‘The Dark Knight Rises’ and ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ Trailer Descriptions [Updated]

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Dark Knight Rises Amazing Spider Man Trailer Details Descriptions The Dark Knight Rises and The Amazing Spider Man Trailer Descriptions [Updated]

[UPDATE: It’s finally officially online, click here for The Dark Knight Rises Teaser Trailer! ]

[UPDATE 2: It doesn’t match the “alleged” description but The Amazing Spider-Man trailer is now online.]

Only one day after The Dark Knight Rises teaser poster appeared online, we’re getting a play-by-play trailer description of two of the most anticipated super-hero films of 2012.

Trailer breakdowns for both The Dark Knight Rises and The Amazing Spider-Man have dropped online – and each of them sound like enjoyable teases that feature context for their respective stories as well as brief glimpses at the baddies the two heroes will fight.

If you attempt to avoid trailers (so as not to be spoiled at all) or don’t want to know any information about The Dark Knight Rises and The Amazing Spider-Man trailers, it goes without saying that you should stop reading now. This article describes alleged shot-by-shot breakdowns of each of the highly-anticipated film teasers – and definitely contains MINOR to MAJOR SPOILERS depending on how much of blank slate you like to be when you sit-down in a theater.


The Dark Knight Rises Teaser The Dark Knight Rises and The Amazing Spider Man Trailer Descriptions [Updated]

The Dark Knight Rises teaser trailer: Rumored to screen ahead of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2.

While it’s certainly going to be exciting to see what director Christopher Nolan has up his sleeve for the final film in his bat-trilogy, fans shouldn’t expect an all-out reveal of Catwoman and Bane – though it does sound as if the The Dark Knight Rises teaser trailer provides actual footage from the film, unlike first trailer for The Dark Knight (which featured fresh Joker audio but no video).

Check out The Dark Knight teaser trailer below – just to get a sense of how Nolan approaches teasers. Reminder: This is the The Dark Knight (2008) trailer NOT The Dark Knight Rises teaser trailer (details on the trailer for the 2012 blockbuster continue after the video):

While fans might be somewhat skeptical of just a trailer text-description for one of the most highly-anticipated films of next summer (given the amount of fan-fueled misinformation surrounding the film), the description was accompanied by a bootleg image from the trailer – featuring the film’s logo. The image certainly corroborates the authenticity of the description – but, here at Screen Rant, we don’t post bootleg images. So, if you’re dying to see the image (which is essentially the trailer-equivalent of the recent teaser poster logo), feel free to search the wilds of the Internet – after you check out the full play-by-play description below, courtesy of Collider reader, Dave:

Trailer opens with studio logos set on top of the blue flame from Dark Knight.

Start panning up some buildings, but to screen card. EVERY HERO HAS A JOURNEY.

Cuts to a shot from Begins with Bruce walking up to that Village when he’s looking for Ra’s


Ra’s voice over: If you make yourself more than just a man. If you devout yourself to be ideal. And you become something else entirely. A legend Mr. Wayne….A LEGEND!


Cut to Gordon in a hospital bed laying on his side. Looks to be in serious pain. Has A breathing mask on. Is talking to someone.

Gordon: We were in this together, then you were gone…….Now this Evil rises. The Batman…..HAS to come back.(all this is said in a very raspy voice, in much pain)

Bruce/Batman(its not shown who he’s talking to, so don’t know in which form Bruce is visiting him in. My guess would be as Bruce Wayne) : What if he doesn’t exist anymore?

This part is the hardest to understand in the entire trailer, I listened to it at least 10 times but the score is over powering here and Gordon is having trouble talking. It sounds like if says Humor me while trying to laugh. I might be wrong here, full disclosure.

During this quick talk we’re shown a shot of the bat cycle when it drives up the ramp from Dark Knight, Gordon destroying the Act Signal all cut in with the Hospital. As well as super fast flashes of Bane’s face.

Pan up crumbling buildings to reveal the teaser poster, the camera zooms to the white opening and on an all white screen the title appears. The score reaches a fever pitch before turning over to The chanting from the website.


Fades to black and then we see Batman backing away from something, then Bane enters from the left side of the screen. Very quick shot then the trailers done.

If the report turns out to be accurate, the trailer (which is expected to run for 93 seconds) is managing a lot of story-threads, connecting back to the events of the first and second film – as well as introducing new bad-guy Bane (though it sounds as if we’ll have to wait to get a glimpse at Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman. It’ll be interesting to see how the teaser plays-out on the big screen but given the ominous conclusion to the trailer, it sounds as if Bane is going to be an imposing force for Batman to face-off-against – and offer the kind of formidable physical action we’ve seen in the comics.


first image of andrew garfield as spider man The Dark Knight Rises and The Amazing Spider Man Trailer Descriptions [Updated]

The Amazing Spider-Man teaser trailer: Expected to debut at Sony’s Comic-Con 2011 panel – no doubt appearing online shortly after.

Unfortunately, The Amazing Spider-Man trailer report is less difficult to verify and offers a less-detailed play-by-play – allegedly written by a Comic-Con employee who got an sneak peek at the footage. However, should the report turn-out to be accurate, fans could have an equally exciting Spider-trailer waiting on the summer-reveal horizon.

According to the description, the trailer sounds like a mash-up between the recent Captain America: The First Avenger marketing (with stick-man Steve Rogers) and Sam Raimi’s original Spider-Man trailer – which prominently featured the spider-suit and manhattan skyline (with, at the time, the twin towers).

Just for fun, check out the original Spider-Man trailer below. Reminder: This is the Spider-Man (2002) trailer NOT The Amazing Spider-Man teaser trailer (read-on after the video for details on the 2012 reboot):

Now for the alleged description of The Amazing Spider-Man teaser trailer, courtesy of MovieWeb:

Trailer opens with Peter Parker [Andrew Garfield] being beaten by bullies, one of which is played by Chris Zylka.

Shots of Dr.Connors [Rhys Ifans] being injected by a greenish fluid in a lab.

Shot of Parker being bitten by a spider,in his own house in what appears to be an attic lab.

Shots of Gwen Stacy’s face, Uncle Ben’s face and Aunt May’s face.

Shot of an alley with Ben [Martin Sheen] and Parker, then one of a dying Ben who utters ‘With Greatest power must come greatest responsibility, never forget that.’

Shot of Parker putting on the costume, camera angle from his back. He turns and is now atop The Empire State Building.

Goes black for a few seconds, we hear some monstrous sounds and cut to Connors’ lab where his foot transforms into a scaly one. Goes black and we hear roars.

Then we see a giant web with the title The Amazing Spider-Man. Coming Next Summer in 3d and Imax.

Like The Dark Knight Rises teaser report, there are definitely plenty of juicy details here – especially the claim that we’ll get to see a piece of the Lizard transformation (ala Beast in the X-Men: First Class trailers, presumably). Sadly, also like the Batman trailer, it sounds as though the leading lady, in this case Emma Stone (aka Gwen Stacy) gets short shrift – with only a single face-shot of the fan-favorite character.

It’ll be especially interesting to see how Marc Webb’s film differentiates itself from Raimi’s origin story – since, given the description in the trailer, it sounds as if a lot of familiar ground is being covered (Parker getting picked-on in High School and Uncle Ben’s death).

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The Amazing Spider-Man swings into theaters on July 3, 2012.

The Dark Knight Rises into theaters on July 20, 2012.

Sources: ColliderMovieWeb

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  1. Sweet!

    • Yeah but mechanical web shooters,go figure.

      • Mechanical in the comics, though…!

  2. and now we wait for details on any Avengers and Hobbit teasers…

    • There will be a sneak peak of ‘The Avengers’ on the Thor DVD/Blu-Ray – included in the special features.

  3. The hardest part for the Batman trailer description is holding it all in until it comes out. . .

    • Until the trailer comes out, I mean.

  4. Damn those descriptions are very good!!!!!!!!!

    I love how we get footage for TDKR trailer! :D

  5. TDKR”s trailer looks plausible but the guy watched it at least 10 times? HMM! He may have recorded it then. Anyway, it seems like Bane will be Batman’s worst nightmare. lol :)

  6. I wouldn’t even want to try to imagine the Batman’s nightmares, especially after his encounter with the Joker. (g)

    Am thinking Gordon is talking to Batman here, unless he has found out the identity earlier in TDKR. In the comics, Gordon knew who Batman was, I believe, but not so in TDK, given that exchange between him and Bruce Wayne after the car crash that saved the little weasel’s life (it’s a good actor who can play a despicable character well!). The Commish sure had deep insight into Batman by the end of the movie, though, so I’m thinking that in this teaser, Gordon is still on that level and doesn’t know who Batman is…he just wants him back. From where? Why? And if that’s so, why is that the Batman’s response, if he’s in uniform and obviously still in existence. The whole thing raises more questions than it answers…cool!

    • Over-thinking much?

      Obviously it’s Bruce Wayne talking to Gordon (not Batman).

  7. I like the casting in the Amazing Spider-Man but its not a true origin to me if the first enemy isn’t The Chameleon. That’s whom Spider-Man fought first so that’s whom should be in the first movie.

  8. Two more trailers I expect in the next couple weeks!

  9. I see you posted the incredibly rare original ‘Spider-Man’ teaser preview with the World Trade Center prominently featured. Sony execs recut this footage in light of the Sept 11th tragedy, so not very many people, if any, got to see this-including me.

    • I remember seeing that trailer in theaters. Though it’d be interesting for readers to check-out – nearly 10 years later.

  10. Wow! People are excited about a trailer description? Fan Boys defined lol

  11. Ah wow, I had forgotten that Spider-Man trailer. Such a shame about these buildings, I bet they had been included in the movie and had to be taken out, too.

  12. I really hope the Spider man movie doesn’t stink, but they will have to prove it to me on the screen, I am afraid. I have my doubts. I will, however, buy the DVD, as I have the other 3 for Spiderman. I will say I am anxious to see the Lizard, and hope there will be some good special effects. making this movie on a cheap budget with a younger Spiderman who is still basically a high school dweeb has me nervous, though. The fight scenes against Doc Ock, Green Goblin, and to some extent The Sandman in the first 3 were some of the best fight scenes in a super hero movie ever, though!

  13. I really hope TDKR description is BS… The title cards make it seem cheesy. Gimmicky. You don’t need to tell the audience those things.

    And, “With greatest power comes greatest responsibility…” What?! How about, “With the* greatest power comes the* greatest responsibility…”??

  14. cant wait till trailers come out!!

  15. this post is stupid. that is not how the trailer gets started for dark knight rises. whoever wrote that saw a fake video.

    • How would you know?

    • If you’re not just talking trash and have seen the trailer – we’d be more than happy to hear your play-by-play breakmyknee ;)

      Otherwise, we’ll all find out soon enough.

    • To quote Athelion: “How would you know?”

      Have you seen the actual trailer?

      I’ll admit it seems a little fake (I have never heard of a sequel to show so much footage from it’s predecessors in it’s first trailer), but I doubt it’s really fake.

      If you have seen the actual trailer please let us know, by all means – but if you didn’t, then you have no right to assault this post – and even less right to assault it’s writer (who is only REPORTING the “alleged” trailer description).

    • @breakmyknee – Just a follow-up. I’ve seen the trailer with my own eyes now – the description is accurate.

      • WB disabled the link. :(

          • Dude, you should really stop posting these ILLEGAL trailer links…

            I get that you’re trying to help the fans, but those images are property of WB and “advertising” it (which you’re basically doing) is illegal and unethical.

            (Sorry if I sounded to much like an old man RANTING there, but I really don’t like all this piracy and bootleg stuff going on these days.)


    • breakmyknee,

      Looking forward to your apology – although I doubt we’ll get one.


  16. TDKR is going to be awesome! I so do NOT want to watch another spider-man origin story though.

    i HOPE SO

    • The online trailer release info is still unconfirmed but we’ll have them up as soon as official versions are available for sure. Hopefully the studios will release them for online viewing sooner rather than later.

  18. Dark Knight Rises sounds EPIC!

    Spidey reboot is meh.

  19. I think the ‘Amazing Spider Man’ is more aimed at children than the general public and the fanboy community. Obviously, TDKR will have an age restriction (16?), so that will be aimed more at the latter.

    • “I think the ‘Amazing Spider Man’ is more aimed at children”

      What would ever give you that idea? Are you from outside the US? 16 is rated R here so I dont think a Batman movie would be rated R.

      • I am from outside the US… and The Dark Knight had an age restriction of 16, so why wouldn’t the sequel? (It was my impression that ‘R’ meant an age restriction of 18)

        The Amazing Spider Man just seems to be in the line of children’s entertainment (like Green Lantern was).

        • Both Nolan Batman films carried the PG-13 rating in the states as do MOST super hero movies over here, the previous Spiderman trilogy is no different. Normally that would mean these two movies are trying to reach the same audience. Here are the ratings for the states:

          G- General Audiences
          All ages admitted

          PG- Parental Guidance Suggested
          Some material may not be suitable for children

          PG-13- Parents Strongly Cautioned
          Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13

          R- Restricted
          Under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian

          NC-17- No One 17 and Under Admitted

          • Well, internationally (in most countries) I’m pretty sure TDK got an age restriction of 16. Remember, you’re ‘R’ rated age restriction is basically our 16 age restriction.

            I can’t see how they would allow a 13 year old to see a madman with scars and creepy clown-makeup on his face… but hey, maybe that’s OK for you guys in the US ~;)~. I on the other hand know would never let my little sister (who is 13 as a matter of fact) see this movie until she matured a bit more – no one can argue that there is some disturbing scenes in TDK.

            I think the Amazing Spider Man will carry a PG restriction(which means all ages under 10 require parental guidence and all ages above 10 require no parental guidance) – like Green Lantern did, and TDKR (depending on the imagery) will get a 16 age restriction (internationally).

            Just to clarify the age restrictions for most international countries:

            All: All ages admitted (this is basically you’re ‘G’ rating)
            PG: All ages under 10 require parental guidance and all ages over 10 do not.
            PG-13: All ages under 13 require parental guidance.
            16: All ages under 16 are not admitted.
            R18: Absolutely NOBODY under the age of 18 will be admitted.

            • In australia both batmans got a M rating. G for general audiences, PG for Parental Guidamce, M for recommended for mature audiences, MA15+ for restricted to 15+, and R for 18 and over. Pretty much all super hero movies here get the M rating except for the occasional MA15+.

    • I live a Christ Nolan worship life… That’s all I’m saying.

      Reading the description of this trailer alone is giving me goosebumps.

      • What?

    • Why don’t you tell the plot holes instead of just mentioning there are plot holes in it. Cause I would gladly love to hear them. I did not find any plot holes so enlighten me! I don’t mean that in a sour tone at all, it’s just a bit annoying when people say that, but never actually mention the plot holes. They just didn’t like the movie and feel they have to blame it on something. And I did not see any bad acting, not from the main characters and main supporting characters. Must’ve been the small roles. I’m not a Nolan worshipper, but The Dark Knight is a really good movie in my opinion. And instead of just saying “Well I didn’t like it because the bad acting et ceter et cetera” Why don’t you specify so that I can actually see where you are coming from and read over your personal opinion about it more open minded. Or you can say.. well you know what, the movie wasn’t for me. I didn’t enjoy it. Instead of blaming it on something you didn’t really notice and that might not be true at all.

    • I’m right there with you. Don’t understand all the hype around this guy. What really gets me is that “In Nolan we trust” saying. What?! Sounds like some kind of weird cult to me. I admit the man is a talented writer and director but is he anymore talented than some of the other guys out there,like say Shane Black? After watching BB and DK I realized how much I don’t like his interpretation of Batman. Everything from the suit to the “Batmobile” to Bale’s I-need-a-throat-lozenge-voice. Ledger’s performance and the Harvey Dent transport scene were the best things about DK and BB was just different from any previous incarnations of Batman that had been on film.

      • Dude I can’t take you seriously if you’re comparing Nolan to Shane Black because Black has to prove himself,he only directed one movie which was ok but I will admit I’m a fan of his snappy dialog but he’s nowhere near Nolan.

        • @kriss_kringle
          Okay,you made a great point about Black but I still think Nolan is somewhat overrated. Like I said before,the man is talented and obviously he knows a thing or two about writing and directing. He’s just not my cup of tea.

      • @lph2k4
        Whoa,whoa. Let’s not get crazy here. I don’t want nipples and ice skates on the Batsuit either. I just happen to prefer Burton’s films over Nolan’s. Probably because I grew up on Batman and Batman Returns.

        • @Ren
          Ha! I’d hope not. My reply was directed more towards reliq68 though. I dig burtons batmans too, but probably more for nostalgia sake.

    • Okay explain yourself further, can I have some specific examples? I mean disjointed editing? Haha okay, what are you an expert or something? Oh and I want specific examples of plot holes.

    • You are correct in assuming you are one of the few who think the way you do about Nolan’s Batman films. What I am wondering is why you waste your time reading AND commenting on said films.
      Sooooo, why do you do that? Are you trying to convince the rest of us to believe as you do? Again, why? Read articles that interest you. Life is short.

    • fag

    • You think it’s such a terrible film, yet you’ve watched it 5 times? What a clown.

  20. I don’t believe Marc Webb needs to differentiate himself from Raimi’s origin story. Namely because the origin story is the origin story. We all know how it happened, telling it in a different way would only alienate fans of the comics.

    But both of these trailers sound great. I think I am going to purchase a ticket for Harry Potter on Friday before my flight just to see the trailer and then leave (I know nothing of HP and I don’t want to spoil myself before reading the books).

  21. I saw a bootleg tdkr trailer and what gordons says at the end isn’t humor me, he says “he must”

  22. Just saw the TDKR trailer! The description is dead on except for Gordan’s last part; it does sound like he says “he must”.

  23. I think that Gordan was saying “i love you, they love you”

    • LOL! That sounds so gay :D

      • Indeed >_> lol

  24. With the decription of Gordon in the bed in pain, could it be Gordon’s back that gets broken. Then again if he’s lying on his side that wouldn’t be feasable with a broken back. But just speculating

    • Prolly just wounded, if his back was broken he won’t be in that position.

  25. Why is everyone ripping on Spiderman. I’m looking forward to it more than tdkr. Nolans films are overrated anyway. TDK wasn’t that good but that’s just me. Heath ledgers performance was overrated. I really want to see the Lizard though I hope the effects make him look good.

    • I think the only reason Heath Ledger got so much praise for the role is because it was ultimately that role that killed him…

      I too, didn’t think TDK was that wonderful (don’t get me wrong – it was a cool movie), but just not as good as Batman Begins.

      I have no problems with Nolan (i.o.w. I don’t hate him, but I’m not crazy about him either). Inception and Batman Begins were (IMO) the only AMAZING movies he ever made.

    • Wrong trailer man >_>

    • thats the fake fan trailer