‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Trailer #3: More Story Revealed & Catwoman’s Debut

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The Dark Knight Rises trailer 3 is here! The Avengers is the belle of the ball in theaters right now, but Chris Nolan’s finale to the Batman trilogy is far from forgotten – and will surely be in the forefront again (for better or worse) after people get a look at the new footage.

After three trailers we have some of the answers that fans have been wondering and/or worrying about – plus new questions to wonder and/or worry about. Scroll down to the comments for the discussion.

The best word to describe this third Dark Knight Rises trailer would probably be “crescendo.” Starting from Selina Kyle’s (Anne Hathaway) ominous whispered threat to Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) about coming storms – to the final shot of The Bat hovercraft soaring and barrel-rolling across the skies of Gotham, this trailer attempts to showcase just how epic this third and final film is going to be.

Admittedly, however, this is clearly a trailer that is meant for a big screen – the final scene of The Bat hovercraft seemingly taking advantage of the film’s impressive IMAX format (along with many other scenes glimpsed in the trailer).

Here are a couple of things of note, in terms of questions that have been answered:

  • Catwoman seems like a cynical crook-for-hire, but one who eventually takes up Batman’s cause. I have a feeling the new footage will assuage a lot of doubt about Anne Hathaway getting the role.
  • The audio on Bane’s (Tom Hardy) vocals has definitely been cleaned up and clarified. While it’ll be easier to understand, there is something lost in the effect the ravaged, scratchy version had.
  • The movie seems to be a combination of the Batman comic book storylines “Knightfall“, “Knightquest“, and “No Man’s Land“. Click any of those titles to learn more about the respective stories.

Dark Knight Rises Trailer 3 Bane and Bruce Wayne The Dark Knight Rises Trailer #3: More Story Revealed & Catwomans Debut

As for new questions and worries:

  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Marion Cotillard’s characters – for the moment – seem to be no more than what they are: a local Gotham cop and Bruce Wayne’s girlfriend, respectively. Rumors have long been flying about one or both of them having secret identities of their own – but Nolan is playing that close to the vest for now (or, scary thought, not playing that game at all).
  • Looking at the story structure, it seems like there will be a significant portion of this film in which there is no Batman, just Bruce Wayne. Don’t know how fans will feel about that.
  • Side characters like Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s cop character and other supporting players like Commissioner Gordon, Miranda Tate and Catwoman may not serve as suitable substitutions for Batman in a “Batman movie.”

As we discuss on this week’s Screen Rant Podcast, Dark Knight Rises in some ways has it harder than, say, The Amazing Spider-Man. Nolan and Co. have HUGE expectations to live up to – critically, financially, publicly – and even if he does a really good job, anything short of goosebump-inducing awe will be considered a disappointment. By contrast, if Spider-Man is even marginally entertaining, it’ll be deemed a pleasant surprise.

How do you feel about Dark Knight Rises after this latest trailer? Vote in our poll below:

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The Dark Knight Rises will be in theaters on July 20, 2012.

Source: Warner Bros.

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  1. Fanboys are hilarious.

    Even when average trailers come out for their movies, they act like its the GREATEST TRAILER EVER!!! OMG!!!11!!!111!!

    Same thing happened with the Avenger trailer (the first one was average) and the same thing is happening here.

    There is not a single thing OMG EPIC!!!!!! about this trailer.

    • If you don’t like fine, but quit with the fanboy crap. If you’re a fan then yes it will be great, cool, epic, whatever.

      • QFT

    • I’m not a batman fanboy, but this trailer got me going “OMG”. :|

    • I consider the “money shots” where the IMAX will be used to be very EPIC. Him standing ontop of the tower, the bridges collapsing, the arial view of the riot in the streets, and the plane hijack. In MI4 the Dubai tower scene was incredible to look at in IMAX. This will be no diffrent and have an hour of it.

  2. I know Nolan is going for some sort of realism in his movies, but it looks like he completely abandoned that for his closing chapter. If someone laid waste to an American city like it looks as though Bane will in this movie, forget Batman, the government would dispatch the military in there ASAP and wipe Bane and his followers out within a few days. Completely ridiculous. At least Begins and TDK made us believe the threat was something Batman could handle and was probably best suited to handle.

    • Maybe you should watch The Dark Knight. The military was dispatched to help GPD. I’m sure they will do the same here.

      • The national guard was dispatched to keep the peace and search for bombs. This is an all out assault. Full fledged ground troops and heavy assault vehicles would be called in. Batman’s assistance would be irrelevant. Still excited for the movie, but the context seems almost too grande.

        • 1.) This is a Batman film, not The Siege.
          2.) That full on assault really worked to find Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein.

          • 1) I’m aware this is a Batman movie, and I will enjoy it for what it is. All I was saying was the premise goes against Nolan’s attempt at realism, and I’m ok with that. It is a superhero movie for goodness’ sake.
            2) Bin Laden and Saddam were in intricate hiding spots in foreign countries, not driving tanks through the streets of a major American city. Big difference

            • Yea bane would have been completly taken apart by the government.

              • Well it looks like Gotham is in No Man’s Land is no longer part of the United States. Batman is he only one who can save Gotham now.

            • The government can not deploy troops on US soil. I think only the National Guard and the Marines can be deployed with special Presidential approval. Even if that is not the case all of this is speculation. We don’t know what the fictional government in the fictional DC/Nolan created fictional America has done or will do because we have not seen the movie.

              • Sure, but that’ll only stand until it has to be done. We haven’t needed to do it yet.

    • OMG, another deluded citizen who lies to himself (and others) that government is able to do something well… This viral game they have adopted lately for promoting movies is not healty for some people. They start confusing it with reality and again through implication, they start confusing real world with the movie’s virtual one.

    • Agreed. He’d have drones and “Seal Team Whatever” all over him in seconds……

    • You really need to study American Civics to understand how, when, and why American military personnel can be deployed on their OWN SOIL.

      • Martial Law has to be declared, which is only done in circumstances of extreme emergency. I would think a terrorist wearing a semi-permanent gas mask parading through the streets with tanks and blowing up bridges and football stadiums, as well as attacking major financial institutions with machine guns, would definitely suffice.

    • BestInTheWorld,

      We are talking of ‘Realism’ as in the critically-acclaimed novels of Batman like that in the Knight-fall (1993), Batman – Year One (1987), The Killing Joke (1988) etc and Nolan has definitely lived up those realistic situations and not necessarily to OUR OWN realism. No need to mention that our own ‘realism’ slightly differs for each individual here in the real world and…those critically acclaimed novels are ‘more realistic’ than Burton’s Bat-movies.

  3. I want to comment about something else, but I’ll get this part out of the way first – I loved the trailer. I thought the use of music, from the eerie piano keys at the beginning to the rousing orchestra with chant, was brilliant. I didn’t have doubts before, and now I’m convinced Anne Hathaway will be very good – her mannerisms and speech are just like the comic book Catwoman (Hush, Heart of Hush, and the Brubaker/Cooke run). Bane has a great physical screen presence, and Batman has quite a few great moments.

    What I really want to comment on is that I was first a bit perturbed by some of the negative comments. But it seems that these comments are coming from an underlying desire by fans for this movie to be the absolute best that it can possibly be – and there really is nothing wrong with that.

  4. i loved this trailer. i am so amped. even with a longer trailer, i still have almost NO CLUE what nolan is going to have happen here. i love that! i love that the whole movie isnt summed up and already screened in 2 mins. i cant wait to see this movie. nolans trailers wasnt supposed to be a dark of the moon or avengers splosionfest that will get your attention at the sound of a boom, this is a reminder of how if you want gratification, sit down, pay attention, and watch the story unfold before your eyes and join u as we finish this story. which is why i love this trailer and cant wait for the finale.
    just to clarify, dont mean to offend or hate on anyone, just dont expect TDKR to be an avenger or spidey type movie. this is not an intro to story, its an ending with new characters.

    • everyone that has seen the Avengers has said the trailers aren’t even close to what is in the movie.

      You can gush all over TDKR without trashing other movies.

      And yes we know what is going to happen to an extent. Bane comes, Bane takes over the city, Bane figures out who Batman is, dominates hims (won’t break his back, prolly either just a severe beatdown orhis leg or somethign), lets Batman lives, Batman rises from the ashes for a final confrontation with Bane

      What we really don’t know if Nolan really has the balls to kill Batman. Will WB let him do that?

      • I’ve seen the avengers, and I can say the trailer told much about the movie. #Justsaying. Well, you gotta see it to find out yourself :)

    • “nolans trailers wasnt supposed to be a dark of the moon or avengers splosionfest”
      Then what was that big football field explosion for? Or, the footage of erm… explosions across the city in two of the trailers? Not to mention the footage of ‘The Bat’ (if that ain’t a robot in disguise then I don’t know what is ;) – joking of course)

      I’m just saying, trailers are meant to attract audiences (explosions and CGI do that), which is exactly why TDKR’s last two trailers had all those epic moments. It’s to get the general audience to notice the movie – that’s the main goal of trailers.

        • Well “the bat” isn’t all cgi i mean the one in the trailer was. But there was a set video a while back of it on a crane like think soaring about the streets. The car explosions i doubt are CGI i mean the semi flipping in the DK wasnt CGI. There is probobly more than the other movies but not anywhere near the avengers. But CGI doesn’t bother me in any way as long as it looks good.

        • You hit the nail on the “good news/bad news” statement…
          It’s nice to see Nolan trying new things and going a bit “bigger”.
          But then again, Nolan’s movies don’t usually have so much action, explosions and CGI (Inception not included), so I really hope he can pull it off.
          And as you said, with flying cars, bridges exploding, etc. that takes away from the praised (and arguable) “realism” of Nolan’s Batman movies.

          It’ll be interesting to see how it all turns out…

          • (“with flying cars, bridges exploding, etc. that takes away from the praised (and arguable) “realism” of Nolan’s Batman movies.”)

            …And how exactly does that? Don’t cars and bridges explode in our real life or …in the environment of the critically-acclaimed novels upon which Nolan has based his Batman on ???

          • Do you think Nolan will actually blow up a major bridge? There are times when Nolan just has to use computer generated imagery to create what he wants. But I think we all know Nolan trys to avoid CGI as much as possible

            Also I have this strange feeling that Warner Bros and Nolan are keeping ALOT of this movie under wraps. It kind of has “The Humger Games” marketing approach: show more but also show less

          • Do you think Nolan will actually blow up a major bridge? There are times when Nolan just has to use computer generated imagery to create what he wants. But I think we all know Nolan trys to avoid CGI as much as possible

            Also I have this strange feeling that Warner Bros and Nolan are keeping a lot of this movie under wraps. It kind of has “The Humger Games” marketing approach: show more but also show less

  5. Judging from this trailer, I have a feeling that TDKR will be like this :

    - Bane studies how Batman operates and hunts him down.
    - Bane surprises Batman by showing up at the Batcave and the two go at it, only to have Bane break Batman’s back and leaves him broken and paralyzed.
    - Bane leaves him and takes over Gotham City by force with the help of his henchmen. He exposes Harvey Dent as a fraud and is not a white knight like he is known publicly. He exposes Dent as Two Face and is responsible for the murder of 5 cops in the “The Dark Knight” movie.
    - With Batman not around , crime in Gotham City goes rampant.
    - Galvanized by the absence of Batman, the entire Gotham City Police Department, led by Commissioner Gordon,unites and takes down Bane and his henchmen by force. sorta like “People Power”.
    - But Bane escapes and Batman challenges him to a final confrontation. But Batman sacrifices himself to save Gotham. It may have appeared that he blew himself up together with Bane.
    - And in the post credits scene, the camera pans to someone who looks like Bruce Wayne smiling and living an ordinary life .

    • You left out what Cotillard’s and Gordon- Levitt’s characters involvement in this film, though it seems Nolan has kept Cotillard’s character anonymous, I think she will have a significant role in here in line with the others. Also, I kind of like the team – up between Batman and Catwoman.
      Even if Harvey Dent was revealed as a fraud, I think it will give more reason for the people to rise up since they know that Batman will do what it takes to save Gotham.
      Batman blowing himself up against Bane is very uninspiring, making it look like an I am legend moment, but I believe Batman will have an epiphany on what he needs to do to stop the madness. Remember, in Batman Begins, he tried to be a symbol of hope that can protect Gotham when no one else can. In The Dark Knight, he showed that he would not give in to corruption, and even willing to destroy his image as a symbol of hope to make sure Gotham still believes in good.
      At this point, I foreshadow the death of Bruce Wayne. I mean 8 years have passed and still there are people going though great lengths just to beat Batman, even if he was not around those 8 years. Alfred’s dialogue is what scares me the most in this since he keeps on talking about protecting Bruce.

      • I feel like it can go one of 2 ways: Bruce sacrifices his own life for the good of Gotham, but either way, I think he ends up killing Bane, which is something he vowed never to do. I think he “breaks his one rule” in this movie, but he may end up going down with him. Just think of the gadgetry he’ll have the second time around once he knows Bane’s style and moves so to speak.

        Or maybe he reveals that he is Bruce Wayne and hangs up the suit once and for all. There’s no way this movie goes down easy though, there’s going to be a bitter pill to swallow at some point.

    • The ending of The Dark Knight and the weight of the scene (not to mention Batman’s actions and decision) would be incredibly cheapened if Harvey Dent is revealed to have been a fraud in this film.

  6. Sorry but the trailer did nothing for me and I have little interest in seeing TDKR based on that. I admit that I don’t like how either of the antagonists are being portrayed but over and above that, the trailer just feels like a jumble of random images from the movie.

    I will be required to see it again on the big screen before The Avengers so maybe that will change my mind? We will see.

    • Hope it doesn’t change your mind. Gives me a better chance at a good seat.

  7. Anyone else get the feeling I don’t need to watch the movie because they just revealed most of the plot & twists in the trailer? I’ve purposefully been skipping ScreenRant’s TDKR posts because I want to be left in the dark about the movies twists and reveals. Then the distributor goes and makes this trailer. Oh well. At least I have 2 & 1/2 months to try and forget.

  8. I dont where all these serious dark knight fans came from. People need to chill out and relax. Christopher Nolan hasnt always done good movies. No one remembers batman begins because it wasnt that great. The joker was the main reason the dark knight was even good. It makes no sense how people are comparing avengers and batman and how people believe that batman will be amazing. If the movie fails to meet the hype it will be the biggest dissapointment and it will be so funny to see fans act as if it met the hype.

    • I enjoyed Batman Begins and Nolan gets a lot of credit for taking that movie in a completely different direction from previous films. I do agree that much of the greatness of The Dark Knight is attributable to Heath Ledger’s riveting performance. As to “Rises” – frankly, as DrSamBeckett has stated, it looks like a great drama, but the trailers don’t really fire me up much for this.

      When it comes to comparing Avengers to TDKR, even though they both share protagonists wearing costumes/armor, they’re completely different types of films IMHO and shouldn’t be compared at all.


      • i agree that these trailers are not the type to give goosebumps like say avengers or TDK trailers…but dont you think that’s just how nolan’s team and wb is marketing it? i figure they know everyone and their mother is going to see this movie and are trying not to give too much of the action away in the preview unlike g i joe who needs an awe inspiring trailer just to get people in the theatre…because im pretty sure TDKR is going to have a ton of action…i could be wrong but that would be pretty suprising if it doesn’t.

      • i been saying that too many people Nolan Batman movies are completely different they are more crime drama than a typical comic book movie

        • Batman’s best stories in the comics are more crime drama than typical comic book stories.

          • yeah so i find it hard to compare TDKR to The Avengers they are both so different.

      • Listen to Vic people, he knows what he’s talking about :)

      • Totally agree, sir..

      • could not have said it better myself. i feel the same.

    • Batman begins was good. One of the best superhero movies till the dark knight came out. The dark knight is one of the best movies. Inception was really good and The Prestige received general positive reviewa. So if I may ask, which bad movie has Nolan directed?
      P.S I’m not a batman or Nolan fanboy but I have to admit, his work with the Batman has been remarkable

        • I haven’t seen Memento but yes, I didn’t like Insomnia either.

    • Not to be a jerk and ruin your argument, but here we go. Im going to list the rotten tomato percentages both from reviewers and audiences that gave reviews to Nolans films, thus showing wether he’s made good movies or bad movies. The following- Critics 76 %, Audience 84 %. Momento- Critics 92 %, Audience 93%. Insomia- Critics 93 %, audience 67 %. Batman Begins- Critics 84 %, Audience 90 %. The Prestige- Critics 76 %, Audience 90 %. The Dark Knight- Critics 94 %, Audience 96%. Inception- Critics 86 %, Audience 93 %. All of these ratings are calculated by top critics all over the world and fans that are polled that number well over a 100,000 plus people. So i think that kind of destroys your argument. And to combat The Joker was the reason The Dark Knight was even good argument. Thats like saying well the only reason No Country For Old Men was good was because of Javier Baradem. That makes no sense, and is illogical to think about. The Dark Knight has a lot of flaws that i’ve even mentioned on this site. The editing drags a bit on the action sequences, Rachel Dawes character is very underwritten, the script needed a tad bit more Polishing. Other than that The Dark Knight was one of the best films from that year. Great cinematography, awesome score, dark tone, great action scenes with the use of IMAX cameras, outstanding acting, good script, memorable villains.

    • “it will be so funny to see fans act as if it met the hype.” -Exactly like the TDK (which sucked btw), And I’m not trolling, But, besides the brilliant lines of the Joker, what was good in TDK is beyond me.

      • Quite a bit in TDK was excellent: the acting, the story, the layering, the sets, the reveals, the gadgetry/vehicles, the characterizations.

        As for this trailer, it was not the bursts of action that got me even more excited about TDKR than I had been; it was the more dramatic moments (the “slow-burn” moments) that showed me my anxious patience will be well rewarded. I thought the trailer was excellent, in and of itself…

      • If you have to say you’re not trolling…then your trolling

      • If you have to say you’re not trolling…then your trolling!

    • ‘Batman Begins (2005)’ is an incredible study about transformation of a regular guy into a superhero – only without ridiculous magical powers but only just relying upon his own will power. And there’s not even the need to mention that ‘Begins’ is critically acclaimed world-over. Plus ‘Begins’ brought out the superhero genre in whole, out of the rut of camp (Burton’s Bat included) that existed before 2005.

      Nolan’s Batman and the critically-acclaimed novels on which it is based are BOTH a mature guy’s superhero series and not made for some teen just attaining his puberty. That teen should watch Avengers, X-men and Spiderman instead.

  9. Loved it. The trailer seems to be doing a three arc structure, a beginning, middle, end but in a way that unlike the latest Prometheus trailer doesn’t give the game away as to what is actually going on. Of course, we are allowed the bare minimum of the plot:

    Beginning – Bane breaks Gotham and Bruce Wayne.
    Middle – others finally follow the example spoken by Bruce in TDK and fight back (whilst Bruce recovers). Essentially, with Batman out, they discover his value, what he stood for and try to echo it.
    End – Batman comes back to reclaim Gotham and take down Bane.

    I. Cannot. Wait, and for what it’s worth, I loved The Avengers. It was a movie written and made by someone who finally remembered what the word ‘popcorn’ was supposed to mean.

    See? You can watch and like both…

  10. There’s already over 200 comments so if this has been mentioned already I apologize.
    After this I’m pretty sure that by the end of the film JGL’s character will step in for a now retired or possibly dead Batman and be the new protector of Gotham.
    I know Nolan has sworn he’s done with Batman and so is Bale but that doesn’t mean he wont leave room for the story to continue with another Director and Actor taking over the reigns.
    We’ve all be saying that this is the end of Batman but maybe this is just the end of this part of the story?

    • Well, if JGL’s character’s name ends up being Terry McGinnis…then I guess we’ll know what happens.

    • Yes you are right this is the end of the beginning,B Begins introduced Batman , TDK, Batman makes a name for himself While Batman was beginning to be loved by the people, he was still not trusted by law enforcement and city officials, and in the end he took a fall, TDKR will be about him being kicked when down even more, only to finally make his rise(no pun intened) Stop Blain, clear his own name, and become the greatest hero of Gotham city. Plus so far we’ve had Ra’ Sa Ghul, The Scarecrow, The Joker, Two face, and now Bane and Catwoman. Now I know there’s been an eight year gap but there’s still Penguin, Poison Ivy, The Riddler, Killer Croc, Clayface, and others he hasn’t encountered, so yes the is just the beginning so there would be plenty more movies they could do with other actors and directors. The only thing I think we all think they CAN’T do is have another actor attempt to be The Joker, Heath Ledger RIP broke the mold

  11. Holy crap that trailer was amazing

  12. Holy.. That trailer was amazing..

  13. I too felt Batman Begins was superior to the Dark Knight, particularly in the 1st hour. There was a real heart and emotion there – whereas the sequel had a more machine – like efficency about it.

    I really hope the TDKR doesn’t conclude with Batman’s death. First it contradicts the title and secondly wouldn’t help to attract audiences in the future, when the character is eventually rebooted for another franchise.

    It would also make it harder to make that damn Justice League movie , if we ever see that happening.

    • “It would also make it harder to make that damn Justice League movie”

      No it wouldn’t, they wouldn’t even be in the same universe. This is all Nolan’s thing.

  14. This looks amazing. jaw dropping

  15. HAd to watch the trailer on youtube but it’s definitely an improvement over the last trailers. I liked the action in this and the dialogue was very good. I’m still more excited for Avengers but TDKR is 2nd.

  16. Yes. It was a very intense final trailer and Im even more excited (if thats possible?) to see this movie. Definitely the movie of the summer if not the year.

  17. And please, no one reply to the spam; when Vic finally brings the banhammer down, any replies will kind of mess up the thread.

  18. We still have a surprise in store for us cause IMDB states that Liam Neeson (Ra’s Al Ghul) is credited as a character in TDKR to some capacity. And they left that out of the trailer all together. I feel they will top TDK, but I feel TDK will still be my favorite out of this trilogy. As Empire Strikes Back is my favorite Star Wars chapter out of the original trilogy. Will I go to a midnight show of TDKR? Heck yeah, will I enjoy it? Most likely.


  20. I pity those who are nearly impossible to please, and I feel sorry for your significant others who have to listen to you whine and complain about every movie you watch (and probably everything else in your life). Even if you express your opinions in a pensive, philisophical manner, it still comes accross as pouting.

    I’m not saying every movie is awe-inspiring and should be thoroughly enjoyed, but you set yourself up for disappointment by building it up so much in your own mind.

    I’ll enjoy Avengers, Rises, and probably Spider-Man (if I even bother to watch it).

    - Bane (not the character, my last name)

  21. Pure epicness

  22. Lol the government

  23. 1:16 Is that Bane without the mask

    • I would say no

      • Actually thats Chris Judge from Stargate pushing JGL character

  24. I did expect more from this trailer…But i’m not suprised on how it came out since Nolan is keeping things a big secret. I still think the trailer looks great and can’t wait to see this!

  25. do anyone hate the new DC Logo?

    i hate that new logo with a passion. i miss the old logo big time

  26. Would I be crazy in saying that this movie looks better than “The Dark Knight?” I’m loving the tone and the atmosphere of this movie so far. Exponential improvement over the previous trailer!

  27. not impressed with the trailer. The last line of dialogue in the trailer makes me think that Michael Bay wrote it. That’s how cliched it sounded.