ring to a boxing ring, and his flash costume would then fit in there easily!

  7. The costume looks awesome. I can’t wait to see it in action.

  8. I just don’t understand why were getting a tv show, when the Justice League movie will be upon us 2016. Are we to assume then that Gustin will be the cinematic Flash as well?
    Just doesn’t make sense to me.

    • WB’s DC cinematic universe plans make no sense at all anyway, so why dwell on it?

      • @Corvus

        Fair enough point.

  9. More muscle? For what? His superpower is that he runs fast, not wrestles people.

    • Well said!

  10. The only super power The Flash has is be as fast as lightning. I don’t think muscles and strength has to do with his costume, but as a super hero should be, he should portrait a lil’ bit of more muscles on the costume. I wonder why DC has not produced a movie yet.

    • The flash has a bunch of other super powers, all depending on which Flash we are talking about, however, Barry Allen has more, than simply “running fast” reading, increased brain/memorization abilities, walking through sh*t by moving his particles at a high enough speed, hell, he can hit as hard as a supernova when linked to the speed force, “was that what killed him in infinite earth?” don’t remember, anyhow, he got loads of other abilities, time travelling, some flash’s can run on air aka flying. Anyhow, I hope they won’t just make him “run real fast” although supernova punch might be taking it a bit too far also xD

  11. the only way around Gustin’s big head is if he bulked up….

  12. Wow… Dare-Flash. Or is it Flash-Devil?

  13. 110% approve! Sweet costume.

  14. I like the costume, starting to think that the show shaping up alright
    Do need to see how it looks in motion though, at normal and super fast speeds

    Looking forward to seeing the rogues
    Suppose the main question mark I have over this show now is how the effects will look when he’s running, but reckon I shall be checking this out when it airs

  15. Well, that is pretty much spot on perfect. It looks like the Flash without being silly – which is about the best thing you can say for a costume that might be one of the most difficult to translate and still retain the iconic elements. The yellow/gold on the comic costume is used to help show the speed effects, and their muted appearance here is a concern – but that will have a lot to do with how they visualize the speed.

    Great job.

    • Agree. I liked the costume and it does look like The Flash. Minor nitpicks though and it’s just me, the logo needs the white background and needs the yellow/gold boots. Though, we don’t know if they’ll tweak it later on like Oliver change his bow and went with a mask but it had a purpose and reason he change.
      Anyway, I loved it and can’t wait for the pilot episode.

  16. My fanboy quibble is that it’s more burgundy than red, it has the whole seams thing going on, and that the red background on the symbol immediately calls to mind Captain Marvel’s symbol. Past that though he looks like The Flash! I’m so glad the lightning bolts that now serve as his cowl wings are not painted on. His silhouette (to use a fashion term) is right as a result.

    I don’t know. Maybe I’m just happy he’s not in a jacket or a hoodie. I hope he get’s his transformation sequence from the recent comics where instead of wiggling out of the ring it flashes onto him as he’s running.

  17. I like the look, so far. I just hope it plays well on the screen and stands out. I mean, he’s the Flash, the fast talking, case solving, vibrant speedster. I just hope they don’t dark and gritty his image and costume up that much. It works for Green Arrow, oops, Arrow, but the Flash is a little more lighthearted.

    I do hope that the costume evolves (Earpieces become more traditional and lighten up his costume) as the show goes on, that’s if the pilot is picked up for a full series.

  18. Hahahahahaha! Looks ridiculous… Dudes got a big noggin…

  19. You dollars can help this malnourished Flash become a real hero. Won’t you help? Send your money to StoptheWimpCasting at the CW network. Please! Your money will get a real superhero on television and isn’t that what you want?

    • Had no idea someone who looked like Stephen Amell was considered a wimp. Might also be hard to get real superheroes on TV since none actually exist, which is why we have beefed up actors playing them instead.

  20. Genuine question.

    What’s with the “thank god it’s not a jacket or hoodie” comments? Who in their right mind would even assume the costume would be one of those things?

    • Because Impulse from Smallville (Bart Allen, one of multiple Flash characters) wore a red hoodie.

      • Ok but that wouldn’t make me assume this version would too. That was a show about the teen versions and they obviously wore regular clothing that happened to be their traditional colours.

        It’s like people want to be ridiculous on purpose.

        • It doesn’t make me think it would happen in this version either, but I can wrap my head around the concept of why people would say “please don’t do that again.” Just because it’s not something you thought, doesn’t mean you can understand where another person is coming from.

          People having a thought that you didn’t have isn’t being ridiculous. People are different.

  21. Agreed with the fact he needs to put on some muscle. DC Superheros, especially in the JLA, are all known for being big and muscular. Sprinters are massive (Bolt, Blake, Gatlin); sure he might go long distances but he covers those long distances in 1-20s sprints which takes muscle. So to the person who commented saying long distance runners are thinner your argument is invalid.

    Hopefully the Flash in the movie Universe’s costume looks cooler. I was a bit disappointed with this costume. I mean it’s great to see a Flash on the screen again, but it left me wanting more.

  22. Needs more gold in the seams here and there, but aside from that I really like it!

  23. Is it me, or does the actor have a very bulbous head? Not sure if its him or the costume but his forehead is huge…

    • It’s the costume.

    • He’s got a little bit of a noggin on him, but also in that shot, the perspective makes his melon gigantic, plus the skull-cap look tends to make people’s heads look bigger.

  24. Now I’m wondering what Thawne will wear when he’s in his costume? Though, I doubt we’ll see Thawne appearing in his costume.

  25. Alright, now I am ready to get a Green Lantern/Flash team-up movie going versus professor Zoom and Sinestro in:

    Now if only they can do a movie or TV series or appearance or something with Martian Manhunter or The Atom (Ray Palmer) and get the costumes right there…!