Donnie Yen Offered ‘Expendables 2′ Role

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Expendables 2 Donnie Yen Donnie Yen Offered Expendables 2 Role

The Expendables 2 is still collecting its team of…Expendables, and the list of names being attached to the film include Bruce Willis, Jean Claude Van-Damme, Arnold Schwarzenegger, John Travolta and Chuck Norris. That’s in addition to returning stars like Sly Stallone, Jet Li, Jason Statham, Terry Crews, Dolph Lundgren, Steve Austin, Randy Couture and Mickey Rourke.

Well, add another name to the list of badasses who you might see in The Expendables sequel: IP Man himself, Donnie Yen.

Twitch has the word on Yen’s involvement in The Expendables 2, claiming that the film’s producer, Avi Lerner, invited Yen (who was on vacation with his family in the US) to dinner, in order to offer him a “tailor-made role” in the action-packed sequel. Yen is said to be considering several film roles at the moment, and we should hear some kind of decision on the matter of The Expendables 2 shortly.

For those unfamiliar with Yen’s work: the martial arts star had bit parts in a few US movies like Blade II (he was part of the blood pack) and Shanghai Knights. Martial arts movie fans will certainly know Yen for his role in the Jet Li film’s like Once Upon a Time In China 2 and Hero, or his breakout role playing the legendary master of Wing Chun martial arts in Ip Man and Ip Man 2.

If you don’t already know: Yen has serious skills.

Could Jet Li and Donnie Yen go head to head in The Expendables 2? To be honest it wouldn’t be anything we haven’t seen before:

The more exciting prospect might be seeing these two martial arts superstars team up to take on whatever so-called badasses dare stand in their way.

We’ll keep you up to date on Donnie Yen’s decision.

The Expendables 2 will be in theaters on August 17, 2012. This time Con Air director Simon West (and not Sly) will be sitting in the director’s chair.

Source: Twitch

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  1. All I can say about the ensemble cast is, wow! I’m a huge action movie fan and this cast is awesomeness overload. Donnie Yen was amazing in Ip Man 1 and 2, some of the best fight choreography I’ve ever seen in a movie and he’s got serious acting chops to boot. While the first expendables was disappointing I still enjoyed it, and am anticipating expendables 2. I love it when you guys report news as exciting as this, great job Kofi Outlaw and Screen Rant

  2. You should put the clip of Donnie Yen beating up ten ninjas as Ip Man. Favorite fight from the movie.

    • Excuse me, black belts. They were Japanese so I naturally called them ninjas. My mistake. xD

      • LOL.. you probably saved yourself from some serious flaming!

    • My favorite fight was between Ip Man and the Northerner. The one against the 10 Japanese was freakin’ awesome too.

      • It’s a damn shame that Wilson Yip and Donnie wont be doing a part three..the end scene with the Little Dragon in Ip Man 2 was hysterical.

  3. All I can say is… YES!

  4. Donnie Yen should also be the fight choreographer in the expendables 2, the guy can mix kung fu with mix martial arts…. most of the films he choreographed were awesome… blade 2, highlander: endgame, flashpoint, dragon tiger gate.. the entire movie is tailor made for yen!

    • as long as he doesn’t do any overcranking or wirework

    • ken, wouldn’t you hold back if your wife gave you the look too LOL. Hell, now i gotta watch the movies again, might as well watch all my Donnie Yen movies now this week.

      • Actually, she gave him a “go get him” look because he kept on insulting him, her pride kicked in. At first she didn’t want them to fight, but the Northerner kept making fun of them saying that he’s such a wimp that his wife has to come to his defense. So then she changes her mind about not wanting them to fight because she KNOWS Ip Man will win, she just didn’t want them to break everything in the house fighting, lol.

  5. Yes….Yes…..Yes…..and Yes.

  6. Oh, and Ip Man didn’t “create” Wing Chung, he merely made it famous. Nobody REALLY knows the absolute roots of Wing Chung, but the persistant theory is that a female martial artist invented the style before. Thus why in the Ip Man movie when the Northerner goes to Ip Man’s house and they each announce what style they are using and Ip Man announces Wing Chung, the Northerner mocks him saying he heard Wing Chung is a woman’s martial art. To which Ip Man replies: “Good kung fu doesn’t care if you’re man or woman. Let’s just fight and we’ll see.”

    Of course, Ip Man ROYALLY kicks the Northerner’s ass, and after the fight is over and he is the CLEAR winner, Ip Man asks the Northerner: “So what do you think? Is my kung fu ok?” LMAO!!!! I LOVE that scene… It’s the first link in my previous comment. They cut out the end where Ip Man asks him about his kung fu, but it’s all in Chinese anyway. The DVD has english subtitles though… If anyone is interested in martial arts movies, the first Ip Man is one of the best martial arts movies in my opinion. I don’t know about the version they released here in the USA, most likely it’s in mandarin, which is a horrible sounding language. The original movie was shot in Cantonese, which is a different dialect of Chinese that doesn’t sound as bad. I would recommend getting that one because it’s the original sound, which means all of the sound effects are clearer and more in sync as well. If you go to you can order the DVD, just make sure to get a Hong Kong version, not a China version… They should have English subtitles.

    • Ken, got em both….great films, what Yen did in just about 8 months in training for that role is ASTOUNDING. It shows you that he really is a dedicated martial artist.

      • The first Ip Man is definitely superior to the second, but I enjoyed both. And yes, it shows how talented he is because Wing Chung is actually one of the harder forms of kung fu to learn, but it’s also one of the most effective and useful since most fights end up getting up close and personal anyway. If only REAL martial art schools were plentiful here, not these fake “bring your kids in for exercise while we build their pride with colored belts” BS that we have everywhere, I might be interested in learning maybe wing chung…

    • By the way, Michelle Yeoh played the woman in the film “Wing Chun” also a good Kung Fu flick.

      • Yes, and incidentally, a very young Donnie Yen also appeared in that movie. His character eventually became the husband of the Wing Chun character.

    • From what I’ve read, Wing Chun was developed by a Shaolin nun (don’t know her name) who was one of the survivors of the purge of the Shaolin temple during the Tang era in China. Her foremost student was a woman named Wing Chun who used the then un-named fighting style to defeat a certain warlord who was making trouble in their village. I think that warlord wanted to marry her but of course, that didn’t happen since she kicked his…well, you know what.

      It was Wing Chun’s husband who named her fighting style after her. And yeah, the movie starring Michelle Yeoh was loosely based on Wing Chun’s story.

    • Thanks Ken, made the correction.

  7. Be back ass if he was in it, just make it that much better

  8. As much as I loved IP Man I actually prefer Flash Point and SPL. I think Flash point is available for direct DL on Netflix

    SPL has Donnie Vs Sammo

    • So does Ip man 2

      • you are correct sir but sammo wins in SPL

    • I agree SPL (Killzone) and Flashpoint are fight scenes that Yen choreographed that are more in tuned for the expendables…

    • Those are 2 of my very favorite movies.

    • I haven’t seen Flashpoint, but seen Killzone. And obviously it’s not because of Donnie Yen, but that movie was terrible. I rented it because everyone and their mother online praises that movie like it’s the best movie to come out of Hong Kong, but heck no, it was so overly dramatic it was downright cheesy. And the ending was so retarded… They tried WAAAY too hard to be dramatic in that movie… I mean, I know that’s pretty much standard in Chinese movies, they LOVE the drama, but that one was just way over the top in cheesy dramatic scenes in my opinion. Probably will go rent Flashpoint or download it if I can’t find a place that rents it. If I like it I’ll probably buy it…

      • Ken, I just saw Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chen Zhen. It was pretty good, if you havent seen it, check it out bro.

  9. Fantastic.. :) Donnie yen is shao(lin)-sum 😀

  10. Donnie Yen would be a totally awesome addition. ^_^

    mac :]

  11. One comment Necessary: “Ah Hell Yeaa”

  12. i hope he’s a villain and that the setting is in asian, that way we might be able to get other asian martial artists (almost everyone from flash point, as well and jing wu). but i highly doubt it since the chinese would go against a china man being a bad guy (stupid communism).

    donnie’s choreography is good, but his editing sometimes ruins fight scenes, in alot of his more recent movies (minus the yip man duo) his sped up editing meant that the action was somewhat missed, unless you had a sharp eye.

  13. please no Donnie Yen he sucks and his acting is worst then jet li.

    • Yea because ppl went to see The Expendables for acting right? >_>

      • hahahah. I said the same thing about Conan and got cussed out! hahaha! If I want “acting” i’ll rent “The Notebook” (not really).

    • If Jet Li is in it, why not Donnie Yen? It is, after all, an over the top 80’s action movie. Donnie Yen would fit right in.

      • years ago, Donnie got his asskicked.
        Because, Donnie disrespect their kungfu teacher, and Jet who respect his master like his father beat him up.

        the result, Donnie hate Jet. Donnie left Beijing, Donnie left for USA

        however, Donnie didn’t made his fortune until he gets a role in Jets’ film.

        the final result, Donnie hate Jet even more.

  14. haha, good one merciful rao! that knocked some common sense into em…

  15. The 1st “Expendables” was meh…The 1st “Ip Man” was awesome (2nd was solid, but not near as good). I’d love to see Yen in “The Expendables 2″, but to be honest it’s starting to like the cast might end up being too big.

  16. Donnie yen did action choreography on blade 2 which took it to another level. If he does it he needs to be given the freedom to choreograph his scenes. Jet Li and donnie yen vs JCVD and dolph. He needs to do this movie for the fans.

  17. Let Dolph Lundgren kill JCVD in the expendables this time…. it would freak the hell out of universal soldier fans! lol!

  18. If you don’t already know: Yen has serious skills

    The word DUH! just popped into my pea brain. 😀

    This movie just went up a notch on the must-see list. Let’s hope he not only has a big role but is also the fight choreographer.

    Also, before Ip Man, he played in Iron Monkey which also had great fight scenes.

    • Iron Monkey is one of my all time favorite Yen films.

  19. Donnie Yen being in The Expendables 2 would be awesome.

    He was great in the Ip movies, he is a martial arts legend.

    A fight between Yen and Jet Li would make TE2 way better than the first one.

  20. WTH…the original Expendables stunk so why is there a sequel? Like Donnie Yen, he does some awesome fight moves but I wouldn’t want this potential bomb to be on my resume.

  21. travolta???? from paris with love was good, but really….
    i am a big steve austin fan, but he was burned to death, if he comes back he better have some serious scars or people will tear into this flick.
    i will like this movie either way.

  22. Finally someone sees Donne yen for who he really is the master of martial arts I’m like is people blind crazy or stupid why isn’t Donnie yen in any American movies he’s the best people don’t give him the credit he deserves