‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Trailer #3: More Story Revealed & Catwoman’s Debut

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The Dark Knight Rises trailer 3 is here! The Avengers is the belle of the ball in theaters right now, but Chris Nolan’s finale to the Batman trilogy is far from forgotten – and will surely be in the forefront again (for better or worse) after people get a look at the new footage.

After three trailers we have some of the answers that fans have been wondering and/or worrying about – plus new questions to wonder and/or worry about. Scroll down to the comments for the discussion.

The best word to describe this third Dark Knight Rises trailer would probably be “crescendo.” Starting from Selina Kyle’s (Anne Hathaway) ominous whispered threat to Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) about coming storms – to the final shot of The Bat hovercraft soaring and barrel-rolling across the skies of Gotham, this trailer attempts to showcase just how epic this third and final film is going to be.

Admittedly, however, this is clearly a trailer that is meant for a big screen – the final scene of The Bat hovercraft seemingly taking advantage of the film’s impressive IMAX format (along with many other scenes glimpsed in the trailer).

Here are a couple of things of note, in terms of questions that have been answered:

  • Catwoman seems like a cynical crook-for-hire, but one who eventually takes up Batman’s cause. I have a feeling the new footage will assuage a lot of doubt about Anne Hathaway getting the role.
  • The audio on Bane’s (Tom Hardy) vocals has definitely been cleaned up and clarified. While it’ll be easier to understand, there is something lost in the effect the ravaged, scratchy version had.
  • The movie seems to be a combination of the Batman comic book storylines “Knightfall“, “Knightquest“, and “No Man’s Land“. Click any of those titles to learn more about the respective stories.

Dark Knight Rises Trailer 3 Bane and Bruce Wayne The Dark Knight Rises Trailer #3: More Story Revealed & Catwomans Debut

As for new questions and worries:

  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Marion Cotillard’s characters – for the moment – seem to be no more than what they are: a local Gotham cop and Bruce Wayne’s girlfriend, respectively. Rumors have long been flying about one or both of them having secret identities of their own – but Nolan is playing that close to the vest for now (or, scary thought, not playing that game at all).
  • Looking at the story structure, it seems like there will be a significant portion of this film in which there is no Batman, just Bruce Wayne. Don’t know how fans will feel about that.
  • Side characters like Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s cop character and other supporting players like Commissioner Gordon, Miranda Tate and Catwoman may not serve as suitable substitutions for Batman in a “Batman movie.”

As we discuss on this week’s Screen Rant Podcast, Dark Knight Rises in some ways has it harder than, say, The Amazing Spider-Man. Nolan and Co. have HUGE expectations to live up to – critically, financially, publicly – and even if he does a really good job, anything short of goosebump-inducing awe will be considered a disappointment. By contrast, if Spider-Man is even marginally entertaining, it’ll be deemed a pleasant surprise.

How do you feel about Dark Knight Rises after this latest trailer? Vote in our poll below:

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The Dark Knight Rises will be in theaters on July 20, 2012.

Source: Warner Bros.

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  1. I’ll admit I’m more interested now…but still not quite as exciting as…ah never mind LOL!

  2. The trailers for the Dark Knight where obviously better….but it will still be an epic finale.

  3. Nolan is going to do it, he will kill the Batman – this movie will be EPIC!!!! The Avengers will pale in comparison

    • They shouldn’t even be compared!! They’re both different movies made in the different styles of the directors. Both will be AWESOME!!

    • With all the momentum Avengers has built up, nothing less than THIS could eclipse them. I knew it would come to this, Avengers vs Batman.

  4. I’m calling it. Bane is actually Ra’s Al Ghul years later. lol. I’d actually be okay with this.

    • Interesting. Never thought of that.

  5. I….. Can’t…… Wait

  6. I rather wait till I see AVENGERS much better at the big screen

    • damn you screenrant! now I feel like watching it …lol


  8. This was pretty good. I like what Im seeing. The Avengers, The Amazing Spiderman, and The Dark Knight Rises. A great summer for a comic book junkie.

  9. It’s not as good as #2,but I definitely feel better about Anne as Catwoman.

  10. They totally changed the voice on Bane – it’s clear but doesn’t sound like it’s him speaking.

    Love Catwoman and The Bat, but the trailer overall is disjointed and the taglines like “fire will rise” do not work for me.

    • I didn’t understand what he said the first scene but the ones after that were clearer. He sounded like he was gargling at first..

    • I actually liked Banes voice in the second trailer compared to this one.

    • I agree. The trailer does seem very disjointed, as if they wanted to show specific scenes without alluding to the story.

    • Sounds just like he did in the prologue just not as muffled. I have no complaints except that July is so far.

    • I liked the more muffled version of Bane’s voice. Made him more menacing.

    • The trailer, I think, WAS meant to be disjointed. That’s what makes it appealing for me in the first place. And now all I have to do is to watch the whole movie to fill in the blanks in between the disjoint parts. Had the trailer not been disjoint there still would have been people who would have said:”Look, Nolan has shown the whole movie in the trailer, now what’s left for the theatres ???”

  11. Eerie trailer

    My confidence in Hathaway has somewhat spiked. My thoughts on the events that will occur in this movie based on the broken bat mask promo release a few months ago have been somewhat confirmed by this trailer. NO He’s not getting killed. Highly Doubtful..

    Comic geeks know what I’m referring to so I won’t elaborate since it may be a possible spoiler..

  12. “This isn’t a car” lol, still wanted to see more Bane but pretty cool I guess :)

  13. Awesome trailer! Can’t wait!!

  14. Just awesome, really interested about the airplane scene

  15. Could This Be, Where Bane Break’s Batmans Back O_O!!, Cant Wait, And Could That Other Guy WHo Was Tlking To Catwoman, Be Robin?

    • I think it was Levitt and someone posted that they thought it was levitt as batman at the 1:45 mark and I’m starting to think it was cause the fight just didn’t look like vintage batman

  16. Fantastic trailer. Anne hathaway looks to be really good and the end is just classic. And the whole plane hijack was great.

  17. OH MY F#####G GOD! AvenWhos?

  18. My only issue is with Bane’s voice. Still. When he says, “I am Gotham’s reckoning,” I bit back a laugh when the voice cracked. My voice cracked like that back when I was in middle school.

  19. Well, color me as the only person here who isn’t excited at all for this film.

    This is one of those films I’ll wait to see on DVD. I enjoyed the first Nolan iteration of batman when I saw it. I pretty much enjoyed the 2nd when it came out in the theatre. but then, I tried watching the 2nd one a 2nd time at home on DVD, and was bored to tears. I even found some of it demonstrating some pretty bad film-making.

    I don’t know what it is. For some reason, Nolan and Bale have turned Batman (my favourite superhero of all time, by the way) into a character I really couldn’t care less for.

    I’m mildly intrigued by Anne Hathaway as Catwoman, however.

    • go away troll

      • lol…maybe if you pointed out a bridge then we could get rid of most of the trolls.

      • I love that if you don’t like something in the same way as everyone else, you are automatically a troll. Never voice your opinions on the internet, or you’re a troll.
        Maybe someone should write these guidelines down somewhere so everyone who isn’t a drone can go about their business secure in the opinion that their opinion counts for nothing.

      • I wouldn’t necessarily label him a troll. He is a bit inconsistent if anything.

        • Inconsistent how?

          • Hes not alone. I feel the more I see from the trailers the more I get a sense that this just wont be as good as i want it to be. I liked BB and TDK im watching BB on tv right now its just after seeing The (A)VENGERS everything pales in comparison it was literally everything I’ve ever wanted out of a comic book movie. Im even going to see it twice this weekend. So TDKR will really have to up the game and in NOLAN style less Batman is more. MORE BORING.

    • Nah you’re not the only one mate.

    • I agree with everything you said Mike E except I’ll still see it in the theater.

      • Dagnabit! I’m agreeing with you again! :-D

    • I thought batman begins was ok and I wanted to hate on The Dark Knight but I did love it and thought it was pretty great even though it wasn’t typical vintage batman I loved the old school tim burton batman movies because I thought they were more comic bookish but the new ones are more realistic and I like em all and probably gonna love this one too im pumped

  20. Well, it does make me want to see it.
    Though not like I can’t wait to see it.

  21. my pants….theyre…..gaaa ahhhhh……wow

  22. Hathaway’s performance looks very catwomanesque to me, based on this clip. The way that she speaks and whatnot. I’m actually kind of surprised, but I’m glad she put some of the classic personality into it.

    The trailer was pretty good, seems a bit short though. I love the crystal clarity of it, the hints of the new music, the cleaner sounding Bane Although I did like it when it was harder to decipher, I was in the minority perhaps, but I thought it sounded all the more menacing. Whatever the case, I still like it.

    • *trailer, not clip.

  23. MY MIND IS GOING TO EXPLODE! WOW!!! I had a feeling that the new trailer was going to feature more of Catwoman… I still wish they had given us a snippet of her weilding that famous whip… that wouldve been epic!

    • Apparently she’s not gonna be using a whip in the movie. Just a gun and some badass fighting moves. But we’ll see.

  24. Won’t be able to top TDK

  25. It begins!

    Seems Bale is using a different Batman voice too. And no he won’t die get beaten to a pulp and out of commission for a long time yea but not die. The whole point of this movie is Batman’s rise as savior of Gotham.

    • True Rao, I don’t think he will let him die. Could be the ultimate sacrifice, but did not work to well for matrix. I think he will inspire the will to endure once again.

      • Yea what Im thinking is after Bane gets rid of Batman so to say early on he imposes some kind of martial law or something. So at the end of it all when Batman breaks gotham free of Bane’s hold the people will finally give him the respect and recognition he deserves and maybe Bruce could will finally hang up is suit.

  26. This trailer is the best thus far, I think Nolan will definitely show his extraordinary talent as a true artist once again.

    • I think just the overwhelming hype that has been building since the first mentioning of the movie will make it be considered great even though The Avengers will probably never be topped again and I’m just glad no ones talking about Twilight Breaking Dawn 2 thank god it will be considered one of the most successful movies ever only because of teenage girls

  27. Ah, and it appears at least four characters in this movie will have his/her own speech. Yipee…

    Other than that, looks pretty interesting, still a bit too much doom and gloom to really get hyped up about it. Definitely will watch it, maybe IMAX if people say it’s worth it. Wait, what am I saying, people will say it’s worth it regardless…

    • Shakespeare used speeches all the time in many of his plays, so i don’t see what’s so wrong with the speeches, they are used and meant to give us a better insight of the character giving the speech. I do have to admit there does seem to be a lot of the doom and gloom in the movie, but hopefully that pays off because of the heroes triumphing over the evil and ending the doom and gloom, but we’ll see.

      • Ah, so I guess we’ll be seeing this live on stage at the Globe soon then right? ;-)

  28. The trailer didn’t showcase anything dynamic or impressive. I don’t know why these feel so dull. I’m still waiting to be blown away like I was by ‘The Dark Knight’ trailers. I hope the final trailer has more action in it because I’m starting to have doubt.

    • I don’t think it necessarily needs much more dynamic, it seems like he is trying to deliver a more artsy piece, with more intelligence at it’s core than most pieces from this genre. At least the elements seem to be there, can’t wait.

    • Wow… its not ana ction movie it will have fighting but not like the avengers

      • True trey, the combat scenes are a big difference I notice in Nolan’s films as opposed to the Avengers. I am not hating on Avengers, can’t wait to watch it, but their fighting is a bit more laughable and more WWE than real fighting. Whereas Nolan tries to interpret more real martial arts.

        • I think people will be more impressed with the fighting scenes in this film tho. The quick snipit of batman swining a right hook at bane and him spinning into a superman punch was pretty cool. as well Anne doing a big “heel” kick to the head.

        • “but their fighting is a bit more laughable and more WWE than real fighting”
          I’ve seen the Avengers and I can safely say you’re wrong with that assumption.
          The choreography is very impressive and everything is straight out of the comic books they spawned from.

        • “Whereas Nolan tries to interpret more real martial arts.”


          • the “martial Arts” or better lack of of, iMO were one of the things nolans films were missing…

            • For Batman to show off his martial art skills, his opponent to has to be a skilled one, otherwise one kick/punch from the Bat us enough to put one to sleep. And in this Nolan-series, except Ra’s Al Ghul, no one whom Batman faced was skilled or strong enough to bring out Bat’s full array of fighting skills. So …the skills weren’t needed and hence not displayed by the Bat.. and even Ra’s fought with a sword instead of bare hands in ‘Batman Begins (2005)’.

              And I thought, the close-up shots of combat in ‘Batman Begins’ were perfect as they symbolize the stealth of Batman. Batman strikes at his opponents IN THE DARK even before they can apprehend what hit them. In fact, I believe the very first fight of Batman hitting the smuggling thugs was the best one of the series.

  29. People complaining about how TDK’s trailers were better are correct, but TDK was meant to escalate things in Gotham. This has more of a melancholic theme to it, we are supposed to lose faith in Batman, if this seemed boring and depressing to you, that’s because that is what Chris Nolan wants you to feel. A happy ending doesn’t guarantee a good movie. It’s all about story telling.

    • Couldn’t have put it better my self. When I first saw the trailer, I wasn’t as excited as I thought I’d be. But after watching it a few more times, I realized that the pacing and everything was intentional to set the tone for this movie.

      • As much as I agree that Nolan is clearly trying to set the tone for his movie in this trailer, as a 15 year old, this trailer doesn’t make me scream out in awe about how much I want to see the film. In the end, a trailer is advertising a film and should make you want to see it. As much as I’m against comparing them, at the minute this does not look as good as the avengers(which I’ve seen twice). Nolan seems to be trying to hard to give us a gritty crime thriller this time rather than a gritty comic book crime thriller.

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