Update: The Flash Speeding Forward As Planned

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the flash movie dc entertainment Update: The Flash Speeding Forward As Planned

Yesterday, IGN ran a story about an interview with Charles Roven, a producer on The Dark Knight who was removed from working on the live-action film adaptation of The Flash.

It seemed from the report that the future of speedy DC Comics superhero was a little uncertain. Now comes a follow-up story featuring clarification from Dan Mazeau, who’s writing the screenplay for The Flash, where he addresses the misconceptions that arose from the title of IGN’s posting.

For fans of The Flash, the news is good.

In his message to IGN Movies, Dan Mazeau wrote the following:

“Just to chime in on your latest article: The Flash has not been hobbled. Everything is moving forward as planned… I’m still writing the script. Geoff Johns is still consulting. Flash fans have no cause for concern, and — IMO — lots to be excited about.”

That’s more like it! I think this is a good thing for DC Entertainment to start showcasing some of their vast lineup of characters, hopefully spawning more long-lasting franchises other than their usual stars, Superman and Batman.

The original report, or at least its title, hinted at a delay or development issues. More accurately, Warner Brothers simply sought out more control in moving development in-house and the project is still moving forward according to play.

Bring on Neil Patrick Harris so he and Ryan Reynolds (Hal Jordan/Green Lantern) can entertain me onscreen together!

When Screen Rant learns more about The Flash, we’ll let you know.

Source: IGN

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  1. NICE>>@@@!!!!!

  2. I agree 100% to NPH!!!!

    NPH 4 Flash!!

  3. Thanks for the post, Rob!

    Very excited about this, hope it happens soon, I’d like to see Barry Allen (and Hal Jordan) on the big screen, but I don’t want NPH playing Flash. In animation, sure, but live action? No.

  4. I’m kinda glad they got rid of Roven, he couldn’t even name Barry Allen or Wally West, he just refered to them as “the policeman and his nephew sidekick”. Sad when the Flash producer can’t name Barry Allen, IMO….

  5. They should think about giving Michael Rosenbaum a chance. He voiced Flash after all.

  6. “Flash fans have no cause for concern, and — IMO — lots to be excited about.”

    No. I know eveyrone here wants to be happy about this, and I HATE beng a party pooper, and im sorry if i seem pessimistic, but let’s be realistic. This is COMPLETE and utter BS. I mean- really? We’ve heard this 45 times already

    Im a huge Flash fan, and I am sick and tired of hearing this and being extremely happy, every time i hear this, it’s like Christmas came early, but only to have my dreams crushed days later when this movie gets canceled.

    So I’m not falling for it this time. I call bull.

  7. rosenbaum would be a good choice or how about jensen ackles or ryan kwanten?

  8. The Flash, if done right could be the next big superhero franchise. I just hope the screenplay is real good !!! Not just kinda Fantasic Fourish. 8-)
    NPH, ah let’s encourage him to host the Oscars not play a major Superhero role. The guy weighs maybe 150lbs. after a steak dinner…
    No offense to NPH, but he doesn’t have the measurements for the role…

    Go Flash,,,

  9. They could always have Ryan Reynolds play green lantern, Deadpool AND the Flash ; )

  10. Lol Aaron, your dead on with that comment,,, ;-)

    But that would be weird if it became reality,,,

  11. But if Flash is part of the movie continuity…the how will Ryan play him AND Hal Jordan? :D

  12. Ryan Reynolds would play twins separated at birth and one grew up as Hal Jordan and becomes the Green Lantern and the other grows up as Barry Allen and becomes the Flash…It could work!! ;)

  13. I’ve always loved the Flash and hope they can pull it off. My personal favorite to play Barry Allen is Michael Weatherly from NCIS.
    Hopefully Ryan Reynolds can pull it off as Green Lantern. He did a great job as Deadpool, but lets not push it.

  14. Let me introduce my input. This guy? Dan Whatshisname? He was thrown off The Flash project, he got basically KICKED out, they didnt like the way he was going with the film. If you for a SECOND think that DC Entertainment is going to give THIS guy inside information on the movie- while not even Ryan Reynolds can talk about the GL, you are incorrect. This guy doesn’t know squat. I mean, sure… somebody TOLD him this (maybe) somebody who thinks they know what theyre talking about, but not a snowball chance in hell is it true. This guy doesnt work for DC, he doesnt work for WB….hes basically has the credibility of a carrot, or a wall.

    Oh, and one more thing, he’s saying that theyre working on a script, right? And that its got a crew already? And that theyre moving forward with it?

    Um, LIES. Didnt JLA have a CAST, CREW AND COMPLETE SCRIPT? Oh yeah, it did, right before it got freaking axed. Make no mistake about it, just because theyve got the script doesnt mean its going to get made, I’ve lost ALL hope on DC. Oh and the Green Lantern movie? Worst idea ever, good luck making Green Lantern not lame in the big screen. The bit Reynolds said about the movie already sounds lame as heck.

    Why can’t DC follow the footsteps of MARVEL? No, they have to go ahead and make movies like LOBO.

    I am a HUMONGOUS The Flash fan, and I am tired of having my hopes up after people say “The Flash movie is getting green lit!” and have them say its not happening the next day. Im tired of having DC disappoint me, I am not 100% pessimistic about anything that comes out of their lying mouths.

  15. Except he wasn’t kicked off. He’s writing the script right now. And you’re some guy on the internet who doesn’t know anything. Congratulations.

  16. @Dizzy,

    NPH voiced Flash in New Frontier. I thought he was great.

    Rosenbaum would also be a terrible live action Flash, lol.


    My thoughts exactly on NPH. Too short/small, too old, but I’d love to see him host Oscars. :-D

    And Geoff Johns doing the script and producing gives me a great deal of confidence in this. I love his work on the current comics, and he’s a huge Flash fan. He’ll do it right. :-D

    Guys, I’ve actually never liked Reynolds as The Flash choice. Just never sat well with me. I’ve actually always wanted him for GL, hell, I even remember mentioning it on a message board and being laughed at by people, lol. (guess who’s laughing now? :-P)

    My casting choices for The Flash/Barry Allen:

    Ryan Gosling
    Michael Weatherly
    Paul Walker
    Scott Porter
    ….and I could maybe tolerate Bradley Cooper as Flash
    Jensen Ackles would do OK

    whadaya think? :)

  17. KEL, gimma some back ground info on these actors.

    Ryan Gosling (I’ve heard of him)
    Michael Weatherly (News Weatherman?)
    Paul Walker (??)
    Scott Porter (???!!)
    Bradley Cooper (plays for the Bucks?)
    Jensen Ackles (sounds like a guy that works for a bank or shareholder firm)
    Sam Worthington (Terminator Salvation) could pull off a cool Flash! Or plan B, Kevin Bacon!!!


    My friend, how many hundreds of people have written scripts for this movie ALONE?

    Wiki it. Get back to me. Once you see the pattern, tell me with a straight face that this movie will ever happen.

    Look, ill give you an example:
    This is like when Michael Cane told everyone that The Penguin and Riddler had been cast as johny depp and seymore hoffman.
    Okay, MICHAEL CANE DOESNT WORK FOR DC. Do you think that DC or WB will go behind Nolans back and tell Cane about this? Same with the Flash project, who the heck is this guy all of a sudden?

    Ive heard this movie being “sped forward” like 45 times. This script will end up on a gutter like all the others have.

    If your arguments base is “Hes writting the script” then your argument is baseless.

    I OWN the Gears of War script. But… do you really think theyre going to make a Gears of War movie? No.

  19. Thanks, but I’ll listen to the guy who’s actually working for WB and DC, not the self-proclaimed expert who’s picking up extra shifts at Best Buy. No offense, James.

    Oh, and you don’t OWN the Gears of War script. You just have an internet connection and the ability to read. Again, congratulations.

  20. “Gears of War” film ah geheesh. What a bottom feeding stale film that would be.

    And I love the games…

  21. “bamfman”

    If you think that the guys over at WB and DC Entertainment are the epitome of credibility, then its fine. Get in line with the rest of the suckers who still, after 10 years of this bs, still think this movie will get made.

    Your argument holds absolutely no logic whatsoever. I wish i could lecture and spoon feed you logic, but that would be a bother. These are the guys that had JLA ready, with an APROVED SCRIPT, they even had the suits, THEY HAD THE BATSUIT READY, the JLA versions! Armie Hammer was supposed to play Bats! AND THEY CANCELED IT.
    This “script” you speak of, will probably get rejected. Just like this schmucks, and the 60 other guys behind him.

    Having said that, you still think this Flash movie will happen?

    NPH? Really?

    Okay. Ill hold my breath.

  22. The quintessential question then is what does management have against these two properties? Namely Flash and JLA. I’m beginning to think “Shazam” might be a better prospect. :(

  23. Hollywood decisions seem like bizarro-world at times. I can’t see the reasoning. But surely, there are some smart dudes at the studios.

    They must see the potential and longevity of this character. There have been multiple “speed” heroes over the years but most people associate the speed hero with the flash

    There was an episode of the X-files in season 7 (I think) where some teens had discovered a nexus of energy and entering the blur would speed up their molecules and give them speed.

    Then the effect on the body was learned by Scully. The effect was killing them.

    This could be an interesting way of giving the Flash movie some basis in scientific reality.

  24. Ah Pittman, I remember that X-Files episode.

    That was a good one.

    I believe it was titled, “Rush”.

  25. @790

    lol. Ryan Gosling: great actor, oscar nominee, I liked him in Fracture with Anthony Hopkins, also, he does a lot with forensics in the movie, and Flash is a forensics scientist, Gosling might not LOOK like a superhero, but he has the acting chops (like Michael keaton in Batman) and is the right age for Flash, he’s also got the blue eyes and blonde hair Flash has, lol.

    Paul Walker: he has the look for Flash, he was in the Fast and Furious films. Not the greatest actor but he has the look. he may be a little old for the studio….

    Michael Weatherly: He’s on NCIS, again, a forensics guy like Flash, he’d do OK, but he probably won’t get chosen cuz he’s a TV guy and he’s on a forensics show, lol… :-P

    Scott Porter: Hmmm…only thing I can think of you might know him in is SpeedRacer (lol), he was SpeedRacer’s older bro before the accident. He is the right age, has the look, and is a decent actor. He even auditioned for the Flash in the failed crappy JLA film, but lost it to Adam (OC crap) Brody. He shoulda been Flash…..anyway, he’s not a big name, obviously…

    Bradley Cooper: He was in the Hagover and All about Steve. He’s a pretty decent actor, but now that I think about it he would be better as Eobard thawne, the Reverse Flash….

    Jensen Ackles: Eh. He’s the guy from Supernatural. His name gets thrown around a lot with fans, but again, a tv guy, and less likely to get the part because of that.

    lol! No Kevin Bacon, lol. I could see Worthington as Mirror Master though, The Flash’s nemesis….

  26. James, I feel kinda bad for you, you say that you are a Flash fan, but I just don’t see it.

    Perhaps you’re jealous? I mean, it must be hard to imagine that some Danwhatshisname is (probably at this very moment) writing an awesome script for Warner Brothers. And yes, while it’s possible that a project could fall apart for a million different reasons, it is equally possible that this is the script that WB will use and you’ll soon be eating your own words.

    It’s really amazing to me that you James, can speak so confidently about a subject you know zero about. Weird, and again, I feel bad for you. I hope this Dan Mazeau guy proves you wrong. I read a copy of his Jonny Quest script last year and it was great! It was on the Blacklist for 2008 and as I understand it, it was very well received by the studio. One this is clear, this guy can write!!! Do your homework man, really, your opinion will come across as more credible AND you won’t come across as a…well, no profanity, so use your imagination.

    Don’t know about you, but I for one am in the mood for a fun, adventurous and seriously kick ass superhero film!!!

    Mazeau, if you read these comments, good luck man, and may the Flash be with you…

  27. The amount of misinformation out there is incredible.

    Mazeau can write, I mean, did any of you notice that his Jonny Quest script made The Blacklist last year and as I understand it, was VERY well received by WB? I read that script, and if Flash is anywhere near as good as that, I for one will be one happy fan! There must be a good reason WB hired him on to write this.

    Just where exactly do you get your information from James? Weird that you know so much about this, and yet ALL of your information is incorrect. Do your homework, seriously…I certainly do.

    I’m excited about The Flash and can’t wait to see what this Mazeau guy is up to!

    May the Flash be with you Mazeau!

  28. Wow. I vividly remember that episode of X-Files as well. The camera footage with him blurred, the melting boots, the killing of the officer with the baton with sheer force due to the speed…

    good times :)

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