‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Gets New Trailer With ‘The Avengers’

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The Dark Knight Rises Teaser The Dark Knight Rises Gets New Trailer With The Avengers

With all of the hype generated by the LA and Moscow premieres of The Avengers adding to the excitement from the full-force marketing push by Disney and Marvel Studios, The Dark Knight Rises has taken a temporary back seat as their comic counterparts enjoy the spotlight.

That shift in attention has made for some interesting discussion behind the scenes here at Screen Rant as we debate and ponder which of the comic book juggernauts is the most anticipated of the year, but it’s impossible to tell right before one releases thanks to said studio marketing. Interestingly enough, The Dark Knight Rises will re-engage its promotions by attaching a brand new trailer (its third) to The Avengers.

The news comes from Nolan Fans who spotted the third TDKR trailer listed on the WB Exhibitor site. According to that site, the new trailer will come with all screenings (2D, 3D, IMAX) of The Avengers when it hits wide release (in North America) on May 4th.

The Marvel-Warner Bros. marketing is nothing new and moviegoers may remember seeing the exact scenario back in 2008 when the third The Dark Knight trailer played before Iron Man in theaters (the two movies that began the Marvel vs. DC cinematic universe debate) and again two years later with Christopher Nolan’s Inception playing a new trailer before Iron Man 2.

The Dark Knight Rises Trailer With The Avengers 570x317 The Dark Knight Rises Gets New Trailer With The Avengers

Early buzz on The Avengers points towards it being the biggest and best offering from Marvel to date and we expect nothing less from Nolan’s follow-up to The Dark Knight. Our question then becomes, which of these two (and The Amazing Spider-Man) are you looking forward to most and which will score the best among critics?

Check out the previously released trailer for The Dark Knight Rises and join in on our trailer discussion!

The Dark Knight Rises cast sees the return of Christian Bale, Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman, Nestor Carbonell and Michael Caine along with franchise newcomers Anne Hathaway, Tom Hardy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Marion Cotillard, Juno Temple, Josh Pence, Daniel Sunjata, Burn Gorman, Diego Klattenhoff and Alon Aboutboul.

The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters July 20, 2012.


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Source: Nolan Fans

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  1. ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Gets New Trailer With ‘The Avengers’ AKA having your cake and eating it too.

    • Like button!

  2. this is not surprising since TDK trailer played infront of Iron Man

    • You think?? The article said the same thing.

      • Don’t be so surprised, lots of people only read the headline, then post a comment (although I will never understand why. Seems like an idiotic practice.)

  3. You know, on other sites, there are these DC fanboys saying, “I will NOT see Avengers.. Marvel sucks…”

    Wanna bet now? :)

    • thats actually pretty funny, especially since DC only has 2 good movies – both batman, and Marvel has a whole bunch.

      • “DC only has 2 good movies”

        Hardly. There were great DC movies decades before Marvel started making anything. And by them both being batman I can only assume you are referring to Tim Burton’s classic Batman and Batman Returns.

        • Batman Returns FTW!!

          I would also consider Richard Donner’s ” Superman ” to be the grandfather of all the super hero movies of the past decade that treat the subject matter with depth and respect to the source material.

          It was DC that first produced those movies with Superman in the 70′s and 80′s and Batman in the 90′s.

          Marvel then took the ball and ran with it beginning with Bryan Singer’s first X Men in 2000.

          So, here we are now, with DC’s TDKR and Marvel’s ” The Avengers ” and ” TAS ” and next year’s ” Man Of Steel ” and ” IM 3. ”

          Good times for both DC and Marvel fans.

          • Blade

          • It just boggles my mind that people would argue about which is better instead of just enjoying all that DC and Marvel are giving us. I have enjoyed all the Marvel films to date AND the DC films (specifically the Burton and Nolan Batman films and the 1st 2 Donner Superman films). Arguing about comic book franchises is just moronic.

      • Not even slightly true.

        • Not disagreeing with you but which DC movies are you referring to?

          • Archaeon liked Green Lantern…

            But as much as I love DC, I have to agree with ‘Jack’… so far, DC has only been able to make good Batman movies IMO – all their other properties (Supes, GL, etc.), failed to impress me.
            When we’re talking about movies, I’d say Marvel has had better luck in getting their characters to shine on the big screen.

            • Coming from a guy that uses the name “The Avenger” along with the logo, I’m not surprised you agreed with Jack.

              • You’re judging me by my alias and avatar? lol

                Just so you know, I consider myself a HUGE DC fan. IMO, DC’s comics and animated movies are WAY better than Marvel’s at the moment, BUT, I just think Marvel’s live action movies are better than DC’s (with the exception of Batman).
                I mean, The Dark Knight and Batman Begins are two of my favorite movies of all time!

                I’m allowed to have an opinion without being biased (which I’m not).

                • Thats not what you said before my original comment.

                  When someone says half of their opinions, thats all I got to go on. Don’t blame me, you said it, not me, just called it like I see it. (Even when its only half of an opinion Avenger)

            • I liked GL too lol.

          • Yes, I liked “Green Lantern”, but even disregarding my personal opinion, DC has had more than two good movies: “Batman”, “Batman Returns”, “Batman Begins”, “The Dark Knight”, “Superman”, “Superman II” (6 right there, though admittedly the same same two heroes). Plus, many people (including me) thoroughly enjoyed “V for Vendetta” and “Watchmen”…8 (Those last two are Vertigo, but they are still DC). Those all dismiss Jack’s statement about only two.

            Furthermore, those two heroes have inspired other hero portrayals in films: Neo in the “Matrix” trilogy was constantly viewed as a Superman analog, and the Nic Cage character in “Kick Ass” (Big Daddy, I think…?) was seen as a Batman analog, albeit a crazy one, even to the point of having his own “Robin” (though Hit Girl was more like Damian Wayne than Tim Drake).

            Now, for my own part, I DID indeed like “Green Lantern” AND “Constantine” (not as good as the comic, of course, but still entertaining), and even enjoy occasionally watching “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen” on lazy Saturday afternoons (I also do not find Alan Moore to be as close to God as most of his fanbase seems to; he has made mistakes in his comics…giant alien squid explosion…REALLY?).

            I generally prefer DC comics to Marvel comics, BUT I do read both. I also have seen practically every comic book movie in theaters (thankfully, avoiding “Steel” and “Batman and Robin”) and own and like quite a few from various companies (“Hellboy” to “The Shadow” to “Blade” to “Iron Man” to “The Dark Knight” to “CondorMan”).

            I’m not bragging or trying to claim some some authority I doubt ANY of us actually possess by posting the above statement; I’m simply, in my long-winded way, showing that I completely agree that it’s dumb to cut down one company or the other…Each one’s success often help the success of the others.

            I will likely be there on opening night of TDKR, BUT I will also be there on opening weekend of “The Avengers”…and truth be told, the last “The Amazing Spider-Man” trailer actually interested me more than the last “The Avengers” trailer, so I definitely want to see that too…

            • That’s the spirit!

              I know much more about Marvel than I do about DC, but I grew up watching Batman and Superman cartoons. The Marvel stuff came along later for me.

              In response to this article:
              I’ll probably see all of these films at the midnight showings. I hope the positive Avengers reviews keep coming in. I’m glad that so many people’s predictions were wrong about the film being a mindless action movie. I’m not trying to call anyone out here, there were a lot of people who believed this way. Even I myself worried sometimes that the film would turn in to that, but I like Joss Whedon and I’m glad he delivered. I’m happy for the guy and the rest of the Marvel team.

              As far as TDKR goes, it should be stellar. I’m sure Nolan made a masterpiece.

              And last but not least, I really hope that TASM does well. I think it’ll surprise a lot of people, having followed the production very closely via fan reactions to the sneak peak footage, the stuff at comic and wonder con, paparazzi on location videos, etc. I can’t claim that it’ll be great or better than this movie or that, it honestly doesn’t matter. So long as it turns out fantastic. Keeping my fingers crossed.

      • Superman, superman 2, batman, batman returns, a whole lot of animated movies (if you like animated that is), watchmen, V for Vendetta.

        Marvel HAS put out some real crap (ie: Electra, FF2, Daredevil), but DC has as well (superman 3 and 4 ,Green Lantern, Jonah Hex), but to say that only two DC movies were good?


        • You’re forgetting Catwoman (with Hallie Berry)…. i wish I could forget it ;)

          • That movie was terrible. And I agree with you in stating that dc has better comics and animated films. When marvel has been on fire with their ip’s.
            I just don’t understand WB or dc for that matter in putting out sub par films. DC should be P.O. at WB for making crap.

            • I love both Catwoman and Daredevil, because of how bad they were. Terrible films are great.

              • Daredevil had some charming elements to it. It’s just that things got out of hand and the whole production turned into a mess. But still, I hear the directors cut was actually decent.

                As for movies that are so bad that they’re fun to make fun of, I always enjoy Punisher Warzone. I’m really looking forward to seeing the 80s Punisher though. That’s supposed to be terrible as well.

      • ACK, all of you need to stop spreading erroneous information. The majority of what you all are claiming is Marvel was NOT made by them. Just because they are based on Marvel characters doesn’t make them Marvel. Marvel, for good or for bad, sold their rights to most of those characters a long time ago. Only the last crop of films starting 5-6 years ago have been done by the actual creators. So this cancels out movies like the X-Men but also rids them of horrible movies like Catwoman, Electra, FF2, etc.

        Now DC on the other hand has ALWAYS had a hand in the movies based on their characters since WB has owned them since 1969. So for every Superman and Tim Burton Batman made, they are also completely responsible for turkeys like Jonah Hex, the “other” Batman movies of the 90′s, Superman movies beyond the second one, Steel, and more (many more)

        So I agree with Archaeon that DC has indeed produced a lot more than just a couple decent movies but they are also held accountable for way more bad movies than Marvel.

    • I’m like Marvel comics a little more but honestly The Dark Knight Rises looks to be put together better then The avengers movie.
      The avengers movie has very nice CG & special effects but the characters HawkEye, Black Widow, captain american’s costume & the hulk are awful. And The avengers movie looks to be for fan service just like Venom looked in Spiderman3.
      I’m not dying to see either but if i had to pick, i’d pay to see The Dark Knight Rises & watch The avengers free.

      • Really we haven’t seen anything in TDKR to know if it’s put together better… My point is because of silly fan boys just being stubborn not to see a movie to prove that DC is better? I find that funny.

        • Its all a matter of opinion. I think that the dark knight rises will have a far better story and less cgi I can tell you that. But the avengers wkll be comical and a ton of fighting. I know people will comment and say joss whedon is great with stories blah blah I’ve heard it. He is very good with stories. But you can’t tell me you think it will be a story driven movie like DKR

          • Oh I completely agree with you. I’m just saying based on a very short teaser and an uneventful trailer, there is still very little that has been shown and that is known for the dark knight rises. that’s all I’m saying.

            • No doubt you are correct kyle

              • I would actually say that sometimes Joss Whedon is good with story, but he’s almost always fantastic with characters. “Sometimes” being the key word there. When he’s on though, he’s definitely fantastic. (For example, I love me some Firefly)

                My opinion on the matter is that Avengers will probably endear the audience to the characters more. It has the charm and the wit and the lovable stuff. The script work will be a lot of fun. It’s basically love letter to the comics (as opposed to his loving hate letter to horror films)

                Be that as it may, I don’t think Avengers will have the thematic depth of TDKR. I’ve recently watched Memento, Inception, and his Batman films again, and the way that Nolan plays with foreshadowing and symbolism, the way that he builds his narrative, it’s great stuff. TDKR will no doubt have an amazing script, but what I’ve found with Christopher Nolan movies is that they improve over time. This is true for me anyway. TDK is the only Christopher Nolan film that I actually loved on the first viewing. Inception and Batman Begins however, seem to get better and better every time I go back to them.

                Of course, I acknowledge that I’m just giving an opinion and basing things on my own personal experiences with the films.

          • This entire line of thought (people who say TDKR is better than Avengers, and vice-versa) is preposterous. It’s a binary, idiotic way of thinking and I’m not afraid to say “no, you’re looking at it wrong.” They’re two completely different films, with different intents and different styles…the only linking theme is that they both have heros and villains from comic books in them. Even that is a tenuous link…totally different types of characters all around.

            A better, more reality-based perspective would be “they are different, I acknowledge that. I will enjoy them both for what they are. Neo-noir mystery thriller vs. bombastic epic smashfest with Jungian archetypes.”

            • LOL where’s the fun in that?
              It’s all part of being comic geek. It’s fun comparing DC movies to Marvel’s movies just like it’s fun comparing StarWars to StarTrek, it’s all comic geek talk.
              DUH! people know the difference between them besides comic company.
              The Dark Knight Rises: more realistically based & story driven
              The avengers: more over the top action & tons more flash for your buck with a storyline that could be stronger.
              It’s semi DC fans vs semi Marvel fans lol.

              • I think you’re giving a lot of people out there more credit than they’ve warranted. Screenrant is pretty mild in terms of the fanatics though. The site’s moderators tend to do a good job at weeding out the crazies.

      • Have you seen the Avengers? I didn’t think so! So maybe a little less judging and more anticipating. I loved the Avengers, and am eagerly awaiting The Dark Knight Rises, I dont see why you have to pick just one, in my opinion they are very different films.

      • I don’t even know where to start with the things that are wrong with your comment.

  4. One more reason to go see Avengers (not like I needed another reason though). I think that ASM is going to be a great movie too that may be hidden somewhat by the other two big superhero movies. Although it does come out in the dead period between the two so it may have a chance to sell a decent number of tickets.

  5. I’m looking forward to all of them. I’ve been a fan of Spider-Man and Batman since I was 5. I’m a huge fan of how they introduced Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, and Captain America so they can all come together and fight against a giant threat to mankind. But for right now, I’m excited for The Avengers. After that, The Amazing Spider-Man. Then, The Datk Knight Rises.

  6. HELL YES!

  7. If you think about it this is smart, despite the Marvel vs DC stuff, these comic movies need to continue to be successful in order that there is a reason to keep making em. I love this idea of these two sharing screen. We all want a good portrayal of the characters we have admired since we were little, so keep it comin.

  8. Back in the day, when people went to go and see films just because of a certain trailer, The Phantom Menace being the most famous example, not so much anymore. This will be on the internet within hours (if not minutes) and then officially released a day or two later.

    And on a more sour note, I won’t get to see this trailer when I go and see The Avengers, on Thursday next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • What he said.

      Also I won’t be able to see the trailer with The Avengers in my country, hence I’ll be watching it online.

    • But I’ll tell you… watching a trailer on a computer screen, doesn’t even compare to seeing it on the silver screen…

  9. Well….


    I’m going to see The Avengers on May 5th, it’s going to be great. I’ll make sure to be there 15 minutes early for the trailer ;)

  10. I was just having this discussion with a friend this morning. I was lucky enough to have already seen The Avengers and loved it and have been really impressed at all of the clips and TV spots they have released without really spoiling the biggest moments in the film and was thinking the last Dark Knight Trailer came out sometime last December and we were discussion when the marketing campaign would start for The Dark Knight Rises before they are lost in the Avengers shuffle. Eagerly anticipating seeing the new trailer when I see The Avengers again on opening day!

  11. I was debating whether to see Avengers in IMAX or not, but now this tips the scale in favour of IMAX (since I’m assuming/hoping there will be IMAX footage in the trailer).

    And this whole Marvel vs DC thing is stupid. Who cares which company the character is from? Just go see a movie because it looks like it’s going to be fun. Why be so prejudiced and deprive yourself of enjoying a movie because of such petty things?

    • ^ This.

  12. YES ! YES ! YES ! i will oficialy be attending the avengers now :) :( :)

  13. It is theater distributors who demand this type of trailer positioning.
    Theaters have a vested interest in DC and Marvel each doing well
    and all camps are partners when it comes generating tickets.

  14. will the trailer be shown only in the US or other countries as well.

    • I believe only US screenings will show the trailer as it said it releases with the May 4th screenings of The Avengers which is the American release

  15. Fantastic I am excited for the avengers and I’m glad ill get to see a DKR trailer with it

  16. If I had to choose I’m looking forward to TDKR more but that doesn’t mean TA isn’t very high on my list. Since I was a kid Batman was my go to superhero. The TV show, comics and the Burton films were devoured by my younger self. Burton’s Batman is tied with Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade as the movie I’ve seen the most at the theater with 5 times.
    As to which movie will score best among critics, I think it’s a toss up. I’m hoping for a minimum 4 out of 5 stars from both films from my point of view. But I won’t be surprised if TDKR tracks lower on review sites.
    I’m not kissing but but Screen Rant is one of the few sites I expect truly honest reviews of both. There’s a lot of Nolan hate the past few years from the blogger community and I feel even if TDKR tops TDK people will bash it because of the Nolan backlash.

    • I think your right about it being up in the air. But the dark knight is a 8.6 I think on imdb giving it in the top 10 of highest rated movies all time. Obviously that doesn’t mean the DKR will do the same but I’m just basing my geuss off that.

      • Do the ratings get updated often at IMDB though? Because when TDK came out, there wasn’t all that much Christopher Nolan backlash going on at the time.

        Speaking of the backlash, I think it’s a shame that in order to counter act the over zealousness of a group of fanatics, people will resort to discrediting the things in an artist that should be commended. I’m not saying there are no valid reasons to criticize Nolan’s work. For example, the construction of many of the action scenes featured in his movies aren’t my favorite to say the least. Sometimes I feel that my interest in the plot overshadows my interest in the characters too. With stuff like Inception, I was okay with it. I wasn’t okay with it when I watched Memento, as good as that film was. So while I’m saying this, even I have things I criticize Nolan for, but a lot of things said in the backlash against Nolan are way over the top.

  17. I don’t know how my body will be able to handle this much greatness in one night.

  18. I don’t get the whole you-can-only-choose-DC-or-Marvel thing. What I do like is good movies, regardless whether it’s from either studios. With all the marketing from Marvel for the Avengers, I’m quivering with anticipation my brain can’t even function properly now. And it’ll be the same when The Amazing Spider-Man and TDKR crank up their marketing for their movies

    • Still have ZERO interest in Spider-Man. Most unnecessary reboot EVER.

  19. The only Marvel film I have enjoyed is Spiderman 2 and Iron Man. Every other movie is laughable.

    • I hear you Evan. I liked the first S-M too, and enjoyed III even if I didn’t love it. II is the best. And as far as the Marvel studio movies, I think Iron Man was the only one I liked unequivocally. Thor and CA weren’t that great.

      That said, I think Avengers will be really good. I think Marvel has been playing it ultra safe, but they’ll let loose for this one. I think Thor and CA will be great in an ensemble. Iron Man will stand out, but not overshadow. I’m liking the new Hulk and word is good.

  20. Dark Knight Rises hands down will get the best reviews and most likely gross over a 1 Billion. In Nolan we Trust.

  21. I’m a fan of both companies. I find that being loyal to one company, makes one miss out on stuff that either one can produce material wise. That being said, I’ve got the entire run of ‘Civil War’ and ‘Siege’ in my collection, alongside ‘Final Crisis’ and ‘Blackest Night’. In my mind, both companies are great, both have such a rich history, and both have been bringing America and the world amazing characters, stories and adventures since WWII. I may get a lot of hate, and be told to stand by one or the other, but I stand by convictions, and eagerly await the midnight openings of the ‘Avengers’ and ‘Dark Knight Rises’.

    • Well said.
      I’m with you dude: while some fanboys clink to either DC or Marvel (calling it “loyalty”), I get to enjoy reading BOTH DC’s, and Marvel’s comics, and I get to enjoy BOTH DC’s and Marvel’s movies…
      Why choose when you can have the best of both worlds?

      • 20 years ago I collected both Marvel and DC. I’ve got Batman, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Superman, Fantastic Four, Justice League, Avengers, etc. in my collection. Didn’t care who published them, just as long as they were good stories with good artwork.

  22. I’m REALLY excited to see both and will be at both midnight showings in my city but I’d have to say i’m more excited for The amazing spider-man

  23. Weirdly, I called this!
    I knew they’d bring a new DKR trailer out near the beginning of May, so I was actually just joking around when I said they’ll probably air the trailer during TA… but look who got it right anyways! :P
    Unfortunately (kinda), I’m in the same boat as DrSamBeckett: I won’t get to see the trailer since I’ll be seeing TA next Thursday.

    • I assumed it would go with a WB mobie like dark shadows

      • It’ll reach out to a more appropriate audience with ‘The Avengers’.

  24. I equally excited for both films but if I had to pick maybe TDKR only because this is the last Nolan/Bale Batman. Spiderman I will see but I am lukewarm about it I loved the original trilogy and really wanted a Spidey 4. Certain things about AMS have me puzzled and concerned the CGI on the Lizard, the look of the Lizard, the first person POV, the obscure villain Van Adder in the film (I believe he still in it), no Daily Bugle, or J. Jonah Jameson( although Capt. Stacy has plenty hate for Spidey so I guess he will do). Hoping AMS is good, but they are really going to have win me over, and sidenote I had a bad feeling last year like this with Green Lantern and unfortunately I was right I didn’t enjoy that movie.

  25. So there opening day

  26. I’m excited for all three movies but seeing as how The Avengers is holding steady at 96% on rotten tomatoes and I’m a huge Marvel fan who’s been waiting to see Hulk and Thor to go at each other on the big screen it’s my choice. 8)

  27. I so want to jump till my head hits the ceiling …thats awesome !

  28. If Heath Ledger was still alive, it’d be Dark Knight Rises without a doubt. But unfortunately that’s not the case.

    Avengers will be the comic book blockbuster of the year.

    • Tom hardy will be a fantastic villian. Much like tom hiddleston. The year of the toms!

    • I think there’s some validity to that, but honestly, it’s going to be photo-finish close. Which one will make more BO is like arguing over who’s got more money: Scrooge McDuck or Richie Rich?

  29. My prediction from before RT started scoring TA, is that TDKR will make more money, but that if TA has an RT score higher than 90%, and TDKR has a score of 85% or lower, TA could rival and maybe overtake TDKR in BO. I said that this “could happen,” not that it “would.”

    As of now TA has a score of 96% with only 25 reviews. I’m not reading full reviews, but they look very positive and unequivocal, so I’m thinking this is a trend. I’ve always though Joss Whedon is the man for the job, and it looks like he’s delivered. I think the final score will remain above 90%. That’s my prediction.

    I don’t have much to go on with TDKR, but I’m going to predict (4-21-12) that this movie will have a final RT score of 85% or less. I just think critics won’t be quite so generous this time and Nolan will falter a bit.

    Which one do I think will make more money? I think it will be very very close. I’m going to go with TA by a nose. I think it’s going to be a very exuberant movie that will have audiences giving good word-of-mouth and have them happily returning. Plus, it’s going to be considered more kid-friendly so it may have a wider audience that includes more younger kids. As a critic might say, “it’ll be a rollicking good time that adults will enjoy as much as kids.”

    Right now, I can’t wait to see TA. But I’ve always said that TDKR and TA aren’t really comparable. I want and expect different things from them and don’t really want them to be like each other. So I’ll enjoy them differently. But for the sake of laying down the cards, I’m going to go with TA. I think it’s going to be a really fun Superhero blast, with a good balance of action, humor, and some (melodramatic but effective) drama.

    • And that one bad review that ruined TA’s 100% “fresh” score on RT, was made by some chick who gave movies like Drive Angry, Twilight, GL and Green Hornet positive reviews…
      (So in my mind ,TA still has a 100% fresh score on RT) ;)

      • I honestly think the low 90′s is the highest this movie could possibly get on RT. I’m sure there are lots of reviewers who are biased one way or the other. As of now it only has 25 reviews. In the end it will have more like 150. I’m really basing my prediction on Joss Whedon’s abilities. What little I’ve read makes me think he’s made the audience pleasing movie I thought this could be. Some critics will think otherwise and they are entitled to.

        • Besides… SR’s review is the one that counts most IMO…
          I usually find myself in disagreement with a lot of the reviews on RT (of course, I’m hoping it won’t be the case with TA ;)), but when I read a review on SR, I usually agree with it (lately the only reviews I didn’t completely agree with was THOR, and Sherlock 2.)

          • I trust imdb. Screenrants have movies like the muppets (which I loved) at a 96%. In my opinion that’s pushing it. Imdb has ut at a 7.5 with is reasonable for me. IMDB will collect the most reviews.