‘The Flash’ Development Slows Down Just A Bit [Updated]

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the flash movie dc entertainment The Flash Development Slows Down Just A Bit [Updated]

[Update: Dan Mazeau, the current screenwriter behind The Flash has sent a message to IGN clarifying that there are no delays/development issues – that everything is going according to plan and looking great for the fans – Read it here]

With the Green Lantern film moving full steam head, scheduled to start production next year, what about the other DC comic book character films? There will undoubtedly be a third Batman sooner or later, but what about The Flash?

At San Diego Comic-Con this summer, comic book and screen writer Geoff Johns was tight-lipped and held back on revealing any details on his script treatment for the flick so we didn’t have too much to go on with the status of the project until now.

IGN recently spoke with Charles Roven, a producer on The Dark Knight, and apparently the future of The Flash is a little unclear at the moment – as is, Roven’s involvement…

In the interview, Roven explains that he was involved but that he was removed from the project because the The Flash was speeding in the direction Warner Brothers had in mind.

“I was involved at one point with The Flash… And Warner Bros. came to me and said, ‘The work that you’ve been doing hasn’t yet resulted in something that any of us, including the filmmaking team, feel could be greenlit as a movie. We’re trying to accomplish something that takes into account the entire, rich DC character world, and we’d like to pull it back. That doesn’t mean that you aren’t going to be a part of it. We just want to take a different kind of approach. Do you mind if we try that?’ If we had something that was really working…”

Well, we at least know that The Flash is part of DC Entertainment’s game plan. By “rich DC character world,” does WB mean that they want more characters involved, possibly crossing over with their other in-development projects like Green Lantern? Roven continued,

“Like, for example, they had something that was more or less working for them on Green Lantern, and now you have Martin Campbell directing it…But we didn’t. The David Goyer screenplay, that didn’t work. Goyer left the project. We then embarked with David Dobkin, trying to come up with another approach. We hadn’t even hired a writer at that point. So for us, we completely understood. I’ve been making movies with Warner Bros. for 15 years, so that was fine, but I hope one day there’s a way for me to get re-involved in the project. “

It’s not a nice development history and that worries me about the final product. Hopefully, when things are back on track, we don’t get something rushed and unpolished.

I’d like to see more DC live-action flicks come out to compete with the onslaught of features by Marvel Studios and Fox Studios, and like those two studios’ franchises of film, I’d like to see the DC solo character titles cross-over leading to some team-up event.

What do you want from The Flash movie and DC Entertainment’s line-up?

– More as we hear it, at ScreenRant.com.

Source: IGN

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  1. Superman and Batman are money in the bank and will continue to be filmed, rebooted, re-envisioned for all of time.

    Most of us comics fans wish for variety. I’d love to see The Flash, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman… Anything new that’s never been done.

    Unfortunately, we will be again bombarded with batarangs and red capes. I’m honestly tired of “re-imaginings” of Supes and bats.

    We should leave them alone, but we won’t because there will always be a young lemming-like audience for these two franchises.

    I think NPH would be an interesting choice for The Flash, I also think Micheal C. Hall from Dexter could pull it off.

  2. @ The Pitt Man, i totally agree with you, im so sick of dc getting batman and superman remade over and over, they should leave them alone and do a marvel that is concentrate on making a team up movie like the avengers only the justice league.
    i could so totally see that, green latern, flash supes and batman kicking butt together

  3. I totally agree with Pitt Man. Supes and Bats are great characters, but so are DC’s whole stockpile of characters that I’ve been reading about and seeing in cartoons since my childhood. All these explanations just sound like excuses to me. It doesn’t take a genius to put together a good film about a comic book character and Marvel has done the work of defining the model, so why not just follow suite? They just seem to be afraid of the risk.

  4. I agree too, folks :)

    Hopefully we’ll get our wishes with GL, Flash, Green Arrow and maybe Aquaman.

    At least we’re getting that from Marvel and potentially Fox with their upcoming comic book flicks.

  5. Can you really see Bale’s Batman fighting side by side with a brightly coloured Superman and Flash??????
    Thought Not!
    And with no new Superman flick on the horizon for some considerable time, and a Green Lantern film will be visually terrible, there is no way to do the comics justice without it looking massively ridiculous.
    As long as Bale is Batman, every other DC property will be hidden behind his growling, murky shadow! Yet another reason to not make another Batman film!

  6. Batman and Superman should be left to their own devices. The two monster franchises would overshadow any newcomers.

    I think a justice league movie could work but without Supes and Bats.

    A’la Avengers, start with solo films.
    Green Lantern (in the works)
    The Flash (In development)
    Wonder Woman (as above)
    Green Arrow (?)
    Aquaman (?)

    Then… have a justice league movie with all of the above, WITHOUT Superman and Batman. Perhaps others could be added Martian Manhunter, or maybe Hawkman.

    I know… Bats and Supes were the leaders most of the time, how could they not be?

    But I think Wonder Woman could handle the reigns,

    or maybe Captain Atom oe Shazam?

    Anyway, there are fans cringing at the thought of a Justice League movie without Supes or Bats, but those two are just too big for JL…

    at least in Hollywood.

  7. I’d love to see a Flash movie, but I don’t know why you guys are so upset about getting Batman and Superman films. Yeah, the last Supes was kinda lame, but the last 2 Batman movies have been AWESOME. Arguably two of the best comic book films ever made. IF WB keeps putting out Batman films like those, I’d be happy to see a new Batman film every 3-4 years. I also want them to make another Superman film and make it RIGHT. I love seeing Supes on the big screen, heck, I would love to see a new Superman filmed in IMAX.

  8. @ Andy S

    I can’t speak for anyone else, but I love Superman and Batman.

    It’s a simple matter of overexposure and a movie going audience that wants something new.

    I agree Nolan’s Batmans have been quite good, but they seem disconnected with the rest of the colorful DC universe.

  9. Nolan’s Batman flicks ARE NOT part of a larger DC universe, they exist in their own colourless buble of misery into which no hope or joy is allowed to flourish.

  10. @ drsambeckett

    Amen to that.

  11. WOW, the one thing that leaped out to me was that ANOTHER script by DAVID GOYER had been rejected!

    how many is that now?? like 5 lol

    Kinda makes nolan look even better.

  12. If done right, The Flash could be something pretty special. The power of speed and how it relates to time, and the damaging effect on the human body has nevr really been handled well

    (except maybe some Heroes stuff)

    I like the idea of Barry living in a fast paced microwave society that has no time in the day, go, go, go.

    Then the power of speed? He could do it al, starting with domestic advantages and eventually he realizes the larger implications. But all the while being a wise ass.

  13. The flash isn’t anything special IMO. They can take all the time they want because I really haven’t heard any major news about it.

  14. Yes sir! Take us to warp 10! I loved the Flash series from the 90′s with Mark Hamil as the Trickster. Does his voice ring a bell? (Batman TAS) :D

    Justice League without Batsey and Superman?!?!

    Personally, I’d love to see Lobo thrown in the mix

  15. some of u say that the Nolan Batman hasnt had any part of the DC universe, but have any batman movie?

    and i wud also love to see some DC characters get together. and the same with another superman movie, well i hope its done properly this time. the last one wasnt anything spectacular, rather poor. so lets cros our fingers.

    and i wudnt mind seeing a flash, havent seen much of the character but who doesnt love superspeed! :p

  16. This is actually old news. Roven was taken off the project when they were building up to the DC Entertainment reorganization. (It’s actually mentioned in some of the articles last month, just not stated very clearly.) So this isn’t a new change in the film’s status so much as it is more information about how it got to the point we know about.

    (As for Goyer, his script was rejected years ago.)

    After Monday’s article, current screenwriter Dan Mazeau wrote in to IGN to clarify that the movie is still happening, he’s still writing it, and Geoff Johns is still involved.

  17. The man smuggled himself into Tokyo, leapt from a building to glide into a firefight and then “skyhooked” his way out of Tokyo. If Nolan’s Batman wouldn’t be the best onscreen Batman to toss into the Justice league, it may never come about. In these films, I feel like Batman is well represented for the first time in film. Like he would actually be a contributing member of the team, and not a mascot. That’s the line you walk when introducing the least powerful member of the team as one of its key players. I for one am not ready to wait around for DC to get their stuff together. I’d love to see a crossover between all DC properties leading to a justice league film, starting right after Nolan’s third Batman movie. His trilogy will be complete, and Batman can move to things on a global scale, instead of his localized struggle with Gotham.

  18. Rght on, brother.

  19. Thanks for the update, Kelson!