‘The Flash’ Pilot Cast Adds Candice Patton & Carlos Valdes

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The Flash Candice Patton Craigslist Killer The Flash Pilot Cast Adds Candice Patton & Carlos Valdes

As the hit DC superhero series Arrow moves toward its second season’s final arc of episodes, work on a spinoff series has begun to gain a thematically appropriate velocity. In previous weeks, casting news for The Flash has taken off – including the additions of Barry Allen’s father figure Detective West and two potentially awesome villains.

This week, a key member of the The Flash‘s central cast has been recruited by the production – Barry Allen’s lifelong friend and secret crush, Iris West. Television actress Candice Patton (The Game) will apparently step into the shoes of the headstrong graduate student.

A scoop shared by Deadline revealed that Patton will play Iris West in the pilot episode of The Flash. If The Flash is picked up for a full-season order (something that seems highly likely at this point), Patton will likely remain as one of the series’ main cast members. In a separate, but related report, Variety has learned that Broadway alum Carlos Valdes will portray scientific-minded genius Cisco Ramon (a.k.a. Vibe, from the DC comics) in the pilot.

Iris West is one of the oldest recurring characters to appear alongside The Flash, first appearing in 1956. She remained a side-character and love interest for many years, eventually marrying Barry Allen, dying, and returning as comic book figures are wont to do. Even after Barry Allen died saving the universe and the mantle of The Flash passed to her nephew Wally, Iris remained a constant element of The Flash’s corner of the DC Universe.

The Flash Showcase Iris West The Flash Pilot Cast Adds Candice Patton & Carlos Valdes

Obviously, the Iris West of The CW’s The Flash television series will be a different character than even the journalist version currently appearing in DC Comics. It will be interesting to see how the show’s writers (and Patton herself) craft the character and her dramatic arc.

While far from a rookie actress, this is easily the biggest role of Patton’s career. Previously, Patton has appeared primarily in one-off roles in television series such as Rizzoli & Isles, CSI: Miami, and Grey’s Anatomy. Will The Flash provide the spotlight necessary to launch a more robust career? More to the point, will Patton be able to match the amiable, nervous energy displayed so far by star Grant Gustin (Glee)? With much riding on the success of its pilot, Patton will be but one aspect eagerly awaited by fans of The Flash.


The Flash will zoom onto The CW in the Fall of 2014.

Source: Deadline, Variety

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  1. So they made the West family black.

    Now lets hear what the fanboys have to said

    • Yeah cue the “I’m not racist I just want my characters to look like the comics” comments.

      Personally I just want the actors and actresses to be able to act and stay true to the spirit of said character. Hair color, skin color in MOST cases are irrelevant.

      • Yep, that’s me, I’m afraid..I want the characters to look just like the comics, although I am not having that much trouble with Iris West in this case being black. I am probably the least RACIALLY-biased person reading and commenting on this website, despite being (Gasp! Shudder!) a big bad nasty white conservative Republican! (Oh, the horror of it all!). I am having a little more concern about Barry Allen not looking, well, like Barry Allen (not quite as muscular, not blond, a bit too young…but that’s just me, I guess). Not to take away from the Arrow version of Barry Allen Miss Smoak will be smoking angry-hot about Iris West, I bet) or any black actors and actresses due to their acting abilities at all (I have seen some excellent black actors and actresses who are a pleasure to watch perform and a credit to their profession, so that is not it). I do question one thing, though…how come you see so many white characters in movies being magically morphed into blacks, but no black characters being magically morphed into whites? I am not biased, just canon-oriented…but the people insisting everyone turns black or the sky will rain down and cave in, well…to me they are the ones being (reverse?-)biased.

        • I agree with a lot of what you said. Why change the race of a character just to make people happy, why not just create a whole new character (i.e. Diggle from Arrow).

          Also there are a lot of comic book heroes that are black, why not just adapt those heroes in to shows and movies instead of changing the race of a character. Or lets just create new heroes that are black in the comics, to in the future be adapted in to movies and TV shows.

          • Just to name a couple shows recently that have black actors that add alot to the show (just so you know I am not in fact biased except against jerks): I really enjoy Arrow, and one of the main supporting characters, Diggle, is really good and adds alot to the show as Oliver Queen’s faithful companion who helps Oliver keep his head straight and grounded. Love it. Agents of Shield, another show I basically like, recently had a black super-powered character on there, who definitely adds to the show (Peterson, I believe his name was?). Again, a bonus for the viewers and hopefully one who will become a regular. And then there is Sleepy Hollow, where several of the main supporting charcaters are black. Good actors and actresses, adding a very integral contribution to the show alongside the absolutely wonderful actor playing Icabod Crane. Couldn’t do without them. And guess what? They are black…and I never noticed, except in a good way. No bias there, thoroughly enjoy there performances and what they bring to the show. My argument is not about acting ability or race. It is just simply stick to the canon and source material, no matter what they may be. Do not mess with the Twinkie recipe…it is not broken. Seems the only people having an ax to grind with this way of thinking are those who intentionally try to make an issue, irregardless of facts that say otherwise, and write/interpret a script for their argument much different than what actually is going on on the stage.

            A side note: could anyone see the actor who plays Crane on Sleepy Hollow as Barnabas Collins or some similar character in a reboot (or serious movie attempt) of Dark Shadows, hypothetically-speaking? He seems to have the stage presence and voice intonation to stand out in a positive way in a period drama.

            • I think Katniss is supposed to have dark skin, no?… I haven’t read The Hunger Games though…

          • Not being racial at all but what are all the Black DC superheroes? There’s John Stewart Green Lantern, there is Cyborg, and Static Shock. Am I missing something? Now lets go to marvel, Black Panther… … ah oh Nick Fury…hmmm, yup thats it. So yeah I don’t think there is really that many black superheroes, or for that matter any nationality outside of White.

            • you need to read up on your Marvel comics or even watch some of the films. In the 616 universe you also have Falcon and War Machine, also Storm is of african decent and in the Ultimate universe the new spiderman is black

            • Keep in mind most comics are set in and written in USA where the black population is less than 12%. There are always going to be around 8 characters of other races for every 1 black character just for that reason. Not having many black characters is mostly because there just isn’t that many black people.

            • There are enough right there, and they havent anounced any of them becoming movies or shows. Thats what i’m trying to say. Instead of pushing for black characters they are just taking white characters and changing the race.

              But I do agree there aren’t enough black heroes. Look wht they dd with Nick Fury. He was based off of the Ultimate Fury, which was based off of Sam Jackson. Thats great, even rebooting the Ulimate Spiderman comic was cool to make him a minority so more people might be able to relate to him. I just hate when they do it just to make people happy when it doesn’t make sense story wise, like possibly having a white Sue Storm and a black Johnny Storm. If they were to do that why not make them both black because it makes a little more sense for them to be blood siblings instead of adopted siblings like was rumored.

        • @Goldilocks 100% agreed.

        • In terms of black characters being turn white on film, consider Sunspot in the comics (who is dark skinned) vs Sunspot in
          Days of Future past who is very light skinned. No one is complaining because there is so much diversity in the casting of Days of Future past.

          • That’s because the people who care about movies reflecting comics don’t care about that movie, or at least they don’t expect the movie to be any more accurate than any other movie in that series.

        • You had me at “I’m afraid…” That is what racism tends to be, a deep seeded fear of reality invading ones’ lack of moral integrity. Besides, if you changed an established character from black to white it would negate the value of the cultural background portrayed throughout Hollywood. A convicted former gang member who grew up impoverished without father super hero; now imagine he’s white…

      • I would like to see more Hispanic and Asian actors in superhero films/television. Most of the time, they’re dominated by black/white actors

        • As soon as The Bueno Kid or Sushi Man is thought up…you will.

          • I think he meant green lantern kyle rayner or dr. light. Maybe katana , or Capt Universe, or power man or ultimate iron man. No he was not racist at all. Just uninformed

            • Yeah, I agree with what you said. There are several diverse race superheroes in comics that we don’t see in films/TV. Another example is Jaime Reyes/Blue Beetle. Yeah, he was in Smallville, but it would be nice to see him in a more major role.

        • Well, Vibe is Latino and it sounds like they cast a Latino actor to play him in The Flash TV show. There’s one already.

          There’s also Kelly Hu as China White in Arrow and Byron Mann played a major role in season 1 as Oliver’s mentor on the island.

          I’d like to see Robin Shou as Radioactive Man in a future Marvel TV show/movie.

    • How about a reaction from a FAN (as opposed to fanBOY)…?

      I am perfectly fine with it…I look forward to seeing how the family dynamic plays out. The actress looks viable as this universe’s Iris.


  2. I wonder if all the pointless race changes will stop or at least slow down once Obama’s out of the white house?

    • Wow. What a dumb thing to say…

      • Ummm, what happened to my avatar?

        • @Goldilocks, yeah, politics, that’s the real comic book.

          Are you really upset that Barry Allen’s girlfriend is black?

          • Although I am a big believe in canon, no I am not upset she is black. In fact, she is rather cute, and I wish she was my girlfriend!
            (See? Not biased. Chauvenistic, maybe, but I would rather think I see her as a very friendly and attractive-looking girl who I would be humbly-honored to take to dinner!).

            • So, I’m curious. Why the talk about politics? Why the culture warrior talk about a white actress being out of a job? (On the CW, no less.)

            • So…do u think she’s not a good choice for Iris??
              You don’t think Barry would like to take her fer dinner as well..?

              • I think she is fine for the part, even though I am a big canon/source material person. No real problem there. More worried Barry is not mature enough and, well, built enough for the part? We will see, though. I am pumped for this show, and hope it does well.

            • I don’t think she would take a second look at you, to be honest. I think she would prefer men with a bit more substance and integrity, which you lack.
              Sorry, but keep dreaming though.

          • Actually, believe it or not, I agree. I only flap my political lips because someone else did first, Quite correctly, you point out that this site is really about comics, movies, books, etc., so back on subject…I support both Marvel and DC, each in their own way, on certain projects. generally i probably lean toward marvel, comics and movie-wise, but I am a big fan of Green lantern and Flash, look forwards to the tv show, and will probably be the last man standing defending the Green lantern movie, despite some obvious flaws.

          • Why choose? TRUE fans of the superhero universe like one as much as the other.

          • Regarding the casting i’m fine with it, Arrow has been done really well and I have faith in these creators to do something interesting with Flash

          • Yes…THAT was my point. BloodyWaffle made a very dumb comment. Shouldn’t you be responding to him?

        • Looks like you’re upset because the majority of Americans voted for a Black guy over a white guy, and that damaged your ego. It’s a classic case of people who have a magnitude of controlling issues.

          • Again…realize where you’re posting stuff..

            This is a geek forum..

            • +1000

          • Actually you have your presidents confused bush is the one that went AWOL (it’s documented ) and used to be a drunk and a coke head (daddy saved him from a DUI which is also documented ) Bush is the worst president we ever had. You are so full of it I can smell it from here but hey. Anyone that actually calls an American President a dictator has a few screws loose in his nogging

            • I’d vote for a dead Republican over a live Democrat right now. If the Dems can run someone decent (man or woman), however, I would consider voting for them. Just can’t think of any right now. As far as Bush the 2nd. having drinking issues, I will grant you that, as I heard the same thing that he once got mad and threatened his dad when Bush Sr. confronted him about his out of control behavior before Bush 2 was older.

        • Going political in such a forum … really???!!!!
          I tought that this was a place where we could come and have discussions about the movies without such super heavy over loaded labels as “Democrats” and “Republicans”.
          Some people are much too quick to label themselves as “Democrats” or “Republicans” and to submit themselves to the brainwashing that goes on by either party.

        • @Goldilocks – You’re welcome to your opinions but let’s keep politics out of the thread please – especially when it doesn’t pertain to the topic at hand.

          Paul Young – Moderator

          • Good luck with that…..

    • Put on ya tin-foil hat, because obviously Obama is behind all this race-change stuff.
      He’s obviously using mind control technology to strip White male actors of their rightful roles and promote racial mixing. This must be stop, impeach Obama at any means!!!

  3. i wish someone would explain exactly what fanboy/girl means.

    to answer your question, i could care less what someones race is. i look at people’s character and attitude. the color of their skin is meaningless.


  4. This should be good!

  5. i’ve only seen her in The Game and she is hot

    • Was she in one of the newer episodes without Tia Mowry? I haven’t seen those, but that show’s first run is still a guilty pleasure. :)

      Hey, remember when a black woman was going to play Selina Kyle?

      • she is in the newer episodes, it’s something i “watch” with my girlfriend with 1 eye on my laptop just nodding and saying yes babe…it’s all right i haven’t given it my full attention ha

    • At last, something we can all agree on: she is “hot” indeed (at the risk of sounding like a single-minded sexist)!

      • don’t be bringing me into your hot soup

  6. Cool….

    Saw Candice Patton a couple of times on screen… pretty good.
    Nice casting.

    Looks like its moving forward…. Can’t come soon enuf…

  7. Can’t wait to see this!

  8. Sounds cool. I haven’t been completely hooked by Arrow yet (I do like it) but I’m feeling excited about Flash.

  9. Waiting………waiting……for someone write (any black character) ‘should be white’ :D

    • “Today, Marvel announces Matt Damon casting as the Black Panther.”

  10. As long Wally West is a funny crack jokes white ginger haired teenager I dont really care but I did with wish they could have casted meghan markle (suits) for Iris west.

  11. So did they purposely change the characters race for their acting skills or did they just cast them because they were black. Seems to me they limited the pool of actors

    • You all known darned well they never considered any white actresses or actors for those parts they slipped a black into. Now those actors and actresses in a number of movies may have excellent skills and may win our admiration for the job they do in the parts, but as to why they were hired…just so someone could satisfy their vicarious racial change thrills, well, that just was not necessary for the reason it was done.

      • @Goldilocks, And? The character premiered in 1956. Of course she was white.

        Supposing you’re correct, why is that a bad thing?

        • Only bad as far as my dedication to canon and keeping materials as the original source writer wrote it goes. Nothing against any race, actor, or actress per se. Had the character been writen as black, and then changed to white, I would be the first to jump to that black character’s defense.

          • Comic book fans throw around the word cannon like it actually means something. The original writers stopped having a say in anything done with the likenesses and concepts being talked about decades ago. All of this stuff is made up by whoever is in the drivers seat at the moment, and it changes so much that no one is going to even know or care what cannon is or was in another ten years.

            Comic book fans never gave a damn when writers and creators like Kirby sued to keep control over their creations, so now that the companies that are just out to make money out of them want to change them nobody really should expect them to care what some fans think.

          • The only reason those characters were created white was because racism predominated in those times. You want to live back in the 40s and 50s go right ahead. It’s the year 2014 geez

        • Hee-hee…oh yes, that’s right…they didn’t have blacks back then!

            • Can y provide a link to that? Sounds AWESOME!!!

            • Someone call Hank Pym….a couple of his piss-ants have escaped, and are demeaning Goldilocks on Screenrant!

            • Right on. Furthermore, they would have never allowed for an an interracial couple to be portrayed. Damn it, it was still illegal in 1967!

        • Absolutely ridiculous.

              • @Anim – Calm down please. It IS possible to have a prejudice and not be sexist or racist.

                Paul Young – Moderator

                • Thanx, Paul. A couple guys on here apparently like to take a personal opinion of others, convolute it and twist it until it does not resemble what the original point was, and make a mountain out of a molehill where there should not have been any venomous upheaval in the first place. In this case, if the couple guys commenting so strenuously against what they think I said had really read what I said, they would realize I was not demeaning any actors, actresses, races, or abilities whatsoever. I basically simply said:
                  A.) I like canon and source material.
                  B.) I am not biased against any race in the least.
                  C.) I complimented actors and actresses on their ability in general.

                  Amazing how some people make it their mission in life to try and get all tied up in knots, purposely take things way out of context and draw conclusions that I frankly cannot see what path they took to get to those conclusions, and attack friend and foe alike around them just because they think they can to further their own agendas. Now maybe we can all get back to enjoying the subjects this website was created to explore in a civilized manner???

            • Finally you got it right!

        • Nope, not at all, except in a couple of your own minds. The trouble with that liberal “anything goes as long as I agree with it” attitude, is that if the roles were reversed, you’d be screaming bloody murder, but if anyone gores my ox, it’s OK. Name one character that was originally written as black, but is now portrayed by a white actor or actress.
          I trust when the roles of Michael Jackson, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Black Panther, Luke Cage, etc. are cast with all-white actors, you will not have any problem with the racial switch. I am not picking on blacks or any other race. I am just saying what is good for the goose is good for the gander.
          I have friends of many different ethnic backgrounds, including blacks. I am white, but have dated a black woman once, and found her to be a very proper, demure, attractive, and intelligent young lady. I have dated women of a number of different racial backgrounds additionally as well. Each and every one of them was treated with dignity and respect, and I felt proudly-honored and humbly-blessed to be seen on their arm. And not a single one, I am sure, ever had one iota of a problem with dating me. So I do not think that is a problem. Since politics came up earlier, I could easily vote for a president or Senator, for instance, that was not a “white anglo-saxon Protestant” if he or she was the best person for the job. No bias except in your own minds.
          Now can we get back to the comics and movies?

  12. I don’t care about casting a black actress for Iris West. I’m just worried about how the show is going to turn out :P

    Actually, something that does bother me about the black West family thing is…what about Wally? I mean I’m guessing he won’t exist at all, but it just bugs me that in this universe, Wally wouldn’t be the lovable RED HEAD we all know him to be.

    • Wally was not Iris son and in fact , if they go with a certain story line , Iris was born in the future and sent back to the present and was actually adopted So Wally and Iris are separated by almost a Thousand years I believe. Just google Barry Allen family tree. You will be happy to find out that if Wally were to exist he could still be a red head. But then again Barry is supposed to be a blonde and we got a brunette. Where is the outrage on that ? Oh yeah he still white so it’s ok.

      • Somehow I don’t think a show spun off of Arrow would have that time travel stuff…who knows though.

        I just think it would be weird if Wally wasn’t a white red-headed guy because I grew up with the JL, JLU, and kind of the Young Justice animate series. I still remember in JLU, there was one scene where the JL had to go in disguise and reveal their identities to the other members. Flash took off his mask and Wonder Woman saw his red hair, ruffled it a little, and said, “Red hair. It suits you.” Sigh…change is scary.

        • Heh, my favorite scene ever was when Lex and Flash body-swapped (after Lex had taken control of the Legion of Doom from Gorilla Grodd). On the run, Lex went into a restroom and looked in a mirror, and said to himself, “Now I’ll find out who you are.” He took off Wally’s mask and… “I have no idea who this is.”


  13. I’d be pretty mad if I was a race other then black. It’s like targeted discrimination under the guise of not. Since Hollywood is so forward thinking and Liberal. Why for the most part leave the other races out?

    • Maybe they never considered race, have you thought about that? Maybe they liked her acting ability more than the other person who had the same skin color in the comic? I mean, white America needs to get out this mindset that if a Black person achieves more than their white counterparts, then their success had something to do with them being black. NO! Get OUT of this mindset. It’s so old, tiresome, and disrespectful.
      The whole point of being forward-thinking and progressive, is to NOT include race into the equation at all – well, that’s how I see it.

    • My ancestors (grandparents and before) came from Denmark, Wales, England, and Scotland, although my parents and myself were born in this country. You don’t hear me being so insecure as to yell discrimination since there are not many actors on American screens obviously of those four ethnic backgrounds (probably some there, but they don’t wear it on their sleeves). Maybe we should bump a few actors not born in those countries, whether white, black, Latino, Asian, or whatever, to put my ethnic backgrounds in? Wonder who would scream unfair then? Of course, we could only historical films about the Viking invasions of England, Scotland, and Wales, but who wouldn’t be up for watching that? It just seems like some people get out of bed in the morning with that “Aha, gotcha!” philosophy just looking to make a stink about something, and pointing out any dissent as the comments of nefarious nay-sayers and bitter bad-guys.

      • What you are saying is totally invalidated by the fact that many actors of British, Scottish and Irish descent have traditionally played characters of various other ethnic groups on stage and screen for decades. The majority of White actors you see nowadays are of non-American, European birth because they can act better then a lot of their White American counter-parts.

        • You hit the nail on the head there. Just looking at comic book movies: the previous Batman is Welsh, Spiderman is English so is Superman as well as the new Beast. House one of Americas biggest TV exports in history had an Englishman doing a fake american accent as a lead. Not bad for a tiny little island.
          As long as I don’t think about sports its good to be British :)

    • Considering I was just replied to by…william…shatner…. Makes sense why you think you just made a non point…uh

        • OK, read my lips. Sound it out. I will try this one more time for a few of you who can’t resist trying to get the last poke in someone else’s eye:
          I don’t care about race or skin color or ethnic background, per se, either.
          I care about canon and source material.

        • The youth has me worried, but the actor on Arrow playing Barry Allen I have no problem with as far as his acting ability goes.

  14. Everybody who is are calling @Goldilocks racist are just idiots. When Heath Ledger was cast as Joker, and when Affleck was cast as Batman everybody freaked out and said stuff like “he doesn’t fit the role” and/or ” he looks nothing like the source material” but were they considered racist? No, they were not, but when a black person is cast in a role that he/she doesn’t necessarily match up with anybody who has anything negative to say about it are instantly dubbed racist.

    • Thank you for having my back, Tonto. At least you are one of a few a little smarter and calmer than several here. It is obvious you do not have a Johnny Deppanese bird perched roosting on your head.

  15. Everybody who is are calling @Goldilocks racist are being hypocritical. When Heath Ledger was cast as Joker, and when Affleck was cast as Batman everybody freaked out and said stuff like “he doesn’t fit the role” and/or ” he looks nothing like the source material” but were they considered racist? No, they were not, but when a black person is cast in a role that he/she doesn’t necessarily match up with anybody who has anything negative to say about it are instantly dubbed racist.

      • I don’t believe I ever said anything derogatory or doubtful about her race/ethnic background negatively affecting her ability to perform well in this role. In fact, I probably said just the opposite. I am talking about generally keeping characters’ characteristics, and not just their ethnic background, the way they were originally imagined by their creators. As someone who has done a bit of writing myself, I would not want anyone changing my story or characters away from how I originally planned them…it would basically cease to be my story then.

        • “You all known darned well they never considered any white actresses or actors for those parts they slipped a black into.”

          That’s not derogatory or doubtful of her ability to act and perform well?

      • Actually, canon person that I generally am, I have no problem with Candace portraying Iris. Where did you get that idea? Honestly, some people probably look out their window each morning, and if the milkman and the mailman are not black (or insert your favorite ethnic background here), those kind of people probably run out into the street screaming , “This city is racist!” and throw lightning-bolts!

      • Looks like you and a couple others just want it to be about race. Too bad I am not one of them. I am about source material and canon.

    • Why wouldn’t a black woman match up to a white woman. They are both women aren’t they ? I don’t see what your point is. When people criticize Ledger who used to be a terrible actor in bad movies or Affleck they do because people had/have concerns of their acting. Apparently this girl can act. So what’s the problem ?

      I expect more from comic book fans. What would your superman or batman or prof.x would say ?

    • Actually, canon person that I generally am, I have no problem with Candace portraying Iris. Where did you get that idea? Honestly, some people probably look out their window each morning, and if the milkman and the mailman are not black (or insert your favorite ethnic background here), those kind of people probably run out into the street screaming , “This city is racist!” and throw lightning-bolts!

  16. I have no idea what to think about this. All I kno is that I sure hope this turns out really good. I have been waiting for the Flash to show his face for years so lets all hope and pray thhey dont mess it up. We have seen a bunch of natman movies and superman movies for years. THIS HAS TO COME OUT RIGHT

    • Agreed. I love The Flash, and read him back in the 60s and 70s when some of you were just loading your dydees or in short-pants. Along with Green lantern, probably one of my most favorite DC characters. I really am excited for this show, and hope it will turn out good. If it does, I will buy the DVDs. I put my money where my mouth is (and the good shows are).

  17. The funny thing about most of the complaints about these casting choices is that the amount of people who know about some of these characters or even care is such a small percentage that these stunt castings are probably the only thing generating any interest or conversation.

    • Yup, exactly. @Slayer

      Every SINGLE time you get this swell of anti-race changing commentary that is masked as “Loyalty to the characters.”

      Nobody has been maintaing an Iris West fan site as far as I know – and nobody has been looking over this DC TV/Movie universe like”When will we see Iris?!”

      Fantastic Four comics ain’t selling like hot cakes, and Perry White doesn’t have a his own Comic-Con booth; These characters are getting new exposure BECAUSE of the race changing – and the studio is getting a wider demographic reach for a show they want to make successful. THE END.

      • It’s not just that,I find it funny that comic book fans who have been at time maligned and ostracized for their interests have become so elitist and dogmatic about something that used to be fun. Maybe this has always been the case and the Internet just gives them a wide an anonymous platform to show their true colors, but most of it just seems ugly and unnecessary.

        And a change of race concerning a fictional characters seems to be an issue only on a case by case basis for some reason. When villains are changed like in the case of Kingpin or Electro it seems easier for people to get on board for some reason. On the flip side when a character like the Mandarin is changed some fans griped about it because it was not “cannon’, but it was probably done not to offended another ticket demographic. On the flip side when Terrance Stamp played Stick (who was Asian in the comics) in Elektra nobody blinked. And if people were to go look at Frank Millers 300 graphic novel they would see a marked difference in the skin tone of the characters presented in the book and what was put on film.

        And to all those saying the studios should be pandering to so-called demographics they do not understand business at all. The narrow view of this being a “black and white” issue ignores the fact that movie studios are trying to sell these films internationally and despite the fact that many of these comic book properties come from a time when there was little to no ethnic or racial diversity in the genre, they are trying to sell these ideas now and I guess they figure altering some characters here or there is easier then trying to explain why everyone looks and acts the same in these film adaptions.

        • +1

        • yep!

      • @Kofi Outlaw,

        That’s pretty much how I see it. “Change is good.” “Yeah but it isn’t easy.”

    • “Stunt-casting”. Good choice of terms, Slayer. That is exactly what I am talking about. Thank you for widening my vocabulary with a very appropriate term.

  18. Looking forward to this :)

  19. Personally I wish we would get an all out source correct screen adaptation for once. Yes I am upset that Barry doesn’t look anything like Barry. Plus he is not even a police scientist. Which sucks cause that’s what helped make Barry the top Flash for a good while. No Flash facts here in this show. Plus I think it’s an insult to change a character to please the none fan mass public. Just create a new character that is the race of the writer’s choosing. There’s integrity there in creating a new character not changing to please others.

    • This exactly. The only reason changes that this occur is to make sure peoples feelings aren’t hurt. Might as well be Hollywoods middle name besides hack. Remember, if things aren’t going your way. Just shout “Muh Feelings, Muh Feelings” And you’ll most likely get your way. Especially if you’re a “minority”

      • Only White people seem to care about this, kind of like that grown woman going off on a tirade about what color Santa Claus is. That sounds like the ranting of child who doesn’t get their way all the time.

    • YES!! A few people finally coming around. Thank you for good points.

  20. I’m half black half Mexican so I have no problem with ethnic diversity. However its beginning to feel like there making white characters black cause its a trend not because there right for the part.

  21. So, basically, if we just stuck to canon…there wouldn`t be any diversity. I understand, for example, not changing Mary Jane Watson’s appearance because she has red hair. Grant you, there are non-Caucasian people with red hair, but it’s such a part of the character, you cannot change her race. I watched the Flash tv show when it came out in the 1990′s, and I don’t even recall there being an Iris (perhaps I am wrong). So what is exactly the issue here? No one freaked out when they cast Jessica Alba, dyed blond hair, contacts and all, as Sue Storm. We don`t live in the 40`s and 50`s anymore, I mean Liz Taylor playing Cleopatra? Even the Xmen cartoons where sort of…ambiguous. Before reading the comics, I couldn`t tell that Storm was of African descent and that Jubilee was Asian, for example. People really need to let this go and move on. We live in different times. If these comics were being written right now, I bet they would diversify the characters. There`s no way that in the 40`s or the 50`s, they would have allowed interracial couples to be portrayed in comics, or for a Black/Asian/Latino man to be Barry’s father figure.

    People freaked out when Captain Kirk kissed Uhura on Star Trek (the original series), but they were okay with him hooking up with different species! It’s the CW and they are trying to appeal to the mass, and I honestly get the canon thing, but it’s completely inconsequential in this case. I just hope that the series is better than Arrow…Just my two cents.