‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Could Feature Another Major Villain

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batman rogues gallery 01 The Dark Knight Rises Could Feature Another Major Villain

Just yesterday, we learned from Gary Oldman that The Dark Knight Rises would somehow tie back to the first film in Christopher Nolan’s trilogy - Batman Begins. This corresponded with previous statements made by Nolan which indicated that he was interested in somehow bringing closure to Bruce Wayne’s story arc within the trilogy.

Oldman’s comments also gave more weight to recent rumors that The Dark Knight Rises may feature Talia al Ghul and the return of the League of Shadows. Although those same rumors explained how Bane and Catwoman could factor into the proceedings, it turns out a major plot point may have been left out…

Earlier today, Oldman was talking  Batman once again – this time at the premiere of Red Riding Hood. “If I told you who the villain was, they’d kill me,” said the actor cautiously when pressed for details by E!.

Now, I know what you’re thinking – Oldman simply doesn’t realize that the villains have already been announced and that at this point it’s common knowledge. Except that he followed up by saying:

“I think it’s a villain from one of the old, old, from way back from the old comics … It is a Batman villian… It’s not going to be the Joker.”

Looking back at the library of Batman comics, Bane was created by Chuck Dixon, Doug Moench and Graham Nolan in 1993 – that’s hardly “way back.” Catwoman did make her first appearance in Batman #1 in 1940. However, Oldman goes on to say that Anne Hathaway “will probably wear the cat suit pretty well” – so it’s unlikely he’d tease the identity of this villain only to reveal it a few moments later. And that’s pretty common knowledge anyway.

bane catwoman hugo strange in the dark knight rises The Dark Knight Rises Could Feature Another Major Villain

I suppose it’s possible that Oldman isn’t particularly well-versed in Batman’s mythology and he doesn’t know that Bane is a fairly recent addition to the Caped Crusader’s rogues gallery – but if he knows that Catwoman’s role has been revealed, then he must also know that Bane is no secret either.

So who is this mysterious classic character he’s referring to? Will The Dark Knight Rises feature a third major villain that Nolan and Co. have thus far kept us in the dark about?

If that’s the case, what vintage Batman adversary fits the bill? I think many will venture a guess that Hugo Strange will be featured in some capacity, despite debunked rumors to the contrary. Still – when The Dark Knight was in the earliest stages of development, wasn’t there a fair bit of misdirection regarding whether or not Harvey Dent would actually become Two-Face in the film? If they’re trying to keep a secret, denials are pretty much par for the course.

There’s also the matter of Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s unspecified role in the film. If they’re staying even remotely true to the comics, my feeling is that he’s a little bit too young for Strange. In terms of classic villains, Levitt seems like a better match for The Riddler, but I really think Nolan was being serious when he insisted he wouldn’t appear in The Dark Knight Rises.

Many fans are convinced that Levitt will be portraying Alberto Falcone – which would be another way to help bring this saga full circle. Falcone’s first appearance was in 1996, though – making him an even newer character than Bane. If they really wanted to revisit territory explored in Batman Begins, there’s always a chance that Ra’s al Ghul could return. But if that’s the case, no one’s told Liam Neeson yet.

The notion that Bane could be a supporting player in The Dark Knight Rises and the real villain has yet to be revealed is certainly an intriguing one. However, this is also starting to feel like a very crowded roster. We’ll keep you updated on how this develops.

Let the speculation begin…

The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters on July 20, 2012.

Source: E!

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  1. I have said it before, I will say it again. Way too much going on in this movie……UNLESS!!

    Are they planning on having Bane break everyone out of Arkham? if that is the case, then we would need all of these characters and villains etc..

    Alright, I think I may be ok with all of these people now.

  2. RETURN of RAs-Al-GUL

  3. No Alberto Falcone,please!!
    Neither Sofia.
    No to the Falcones.
    I hope JGL is black Mask or Deadshot.

  4. It’s either Talia or Black Mask or both.

  5. please be the riddler!!!!! also would like to see tailia al guhl, and harley quinne. but lets see the riddler.

  6. last year michael caine said it was the riddler and the penguin so dont believe what these people say

    • Last yeah, when Nolan had not even written down a single word of the script. Caine has proven with his past comments that he had no clue what was happening up until a few months ago. Besides, Nolan has already said The Riddler is out.

  7. Robin Williams = Hugo Strange

  8. id like to see black mask or deadshot but tbh i think its more likely he will be a new d.a or mobster

  9. Its the Penguin.

  10. Burgess Meredith is reprising his role as the iconic Batman villian. :)

    • he’s been dead for years

  11. I dont know about anyone else but id love to see homage to Batmans original grey and blue suit. It would be quite fitting for him to get a new suit or different look to end the series.

    • I personally don’t. As a longtime Batman fan, I was extremely glad when Burton introduced the black armor-style suit.

      Although, the only way I can see it working is if Batman is fully accepted by the public, but he never will be. His having that outcast persona as a vigilante is what helps give him edge.

      Furthermore, the black suit fits in with the bat theme, and also helps keep him stealth, and more fearsome.

      • indeed. in the comics, bats changed from blue/grey to black when he got shot. he then decided to wear a black suit with kevlar.

  12. I think it would be either Deadshot or Black Mask
    but ehh idk im gonna rest from this until its announced

  13. I really hope it’s Edward Nashton!

    • *Sigh* This is just kicking a dead horse. Eckhart already asked Nolan about that, and Nolan said he wasn’t back. Eckhart is OBVIOUSLY just screwing around.

  14. I won’t speculate just yet about the veracity of this or any other “information” about TDKR, but I DO have faith in Nolan’s ability to handle an ensemble cast, even an increasingly larger one.

  15. i dont really care what villains they put in TDKR, as long as they get Bane right. and emphasize his origins and give him his spinish/cuban accent. i was pissed in IM when black widow didnt have her russian accent

  16. zsasz

  17. Might the villain be Victor Zsasz?? I know he’s not an old Batman villain but he was in Batman Begins and he was also a part of Knightfall (taking the school hostage) maybe Oldman doesn’t realise he was introduced in the 90′s?

    • He was in Batman Begins, so I doubt he would be in this one. Watch Batman Begins when Rachel is in the courtroom against the Scarecrow in the beginning. He’s defending Zsasz.

  18. As difficult as it is to believe, Levitt will play Robin.

  19. Lmfao did no one remember the fountain of youth? Yet its not something to be in the world of nolans vision ra’s al ghul but then again question could be is dick grayson play apart as the new batman? If bane killed him…levitt looks like the part for a robin or nightwing

  20. Ppl that could fit for levitt
    the black mask

  21. Oh and by the way who is the new girl again
    seen the pic and by her hair style and her look could we see harley quinn!! Fill in a breef spot what could have been the joker seat

  22. well since that Robin Williams and Anne Hathaway are Dr Hugo Strange and Catwoman and with Tom Hardy as Bane maybe The Scarecrow returns and maybe Joseph Gordon-Levitt is in The role after all he mentioned as a possible Batman Villain and it is possible that is the role that he will land, Leo DiCaprio could end up being The Police Detective Harvey Bullock with Marion Cotilald as Gilda Dent Harvey’s wife but maybe she questions The Batman about the fact that her husband is dead and it is all his fault and Batman attempts to make reparations to Gilda about Harvey’s death while fighting like The Punisher in The 2008 Film The Punisher War Zone against Bane and Catwoman and battling his way to defeat Dr Hugo Strange before he can do anymore damage to Gotham along with staying far far away from the police thanks to Luious Fox’s help and reclaim his tile as Gotham’s Protecter in the process.

  23. I think it’ll be black mask tying it back to the mob and how the mob controls the city… But they did an animated version of this already-So I hope they just choose the best choice possible, which they will because it’s freaking Christopher Nolan

  24. there’s one villian (who goes way, way back) who I’d like to see revived and reimaged in the coics and in in a Batman movie, the Mad Monk… could it possibly be…?

  25. just want to destroy a few hopes and dreams here:
    1. no mad monk or penguin. the nolan films focus on making batman more real. that means no supernatural and the kind of deformity penguin has would be too rare. remember no lazerus pit for ra’s?
    2. no robin or nightwing. christian bale said he wouldn’t even do this if they introduced robin and nolan said it’s way to early in batman’s career anyway.
    3. there is no way they would recast joker, even for a cameo. ledger did it so well, made it so iconically, that a director as talented as nolan would realize the backlash that would ensue putting another actor in the role.
    4. people keep asking why batman survived the fall and two-face didn’t, saying two-face might have survived and he might be in this movie. here’s your answer: batman had armor, two face didn’t. in the parking garage scene in TDK batman jumped down at least 4 stories to land on the roof of a metal van with such impact that the roof caved in and the windshield shattered yet batman was unharmed. armor. let’s see a guy in a business suit do that. two face is dead.
    5. the “gotham city” poster linked above by paul is an obvious fake. this is the last movie in the series. it is a trilogy. nolan is good enough that he knows when to stop a series when it’s still doing well rather than just drive it into the ground *cough* batman and robin *cough*.
    6. if there is a third supervillain (regular mobsters aside) i’d say it’s either black mask, riddler, or hugo. though of those three only black mask has not been officially denied.
    7. i will throw this out there though, what i WISH would happen but doubt, is ra’s returning (again, already denied). due to his training, i actually put him surviving that fiery train wreck above two-face surviving a 25 ft fall.

  26. People, read the comics! In the knightfall series the ONLY character that’s came up a lot in there is Azrael. Joseph Levitt character will tie into that and he’ll probably get killed trying to save Batman (maybe even Catwoman).