‘The Event’ Promises World-Changing Surprises at Season’s End

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the event season spoilers The Event Promises World Changing Surprises at Seasons End

The Event will air a mid-season finale on November 29th that promises to teach viewers more about Sophia and her people, how they’ve integrated so far and how many of her kind there really are. This cliffhanger episode will even reveal what power Sophia holds over them, offering viewers several more answers.

TV Guide reported today that The Event is going to deliver some world-changing and shocking twists as the season ends. The show’s writers and producers are hoping the twists will be exciting enough to capture our attention and get us to want more in a second season.

Executive producer Evan Katz teases that this season will end with a huge revelation that will change the entire world:

“Major large-scale, potentially world-changing events will end every season.”

A new villainess will enter the picture too. Deadline Hollywood reports that the show has been in talks for former Friday Night Lights star Connie Britton to play a “major recurring role.” Could this be the villainess character…?

In the more “down-to-Earth” realm, Blair Underwood’s character, President Martinez, will be faced with serious military decisions and Sean & Leila continue to search for Leila’s sister, Samantha.

The Event is one of those series that began with such promise, with an enviable all-star cast, a mysterious premise and more promotion than a series should be allowed. But the ratings have been steadily declining anyway. We reported in early October that the show lacked excitement and wasn’t living up to the hype and the ratings reflected the audience’s loss of interest as they’ve continued to slip. The most recent episode was only watched by 5.7 million viewers.

The show’s producers have been preparing, just in case, for the season finale as an ending to the story. They have been collecting short film cuts that can be used to wrap up the storyline, if necessary. But they remain optimistic that the show will be renewed, in spite of the dismal ratings. After all, many people time-shift The Event and watch it later than its air time on their DVRs.

What do you think of the series so far? Will you continue to watch?

Sources: TV Guide, Entertainment Weekly, Deadline Hollywood

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  1. I lost interest in this show after two episodes. Lynn, new reporter?

    • Anthony,

      Yes, we brought on four new TV writers today. :)


      • Wow, why the beef up for TV Vic?

        • Why not? I don’t feel we’re covering TV thoroughly enough.


          • Sweet. Considering I watch more TV than i realized, this is good news sir :)

    • this show could be better if it weren’t for the mind drumming dribble between the couple. They drive me nuts. It is nauseating to go from good actors that command the screen to useless dialogue between these two, especially the young dude…

    • I lost interest soon as that plane disappeared. I wasn’t looking for something supernatural. I get my fill watching True Blood…

    • Hi, Anthony,

      Yes, as Vic said, I just started yesterday. It’s going to be fun to be a part of this team of great writers. :-)

      Thanks for noticing.

      • Welcome aboard Lynn :)

  2. My wife and I watch it via PVR every week, most times on the same night, which we can’t say about many shows. It has just enough going on to keep us interested, though it doesn’t quite fill the hole left by shows like Lost for example. I don’t know of anyone else at this point who watches it, therefore it lacks “water-cooler talk” buzz. But at least my wife and I can discuss it amongst ourselves! We enjoy the slowly unfolding plot and revelations (that’s where the Lost comparison comes in).

    • It’s just moving TOO slow for my taste.

  3. I too had high hopes for this show but after learning the premise that its a bunch of “human” aliens living among us trying to get home with the only difference that they age slowly………Y A W N. Political show with an alien twist? Who thought this was going to be the next LOST? Man I would rather watch LOST again than keep watching this show.

    I have to say I really feel for Ritter. I like him as an actor but this is the 2nd show he has been attached to with a short lifespan (first was Joan of Arcadia that showed MUCH more promise than The EVENT)

    • @mongoose,

      I agree, Joan of Arcadia was a good show. I was sorry to see it canceled. But Amber Tamblyn is now playing a terrific new character on ‘House.’ I think the role suits her. And I think a good actor like Ritter will eventually find his way into a good series.

      Hey, and it may be possible for this series to improve… ;-)

  4. Please end it…..to drag it out like this with bad writing is just an insult. They should do like the show Life on Mars where the show was ended after one season with a wrap up. Today’s audience (me) does not have enough time to follow a serialized show like this that moves this slowly. The jumping back and forth from action to non-action is quite draining. Just end it, explain why they are here, get the bad guy that somehow can get through a secret service detail, and oh by the way the bi-partisan ticket…yah righttttt….end it now before it goes the way of flashforward;which by the way had way better writing..

  5. Ugh, I gave up on this a couple weeks ago when I realized half the show had gone by and I had gotten distracted and had no clue what was going on. Too bad, because I like a lot of the actors. The writing and pacing were just abysmal.

    • @Sakrysta,

      It’s such a shame that the show isn’t living up to its potential. They have wonderful talent, but maybe the premise is just too flat…

  6. I am actually enjoying this show. I like the idea behind the show and they are pretty good at not giving out enough information that you know what is going to happen next. But most of all I like the close range gun shoot outs and explosions, pretty decent action for a TV show.

    • @TheGoldenBoy,

      At last, someone that’s enjoying the series. Thanks for adding your point of view. :-)

      • It seems that many of negative comments have to do with the show being to slow and hard to follow. I feel that the show just takes a bit more thinking than most shows. Further down someone mentions that the jumping back and forth in time without immediate resolve is hard to follow……to me it seems people would rather watch a show that they can figure the end out in the first 5 minutes instead of a show that, although far fetched (it is TV after all), makes you think about the many possible out comes of the characters choices even if the choices were made multiple episodes before. This show reminds me a bit of “Arrested Development” when it first came out not many people thought it was that great (I loved it from the pilot). I feel the reason it never did that well on TV was due to the lack of laugh track. Most people do not want to think while watching TV and with out the laugh track how do you know when something is supposed to be funny?

  7. I have been giving this show a chance.. it has it’s ups and downs. HOWEVER last week’s episode when they kidnapped the doctor and had him get shot almost made me stop watching. I understood the need for filler during 24 because of the real time concept but what was the reason for that in the previous episode? Ever since he found his girlfriend that storyline has gone stale. And maybe I am just too much of a 24 freak… but that president is no David Palmer

  8. I don’t mind the slow pacing at all and I would rather see the show build up its characters more than go full-throttle just yet. Compared to other serial dramas of the last ten years however…it leaves a lot to be desired. I’m a fan of shows like The Event but if it wants to survive, it needs to step up its game.

    • @Alan Smithee,

      You mention the show “stepping up its game,” but I’d be interested in hearing ideas for ways it could improve. It’s fans of the show like you that have the most important input.

  9. Welcome Lynn and whoever else was added. (Hey Vic is there a welcome page? Maybe a post with a list and bios of the people?)

    I tried to let this show live but nothing really made me stay.

    Speaking of TV and since Lynn is here…. What is going on with Justified?


    • @Aknot:

      Thanks so much for the welcome! I look forward to getting acquainted with ScreenRant’s regular readers. :-)

      As for ‘Justified,’ I’ll have to do some checking….

      • @Aknot:

        I did a bit of checking and ‘Justified’ has been renewed for season 2, but no S2 premiere date has been announced yet. But watch for it here when they do decide a premiere date. :-)

        Happy Thanksgiving!

  10. I tried to watch… but it just wouldn’t make a point that would hold my attention…

    Plus, I’m not a fan of jumping back and forth in time without tying it together quickly.

    Maybe it was my ADD, or the show just wasn’t a good replacement for Heroes (season 1 anyway)

  11. Events going on in the real world are more interesting then this tv show.


  12. .

  13. I like the show, but you need to put it on a different night. There’s too many different things on Monday nights, i,e, Monday Night Football, RAW, etc.
    I think that would help.

  14. When I was campaigning so hard to save Heroes, the DVR numbers were mentioned and people would tell me that makes no difference. So why are DVR number so important now? Either you watch when the show is on or you don’t.

    The Event has its moments but not enough to hold my interest every week. Oh, and I do watch the eps on nbc.com, not live.

  15. The show has gotten progressively better. Hope they keep it on.

  16. Hello All, I enjoy The Event. I was behind on the last 3 episodes, and watched them in one sitting this morning. The story is intriguing and keeps me wanting more. I am hopeful that the series will be renewed.

  17. I DVR the show and watched the last episode this morning.
    Surprisingly it wasn’t that great of an episode.

    The show has had and still has potential, but its just floundering in the water. They really need to get the story rolling.

    By the way, I DVR all my shows because of the commercials.Their either too loud or too long.

    Which is probably why quality network television shows are dieing. People who watch shows like this, like to be pulled into a story. But its hard to be pulled in for 5 minutes and then watch 5 minutes of commercials. That can work on game shows and shows that require no vested interest or attention span, but a involved serial requires attention. The networks have lost this concept.

  18. i am wondering is the show cancelled cause i loved it so far was hoping and praying it was still going to have a second season. i would watch it and miss other shows like law and order and csi bones house just to watch it or if i missed an episode i woiuld watch it online. please let me know.

  19. i started watching the event from the very beginning it caught my interest
    i really enjoy the show and it’s story line, i tried not to miss an episode, if i can’t see it i dvr it so i can see it at another time. i do hope it will come back for another season, i’m dying to see the outcome.

  20. Please keep on!!!

  21. Will “The Event” ever end ? i mean like will there be 2 seasons and thats it ? im hoping so as i really hope this does not turn out like the program “Lost” where it went on and on and on and on sigh….

    Im loving it so far though :D

  22. I HOPE TO GOD THEY KEEP THE EVENT… THIS IS THE ONLY SHOW ON TV LATELY THAT KEEPS ME ENTERTAINED!!! NBC must have serious issues if they do cancel the show, i most certainy wont be giving them any credit for anything if they do!

    The Event is great and looking at the viewing numbers it gets every week, it’s not doing so bad! i say give it a chance.

    • I love the event. I think the network or some other network should give the show a second season/chance.

  23. OMG! If they cancel this show I will be devastated. This is the only show that I have EVER followed religously, it would just be wrong to cancel this show! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t cancel on your viewers/fans! We LOVE LOVE LOVE this show!!!!!!!!

  24. the event is amazing awesome and it always has plot twist agents to it… i love this show and they at least need a season2 to end it correctly for all the fans who watch it religiously… the season finally was awesome with the sleepers planet arriving between our earth and moon with amazing visual effects… not to mention they reveal that president martinez’s the first lady is in fact one of them/a sleeper… great cast and a great story line… one of the best shows on t.v. -PLEASE NBC…GIVE US A 2ND SEASON!!!!!…

  25. your , whatever makes making a comment , diff icult .