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the expendables banner New Action Packed Expendables TV Spot

Just one of the many films to look forward to this summer is the action-packed throwback, The Expendables.

But what sets it apart from all the other action movies this summer? Well, there’s the fact that it has one heck of a cast, including Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Mickey Rourke, Bruce Willis, Steve Austin, Eric Roberts, Terry Crews, Randy Couture and even Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The cast alone is enough to get most of us in the theater, but just in case you need more, here’s another new TV spot which has just been released for The Expendables. If you weren’t a fan of the more low-key second trailer then you’ll be happy to know this latest spot kicks the action back up to full speed.

Check it out:

With both The A-Team (the good) and The Losers (the not-so-good) already come and gone,  audiences have had a sufficient breather from “men on a mission” movies until The Expendables comes along and surely (?) kicks ass this August.

With a cast that would be damn near impossible to top, this is definitely one I’ll be catching in theaters the very first day it comes out. And if the action is as fun as it looks, it may be one of the few movies that I take the time out to see more than once this summer.

What do you make of the latest TV spot for The Expendables? How high is it on your most anticipated list?

The Expendables opens in theaters on August 13th, 2010.

Source: via Cinemablend

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  1. i doubt arnie will have a major role in this. it would be cool if they made a sequel where he was the bad guy and had his own crew of expendables.
    his crew would consist of:
    - steven seagal (to rival jet li)
    - danny trejo (the teams techspert)
    - scott adkins (stathams nemisis)
    - michael jai white (terry cruise, but less comedic and more ass kick :P)
    and himself as the leader of the pack. that would make one damn insane sequel :D

    imo this will have a decent story with some mano to mano moments :P

    • Not bad, but you forgot:
      -Van Damme (who will say yes after he realizes it was dumb to say no to this one.)
      -Mel Gibson if it doesn’t make it go overbudget.
      -To round out 80s have Tom Cruise die early in the movie.
      -And THE Chuck Norris.
      Oh and I thought Jai White was an awesome idea.

      • chuck is simply TOO damn powerful to be in such a movie, no one NO one would stand a chance against him

      • yeah i forgot JCVD, but he’s getting abit to o0ld now days (look at the action scenes in universal solider 3)
        as for your other cast, i doubt those guys could keep up with stallones team, unless they had really cool guns :P

      • Awesome.

    • jcvd to battle lundgren?

      • thats already happened my freind……..

        • I read somewhere that when Van Damme said no, Stallone gave it to Lundgren.

          • he did say no, cuz he wanted more background on his character, and stallone couldnt provide or something to that effect. i guess Jean has a ton of money and doenst need any more, apparantly his direct to dvd movies are more prefitable for him than this would be

  2. arine has just a cameo part. im pumped to see this, stallones back where he belongs, in the action genre-hail hail!!

    • i really liked what he did with rambo 4, it was a nice finish to the series, not to mention character dev was somewhat decent. i hope he does something similar with this.

  3. This looks like it’s going to be a fun action flick. My most anticipated movie for the rest of the summer. Yes, even more than Inception.

    The trailer does, however, make me wish that Arnie never became a politician and stuck to make fun action movies. :(

    • well, for me, i stopped watching anrie movies when he went the PG-13 route, but yeah this one and predators are my top two must see films this summer.

  4. Really looking forward to this, but it bugs me they’re highlighting Willis and Arnold because I’m betting they’re barely in the movie at all.

    Wouldn’t be surprised if that one scene above is it.


    • exactly vic, its a selling point, but for me, i never needed to be sold on it. was just praying the the R rating it deserved. both willis and arnies cameos im sure will be a highlight though, the 3 of them(stallone, willis, and arnie)trading one liners, trying to one-up each other will be a classic scene in cimema

  5. Anthony,”(stallone, willis, and arnie) trading one liners, trying to one-up each other”

    I remember seeing that at the press conference to Planet Hollywood. ;-)

    If this is rated PG-13, no thanks!

    • hahaha, Planet Hollywood, i remember that too, and its R rated

  6. For some reason this entire concept reminds me of a video game…….

  7. this is going to be a good movie. they can go w/out statham though, he’s a horrible actor. The Losers was not a bad movie, i would give it a 6/10.

  8. It said rated R real fast at the end. But is it? Should be the most successful R movie this year!!

  9. Looking forward to it still. Man Bruce Willis is gettin old, and Stallone look older. Definitely a good cast! :-D

  10. They are old LOL ..but how bout Kurt Russel don’t forget him Would Be neat for anther Tango&Cash movie lol…LOL!!

    • russell is done with action films.

  11. i am looking forward to the movie (red) where Willis and a bunch of old farts are playing retirement home veteran CIA agents hope they bring their eh?eh? lol!!!

  12. since when did he retire from films? but still he would had fit right into xpendables.

    • he didnt retire, i simply said he was done with action films LOL, he has made quite a few NON action films you know LOL

  13. Vic. You would hype it too if you had Arnie and Willis in the movie too. Why do you think the previews are how they are. Arnie and Willis are his buddies from planet Hollywood days. I think it’s great they are coming on board for a cameo appearance. It’s a star cast through and through it looks like a must see. I could care less if the story is so so or great. It’s an all star action flick. Should do well in theaters.

    • Ac,

      Don’t get me wrong – it LOOKS good and I hope it turns out to be a great movie. I just don’t like when trailers misrepresent the films they’re advertising. Usually ends up biting the studio in the butt…


      • inglorious bastards? lol

  14. The cast would certainly make for a smashing action figure party…

    Expendables Action Battle Terrain and Battle Hummer sold seperatly,,,

    Man its a slow week at work,,, ;-)

  15. :-)
    “Perhaps in the Darkzone I will become light?”
    Yes LEXX not only has a series long story arc involving the crew of the great LEXX (giant spaceship, looks like a dragonfly, blows up planets for lunch) it also has a fantastic final season and finale. Yes I cried,,, :(
    Its key to watch the series in order to really appreciate the final scene….as the first scene and last scene wrap up the real underlying theme of the show.
    As you can read my above quote,,,

    Here’s a little teaser, the final season takes place on Earth. Yes all the way from the DarkZone to Earth. Its quite an amazing ride!!!!

    The first season mini-series is finally available on Dvd from I believe its ADV Dvds. The other seasons are out of print but out there online and still in some stores.

    They’re all un-edited full epsiodes btw,,,so if you watched the show in the US you missed out on a lot of steamy stuff. Like the alien carrot anal probes.

    I wouldn’t get to close to that,,, ;-)

  16. OK OK well i guess I’m sooooory (rolls eyes) .. and i am not going to scare you guys lol so I’m toning down ok..xxxooo

  17. I like you 790 .. thanks for jarring lose my mind on old Lexx episodes i forgot how much i enjoyed the series and i plan to find the DVDs so i can enjoy them.. i never found out how the series ended or did it ..I just figured perhaps in the U.K,it kept in syndication..lolI I have bad keyboard so i have a few typos ..Its touch pad i a touch pad key boards they suck..

  18. LOL Carrots and probes lol..thanks I’m looking forward ti watching

  19. .I have a bad key bard if you all want to know why i get errors if you don’t like it don’t read it! I forgot to mention Wesley snipes would be cool in expendables too but who are you guys not into Kurt he has charisma and those dimples how can you not like those? .But come think of it he has not made an action flick i awhile has he? too bad..but i think he plays bad dude n something recently i just cat remember what though..i think some kids

  20. Its a purely testosterone driven film Rogue X,,, (action figure party, no Barbie)

    Maybe they could work in Ellen DeGeneres as the villain or the XE CEO but that’s gonna be a tough sell even for the gay audience.


    • hehheheheh

  21. well I just heard Vic laughing in my electronic ear.
    You continue to surprise me Rogue X,,, in a good way.

    All I can say is “ok”,,,,

  22. Ok let’s all step back from the keyboard for a few minutes,,,,

    Holy Shat,,,,,,,,,»

    • deep breaths 790!!!! hmm female version of the expendables…that could be fun..but jada smith? has she even done any serious action movies?

  23. Linda Hamilton..why not? Why not female in expendables .or sigourney weaver..Just saying?..

    • rogue-x,

      Finally a comment I can relate to. I would LOVE to see a female version of The Expendables!


  24. Dutel Anthony’! I got the vapors there for a moment.

    Rogue X is blowing this thread out the fracken window!


  25. OH 790 YOU Disappoint me i can think of alot of gals you have Angelina Jolee ,Linda Hamilton Sigourney weaver, Jada smith, Lucy Lou and how can you not forget Kill Bill with hers truly.. and oh by the way..I have girlfriend.. I’m bi..with Gender has nothing to do with it..

    • i thought you had said in an earlier comment that you were a single mom LOL

  26. You want tough give birth imagine pushing baby out ,well you know what i mean,for me 21 hours of

  27. I am a single mom , i do have GF ..burned by guys..but back to subject ..

  28. I want to know where they dug up Dolph. That is just crazy.

  29. Ive been pumped, looking forward to this one – however if the trailer’s one-line quips represent the best zingers of the movie I have a feeling this might end up being a huge let-down.