Sam Raimi Says the ‘The Evil Dead’ Remake Will Be Rated R (Or Worse)

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Sam Raimi Says Evil Dead Remake Will Be Rated R Sam Raimi Says the The Evil Dead Remake Will Be Rated R (Or Worse)

The Evil Dead remake has been in the works for so long – since 2005 – that few believed it would ever come to fruition. Seven years later and the film is finally in production – and Bruce Campbell is calling it “fabulous.”

Now, producer Sam Raimi (Oz: The Great and Powerful) is talking about the film. Specifically, he discussed how grisly the remake is, the rating we can expect, and whether or not it stacks up to the original.

On the topic of whether or not the film will be rated R – courtesy of Collider – Raimi said:

“Definitely R.  Maybe worse. […] It’s really bloody.  It’s so bloody, it will make your head spin.  I’ve seen almost all the dailies and they’re really going for it.  It’s gonna be grisly and intense and non-stop.”

Of course, the MPAA isn’t known these days for handing out NC-17 ratings to horror films on the basis of being violent, so maybe Raimi’s being a tad hyperbolic here.

On whether or not the remake will be as good as the original:

“Well, I always thought that ‘Evil Dead’ was a little campfire story that you tell at a camp to kids to scare them at night.  But, I don’t think anybody thought it was a beautifully produced, theatrical experience.  It was shot in 16mm, all the effects were done for a quarter, and I always thought it could be done in a big screen movie type way that was really high quality with photographic effects.  It could still be just as gritty, but it could be done in stereo and not just mono, and it could be done in 35mm versus 16mm.  There were a lot of ways to improve it.  There could be much better writing than I was capable of, at the time, as an 18-year-old kid writing that screenplay.  And honestly, the directing could be a lot better, and the characterizations could be better.  I was very happy with it, but it was something that was crudely done and I thought deserved re-exploration.  I thought it would be fun and, in fact, it has turned out to be a tremendous amount of fun because it’s like an old melody that you write and you’ve brought in this really great, cool, young, hip jazz musician, and he’s riffing on it and showing you places it could go that you never dreamed.  It’s very exciting for me.”

Raimi’s comments on the remake reflect those expressed by Bruce Campbell the other day (give or take a hundred and seventy-one words). Campbell said:

“The nice thing is the [remake] looks beautiful. The effects are ten times better than we ever had access to and the actors are all better than we were in 1979. Though granted Sam Raimi is a mad genius, so we got a crazy result like ‘Evil Dead’ out of this amateur enthusiasm sort of thing.”

Never mind the fact that part of The Evil Dead’s appeal – and its sequel, Evil Dead II – was its unrefined nature, its crudeness, its over-the-top performances, and perhaps most of all, it’s ridiculous, cheap-as-dirt special effects. Would the Evil Dead series have been as weirdly excellent with high production values and classically-trained performances? Obviously, it’s impossible to say at this point, but…it’s doubtful.

From the set of 'The Evil Dead' remake

Then again, maybe going in a completely different direction with The Evil Dead remake is the only viable option. Indeed, trying to recapture the magic of the original (stylistically and otherwise) would almost definitely be doomed to failure, like so many horror remakes before it.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens if The Evil Dead remake is a financial failure. The last two remakes of ’80s horror movies – The Thing and Fright Night (the former being sort of a prequel/remake hybrid) – both bombed pretty terribly at the box office. If Evil Dead follows suit, will studios be more hesitant to green-light horror remakes currently in development, like Suspiria? Or perhaps even Raimi’s next remake, Poltergeist?

The Evil Dead remake – directed by Fede Alvarez and starring Jane Levy (Suburgatory) – hits theaters April 12th, 2013. Because who doesn’t want to see a horror movie in the middle of April?

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Source: Collider

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  1. sam raimi is remaking poltergeist??????? f*** that!!! will someone please put him down already??

  2. So, are we supposed to see the film for the gratuitous blood and violence and little else? I suppose that will get some teenagers to go see it. It is a shame that Raimi seems to place more emphasis on the gore, rather than an intriguing story and/or interesting characters.

    • They should have recasted ASH instead of bringing in an unfamiliar female protagonist. Nothing against chicks as a lead but the whole reason the last movies were so good was because of Ash, his hand chain saw and his loony dialogue made those movies and to not include that character totally kills whatever made those movies good. the effects were terrible in evil dead 1 and 2 and 3 but thats the only thing that needs an update. drag me to hell was a step in the right direction it had alll the horror elements of raimis style but like before it failed due to the fact that the chick was not interesting. I mean I wanna see him chopping limbs new school with his hand weapons not a chick that will probably end up being drag me to hell 2.

      • Female leads can have zany dialogue and a chainsaw. You are acting like those are only possible with a male lead

      • I can overlook a bad remake. Fine. Just as long as I and other cult followers have the originals to stand by. But the fact that Raimi and Campbell were BEHIND this crap too?? Then it should have been a whole lot better.. and I can’t believe people are yee-hawing over it. Even ‘Drag Me to Hell’ was way better than this!!

    • Its a horror movie bro. wtf do you expect? and go into detail about the story and characters? How in depth can you get? teens raise possessive demons. THATS IT MAN. its not some f****** ocean eleven movie. Learn how to enjoy movies instead of trying to compare the original to the one now. Everyones being a little b**** because no one understands its a f****** reimagination of a brutal movie, NOT A f****** REPLICA.

    • Uh, no, there’s no “shame” in that, just as there’s no shame in Shoot Em Up having more emphasis on shooting than “interesting characters”. It’s a form of entertainment.

      The original didn’t have particularly “interesting characters”, and while its premise and ideas were intriguing, the actual plot was very tropey and artificially constructed.
      But that’s okay because it existed for the creepy imagery and hilarious dark comedy, and the crudeness of the rest just helped that along.

      Quit being a snob, not everything has to be a refined work of art with “interesting characters” – sometimes those characters can just be entertaining and that’s all that’s needed.

    • Um, who are you kidding? Did you not see the original Evil Dead? Heads up, story is minimal and simple, gore and scary thing are HUGE! What did you want on this remake? Academy Award winning screenplay with violence no more than on a paper cut level??!? Sheesh!

  3. Made for contemporary teenagers! HAHAHAHA! This film will fail even more than I thought. It’s a R and it’s aimed at teenagers? Who the f*** is gonnna watch this f****** Diablo Codified piece of crap? Even Rob Zombie turned around and said “da f*** bro?” after reading that and his idea of good is lots of blood and violence just because. Evil Dead fans won’t watch this sobriety crap. Teenagers won’t be able to see it in cinemas. Film will BOMB hard lmao. And so it should. f****** raimi and campbell – sell outs.

    • Then can you tell me why there was so many teenagers at my viewing of Paranormal activty? That was R.

    • Where do you live? Teens have NO problem getting into “R” movies.

  4. Please stop the remakes, Hollywood. I beg of you. I plead with you…I will do anything to make them stop…

    • Graphic tree rape with full nudity will do it! Too much wood.

      • Ha. Hahahaha! Haha. :)

  5. The reason the original was so good was the notoriety is had behind it, the controversy, it’s cheap video nasty look, the fact that it was banned, i remember watching it on video as a kid and being nervous about what I was going to see, the Texas chainsaw massacre was the same, they don’t make horror movie like this anymore and I really can’t see a remake achieving what the original did, it’s pointless, there are so many possession haunted house spooky kid films out now that I can’t imagine a new evil dead adding anything different to an already bloated genre

  6. Ok you obviously don’t know how the MPAA works. Lots of horror films are initially slapped with an NC17 rating, it happens often, 99% are edited down to get an R rating. Sometimes horror films are released unrated, Hatchet 2 being a good example or Dawn Of The Dead ( original ver ). Many of the Saw films have been edited down to R rating.

    People forget that although Evil Dead was a low budget production it had some extreme scenes of violence, the pencil being screwed into a womans ankle being up there with the best. It was not “gory” as such, but the violence was choice as Tarantino would put it. Evil Dead was never meant to be “funny”, it was an attempt at making the most disturbing horror film possible. Any amusment gained from Evil Dead was down to pretty bad acting and production values, it was never intended to be funny. Ash was never intended to become a hero, which is why it appears he ends up dead at the climax. It was a screw you to a horror industry that was pumping out one slasher flick after another with the “hero” always surviving at the end. In Evil Dead everyone is slaughtered.

    Yet with the remake people seem to be expecting the comedy that was Evil Dead 2 and 3. Remember folks this is a remake of Evil Dead, a bang off horror movie, not a satire. They now have a budget to do what they couldn’t afford before, which is not a negative thing.

    And if Bruce says its good i trust him, he is not the kind of guy to gush over something that is terrible.

    In a lot of cases remakes are pumped out by studios with very little input from the original film makers. Thats not the case here, its a Raimi production, he is not going to screw up his own baby, there is far more at stake than your typical Hollywood photo copied remake.

    • Hey, I was being a little sarcastic, but thanks for telling me I don’t know how the MPAA works. You’re right that horror movies occasionally run into problems with the MPAA, though it usually has more to do with politics and other factors than (strictly) violence, unless the violence is truly out of this world gruesome. Also, I would like to see the source of your 99% figure.

      • I have no source, its pretty much common sense. Equate the number of Unrated/NC17 movies released to theaters to the amount of cut R rated movies. Politics can have something to do with it, but one of the main factors is if the violence is dwelled upon, ie someones head getting getting decaptitated quickly or someone getting their head slowly sawed off in graphic detail. Most cuts to violence involve shortening the scene to a more acceptable level which can be a matter of a second(s).

        • Yeah…so you’re saying you just made that figure up.

          • Sure its not an accurate percentage give or take a few points. If you can find a source that debunks what i said i will gladly amend.

            • That’s not how claims work. I don’t have to debunk your totally made-up claim. You have to back it up. So at this point, we’re just going to assume that you’re completely wrong.

              • Just as wrong as you bud, welcome to the internet where futility is a game.

                • I’ve read online that Bruce really likes the direction of the remake. Also as Deerang stated, Evil Dead was never meant to be a comedic horror movie. The movie came off that way due to the acting and because of the budget. If Bruce says it’s heading in the right direction then I will take his word for it. I didn’t like Raimi for this remake but when the actor of the original says it’s good then it must be ok(unless he’s a sellout). As far as the 99% being edited down to gain a R rating, I would say is a little high but I would say it’s closer to about 75% which is why sometimes the “Unrated” version of a horror movie ends up being better than the rated R version. Good example of this was the Original Saw movie, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, among others.

                  • Wait, wait, wait – I never said it wasn’t a horror movie, or that it was a comedy. Please indicate where I said that?

                    • You seemed to assume i was talking to you, but i can’t actually see any posts from you to respond to. Did you post earlier and changed your name ? Was wondering why you got so upset.

                    • I wrote the article.

    • Deer(wang) is pissed because He suffers from having small nuts and a tiny weeiner. Maybe He was sexually abused by his third Uncle twice removed on his estranged father’s side of the family who left him and his heroin-addict of a mother when He was 3 to follow hookers and smoke crack on the sunset strip. Not the “famous” sunset strip…. the one down in old five points next to the old 7-eleven that gets shot up every night.

      Last He talked to dear old dad was when Uncle Ronnie was entering his exit with a lead pipe and some Axe snake peel body wash. He was crying out to dad for help and He ignored his son’s plea and told his brother to hurry up so later they could get together and watch the newest episode of breaking bad while lighting the family pipe.

      (no need to back any of this up… it’s a true story)


      OP, good work on a great article.

      Run along now little Deer(wang).
      Why settle for one Uncle… when there are two more drooling over you?
      Whatever you do… don’t let your mom catch you hanging yourself in the closet again to get off. She’s paranoid as it is as much as she hits the needle. (no need to back that up either) Don’t you just love this game?

      • Ron, you need to seek professional help. I’m sorry you were molested as a child. I really do feel bad for you. But when you start assuming that everyone else had the same upbringing as yourself, it will cause you problems developing relationships in real life. Please, before you wind up on a bell tower with a sniper rifle, or end up as the next Sandusky, seek help.

        • I like eggs

    • Actually, Raimi and Campbell were huge fans of the Three Stooges, and the majority of their earlier films were slapstick comedy. The Evil Dead 1 and 2 were full of slapstick, just with gore added.

    • “Evil Dead was never meant to be “funny”, it was an attempt at making the most disturbing horror film possible. Any amusment gained from Evil Dead was down to pretty bad acting and production values, it was never intended to be funny.”

      Everyone keeps saying that like a spell, but it’s plain IMPOSSIBLE to look at ANY of the possession scenes, and NOT see a huge amount of gross, dark over-the-top humor in it.
      MAYBE the melodramatic acting wsn’t intentional… although it very well may have been if you look at the rest of the movie. But the possessions, that’s just plain unimaginable.

      If they hadn’t intended to make them funny, their brains did for certain – it’s like with Rammstein, who, according to interviews, once took themselves more seriously, and thought they were playing it fairly straight, but now that they consciously engage in dark, self-ironic humor, they can look back and see the hilarity in a lot of stuff they’ve done before.

      And this is as far as any reasonable “Evil Dead 1″ was a straight-down horror film, not a comedy!” statement can go.

  7. the more scary and bloody and violent it is does not make it a better film. I think PG-13 is going to get the most of any movie rating`s grossage.

  8. I’ve seen mostly all original horror movies, they are not scary, maybe when I was like 12 or 13, but we believe anything at that age. It’s the same for horror movies now. The younger you are, the more likely you are to get scared of something.
    One last thing, Chucky is the worst horror character ever.

    • It depends.
      I used to be far less “scared” of slasher movies in my teens. Now in early 20s, well, maybe I’m not so much “scared” by them, but much, much more disturbed whenever someone’s gutted or stabbed.

      Can go both ways.

  9. the original EVIL DEAD scared the 11 yr old crap out of me!! I mean A GIRL WAS RAPED BY A TREE!!! and lets not forget that other girl who chewed her hand off! and i couldnt sleep for days because all i could hear was ashes demonized girlfriend singing ” WE’RE GONNA GET YOU, WE’RE GONNA GET YOU!”. those are the types of scares hollywood has lost. excessive blood and violence has been done to death. Its THE SCARES that stay with you. and thats why we all loved the original. an updated remake with all the new bells and whistles sounds great and I hope they can put something out that can even come close to being as memorable as the original. thats why ( even tho we hate them ) we all watch the remakes. Just to see if they can muster some of that old magic back.

    • no, there are enough horror movies with less blood,which are scarier then -evil dead-, the movie has just become a hype after the third one , because ash was acting so crazy. i why are you writing-that´s why we hate them-,talk about your opinion,if you write we then you mean me,too(80s kid). and i am a reboot fan against all those anti-reboot-fraction. terrible english grammar,i know.

  10. I saw this movie on Netflix with some friends and didn’t really “get” it. It seemed like cheesy horror shlock to all of us. Maybe this is one of this films that you have to see when it’s released to get the full impact

    • No, the cheesy horror schlock is the point, I’d say.

      • I don’t mean that in a bad way, the film just didn’t have a huge impact on me. That’s why I suggested the viewing experience would’ve been better probably if I’d seen it when it was released. I haven’t seen the sequels,but the first film didn’t make me rush out to get the DVD

        • No, I know you didn’t mean it in a bad way. Evil Dead is understandably not for everyone. I’m just saying, a large part of the appeal – for me, at least – is how ridiculous it is. Even the first one, which was attempting to be genuinely scary.

        • Its the fact it was made by a college drop out and his friends. It’s that they made the movie with so little money. Money they gained mostly going from house to house asking people for donations. Its the fact it was a first time director and actors. It’s a jewel. Very few could do what they did. Yes they had made tons of short films, but evil dead was their first real go. Also, most get evil dead 1 and 2 confused. They introduced their slapstick stooge comedy in the 2nd film the first was meant to be complete horror film.

  11. I know this is a bit off topic because I’m not talking directly about The Evil Dead but I’ve recently watched the Fright Night remake and I have to say it was pretty enjoyable. Especially when compared to the countless other remakes.
    Back on subject, the main reason I’m not completely against TED being remade is because Raimi is not only ok with it but he’s involved in the production. I’m sure I’m not alone in those thoughts either.

    • no kevin you are not alone,and i´m glad that you think nearly the same about reboots. let us build an fraction against those anti-reboot people phenomenon,they are all talkin the same thing,like a cacadou(was that the talkin´bird?).

  12. Low budget horror movies are scary, because they are made by Hollywood outsiders who don’t mind crossing the line and breaking rules. A tree raping a woman? That crotch penetration shot would never have made it into a movie produced by a big Hollywood studio. They’re too scared of controversy.

    Since Sam Raimi is now big time and big budget, you can be sure this will be toned down. Another remake that will fail to surpass the original.

      • Hmm big budget productions with balls, yup maybe in the 70s or 80s but these days nope, in fact i can’t think of one Hollywood horror flick in the last ten years that had any balls.

        • The original Saw

    • If I were him, I’d not so much be scared of “controversy” as being a huge read in a top hat for putting in such a scene.

      He said it himself in the interview, he wanted to scare, thrill, entertain, not “offend” with gratuitous sexual violence.
      Now it apparently gets put back in, so go figure, but that’s what he said in some old, rusty interview back then.

      Something about people complaining how some director becomes too much of a “cat nickname”, or scared of “public outcry”, for putting in a scene of completely unnecessary, out-of-place rape while the shots provocatively linger on the victim’s sexy legs and body, just… really creeps me out.

      I think if I took a look inside your mind… I wouldn’t find anything appealing in those dark, desolate regions.

  13. I think Raimi just sounds flattered by the attention and feels too detached to believe he has a stake in it either way. He’s hard to read but I don’t think he’s worried about this affecting him significantly.
    This new film will definitely fail to capture the victories of his art from adversity. I predict now that none of the oceans of blood unleashed in this rebake will match the geysers that pummeled Bruce in ED2- red green, or any other color- in shock, effectiveness, or humor. Slick production values will never be a match for forced resourcefulness.
    I’m also disappointed by the quality of trolling surrounding this, but I guess it’s appropriate to the overall artistic emptiness of the project, so there’s at least one thing about this debacle to enjoy.

  14. Ok Ben Moore, didn’t notice you wrote the article. I did not specifically call your article out so not sure what you got the hump about. You said in your article that the MPAA does not hand NC17 ratings out to horror movies and my point was yes thats because they cut them down. Why you suddenly call me out as a blatent liar due to a stupid statistic is beyond me.

  15. It’ll be PG-13.

  16. Wasn’t Evil Dead 2 a remake?

    • Oh jeez. *facepalm*

      Evil Dead 2 was a sequel.

      • Evil Dead 2 was a remake. Before the remake title was popular.

  17. Wow, what a horribly written article! Was this writer to cheap or to lazy to get anyone with basic editing skills to proofread this piece of drivel? I think we are all now dumber for reading this.

    • This is great, I love being criticized for not being able to “proofread” by someone who can’t spell “too” or “know.” But maybe that’s what happened here? You thought all the words I spelled correctly were misspelled because you don’t actually know how to spell them? It’s cool. These things happen.

  18. What about “Army of Darkness”? How could anyone ever think of re doing that?

    Please stop before you reach the cliff!

  19. with rare exceptions cgi and horror dont mix. it winds up looking cheesy and making what could be a decent movie terrible. thats what made the thing remake miss. practical effects are still better then cgi. the wolfman remake is an exception. instead of a remake the should have done a continuation of the story and stick with what was best about the movies in the 1st place. it never took itself seriously. they could incorporate the low budget/high budget difference into the plot somehow and it would fit what weve come to expect. as always though, ultimately we have to wait to see if it is worth the effort. i hope to be pleasently surprised not obviously disappointed. do agree however on changing the lead character into a woman. kinda like going back and making RIPLEY a man. if youre going to change it that much you might as well come up with an original idea. its why SYFY’S MINI SERIES REMAKES OF CLASSIC STORIES wind up sucking. and i still say the decision to make STARBUCK an ugly dyke was a poor decision.

  20. Fede Alvarez stated “the film will heavily rely on practical effects than CG effects.” So Fede, like the original? How original of you… So basically it’s Cabin in the Woods, without as much humor… and Cabin in the Woods was basically Evil Dead plus a ton of other ‘camp’ style horror films… so basically… it’s just a repeat of a repeat… (My attempt at humor). It’s a Non-meta film that is a meta film but is pretending to not know what the a meta film is. How lame…

  21. I couldn’t believe it when I read that there was no Ash character what so ever and the lead was a female. I mean not that I have a problem with female leads but the whole concept of ED is based around the Ash character and his lame ass wise cracks with the deadites and what not. Seriously I can’t see this chick running around saying “groovy”, “hail to the king baby” & “this is my boomstick” and even if she does, it just wouldn’t have the same effect.
    I will still watch this remake but I have no high expectations that it will even touch the original, esp without Ash, the most integral part of the entire trilogy.
    They would have been better off making a 4th movie with BC in it as Ash, regardless of how old and overweight he is now, I think that would just add to the comedy factor, hell they could have had him killing deadites with a walking frame or in a wheel chair, I would have bought that more than this remake and probably enjoyed it a whole deal more so as well.

  22. Remaking Poltergeist?


    That’s one of the many originals that should NEVER be touched…

    • I absolutely agree with that statement!!

  23. I can’t wait to see the remake i loved the origanal trilagy.
    It looks as if fede Alvarez has gone to town on it.
    The trailer looks wicked.

  24. I’m always one of the first ones to complain about remakes but not all of them are bad. The Fright Night remake was a perfectly serviceable vampire movie. It was different enough from the original that it didn’t piss me off and it was good enough to stand on its own. Nothing “cult classic” special (like the first) but not bad either. I think people are just jaded because so many of them have sucked.

  25. this film will be the top then insidious 2

  26. So tired of all the remakes! Just cant imagine evil dead without bruce campbell!