#5 – Cobra

OK look – when you are such a badass cop that your nickname comes from one of the most deadliest snakes on the planet, then you have officially taken over as King of the Land of Badass. He’s smooth, he’s tough and he’s the cure for which crime is the disease.

#4 – Rocky Balboa

People thought Stallone was crazy for attempting one more Rocky film (especially after the letdown that was Rocky V) but he had one more story he wanted to tell and man did he tell it well. There are very few films that tug on my hearts strings, but Rocky Balboa did just that. This was a fantastic ending to such a memorable character.

#3 – Rocky IV

While Rocky 1, 2 and 3 were good, even great at times, there is nothing like watching the end fight in Rocky IV where Stallone goes up against fellow Expendable Dolph Lundgren. I’ve said it before, but if you don’t get chills from watching this scene then there is a good chance you may be dead inside.

#2 – Rambo

The Rambo series was another franchise that has a character who can only be played by Stallone. Twenty years passed between Rambo films and just like Rocky Balboa, Stallone again had a specific story he wanted to share with audiences. It may not be accepted by all viewers as a fine piece of filmmaking, but to fans of the series it was a pretty satisfying end chapter. And man, talk about bloodshed – the last twenty minutes of Rambo has enough graphic violence to make most other action movies look like rom-coms.

#1 – First Blood

This is the one that started it all. The film that put Stallone on the action hero map. This movie and character made every man and boy want to go out buy an over-sized military combat knife, strip topless, cover himself in mud, put on a red bandanna and live in the forest. Funny thing about the knife – in each film it gets bigger and bigger until in the last Rambo he tosses it and makes a homemade machete half the size of my leg. Read into that whoever you want.

It’s been a long fun Expendables Week here at Screen Rant, and we thank you for strolling down – what is for a lot of us – memory lane. Most of the writers on this site grew up watching these sometiems cheesy but always exciting action films from the ’80s and ’90s, and we hope you’ve had as much fun reminiscing about them as we did.

What are your choices for the films that best qualify Stallone to be an Expendable?

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