Mark Wahlberg Confirms ‘The Fighter 2′

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Mark Wahlberg confirms The Fighter 2 Mark Wahlberg Confirms The Fighter 2

The Fighter was one of the best movies of 2010, and also one of most (pleasantly) surprising. Many expected a traditional sports drama biopic, but instead, quirky auteur David O. Russell delivered a darkly funny look at the life and rise of middleweight boxer “Irish” Micky Ward to the status of champion in the early 2000s.

However, boxing fans know that Micky’s rise to champion was only the beginning of his story – which is why Fighter star Mark Wahlberg let it be known early this past spring that The Fighter 2 was in the works.

Since that initial reveal by Wahlberg, The Fighter 2 has been gradually veering into the fast-track. First we learned that Wahlberg was pushing the project ahead, with plans to reprise his role as Ward; soon after that, we learned that David O. Russell was interested in at least writing the project (if not returning to direct).

Today we have a video clip from the upcoming Spike TV Guys Choice Awards, where The Fighter won an award for “Guy Movie of the Year”. Taking to the stage with Russell and the real life Micky Ward and Dicky Eklund (Christian Bale’s character), Wahlberg used the platform as an appropriate launch pad to announce The Fighter sequel:

“We left out the Aturo Gatti fights for a reason…Because that’s for ‘Fighter 2′. We’re not going to do ‘Fighter’ 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8, but we’re gonna do 2. We’re gonna do the Ward/Gatti trilogy.”

You can watch the full video clip below:


Wahlberg was, of course, a producer on the first Fighter and was really the driving force for getting that movie made . If he’s making this announcement at a public event of this nature, consider The Fighter 2 all but greenlit. Hopefully it will be one of those rare sequels that is as awards-worthy  - if not more so – than its predecessor (see: The Godfather II).

The only question now is: Will the original cast members all return?

We’ve stated before that Christian Bale and actress Melissa Leo both have Wahlberg and his passion to make The Fighter to thank for their respective Best Supporting Actor and Best Supporting Actress Oscars. I would expect that even if they weren’t fully into the idea, a basic sense of loyalty would motivate them to return as Micky’s half-brother/trainer, Dicky Eklund, and Micky’s mother/manager, Alice Ward. Similarly, Amy Adams has enjoyed a nice career boost since she got her third Best Supporting Actress nomination for playing Micky’s girlfriend, Charlene Fleming (see: her role as Lois Lane in Man of Steel ). Since her character goes on to become Micky’s wife, and was by his side for the Gatti fights, I would expect Adams would have similar incentive to return. But we’ll see.

Christian Bale The Fighter movie image Mark Wahlberg Mark Wahlberg Confirms The Fighter 2

"Whoa... You really making another one?"

No word yet on when The Fighter 2 will go into production or hit theaters – but considering how busy all of the people involved with the franchise are, and how motivated Wahlberg seems to be, I would expect the film to start ramping up for production sooner before later.

You can catch the Spike TV Guys Choice Awards Friday June 10 @ 9/8c on Spike TV.

Source: Spike

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  1. Obviously this will be more about the fights than the relationship between the brothers, but I wonder if the quality of the movie will suffer without that dynamic being the focal point.

  2. The fighter was a good movie but not amazing imo. So I guess I’m not too excited hearing about this. I’m having the same reaction I did when I read about the sequel to Salt moving forward. Just…why?

  3. The Fighter would’ve been a very mediocre movie if it wasn’t for Bale. If he doesn’t come back, I have no interest in seeing this.

  4. Could always surprise me, but I really don’t think this needs a sequel.

    • Not sure Bale will want to loose so much weight again. It’s just not healthy.

      • And he’s dramatically changed weight before, for Rescue Dawn and The Machinist (after which he had six months to gain a hundred pounds of muscle for Batman Begins). It’s good to see actors dedicated to their profession, but this has to have knocked a couple years off his life.

  5. Wahlberg loves what he is doing for Dicky and Micky, in a way I think it is a very selfish project of his. I am not saying that like it is a bad thing. I feel like he might feel for this family and saw what good the first movie has done for the family, he is trying to immortalize himself, Dicky, and Micky. Not that they are complete nobodies but Dickys image has suffered immensely from his crack addiction and I think Wahlberg has a great amount of respect for Micky and wants him to be given more credit for his achievements. Just what I think tho, being from Mass myself and my mother being from Lowell I have been fond of Eklund and Ward since I was a child and have followed Wahlberg since he made the transition into being a “serious” actor. None of that Marky Mark stuff tho, even when I was seven I knew that music was terrible. Something about positive messages never sat well with me, at least ones so blatantly obvious and corny as hell.

  6. This is soooo unnecessary.

    • The first movie was about the brothers… the second movie is going to focus on Micky Ward’s 3 epic (and most notable) fights with arturo gatti… which was excluded from the first film.. so this sequal is a very good and necessary idea… personally i cant wait to see it..

  7. Honestly I have no excitement for this, but then I had no excitement for the first fil, and I ended up loving it, so I’ll definately give this a go.

  8. Unnesecary, and since I found The Fighter to be the most overrated movie of last year (tied with The King’s Speech) I am soooo not excited for this.

  9. Mark Wahlberg – Acting at it’s blandest.

    Without Bale, The Fighter would have sank without a trace.

    • I agree Wahlberg has one character that he can play and nothing more. He really is a overrated under talented actor.

      • Yup. He was the inspiration for Entourage though,

        • The big difference is that with in the story Vince develops in to a decent actor lol

  10. Like the article says, boxing fans knew it wasnt the end of the story. I’m not a huge boxing fan, but I know that the 3 Gotti vs Ward fights are considered 3 of the most brutal, courageous and simply great fights of all-time. Simply put, they’re legendary.

    Very good material for a film that would basically play like single a 4 hour movie when paired w/ The Fighter.

    • It took like how many years to get the fighter to be made I think Mark had to do it himself direct everything himself and it turned out to br a smash hit
      Everything from Boston written produced direc directed started him coast dad him people you don’t even know that I run it better Nonie and then become like multi-million-dollar stars becomes does anything you Boston anything you heal from Boston anything you need in Boston all become stars it’s of proving that so this was from Boston it was healed from Boston it was a true life story from Boston it’s a yes to get off the shelf and it became smash hit in this the version two is going to be a smash it and it’s already been like two years or three years like MM Direct at M whenever you want for god sakes you know it’s obvious man s*** you know it looking Ben Affleck in late look it look it gone baby gone

  11. There is ZERO point in making a sequel if they can’t get the entire principle cast back.

  12. I agree with most of the comments. The fight scenes were amazingly bad for a boxing movie. Slow, gently and unconvincing. And Wahlberg’s acting was adequate but boring. Christian Bale really made the movie- in fact, the family drama and excellent acting all round is what made the movie watchable.

    Now that everyone knows who Mickey Ward is- and how the fights ended, there will be zero suspense about the outcome. And clearly the fights will not be betetr tha actually watching a real boxing match. So the only hope for this sequel is more background family drama and excellent acting. If they skimp on that and think people want to see Wahlberg shuffle his way through three fake fights, this will be a gig fat failure.

    • Amen

      The fights looked ok to a casual fan but as a fan and practitioner of boxing for a number of years I was appalled how over hyped the fight scenes were (the ones involving Wahlberg). Wahlberg built up the fight scenes so much, stating he was training like a real boxers and they were sparring for real…please. The beginner classes at my gym have better looking sparring sessions.

      They will not do justice to the Ward/Gotti trilogy. I’d rather just watch the actual fights.

  13. A sequel, really? I guess there is always more story to tell. Hopefully it’s about story and not marketing.

    The brothers still seem like pretty interesting characters so hopefully it will still come alive.

  14. I am hoping that this 2nd installment will not be a case of OVERKILL.

    • The brothers have more much more depth Than just getting into trouble Micky and Dicky doing crack Micky fought Gatti three times he was an awesome fighter Gatti got inducted into the Hall of Fame Micky worked hard that’s why he was good

  15. I really did love the first film. I thought it was well written. The direction IMO was spot on. Acting was good all around even Wahlberg managed to do well. To be fair though it was the only character personality he can do. How can he mess that up.

    A sequel? No thanks. I won’t even bother watching. I’m sorry, but there is no point at all in watching or making this. It’s just a cheap excuse to get more money. wahlberg really will do anything for a buck. Though that was obvious with Max Payne and The Happening. I hope Bale doesn’t allow him self to sink to this level and actually make this movie. I hope his loyalty doesn’t get in the way of his dignity and self respect.

    • “I hope his loyalty doesn’t get in the way of his dignity and self respect” Like the paycheck he got for Terminator, lol.

      • meh I kind of enjoyed Salvation. Wasn’t his best film, but I didn’t hate it. Plus it’s easy to think a movie is going to be good based on script not fully realizing the amount of epic fail going on inside the talentless director.

        Salvation had some really good points IMO and was always on the verge of being good just never quite made it. A few recasts and a better director and I probably would of loved it.

        Bale probably never saw an MCG film so didn’t know his lack of talent. After all why would he watch Charlies Angels

  16. Goddammit people it’s spelled GATTI, not GOTTI. Arturo Gatti was his name (RIP).

    Another thing, Ward was never the Middleweight champ of the world, or the anyweight champion of the world, the only time he fought for a championship was for the super light weight title (140 lbs) against “Cool” Vince Phillips and lost the fight in the 3rd round due to a cut in the eye.

    • “the only time he fought for a championship was for the super light weight title (140 lbs) against “Cool” Vince Phillips and lost the fight in the 3rd round due to a cut in the eye.”

      That is not the only time he fought for a title and he actually carried a title.

      Umm no David that’s wrong. Before you get all rude try making sure you are right.

      He won the WBU’s Intercontinental Light Welterweight Title in 1996 in a fight against Louis Veader. He went on to defend the title once in a rematch to Veader.

      The title fight with Phillips was for the IBF Light Welterweight title.

      In 2000 he fought Shea Neary for the WBU title and won by TKO, but this time never defended.

      Above you say it was his only title fight which is very untrue given all the ones I listed and I didn’t even list them all.

      Win or lose he fought for one title or another 7 times.

      Unless you count Golden Gloves because he did win those as well

      Now I will say that he wasn’t the best of boxers and the movie is hyping up a very middle of the road boxer. He lost a lot and against some fighters that really were not that great either, but he is a very exciting fighter. Extremely in fact. His many many fights of the year wins and 3 years in a row at that proves it.

  17. So Wahlberg REALLY wants that Oscar huh, it aint gonna happen with another “The Fighter” movie, if at all, pal. Maybe he needs to do a movie with Scorcese and maybe Scorcese will bring something out of him to garner him at least a nomination, other than that I don’t see it.

    • pretty sure he got nominated for best supporting actor in the departed!

  18. I think its awesome that walhberg is doing this he’s a big fan of boxing and you know he’s hoping to get the sport more attention

  19. gatti was a way way better boxer than ward but gatti’s style crubled when he fought ward, i thought gatti won all three bouts and i hate the way everyone talks about him and says hes just got a big heart and a solid chin, cus he had alot more, he was so skillful aswell watch the second fight with ward all the way through not just highlights and you will see how much he dominated, and how skillfull he is.

  20. I think it would be best to make the sequel about their friendship and they should skip as much boxing as possible. the fighter was good because of the drama not because of the boxing matches. iám really a boxing fan i also practice boxing for over 7 years now. i think they did an OK job not good not great. But like i said the drama made up for it.

    I will definitely watch it if it’s really about the bond gatti and ward had. not the fights. the fights are GREAT i love em and i still watch em now and then especially their first encounter. they should just let that be.

  21. This is possibly my favorite movie. If they make a sequel I really hope that it’s good

  22. There may not be as much of a story line to the movie as there was in the original, The Fighter. But Micky Ward’s fame came from, and will always be linked to his trilogy with Gatti. Other tha Ali-Frazier, it was one of the best boxing trilogies of all time. However, unlike the original, it cannot have the “happy ending”. While The Fighter ended by Ward winning a less recognized belt, the WBU Light Welterweight title by defeating Shane Neary, the sequel, in it is revoloved around his last 3 bouts, will end by him losing his last 2 of his last 3 bouts against Gatti. Also, his first win was only by a majority decision, while his 2 losses were by unanimous decision. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to see the movie. I just wonder how they can pull it off to be a successful movie, seeing as though it has an unhappy ending. Where the first movie left off, the bout w/ Neary, Ward went on to fight 7 more bouts, only winning 3 of them. So, I hope they do it. I just wonder how they will pull it off.