‘The Dark Tower’ Wont’ be Scaled by Abrams

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the dark tower stephen king movie The Dark Tower Wont be Scaled by Abrams

J.J. Abrams, the wizard behind Lost, Fringe, Alias and Mission: Impossible III told MTV that he won’t be bringing Stephen King’s Dark Tower series to the big screen and Shock Til You Drop overheard it. The producer/director/writer made it clear it wasn’t for lack of love:

“You’ll be hard-pressed to find a huger fan of ‘The Dark Tower’ than me, but that’s probably the reason that I shouldn’t be the one to adapt it… After working six years on Lost, the last thing I want to do is spend the next seven years adapting one of my favorite books of all time. I’m such a massive Stephen King fan that I’m terrified of screwing it up. I’d do anything to see those movies written by someone else. My guess is they will get made because they’re so incredible. But not by me.”

In the mean time, Abrams has an untitled Star Trek sequel and Mission Impossible: IV to keep him busy.  Shortly after he responded to the Dark Tower question, Abrams closed the book on the matter by adding:

“Damon and I are not looking at that right now.”

Damon is, of course, Damon Lindelof, who was going to work with Abrams on The Dark Tower and previously collaborated on Lost, among other Abrams projects, as a writer and producer.

For those that aren’t familiar with the seven-novel series that King has called his magnum opus (i.e. the greatest work of his career), The Dark Tower follows the last member of a knightly order on his all-consuming quest to reach, you guessed it, a dark tower that’s supposed to be the center of all universes.  The environment is a magical, old west-style frontier in a world that’s falling apart and our lead makes many friends and enemies along the way.  Sounds like The Road and The Lord of the Rings made an awesome baby.

So Abrams is out.  Speaking of LOTR, you think Peter Jackson or Hobbit director Guillermo Del Toro would be the best replacements for this project?  Would you prefer to see an unknown take the helm?

No word on when The Dark Tower will make it out of this development quagmire.

Source: Shock Til You Drop, MTV

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  1. id pick Del Toro over Jackson, not sure why but i would. However i also wouldnt mind jackson doing it either. Would love to see another big screen King adaptation that could lead into a series of films =)

  2. These are among my favorite novels of all the time. There is so much subject matter to pull from. Whoever ends up adapting this, they need to spend a long, long, long time in pre-production making sure everything is just right.

  3. Probably not surprising, but I think Frank Darabont should shoot it. He did an amazing series of jobs with “Shawshank” “The Green Mile” and “The Mist”…

    Although I could also see Paul Thomas Anderson doing some amazing things with the books. With Viggo Mortenson as Roland. :)

    Funny, about ten, fifteen years ago, King insisted that the “Dark Tower” books would never be filmed in his lifetime. He wrote that he wouldn’t sell the rights; he was adamant about it — UNLESS David Lynch was the director. Weird dude, huh?

  4. it is very disappointing that JJ abrams wont be working on it. I just hope they dont try to do it like lord of the rings and squeeze a massive story into a trilogy just because that’s how many cans come in a case. I think this movie would have to be done exactly right or it would be an absolute disaster, and I swear if Viggo mortensen is cast as roland I will NEVER watch the movie. Viggo mortensen sucks at acting and he is already well-known as another protagonist from the crappy LOTR movies. thanks for ruining one of the best stories ever peter jackson…. get a clue people!

  5. It makes no sense, as King sold them the rights for $19. Weird.


  6. this set of books is so long and complex, i think the proper way to do it would be like the Harry Potter books, have different directors adapt the different books along the way.

    although like most Stephen King books, his “theatre of the mind” presentation is really hard to adapt to the screen

  7. I am a huge HUGE fan of The Dark Tower…….I am not sure that the part of Roland could be done properly by anyone other than Clint Eastwood. Not sure they can get him…..but when I read the books (as I have done many many many many times) I picture Eastwood every time. Anyone else will be a second rate Roland. I will keep my fingers crossed….

  8. P.S. –
    I was a “non-reader” before these books…..if you have not read them………you really should.

  9. Gunslinger needs to put the crack pipe down. The LOTR trilogy is some of the best movie making EVER done and it totally stuck to the spirit, if not the letter, of the original books. OF COURSE some things had to be deleted, or it would have been a pentology instead of a trilogy, but all in all it was a fantastic movie series. Viggo was fantastic as Aragorn, so I don’t know what movies YOU were watching.

    As for the main topic, I’d love to see the Dark Tower done AND I am glad that JJ won’t be doing it. Nothing against JJ as I thought Star Trek was awesome, but these stories just don’t seem to be the material for JJ. Guillermo del Toro, now THAT I can totally see.

  10. Oh, and Liam Neeson would be pretty cool as Roland, I think.

  11. Liam Neeson? Too old for the first few book’s ‘Rolands’ maybe. Maybe at the end, but to be honest Viggo Mortensen would be a very good fit actually. Never thought about it before someone ranted against it. A lot of the books were filler crap though, the core story is excellent but ~Blaine? Really? And if they do make the movie, don’t include the King as character plot eh?

  12. Timothy Oliphant as Roland.

  13. Neeson and Mortensen are pretty close in age, 5-6 years maybe.

  14. After readings all of this and still in shock that The Dark Tower will finally be put to film I can’t help but argue Viggo. Just because he was good in LOTR doesn’t mean he is Roland. Roland was rugged and that really isn’t Viggo. I like the Eastwood idea but lets face it he’s too old. I don’t really know if Leeson could do cause he’s almost too pretty boy(but old). I figure as long as Hugh Jackman don’t play him I don’t care.

  15. yeah meant Neeson…..Crazy fingers

  16. I might get killed for this, but I think Brad Pitt could pull off Roland.

  17. Brad Pitt……..as Roland???? I think I just threw-up in my mouth…that is just wrong!!!!!!

  18. After watching “The Assassination of Jesse James” I came around to the idea that Pitt could pull off Roland. Besides, it isnt as if he is a bad actor, there are much worse choices.

    I think that the choosing of Eddie would be the difficult part to be honest with you. There is a lot going on with Eddie, his addiction, falling in love with Susannah, his place in the story.

    Jake would be a tough one too, because he doesnt grow up over the course of the books. So you either have to haul ass and make all seven books into movies back to back, or you are picking a new actor to play the part after a few movies.

  19. Hmmm, I’ve nothing against Pitt but he’s not a Gunslinger :)
    Although Mortensen and Neeson may be of a similar age I think Viggo carries it better and watching Eastern Promises pretty much cemented him as my first choice.


    For some weird reason I think Kwanten from True Blood may make a pretty good Eddie. As for Jake maybe just let him die in each movie and find him again through another door looking a little different “There are other worlds than these…” 😉

    btw the above is all just an excuse to make 19 comments. A good number… 😉

  20. I don’t know how anyone will turn these books into movies. I think the way to go is a 6-8 season series on HBO or Showtime like George R R Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire is doing. A network mini series would be a waste as we have seen countless times before with King’s material. I vote for an unknown or younger actor playing Roland if not multiple actors considering the books portray him at different times in his life. This is going to be a 10 year project and starting with an older actor may not be the best choice. Liam Neeson would be almost 70 by the time the final chapter releases. Even Brad Pitt would be about 55 and that just isn’t the age I see Roland.

  21. ok this is for JJ Abrams, realizing it’s going to take a while to make this movie, even if he starts work on the scrip in 2010, the casting might be tricky, here is a list of up and coming actors who I BELIEVE can be these parts, now or in a couple years, the first name for each character is my first choice, the other names are extra thoughts :) most of these guys are picked for acting chops, not too many big names

    Roland Deschain: Jon Hamm-i know i know, thats crazzzyyyy! and all that, but I see something in what he is, I think he can do it with distinction.

    Stephen Deschain: CLINT

    Randall Flagg: Christian Bale, because he can be downright EVIL

    Martin: Mike Patton, seriously.

    Susannah: Naomie Harris, then next pick, Sanaa Lathan, then kerry washington..close to the right age group, odetta had class, detta had kickass :)

    Eddie: Joseph Gordon Levitt, yeah he’s scrawny, but he’s a smart ass who could do it, if he just COULD NOT do it, i guess i’d try cillian murphy?

    Jake? depends on when the movie is being cast, can’t say right now, dont know when it’s going to happen, hope they get a kid who can act

    Alain: lee pace, has the right spirit, or charlie hunam
    Cuthbert: Ben Foster i guess, haven’t been able to find the right one
    Jamie:Emile Hirsch,,,,maybe?

    Cort: Ray Winstone, the voice of beowulf c’mon :)

    Vanney the Wise: Guy Pearce, total educational counterpart to Cort

    Tick Tock: Alexander Skarsgaard

    Jack Andolini: James Gandolfini, (and it rythmes)

    Balthazar: Jon Stewart, I think of The Faculty Death scene :)

    Jack Mort (the Pusher): maybe Tim Roth

    Father Callahan: Owen Best

    Sheemie: Adrien Brody

    Dandelo: Javier Bardem or if it cant happen then Gerard Butler

    The Crimson King: dang, this is almost as hard as choosing Roland, he’s got to be completely off his rocker and imposing maybe Clancy Brown? off the top of my head, watch the Carnivale show he did for hbo :)

  22. But, um, JJ or lynch are the only ones Stephen King will let make it. I have doubts he would let peter jackson near it. Sad really, it could have been spectacular, but I suppose JJ is, as always juggling too many balls at once :)