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the event pilot nbc The Event Premiere Review & Discussion

Unless you’ve been living in a box for the past few months, you will most certainly have been bombarded with NBC’s non-stop promotion of The Event. With Lost now off the air, NBC is no doubt setting The Event up to take its place in the hearts and minds of viewers. With the manner of which NBC is consistently promoting this series, one has to wonder whether viewers will be intrigued or completely turned off. Especially since the pilot doesn’t serve to answer the question that have been beckoning every television and radio commercial – what is “the event?”

Setting aside the poorly written ad-copies, viewers should now know (thanks to Lost) that whatever “the event” is, it will never be as entertaining as watching the characters’ journeys throughout. Of course, if six seasons of questions and five episodes of answers isn’t your type of series, you’ll be happy to hear that the producers have no plan to withhold what exactly “the event” is.

… just don’t expect to find out in The Event series premiere.

Preview (courtesy of NBC)

The Event premieres with a conspiracy of both national and global proportions. Sean Walker (Jason Ritter), stumbles into a national conspiracy after his girlfriend Leila (Sarah Roemer) mysteriously disappears from a Caribbean cruise. Elsewhere, President Elias Martinez (Blair Underwood) is scheduled to announce the release of a group of detainees led by Sophia Maguire (Laura Innes) — despite the disapproval of his Director of National Intelligence, Blake Sterling (Zeljko Ivanek). Their futures are on a collision course in a global conspiracy that could ultimately change the fate of mankind.


Like Lost or, dare I say, Flashforward, not much is revealed in the pilot about what this ominous “event” is. Therefore, this review is based solely on the talent of the main cast, the intentions of the producers and the future potential of the series. Unfortunately, many viewers may not be able to look at the series the same way.  With NBC promoting The Event every chance they get, many of those who tune in will be disappointed to find that the appearance of some kind of “event” only occurs in the episode’s final moments… and even then, it’s only minimal.

the event jason ritter The Event Premiere Review & Discussion

Until those final moments, viewers will no doubt be confused and/or annoyed with the way in which the producers chose to convey the initial plot of the series. Instead of a single, coherent storyline, the producers chose to jump around from various moments of the past, to present day events (not the event – and it’s not time travel. Think Damages). While any other series would be crucified with this poor choice in storytelling (especially since it’s done somewhat poorly), one has to give The Event a little leeway because in this television environment, it’s not easy to capture an audience with this type of ambiguous series. I have a feeling that once more information regarding “the event” is revealed that the poorly realized time jumps will be lessened, as in the pilot they only serve to create artificial excitement and a sense of intrigue; Something that I hope will be replaced by actual excitement and intrigue as the series progresses.

Much of what will make this series work is the cast. Jason Ritter, Blair Underwood and Zeljko Ivanek are all great in the pilot and with the addition of Clifton Collins Jr. (he’s not in the pilot), they certainly have the talent to support an amazing story. In the beginning, much of the story revolves around Jason Ritter’s character, Sean Walker, and his girlfriend Leila Buchanan, played by Sarah Roemer as they go on a Caribbean cruise. If you’ve seen any television in the past ten years, you will be familiar with this type of premise. Their initial storyline is more or less a means by which the writers can unravel their intriguing storyline. While the first reveal of “something’s not right” isn’t as exciting as one would have expected, the subsequent events and thought-out subplots certainly help sell it.

Of course, there’s no way such an “event” could happen without some kind of government cover-up. Since government cover-ups aren’t exactly something new to television dramas, The Event needs to be able to separate themselves apart for the rest. Fortunately, Blair Underwood as President Elias Martinez serves as an apparent surrogate to the audience. In this sense, the cover-up does not start from the top as the President is one of the last people to learn that the CIA has a secret prison in which they keep people that are connected to “the event.” Unfortunately, the audience isn’t let in on what exactly is going on as the President is eventually brought in on the cover-up.

nbc the event premier ritter girlfriend The Event Premiere Review & Discussion

With Zeljko Ivanek playing as Director of National Intelligence, Blake Sterling, NBC couldn’t have picked a better actor to play the apparent “bad guy.” With Sterling holding all of the information to “the event” and the CIA cover-up, it’s truly a joy to watch the back and forth between the President and Sterling, as the President wants to know and see everything and Sterling is forced to comply.

After a quick trip to the Arctic prison, the President meets with those connected to “the event” and decides that it’s time for the nation to know. While those watching will no doubt be excited to see this particular event unfold, it’s quickly interrupted by a full-sized passenger jet flying straight towards the president.

As the series comes to a close, we are waiting to see the giant airliner crash into the President’s vacation house and the scene of the press conference. Although, in the pilot’s last moments, something happens and the plane somehow disappears. While the episode ends before anything else can be explained, viewers are left knowing that what just happened has something to do with “the event” and that “they” helped save the President from an airplane assassination.

the event blair underwood nbc The Event Premiere Review & Discussion

Final Thoughts

The series premiere of The Event is the textbook definition of potential. With a great cast and somewhat intriguing plot, if any series is going to make this ominous, ambiguous type of storytelling work following Lost, this certainly will.


The Event airs Monday’s @9pm, on NBC

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  1. I believe that the writers of The Event paid Sylar Hungar Continues to come to this website and create further confusion and different scenarios to keep us from discovering what The Event is!

    Or perhaps Sylar is “a writer of The Event” or maybe HE IS ONE OF THEM WHO WAS ON THE PLANE WITH SOPHIA!

    Another question: Since we did not see the alleged plane crash of the detainees then how do we actually know they are aliens because nothing was ever mentioned by the CIA that it was a plane or a spaceship??? Or proven otherwise?

  2. Johnny, if you weren’t so annoying, condescending, and hyper, I might actually agree with you on some things.

  3. SYLAR……..

    You’re just upset because I revealed to everyone your “true identity”. It must difficult to have to adjust to us “humans and their living habits” when your own kind can’t deal with our interpretations in a humane manner and continue to blame others for your outbursts of anger and rage. Perhaps you should try therapy or a stronger medication?

  4. Since you keep getting my name wrong, Johnny, maybe I should use my can-opener technology to remove your occipital lobe and replace your faulty grey matter with a working version of a cerebral cortex.

    And with that, seems like this thread has unraveled enough to meet its untimely demise, as, alas, The Event will surely do soon.


      Your cunning wit and sarcastic nature have me concerned about your emotional health. Have you heard if the hospital has a “brain” to transplant into your head and how soon they will be able to operate?

      When “The Event” is canceled and there is no more need for this website I surely won’t miss reading your freaky theories, mindless diagnosis, and your mental ability to shock all of us with your arrogance of your postings…

      I won’t insult your intelligence by suggesting that you really do believe what you just said.


    Spoken like a “true alien” SYLAR!

  6. JOHNNY and SYLAR,

    OK, guys, that’s enough. Just agree to disagree on this, please and stop taking up the thread with a personal argument.



  7. Is the Event…

    …them going home?

    …them changing world “Events” (e.g Helped advance the attainment of Nuclear Fission in the Manhatten Project) in order to achieve their “aim” (Going Home)

    …the colonizations of Earth by “them”

  8. Syler and Johnny are beginning to sound like a story of two multiple personalities of the same being, whether their brains are made up of grey matter or tin foil.. it is beginning to be annoying to read your two blogs. In case you two haven’t noticed, this blog is about the Ev3nt and not your two conflicting raps against each other and your two boring personalities!

    There! I’ve said it. I am not a paid write for the Ev3nt and I am truly a follower of the series. At each viewing, I am focused, and I mean FOCUSED on every detail. It’s a great series. And the other day, I was channel flipping and I discovered that the SiFi channel had the entire series (YTD) on. Woo Hoo. I was riveted.

    As for Tyler and Johnny… Dag nam it.. Get yourself on the blog about the Ev3nt, PLEASE!

  9. Allow me to be the first to “apologize” for my rant with Sylar. And I hope that in continuing we can all contribute some worthwhile facts in order to discover what is going on in the Event. I hope this appeases those we have offended?

    Let’s assume from what we have already seen so far that we have labeled certain characters incorrectly. Meaning Thomas is not the bad guy but Sophia is the “bad one”. As a twist and further development the President’s wife is “one of them” and has leaked out certain information to the rest of her people in order to obtain a way of everyone being able to build a new ship to get back to their home or planet?

  10. A dog barked.

  11. Looks like the real aliens made an appearance on the show right at the end of episode 5. Look at the sky upper left hand corner of the screen, or is it a meteorite?

  12. what ever is in the “can” for the first season is in the can. I doubt they would re shoot anything to react to viewer opinion. However, if they decide to give it a chance, the next season, can still be saved as a show worth watching. I think, (since many of us continue to watch) it has a story worth saving, as entertaining. For myself, I dont want to know “yet” what they are or what the event is. Just supply clues, lead us there slowly. Leave out the social messages, just tell a truely interesting story, and they might just beat out American Idol for ratings.

  13. Which episode are we on?

    Re: “A dog barked.”
    I’m REALLY sorry for not putting “Spoiler Alert” by my last post, I usually avoid giving away important plot content.

  14. Last night’s show was GREAT! Except leaving the FBI agent at the motel might have been a dumb idea. Also, I’m getting pretty pissed-off at this Asian/CIA/Alien guy who keeps helping Sophia. I want him to make up his mind and choose a side to be on. Also, can anyone email me and tell me why these people want the young guy so badly? They had so many chances when he was on vacation to catch him but didn’t. What does he have that they want now?


  15. I’ve really tried to like this show, but last night’s stock footage of the imploding building put me over the edge. I knew it was coming (who didn’t?) and as soon as the wide shot appeared, I knew. Hello, NatGeo.

    That, and the deranged reporter, and the fact that I’m starting to root for VP Cheney (and I’m a democrat) have me ready to give up. (Incidentally, did the producers ever see “Strange Invaders”? At least in that movie the deranged reporter was played for laughs…on purpose.)

    Monday they created a nearly-sympathetic character, then buried him under a thousand tons of rubble. Mystery Science Theater 3000, where are you?

  16. Okay explain this to me so that I will understand this…..

    A REPORTER ? CARRYING A GUN???? Oh yeah, every reporter carries a gun around with them and also how did she get into the house? Did she have a key? Or am I being to nit picking? What should I be believing?

  17. Johnny, If that agent were to completely disappear, Simon could say he was the mole. Thomas would probably need to intervene to be that direct.

    An imploding building was the big shock? REALLY? After a disapearing plane, I was sure the train was going to wind up in another state…figuring that the technology might only work on large objects with momentum.

    Not sure I like this: Twice people have disappeared in what I would assume was deadly events at the end of the show. Twice the previews, a minute later, revealed them alive and well. I’m glad I didn’t have a week (2 in this case) to think they were dead, only to rail against the show’s cheap trick of faking me out. But really? In a preview less than a minute after their so-called demise?

    I’m past the giving them a break for not living up to the impossible hype–some of this storytelling is so hamhanded and overplayed.

    And, do I really think that descending down a staircase 30 seconds before something implodes the building–is supposed to keep Thomas & whats-her-name safe? (Maybe they had Segways down there).

    Stock footage–pretty sad. Sadder yet, the building seemed to violently shake (not a vibration changing to a tremor changing to a few things falling) for MINUTES. Let me rephrase that–the cameras shook and the actors employed their best Star Trek (original series) unsure footing techniques. Let me rephrase that. Their worst.

    And–the Women of SNL? A clip show? On the eve of a pivotal election? They couldn’t have scraped together some political clips or done a new one? Just when the Crazyometer is in the red? Geesh.

    • SYLAR:

      What “Political Office” are you running for? If you want political news or information then don’t watch “The Event”! Change your channel!! Stick to the topic!

  18. Vic, can you curb this guy’s enthusiasm? I consider this an obsession on his part.

    Odd to me, that someone would use 100% of a post to claim that another contributor was off topic for about 5% of his post. As for that 5%: The Women of SNL–a clip show–will air **during THE EVENT’s time slot** next Monday. By the way, NBC does very well by preparing the audience for breaks like this. I remember LOST fans pulling our hair out when, with our Snuggies™ and snacks and notepads and PAUSE button at the ready, we found out, ABC was airing a rerun!

  19. Yes, can we keep this on topic, please?

    Since this seems to be a go-to place for more than the premiere episode I’d rather not have to cut it off.

    Thanks, guys.


    • VIC:

      Listen, at least I apologized for my behavior which Sylar did not even attempt to do!

      If Sylar wants to make me “the bad guy” and have you believe he is “the good guy” fine! I don’t need anyone else on my case when I feel I have something worthwhile to contribute without having someone always accusing me of some wrong doing! Do what you have to do but don’t continue “to drink the kool-ade Sylar is making you drink by being “a cry baby” and running to his mommy because his feeling were hurt!

      • JOHNNY,

        I didn’t single anyone out. I just said I want the arguing to stop.



  20. Sooo.. waiting for this Flop to Bomb out.. will be all the “EVENT” i will ever need.

  21. Ok now.. Sylar and Johnny. Here we go again. Could you two please just leave your comments to the program and not about each other. I am so sick of clicking on my update on Screen Rant and see that it is MORE nonsense from you two.

    OK, I’m done with that.

    My thoughts are that somehow this show is back tracking us to the 1954 ‘crash of the alien ship’ in Arizona, real life drama.

    I’m interested in where it goes, however it gets there.


      What did I do to give you the impression I actually care about what you think?………WAIT..I’m trying to imagine you with a perswonalty.

  22. Oh Grezukka,,,,,,,,,,

    In case you haven’t noticed, this blog is about the Ev3nt and not you making comments about people because “it makes you sick” and your boring personality. If you are sick you should make an appointment to see your doctor and not vent your sickness here!

    • Vic,
      Please jettison this guy, at least temporarily. If your policy about personal attacks was ever relevant, it is right now.

      Please, no more talk about *everyone* getting along when there is clearly one bomb-thrower whose posts include or are comprised solely of personal attacks.

      It’s not off-topic to address a problem that may intimidate others from contributing.

  23. Personally, I like the show and believe that in time all the flashbacks will have provided information about the characters that will have you saying, “oh yeah, that makes sense now.” This series may not be so far fetched, perhaps they are preparing us for disclosure?
    P.S. Johnny grow up.

    • APRIL:

      Let me remind you that in case you haven’t noticed, this blog is about the Ev3nt and not an advice column for you to give advice to people, like “Johnny grow up”. Whatever permission you thought you had to speak to me, I hereby remove. I’ll try be nicer if you try being smarter.

  24. Vic, I agree with Sylar. While I want to share my views, I don’t want to have to look at Johnny’s rants that have nothing to do with the subject. He appears to be very immature and thus my comment to him to “grow up”. I am sorry I gave him more fuel to spew his venom. Get rid of the problem, not he site.

  25. JOHNNY,

    Please stop being combative – we don’t like that here. Feel free to disagree but it needs to be taken down a few notches.


  26. This is the United States and express “freedom of speech”.

    ok…..I disagree with SYLAR
    …….I disagree with April
    …….I disagree with Gretzilla

    Did I take “enough notches down now” Vic?

    • Actually this is Screen Rant, where I have say over things.

      You just stepped one foot closer to the door.


  27. The plotline seems to be poorly constructed. Murphy is believed to be the mole because his fingerprints was found at the coffee shop, but that shoul’ve been impossible. Murphy never left headquarters while they were monitoring the location of Sophia. Therefore the only possible way for him to have leaked the isotope into the coffee shop is through the agency of another. But then his fingerprint ought not to have been at the coffee shop. Moreover, Murphy was the one to call attention to the fact that there must have been a mole. It’s possible that he would’ve done so to throw suspicion off of himself. But if that’s true, why lock himself in the trunk of a car? Why not run away? And why would one of the president’s top aids believe that he is the mole?