‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Trailer #3: More Story Revealed & Catwoman’s Debut

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The Dark Knight Rises trailer 3 is here! The Avengers is the belle of the ball in theaters right now, but Chris Nolan’s finale to the Batman trilogy is far from forgotten – and will surely be in the forefront again (for better or worse) after people get a look at the new footage.

After three trailers we have some of the answers that fans have been wondering and/or worrying about – plus new questions to wonder and/or worry about. Scroll down to the comments for the discussion.

The best word to describe this third Dark Knight Rises trailer would probably be “crescendo.” Starting from Selina Kyle’s (Anne Hathaway) ominous whispered threat to Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) about coming storms – to the final shot of The Bat hovercraft soaring and barrel-rolling across the skies of Gotham, this trailer attempts to showcase just how epic this third and final film is going to be.

Admittedly, however, this is clearly a trailer that is meant for a big screen – the final scene of The Bat hovercraft seemingly taking advantage of the film’s impressive IMAX format (along with many other scenes glimpsed in the trailer).

Here are a couple of things of note, in terms of questions that have been answered:

  • Catwoman seems like a cynical crook-for-hire, but one who eventually takes up Batman’s cause. I have a feeling the new footage will assuage a lot of doubt about Anne Hathaway getting the role.
  • The audio on Bane’s (Tom Hardy) vocals has definitely been cleaned up and clarified. While it’ll be easier to understand, there is something lost in the effect the ravaged, scratchy version had.
  • The movie seems to be a combination of the Batman comic book storylines “Knightfall“, “Knightquest“, and “No Man’s Land“. Click any of those titles to learn more about the respective stories.

Dark Knight Rises Trailer 3 Bane and Bruce Wayne The Dark Knight Rises Trailer #3: More Story Revealed & Catwomans Debut

As for new questions and worries:

  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Marion Cotillard’s characters – for the moment – seem to be no more than what they are: a local Gotham cop and Bruce Wayne’s girlfriend, respectively. Rumors have long been flying about one or both of them having secret identities of their own – but Nolan is playing that close to the vest for now (or, scary thought, not playing that game at all).
  • Looking at the story structure, it seems like there will be a significant portion of this film in which there is no Batman, just Bruce Wayne. Don’t know how fans will feel about that.
  • Side characters like Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s cop character and other supporting players like Commissioner Gordon, Miranda Tate and Catwoman may not serve as suitable substitutions for Batman in a “Batman movie.”

As we discuss on this week’s Screen Rant Podcast, Dark Knight Rises in some ways has it harder than, say, The Amazing Spider-Man. Nolan and Co. have HUGE expectations to live up to – critically, financially, publicly – and even if he does a really good job, anything short of goosebump-inducing awe will be considered a disappointment. By contrast, if Spider-Man is even marginally entertaining, it’ll be deemed a pleasant surprise.

How do you feel about Dark Knight Rises after this latest trailer? Vote in our poll below:

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The Dark Knight Rises will be in theaters on July 20, 2012.

Source: Warner Bros.

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  1. So many fans and writers jumped on the monkey see monkey do “Bane’s voice is UNINTELLIGIBLE” bandwagon, that the studio seemingly bent under imagined pressure… he now sounds like any generic character, and the darker industrial quality is totally gone. And now, there’s seems to be a bit of a backlash about THAT!! Make up your mind, fanboys!

    • I personally think that unless fans have a valid point (They’re *turtles*, not *aliens*) , they should be ignored completely, because they just ruin s*** by some of the opiniosn that get listened to. People don’t know what they want.

      Imagine if they didn’t cast Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight because of all the “Brokeback Mountain” complaints that were being made.

      Combine the original Bane voice with the new one, and after that, stop listening to the whiners. That’s what I think.

      • Well, in hindsight, maybe they should have gotten someone other than Heath Ledger! Nothing to do with Brokeback Mountain, just that now he’s dead and the Jocker was left alive at the end of the movie. Most of the time, people that b**** about itty bitty things, are only casual fans. “Hey, I got a Batman Logo tattoo, but never ead the comic book!”…you know the type………

        • HA HA “Jocker”!!!! ….”Joker”

    • i don’t know about this movie. i think TDK rise the bar too high for this one to be better. i also don’t like catwoman’s suit or BANE’s! So I think the movie is going to be good. I know the Nolan fans out there R going to swear it’s the graetest comic movie, but it won’t be. THE AVENGERS will go down as this years comic movie

      • You have no room to talk,don’t hate on TDKR until it you actually see it. I hate it when people judge a movie just based on the trailer

        • Well base on this trailer Catwoman & Bane look wack! I mean come on how does this Catwoman fit in Nolan’s movie? She looks stupid and so those BANE!

          • You’ve not seen the movie and you’re already making comments like “how does this catwoman fit in Nolan’s movie? She looks stupid and so does Bane!”. Gee man, chillax! See the movie and find out how she will fit into the movie! If you’re an Avengers fan boy and you’re scared this is gonna top the Avengers, then that’s fine. It doesn’t mean you have to bash the movie without seeing it!

  2. Well in TDR the backlash was for how Batman growl-talked. I guess Nolan didn’t want all the jokes about an incoherent Bane coming out.

  3. In the fight between batman and bane at the 1:48 mark it didn’t really look like a real batman so it could possibly be joseph gordon levitt holding down the fort but I mean Nolan wanted it to be more realistic so I understand why he made catwoman and bane look the way they do from the video I think that catwoman works for bane and as she said shes scared of him and in the end catwoman and batman teams up to stop bane I hope batman doesn’t die simply for the fact no one likes when the main character dies and I hope there is another one to add more characters to the story even if nolan doesnt continue I wouldn’t mind seeing a joker reference like at the end after the credit commisioner gordon gets a phone call and all you hear is “good evening commisioner” i mean it would be a great hype up for another batman film and bring in harley quin and possibly have riddler or something but all we can do is wait and see only 2 months away :)

  4. Batman should just do what indiana jones did with the crazy sword guy. Bane shows up, starts doing his kung fu. Batman pulls out a revolver, BOOM, dead…. movie ends.

    • No, I wanna see them beat the hell out of each other :D

  5. Why do the scenes of the Bridges over the East River appear in a mirror image from what they actually are? The Sykscapers should be on the right side of the screen, showing Gotham City on the Right side,not the left side.

  6. Seeing this trailer on the big screen has made me very excited about this movie again.

  7. I want to see more, regardless of who plays Batman. Come on, who doesn’t want to see the Penguin, or Riddler return? And a new Robin!

  8. “The gravest implication about The Dark Knight is that it elevates the lie into the principle of society, as if for society to operate at all, there has to be a lie, as if to tell the truth must automatically mean chaos –”

    • Or it’s just a movie and maybe we shouldn’t try and read too much into it.

  9. I think this is hilarious majority of the negative comments are from the same people whose screen names are all over youtube praising the movies for its tv spots yes nolan makes a preview that has scences you see on tv so now everyone is bitchy. what the hell do you want him to do turn it into a made for tv movie. have patience and if your a fan be a real fan and stop toggling your opinions back and forth. in my opinion he has marketed the film well. the first few trailers and tv spots have shown the film from banes dark perspective(basically him terrorizing.) now hes showing the other side of the story batman excepting that he is gothams champion and rising. there is alot of underlying story that will just not be revealed until the film comes out. i remember the same speculation for the dark knight yet in the us its the 3rd highest groosing film. just sit back relax and enjoy the damn ride in batmans new jet lol.

  10. The trailer looked exciting to me. Just saw the movie. It was really good. I thought The Dark Knight was better, but The Dark Knight Rises was still awesome! This Batman franchise ended with a bang! (pun intended)

    • Um… yah… Maybe funny to some people, but I don’t see it…