Might ‘The Expendables’ Actually End Up Rated PG-13???

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expendablesbillboardhq 440x176 Might The Expendables Actually End Up Rated PG 13???

Rene Rosa (aka “Evil Adam”) over at UGO Movie Blog recently spent some time on the set of Sylvester Stallone’s tough-guy action flick throwback, The Expendables. During his time on the set, Rene managed to unearth a startling bit of news: According to producer Avi Lerner, The Expendables is going to be edited in two versions: A PG-13 cut and an R-rated cut, which will then be test-screened to determined which version makes it into theaters!!!

I haven’t cared this much about the opinions of focus groups since the last election.

Here’s how this startling news came to light: Rene Rosa was apparently probing Avi Lerner about the next Rambo film (apparently Rambo 5 is definitely going to happen and will be less brutal than the last installment), which led to a discussion about The Expendables and the level of violence we can expect from that film. That’s when Lerner dropped the bomb about the possible PG-13 cut.

PAUSE: We are talking about The Expendables here – a film that unites Sly Stallone, Jet Li, Jason Statham Mickey Rourke, Dolph Lundgren,  “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Randy Couture, Terry Crews, Danny Trejo, Eric Roberts and Arnold Schwarzenegger (in a cameo appearance). These are men who have, each on their own, caused enough onscreen mayhem to fill a L.A. swimming pool full of corn-syrup blood. How do you cram all those guys into one (awesome) film and then neuter it down to PG-13???

ependables explosion Might The Expendables Actually End Up Rated PG 13???

Eric Roberts and Steve Austin feeling the burn

More to the point: I know the studio wants this film to be a smash franchise (the budget has reportedly swelled to $80 million, what with all the big names and big explosions involved), but who is going to REALLY be the core audience for this type of movie? Young teens who don’t even remember the heyday of the tough-guy action flick? Or adult males like yours truly, who will flock to the theater to see his favorite tough-guys scrap? I’m not a damn little boy – give me my R-rated Expendables!!!

Seriously though, if The Expendables ends up with a PG-13 Rating, I (and I suspect many other guys) am going to be forced to wait for the unrated DVD/Blu-ray to drop. That will leave just some half-interested teens and impatient older-types to fatten the box office. Good luck with that.

Test-screeners, if you’re out there and listening: DON’T BE FOOLISH, THE EXPENDABLES NEEDS AN R-RATING. We know you’ll do the right thing (you better).

Do you think this news is as ridiculous as I do?

The Expendables is set to hit theaters on April 23, 2010.

Source: UGO Movie Blog

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  1. Die hard movies are great for what their worth but I’ve never bought in to willis, its just an opinion thing but my favorite was Die Hard 2 now that was badass. Wish I could say the same about the new one. I’m a big arnold fan from back in the day. Yes his movies are cheesy but they are heavy on action and he is like the ultimate badass. Predator is still one of my all time favorites.

  2. @ Fenix

    Like you im a big Arnold fan. Infact hes one celeb i own most of his movies that hes made in his career. I grew up knowing Arnold, Bruce Willis, and Sly Stallone movies. My favorite Die Hard movie is and always will be the first one. I mean what his character did in that movie wouldnt be easy bare-footed. Knowing me i would cut holes in the shoes of the bad guy to make room for my toes LOL. As for my favorite Arnold film i cant decide cause i love them all. I would say my first 3 favorites would be The Terminator, Predator,and Commando, plus True Lies.

  3. Hell yea! What about T2? James Cameron baby. Oh but so was True Lies… just realize that Cameron teamed up with the governator twice, maybe he has a little role for him in Avatar (doubtful). That funny because whenever I think of the first Die Hard I always think of him being barefoot and doing crazy stuff. I have to admit that is close to being as badass as Ahnuld but not quite. “get in da choppa”!

  4. Focus groups!!!!!! I swear if Bill Hicks was still alive, they would be on his most hated list along side marketing and advertising. If a film is made and turns out to be rated a PG13 (or a sodding 12a over here)based on the content, then that’s one thing. Making 2 versions and seeing which one is the most popular is just stoopid! I know that businessmen hate the movie industry because anything new is such a gamble….they have no idea if i’ll succeed. But bloody hell, lets just take all the surprise, imagination and creativity out of the movie making process, let Brett Ratner direct all future movies with Rupert Murdoch or the Salkind brothers producing and have adverts every 10 minutes through a film!!!!!!!!!

    aaaaand relax!

  5. @ Fenix
    T2 was great for a sequel to The Terminator. After seeing arnold in the original, its rare seeing him play a baddie. He only played a baddie in two movies, Terminator and Batman & Robin. What many people didnt know till i told them was that in a magazine i had it said that James Cameron only intended makin one terminator film. And it was the plot of T2 by having two terminators fighting over the future of John Connor. But due to the effects of the T-1000 being 6 years away, Cameron decided to write another script which was used for the first film. James Cameron intended to cast Lance henrikson to be the terminator and Arnold play Kyle Reese but Arnold read the script and Asked Cameron if he could play the villain. I liked the Special edition dvd version more than the theatrical version of T2. Especially seeing the terminator’s cpu chip be exposed and Sarah connor almost terminated him right there. I also read storyboard ideas Cameron had but never filmed due to money budget and pacing time of the film.

  6. Wow Fenix, your opinion is opposite from mine, Die Hard 2 is BY FAR the worst Die Hard of the series for me. Even Bruce Willis has said that he didn’t like Die Hard 2. It used all of the same sequel gimmicks, the constant referring to the original (“Why does this keep happening to me on Christmas?” The reporter mentioning the incident, the wife being on the same plane as the reporter from the first, etc. etc.), the strange coincidental similarities, stuff like that.

    The story was way far fetched too, even for Die Hard. I mean, they are transporting a political prisoner on a military aircraft with the weakest security I’ve ever seen to a CIVILIAN airport during the busiest season of the year? COME ON…

    First of all, the security of the prisoner would be about 10 times that. Secondly, they would have probably flown to Edwards Air Force Base, not some busy civilian airport. And why would they have a way to patch in and completely take over airport operations OUTSIDE of the airport property?? The only thing coming into the airport from the outside is power…

    And come on, you know you thought of this too, but an ejection seat on a transport aircraft?? And how long exactly do grenades take to explode??

    Anyway, I know it’s opinion, but for me Die Hard 2 was the epitome of the “make money off a sequel” movie that usually relies on the name and references to the original instead of actually writing a quality script.

    For me, I personally liked the original the most, Live Free or Die Hard second, Die Hard 3 which didn’t really feel like a Die Hard movie, but was fun to watch anyhow, 3rd, and Die Hard 2 a distant last… But that’s just my opinion.

    And Bruce Willis is one of the most down-to-earth celebrities there are. That’s why I like him, I like his movies and his off-camera attitude. He doesn’t have that elitist “my opinion is more important because I’m a celebrity” attitude that most other celebrities have. Did you hear George Clooney’s little speech? I mean, come on… Bruce Willis has never come off as being like that. He even would talk directly to fans on blog sites like AICN to promote his movies, he’s not “above” chit chatting with us fans. Pretty cool guy, I regret not being on AIDN when he was promoting LFODH, I would have liked to talk to Brucey…

  7. @chrisj

    Yah, people are always surprised when I told them those things about T2.

    I also like the special edition more because it got more indepth into the story, the theatrical was shortened just for the sake of time, not to help the story. The only things I agree with them deleting is the scene of the T100 “inspecting” John Connor’s room by touch, and the few clips toward the end that showed the T1000 malfunctioning after he was frozen and reformed. They were cool to watch, but ultimately I agree with their original reasoning to delete that aspect.

    When they filmed it, they intended to show the T1000 malfunction a little to give the audience hope that he’s no 100% invincible. But when they were told to cut the movie shorter, they decided to cut that because they realized that it would actually be much cooler that the T1000 remains this apparently invincible killing machine right up until the point where he’s blown up and falls into the molten metal. Makes the climax that much more nerve racking that an invincible killing machine looks like he has the upper hand…

    T2 was just brilliantly written and put together. It’s so much deeper than most people realize.

  8. tell, not told, realized that while hitting post, lol.

  9. @ Ken J
    Yup, i agree Ken. One little other thing was the T-1000 screaming while it was melting. But then i remember reading about how the T-1000 was a prototype that was sent when it was one Skynet’s deepest hours. It mentioned Skynet was hesitant about it. Thinkin, will this new terminator obey and execute its mission or stray away on its own. I had one person say to me he understood why Reese wouldnt stay to fight for long with a terminator but asked me why the two terminator only fought for a short time. i simply said its obvious to anyone to know that the more time the T-1000 spends fighting the the T-800, the more time John has to escape. Plus it wasnt programmed to fight with other terminators and wasnt sure how to disable it for good. Only the TX was programmed for that.

  10. I don’t know how we got on T2, but did you guys know that
    there was a deleated scene that was never filmed?

    The T-1000 ends up at Enrque’s camp as the motorcop. The hispanic family doesn’t realise he’s a Terminator until Enrque tells him to piss off and the T-1000 spikes him in the shoulder.
    He manages to hobble off as his family runs for it, Enrque grabs a hand grenade and as the T-1000 walks up to him he detonates it killing himself in the process. We then see the T-1000′s feet and his head lying on the ground. The headless T-1000 then picks up his head and re-attaches it. The hispanic family. Looks on in horror, as the T-1000 then walks up to the Mom and asks again, “where did they go”
    End scene.

    I’m sure I mispelled Enrque. ;-)

  11. In my honest opinion these guys cant seem to make a decent PG-13 movie. With the exception of the Guy Richie films Statham did, but those werent action movies. Well and Transporter was the only exception. Just let these guys do what they do best…isn’t that why they are in the movie?

  12. i’ve heard about that scene. The thing is, why would he bother picking up his head? The scene where he “reabsorbes” the piece on the floor after the mental asylum escape scene was actually something that stood out because conventional human thinking is to actually pick it up. By simply walking up to it and absorbing it, it goes along better with the fact that he’s a machine, so he’s not prone to that kind of thinking. For this reason it would make more sense for him to just morph back into human form instead of actually picking up his head… But maybe they would have thought of that if they had actually filmed it. I’m kind of glad they didn’t, lol.

  13. Oh, and 790, don’t worry, I just misspelled absorbs lol.

  14. It was for dramatic effect. I’ve seen the story boards of that scene. It looked pretty weird as he bends over to pick up his head.

  15. I want my ‘Expendables’ R rated!!! All these tough guys and a whimpy PG-13 won’t cut it for me. I ‘d rather wait until DVD to see the unrated version!!

  16. I don’t want ‘Expendables’ rated R!! All those action heroes and a whimpy PG-13 won’t do for me. I rather wait until the unrated version comes out on video!!!

  17. @KC
    Dude, you’re confusing the heck out of me.

  18. Well, from a being a Pg-13 to R discussion this quickly turned into more of a Terminator talk…

    I will join in on this…

    Skynet is one awareness, all the other terminators are programmed to do Skynet´s bidding. if the T1000 had a self awareness it could decide to not follow Skynet´s orders. pretty risky I say…

    In Terminator SCC —-Spoiler alert—-

    The T1000 appears to be helping John Connor, building a Ai to rival Skynet. And a T1000 in the future is asked to join the resistance but said no, I don´t know if it is the same T1000, and that it decided to join them anyway and went back in time to help or not.

    In Terminator S — Spoiler alert—-

    I dont see why Skynet is talking to the hybrid cyborg? It has self awareness and can decide to help the humans. As there is no further assignment for the hybrid, why fix it and wake it up before the Connor/Kyle situation is resolved?

    Otherwise I liked Salvation, I also enjoyed TSCC, but the amount of time traveling and mixed timelines made it a bit confusing.

    I´m all for more Terminator films and TV show, to bad it was cancelled :(

  19. I’m not even 18 and will not be able to see this if it is R rated but i WANT it to be! Seriously if they choose to make it Pg-13 then they are idiots! There would be no point! I enjoy brutal scenes where crazy things happen and massive explosions decorationg the scene and I don’t see enough of this if it is a PG-13

  20. johnny-k, in SCC, that T1000 was supposed to be the same one as in the flashback.

  21. Hey it’s not only guys that dig action films, chicks love them too. It would be a great shame if this movie wasn’t given the R rating that it truely deserves. Jet and Jason’s martial art moves are so good to watch cause you know that these guys are the real thing and have the background in real life in their own particular field of martial arts.

  22. Gotta be rated ‘R’. No question.

  23. The funny thing about this debate – how much the studio system is failing and how there is no way to stop it. Look, movie ratings are not important. We can all cite examples of good and bad PG-13 films. A PG-13 does not preclude a movie from being good or bad. Having said that, two genres have taken it on the chin as of late: Action and Horror.

    The wave of PG-13 horror films have been scary. Since they cannot have any blood, there is little dread and no real fear. Have of what made R rated horror so chilling was seeing people get dispatched in horrific ways. I mean who wants to go that way? or that way? Now were left with computer generated ghosts and lame stories and pretty much every film feels like a movie you watched a week ago under a different name. Before anyone says “Drag Me To Hell”, please consider the genre as a whole and not the one or two exceptions.

    Actions films have also taken it on the chin. Yes, Taken was good and so was The Dark Knight. Having said that, where is our lethal weapon or Bad Boys of this decade. Lets face it, if we EVER see another Lethal Weapon movie, it will be PG-13. I was surprised Rambo was allowed to be R Rated. For as much as I was entertained by the last Die Hard movie, it was missing the brutatlity of parts 1 and 2. There in lies the problem. PG-13 action movies tend to not be as brutal or they are full of so many quick shots you cannot follow the action very well. That did not happen much in the 80s.

    While I stick to my premise that ratings do not matter, the movie matters. If the studios want to make kid friendly PG-13 movies, they have a right. It is there money. All I ask is that we do not draw so much attention to it by watering down franchises to fit the mold. Die hard is R rated, ALL Die Hard films should be rated R. If you do not have the stomach for another R rated Die Hard film, then write the script, change all the names and make it an original unrelated film. Peace!

  24. seriously guys shut up if its super violent action packed or what ever it will rock still ! this won't be an abomination it will be good and if its pg 13 means less swearing (if any at all) and chrisma carpenter *sexiii * :)

  25. seriously guys shut up if its super violent action packed or what ever it will rock still ! this won't be an abomination it will be good and if its pg 13 means less swearing (if any at all) and chrisma carpenter *sexiii * :)

  26. In my humble opinion, this movie will not shine if it is not R-rated action.

    does this mean that you have to load it up with huge amounts of swearing and naked ladies? NO! we want action.

    give us a clean, yet action packed R and the audience will be the largest.

  27. I am sorry to say it but LETS ALL JUST BE MEN and say the truth this movie needs to be made in Rated-R no matter what people think. You can not simply place some of the most phenomenal actors together and make this movie PG-13. You will just waist your time and moviegoers time by making a PG-13 version.

  28. How idiotic. So you're the generation set to lead the western world. God help us.Ia

  29. Rate it PG-13! You’ll get more people!(Teens,Kids) More people=more money!