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expendablesbillboardhq 440x176 The Expendables Promo Trailer

Just yesterday, a promo trailer of sorts appeared online for Sylvester Stallone’s upcoming macho man action fest, The Expendables. We would have gotten it to you sooner, but as you’ll soon see, it’s not very well put together (editing wise, not the actual footage that Stallone shot) and doesn’t paint the movie in the best light. It’s clearly not a final trailer, but rather a slapped-together bunch of footage designed to give us action movie fans a taste of what’s to come.

So, due to that, we hesitated putting it on the site. But in the end we figured you might want to see it so we have it for you below.

Just keep in mind the footage is VERY rough, not edited together as an actual trailer and the music is weak, to say the least.

The Expendables is about a team of mercenaries who are sent to South America to overthrow a dictator. Sounds like a standard “man on a mission” plot that allows plenty of room for the sort of macho fight and shoot-out scenes that the movie promises.

Why does the movie promise that? Well, not only is Stallone writing and directing it, but he’s also playing the lead role and joining him are the likes of Jason Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Mickey Rourke, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Randy Couture, Eric Roberts, Terry Crews, David Zayas, Charisma Carpenter and Brittany Murphy, with appearances (probably not much more than cameos) from Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis to top that off….

The movie had me at Stallone!

Okay, enough names, let’s get to the footage and see The Expendables in action (get it?). As stated, it’s definitely not a final, polished, trailer, so be prepared for some rather questionable editing. That all said, enjoy the latest look at The Expendables:


See what I mean? I’m guessing that this footage was put together as nothing more than an extended teaser ahead of a proper set of trailers and TV spots. Looking past how it’s put together, the actual footage itself makes the film look exactly as expected: a somewhat cheesy but nonetheless balls-to-the-wall kick ass ’80s action flick throwback, featuring action heroes of the past (Stallone, Lundgren, Rourke) and present (Statham, Li).

I’ll forgive the badly done promo in lieu of all other nice details surrounding the project. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait a bit longer than first expected to see the finished product, as The Expendables was pushed back to an August release next year, instead of its previous April release date. Nonetheless, that means we’ll have a nice action flick to round off the summer next year, in a similar way Inglourious Basterds did a couple of months ago.

Bring on the action, Sly!

expendables posters3 The Expendables Promo Trailer

What do you think of the first so-called “promo footage” for Sylvester Stallone’s action fest, The Expendables? Looking past the sloppy editing, what do you make of the film so far?

If you haven’t already, make sure to check out the behind-the-scenes video that we posted about in April, as well the most recent batch of wicked stills from the movie.

The Expendables is scheduled to hit theaters on August 20th, 2010.

Source: TrailerAddict

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  1. [giddy laugh here]
    Can’t wait.

  2. Hey, two Dexter actors, Lila and Angel ;) Mmm….Lilaaa :)

  3. Sweet! Cannot wait :D

  4. I was really looking forward to this. I grew up on Stallone, Van Damme, etc.

    But this trailer made the movie look very rough and low budget. Jet Li fighting his way through English dialogue made me cringe. Eric Roberts screaming “I own you” was also cringe inducing. The action looks pretty standard; I was hoping it would be more violent and brutal like in Rambo (remake).

    All in all, really disappointed with it. But hey, I hope I get proven wrong. Lungren needs some exposure.

  5. It looks exactly like I have expected it to, cheesy dialogue and all!

    It is defiantly a rough cut, but i am confident that Stallone will bring us a great action flick!

  6. @Huggybear,

    You’re right about David Zayas from Dexter (Batista :) ) but the actress who played Lila, Jaimie Murray, is not in this film. The chick looks like her but it’s not. Check the IMDB.

  7. @ogb

    What do you mean? Why would you want action more like the latest Rambo (which is not a remake but a sequel BTW)?? It’s supposed to be like the 80′s action films and it seems like that to me… :-P

  8. @Huggy

    I noticed Dexter’s Angel too, but why would you WANT Lila in it?? She was, by far, the most annoying character to ever appear on Dexter…

    I was wishing for her to die long before she became the villain…

  9. “He’s saying we’re dead with an accent”…lol rough edited or not, to tell you the truth even if it looks like that i’m going to watch that for sure. I first thought stone cold was with the team… ah well. I still want to see it.

  10. The action in Rambo was refreshing. It was brutal and straight to the point.

    The action scenes seen in the trailer have too many cliches. Watching people jump as something explodes in the background is so overdone. Same goes for “good guy shooting at another good guy just to reveal there’s a bad guy in the background”.

    And it does not feel like an 80s action film at all (and who said it’s “supposed” to be like that anyway?). If I want an 80s action flick, I’ll watch an 80′s action flick.

  11. ogb wrote:
    “and who said it’s “supposed” to be like that anyway?”

    Um, the director, the actors, all the people behind the movie… But what do they know? ;-)

  12. Yeah, there was much cringing for me during this footage and that’s why I sat on it for a day debating whether to post it up.


  13. Ken J

    Quotes are helpful in proving your point, your “humor” and sarcasm are not.

  14. Sorry but the dialogue killed the trailer and possibly the movie. I mean first you have a non acting loud guy who at first glance looks like coolio trying to sound hard and fromt here it just fell apart dialogue wise.

    Ill still watch it but jesus the dialogue is like watching Double Team all over again.

  15. @ogb

    And if I actually took any of this seriously, I would actually go through the trouble of getting them for you. :-P

  16. Ken J

    If I actually took you seriously, I would care about that.

  17. Meow, what is with people taking everything so personally lately? Must be something in the air! :-D

  18. Did not take it personally, don’t worry Ken J. You shot down what I had to say. I asked for proof. You don’t have any. You play it off like it’s all a big joke to you. No harm no foul here buddy, but you’re building up quite the reputation.

  19. To me the only thing bad about this trailer is that it shows tooooo much footage for a movie thats coming out next august. Either way my a$$ is in seat for whenever it hits theaters…

  20. @ogb

    Man, still with the personal attacks, retract those claws sistah! lol

    Alright, I’m just messing with you bud. :-)

  21. Great it got pulled

  22. I do apologize if this post causes problems but the video got pulled before I got here, so I did a search and found this website with video and info

    And I have to say personally I was rather discouraged by the humor.

  23. Thanks aGeneral!

    Holy S**T! Wow that movie looks like a return to Arnold’s “Commando” style action flicks. Why are people not looking forward to this?

    I loved the low budget style, cheesy one-liner, extreme macho, explosive action movies of the 80′s/early 90′s. Commando being the best of that genre. I wish all action movies were like that again. If people liked it back then then why are people not liking that style now? I keep looking for an action flick that’ll top Commando’s action/comedy.(Well maybe True Lies…) Damn people what’s wrong with you? I’m liking this.

    Also, I didn’t know Steve Austin and Randy Couture was gonna be in it. I could care less but I guess its okay.

  24. I think it would have been better if they didn’t have Jet Li try to speak English, lol. Make him speak Chinese and have one character understand Chinese to translate, lol.

  25. in this trailer they make Jet Li look like a foreign Asian sidekick guy that provides comedy relief every now and then with his one liner broken English replies/retorts. haha

    But then the next second is totally looking badass and taking out people left and right. I dont’ know how to react to their direction of Li according to this trailer. But I still think it works in some weird way.

  26. this will be the best action movie made yet because it has the great action heros in it from all of our favrotie movies from terminator to rocky this will be awsome

  27. Wazz up!This movie is gonna be off the chain!! What about Steven Seagul?