‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Gets New Trailer With ‘The Avengers’

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The Dark Knight Rises Teaser The Dark Knight Rises Gets New Trailer With The Avengers

With all of the hype generated by the LA and Moscow premieres of The Avengers adding to the excitement from the full-force marketing push by Disney and Marvel Studios, The Dark Knight Rises has taken a temporary back seat as their comic counterparts enjoy the spotlight.

That shift in attention has made for some interesting discussion behind the scenes here at Screen Rant as we debate and ponder which of the comic book juggernauts is the most anticipated of the year, but it’s impossible to tell right before one releases thanks to said studio marketing. Interestingly enough, The Dark Knight Rises will re-engage its promotions by attaching a brand new trailer (its third) to The Avengers.

The news comes from Nolan Fans who spotted the third TDKR trailer listed on the WB Exhibitor site. According to that site, the new trailer will come with all screenings (2D, 3D, IMAX) of The Avengers when it hits wide release (in North America) on May 4th.

The Marvel-Warner Bros. marketing is nothing new and moviegoers may remember seeing the exact scenario back in 2008 when the third The Dark Knight trailer played before Iron Man in theaters (the two movies that began the Marvel vs. DC cinematic universe debate) and again two years later with Christopher Nolan’s Inception playing a new trailer before Iron Man 2.

The Dark Knight Rises Trailer With The Avengers 570x317 The Dark Knight Rises Gets New Trailer With The Avengers

Early buzz on The Avengers points towards it being the biggest and best offering from Marvel to date and we expect nothing less from Nolan’s follow-up to The Dark Knight. Our question then becomes, which of these two (and The Amazing Spider-Man) are you looking forward to most and which will score the best among critics?

Check out the previously released trailer for The Dark Knight Rises and join in on our trailer discussion!

The Dark Knight Rises cast sees the return of Christian Bale, Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman, Nestor Carbonell and Michael Caine along with franchise newcomers Anne Hathaway, Tom Hardy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Marion Cotillard, Juno Temple, Josh Pence, Daniel Sunjata, Burn Gorman, Diego Klattenhoff and Alon Aboutboul.

The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters July 20, 2012.


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Source: Nolan Fans

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  1. I’ll be seeing both The Avengers and Dark Knight Rises. Why Not.
    Enjoy Life And See Both. I understand the whole DC vs Marvel thing with the respective fanbases. But seriously why pit one against the other. Both movies are going to kick ass. I have to put The Dark Knight Rises ahead of The Avengers as far as overall boxoffice, although it may not be by much.
    Everyone will want to see BANE bring the PAIN on JULY 20th.

    • Yeah man!! This quote is one of my favourite quotes ever!! May be the best!! Yesterday, I was watching an interview with Christian Bale on TV, and when TDKR trailer played, when Bane said:” When Gotham is ashes..”, I said:” ..You have my permission to die!!”.. I was excited like a little child!!

    • I keep picturing a scne were batman is just punching bane with no affect. He just takes it and taunt shim yellong *COME ON!!* how epic would that be?For some reason

  2. I love both DC and Marvel but I do agree that Marvel has better luck in their films than DC ( as of lately ) but DC has classics like Richard Donner’s superman and Tim Burton’s batman, but I watched Green Lantern a second time and liked it better after my second viewing ( the message about over coming your and battling your fears ) and Senstro didn’t hurt either. I’m looking forward to Man of Steel.

  3. Could we get this comment removed? 3 days left and so close to not having the indentity of Loki’s Army spoiled, and there it is.

    • The best route when some jackhole posts a spoiler is to use the Contact link at the bottom of the page, and give Vic the URL to the offending comment. He removes them as soon as he gets to it. I’m submitting it right now.

    • It’s alright. Their identity is all over the web. I came across it inadvertently a few days back. Also, it’s been hinted that their identity isn’t really relevant to the story. So, hopefully, this revelation won’t ruin our experience at the movies. :)

    • Comment removed. Some people just feel the need to lord it over others with info – I have no idea why.


      • You should remove the replies too. They don’t make sense by themselves.

  4. Im seeing all three but TDKR takes the cake on my most anticipated comic book movie of the year.

  5. While I’m not too pleased about my peripheral vision reading the answer, (need to put some SPACE between a spoiler alert and the actual answer there Tex.), if you are telling the truth all I can say is…..I was right all along! I told ya, I told ya, I told ya. Not sure what I win but…..:)

    • haha, you might then wanna remove my comment also Vic because it makes no sense now.

  6. “Our question then becomes, which of these two (and The Amazing Spider-Man) are you looking forward to most and which will score the best among critics?”

    How is this even a question? Without a doubt Dark Knight will win the critics.

  7. For me I will be seeing The Avengers, it’s just a matter of how many times. :D )

    TDKR however is a wait and see movie. I have yet to be impressed with any footage I have seen so I may go see it in the theater but it depends. And just as an FYI…..I thought TDK was just ok. I thought Ledger’s portrayal was interesting but felt the movie in general dragged on way too much for my taste.

    And TASM I will most likely not see (only Redbox) for the same reasons I didn’t see XMFC in theaters.

    • @ mongoose

      You’re not the only one. As Hoboshotgun100 mentioned, DC has the classics such as Donnor’s Superman & Burton’s Batman films. Green Lantern was ok. Im a fan of both of DC/Marvel but i too feel Marvel has has a bit of lead over DC in films. Just not in animated films.

      I feel exactly the same way you do about TDK & felt the film focused more on the Joker than Batman. I’ll also be passing on seeing TASM in theaters.

      • The Joker is one of the most theatrical and exciting villians. If the Joker is writteen correctly he is suppose to outshine te Batman. Just like the Joker has done in Batman 89, Batman 66, & Batman TAS.

        And TDK was more about Bruce Wayne & Harvey Dent then the Joker. THe Joker was just chaos incarne, a monkey wrench messing up everybody’s plan.

        • IMO, TDK wasn’t about Bruce Wayne at all… during my five viewings of the movie, the focus has always been on the villains – not that I’m complaining (it was awesome to see such great versions of Joker and Two Face – even though Two Face’s screen time was quite brief).
          I’m just hoping DKR focuses a bit more on Batman/Bruce Wayne, and less on the villains.

          • @TheAvenger

            The Joker is fully realized when he is introduced and does not have a character arc in the film. The Joker does not have any scenes he leads, he interrupts every scene that he is in. He litterally is chaos in human form. The Joker is Basically a hurricane. He is very captavating & theatrical character so he easily draws your attention in but the movie was not about him.

            The focus was def split between Bruce & Harvey (& to some degree Gordon). Bruce & Harvey have the biggest & most relevant character arcs to the movie.

        • @ Ignur Rant

          I know that. But point i was makin is like the 89 Batman film & sequels that followed that people complained about was that one the things of the film was it’s focus on the villains. Like Nicolson’s Joker, Imo Ledger’s Joker outstaged Bale’s Batman mostly on his own. Two-Face didn’t show up till the 3rd act of the film & Scarecrow was barely in it. Imo Batman Begins was well balanced when it came to the villains Ras & Scarecrow,etc.

      • Wallywest,

        If you feel that TDK didn’t focus enough on Batman, why don’t you give ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ a total miss and instead watch ‘Batman Begins (2005)’ THRICE ? There, you will have your trilogy of Batman complete with total focus on Batman. And if you have your personal copy at home maybe you can edit out roles of The Scarecrow and Ra’s Al Ghul completely. Brilliant, isn’t it ? All Batman to think of and nothing else.

        • @ Amol

          If you’re ticked because i didn’t enjoyed TDK as some people did then sorry to disappoint. I enjoyed TDK aswell but like other people the more i watched it, the less it didn’t appeal to me. Not even Ledger’s performance made up for it. I’ll be seeing the TDKR. Obviously you understand the point i been makin so im done here.

          • I meant to say ” Obviously you don’t understand the point i been makin”.

    • Why didn’t you see XMFC in theaters?

      • Out of personal protest for the virtual plundering of the X-Men universe canon that occurred to make XMFC work.

        I do understand how critics gave it a positive review though. Not being burdened with ab understanding of why it was wrong on so many levels made it much easier. When I did see it I admit it was pretty decent as long as I was willing to turn a blind eye to everything……but….the sheer amount of times I uncontrollably rolled my eyes or slapped my forehead……yeah, the things Vaughn and Singer did just appalled me.

        I see similar things happening with TASM. On a much smaller scale I admit but I absolutely hate the Hollywood outfit with shoes and the craptastic looking “man lizard”. In the end though that is pretty much the whole movie visually, so I don’t see myself being able to enjoy it very much, especially if I’m paying 9 bucks for it. I will probably be able to get 1 bucks worth of enjoyment out of it in September.

        • I just didn’t understand why Sony didn’t just reboot the entire X-Men with the original team members. I did enjoy XFC, but I definitely get your point.

          • The answer to this is simple…….Singer hand a deep hand in XMFC and I’m sure he was not willing to just chuck the work he did on X-Men 1-2 out the window. So instead they figured out a way to twist and contort the material they had to fit (well for the most part).

        • Out of personal protest ? How did that go for you? You stop the movie? :D

          • Uh, worked out great for me on a personal level. I saved myself about 16 bucks so thanks for asking.

            I’m glad though you don’t support the concept of personal protest. So I guess the idea that one person can make a difference and that if enough of us do that, something could *gasp* change, is just a bunch of BS? Hell, for all I know I and others like me kept XMFC from being a resounding success. In fact it was a pretty mediocre showing domestically and didn’t even manage to break even. Only international sales saved it.

            It’s your prerogative to continue to be a mindless sheep but I refuse to kowtow to the idea that the majority is always right.

            • If you saw the movie, you would know its better then everyone thought it was gonna be, ALOT better. IMO, better then XM2.

              So, did you change anything BESIDES the fact that it didn’t do well in domestic sales?

              • /raps on BBJ’s noggin’

                Are you just not reading what I wrote??? Here lemme quote myself from a few posts up…….

                “I do understand how critics gave it a positive review though. Not being burdened with ab understanding of why it was wrong on so many levels made it much easier. When I did see it I admit it was pretty decent as long as I was willing to turn a blind eye to everything ……but….the sheer amount of times I uncontrollably rolled my eyes or slapped my forehead……yeah, the things Vaughn and Singer did just appalled me.”

                and in answer to your question……I don’t even know if I did that. It was a personal choice on my part not to support the raping and pillaging of the X-Men canon to make this abomination happen. It’s about the only way I could show the makers my disdain for what they did.

                • I read what you wrote, but protesting a movie that does good in the theaters anyways, to me, sounds like you failed.

                  And out of defense for the movie, they couldn’t have made Cyclops and Jean Grey in the cast because of the first three movies were based in the present, and if they were 20 years old in XMFC they would be old in the present day movies, so out of defense, they did what they had to do NOT to screw it up.

                  I read the comics, loved the comics, but I understand why they had to change a few things to make it easier for the general movie going public.

                  But anyways, let me repeat the first paragraph because I liked it so much, “I READ WHAT YOU WROTE, BUT PROTESTING A MOVIE THAT DOES GOOD IN THE THEATERS ANYWAYS, TO ME, SOUNDS LIKE YOU FAILED.”

    • mongoose you obviously have bad taste because you are a retard

  8. The Avengers, Dark Knight Returns, Spiderman reboot.

    Im gonna do this a different way. Heres the way Im going to do it. I will go to the theater for each movie. I will watch each movie. depending on how much I enjoyed each film I may or may not see it again.

    Depending how many times Isee each movie I will then be able to decided the best of the three. Comparing them makes no sense since I mean the Dark Night is a detective, drama with some high teck goodies. And thats cool. Much Darker, back alley criminals beware. Im good with that. The Avengers is a flatout blown up Super Heroe Movie thats actually A COMIC BOOK MOVIE. Should be fun.

    Both will be worththe watch. The real questions are all on Spiderman. We are gonna just have to see. This could give life to a dead group or bury it deeper.

  9. Does anybody know if there is a movie that Nolan is using as a style example for TDKR?

    For BB he used “Blade Runner” and for TDK he used “Heat.” He had screenings of these before production began to show what he was going for.

    • Full Metal Jacket primarily & A Tale of Two Cities.

      • I thought you were joking but there is info out there suggesting otherwise. I thought the Full Metal Jacket had more merit because that’s Stanley Kubrik, so even though I can’t see plot similarities I could see the visual look of it. But I think that’s more speculative. Tale of Two cities (the book) comes from Nolan’s own mouth. Thanks for the info, Ignur.

        • No prob. Funny Tidbit tho

          Rutger Hauer was in Blade Runner which was some inspiration for BB
          William Fichtner was in Heat which was some inspiration for TDK
          Mathew Modine was in Full Metal Jacket which is (supposedly) some inspiration for TDKR

  10. Looking forward to both movies. I have to give the edge to Batman, though. I will say that the Japanese trailer for the Spider Man reboot was impressive. I’ll probably see that, too. It’s all just entertainment. I cannot wait, however, for a teaser trailer to Man of Steel on the front side of TDKR.

  11. I’m more hyped for Avengers personally. TDK is one of my favorite movies, and not just as a CBM, but TDKR just doesn’t look that good( at least so far ). Mostly it’s just that it looks like Nolan is straying to far from from the character. Batman retired? not likely, his obsession wouldn’t let him. Catwoman with a gun, not bloody likely. And visually, Bane is unrecognizable, if I didn’t already know it was him, I wouldn’t be able tell you who it was. I won’t even get into his garbled voice, i’m assuming they will fix that in post. Catwoman as well, the goggle ears are stupid, almost as stupid as six inch heels. How does that fit into Nolan’s realistic approach? There is nothing practical about heels, especially for a character known for stealth and acrobatics. Without her cat-eared cowl, she may as well swap outfits with Black Widow. Story could save this movie, Knightfall was a great story line, but that won’t help the non-comic book fans because they won’t know that. As far as box office draw goes, I think it won’t do nearly as good as everyone thinks it will. Sad to say it, but TDK owes a lot of it’s BO success to the death of Heath Ledger, it drew in a lot of people who, otherwise would not have been interested. Avengers, on thee other hand, has mass appeal, not just to CB fans, I think it will do better. This is all just my opinion of course, that being said, haters start your ranting. PS I also thinkASM looks cool.

    • @ il princerino

      Same here. I enjoyed Batman Begins more than i did TDK though. I havn’t seen or read much of anything to get me hyped up for TDKR. I agree with what you said in regards to Batman,Catwoman,& Bane’s role & costumes. Especially Bane as it’s his head gear that bothers me as it just reminds me of Bane from Batman & Robin in a small way. I was always against having Catwoman being in the film as i suggested only having Talia as the only female villain. As i learned more about the film, even though fans or people in general might know of the character well, i thought Nolan should of used Lady Shiva instead as she’d be perfect instead of Catwoman. Since the character is a excellent fighter in martial arts, was known in the comics to help Batman regain the use of his legs & fighting spirit after Bane had crippled him. Plus it would be one more villain not yet seen on the big screen yet as we already seen Catwoman. I agree aswell that TDK’s BO gross was partly due to Heath Ledger’s passing as his portrayl of the Joker was most likely the best thing about TDK that people in general enjoyed the most outta the film. Alot of people have said it themselves online & ive heard in person myself. Im not sure Avengers will do better since TDKR is Nolan’s last Bat-film. Time will tell when TDKR ran it’s course in theaters.

      • wally west you are a retard go ahead and like the classics most of them are trash anyway

        • @ steven

          Wow, what a intelligent comment you’ve made to me. Not to mention childish.

    • (“haters start your ranting”)

      Look whose calling other “Haters”: A guy who himself is pulling down a movie merely based on the technical issues rather than it’s central theme…BEFORE IT IS EVEN RELEASED. LOL.

      Frankly, nobody is claiming …ever…that Batman is retiring. And even if he retires …that only sets the stage for what could be the most amazing and brilliant installment number-four based on the classic Frank Miller graphic-novel: “The Dark Knight Rises (1986)”

      How does one conclude that the Catwoman is carrying a gun..that shoots lead bullets? I would say it is a grappler-gun.

      And as a Bane-fan, I don’t really care how he looks or sounds like in the Nolan-movie, as long as Nolan stays true to the essence of the character like he always has in his previous two Bat-movies. At least for me, he did.

      “Goggles-ears are stupid” ???!! Does it even really count as an argument for believing TDKR will be a bad movie ??? OK, maybe those Cat-goggles of Nolan must have seriously broken some critical Physics law that “The Avengers” are surely not going to break. Right?

      Heath Ledger’s death was the reason for TDK’s success. LOL. So what happened to Ledger’s ACTUAL LAST PRE-MORTEM movie: “The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus” ??? Why did it sink without a trace ???

      (“Avengers, on thee other hand, has mass appeal, not just to CB fans, I think it will do better.”)

      Better in terms of what ??? Just being successful at the Box-Office or being a great movie in itself irrespective of the Box-Office results ??
      I can see, according to you ‘Transformers:Dark of …whatever’ is BETTER than say ‘A Clockwork Orange (1971)’ or perhaps an ‘LA Confidential(1997)’, just because the latter two movies weren’t family/children friendly and hence earned not much at the Box-Office, right ?

      May be I too should start criticizing Marvel movies since I never liked one but then…they aren’t even worth criticizing. X-Men was fun (…without going into their faulty “goggle” issues, mind that) but then..that’s it. Let’s see if ‘The Avengers’ can make me feel great about any Marvel movie at all. It’s a difficult task though.

      • I am applauding your comment. I’ll give it a standing ovation.

        In all seriousness thank you.

  12. I’ll see all the movies,but I am more excited about The Avengers.It’ll be something new.The other characters have been done several times.

  13. As IF I needed ANOTHER reason to see Avengers. LOL. BOTH movies are on my MUST SEE list.

  14. Will the TDKR trailer being getting played in Australia or only when the Avengers gets released in USA?

  15. I love both DC and Marvel but honestly, they sell pretty different products IMO.

    Marvel films are great entertainment. They’re fun, enjoyable and an overall good times at the movies. You expect witty lines, some nod to the comics, fast-paced plots, post-credits scenes (yes, they did it before iron man…in daredevil), fast action scenes and the customary stan lee cameo.

    DC films, however, contain deeper themes and are much more theatrical in nature. I mean The Dark Knight, Batman Begins, Batman (1990), Batman Returns, Watchmen, V for Vendetta focused much more on character development, overarching plots, rising tension and symbolism than the marvel movies. Not that its better, its just different.

    Its just their respective companies’ overall personality I guess. I can sometimes see that in the comics too.

    Take both avengers and the TDKR trailer for example (i know you can’t judge movies from their trailers but bear with me here). In the Avengers trailer, its huge explosions, Tony Stark’s snarky humor, nine inch nails music, quick cuts and money shots. Its just pure, comic-book goodness.

    But in the TDKR trailer, its starts off with the national anthem which leads into the central themes (gotham in relapse) and eventually drums up the tension as the very-audible Bane chant is heard from the background and resonates throughout the final parts, giving every quick cut an epic feel. Then the football stadium scene. Its just so much more theatrical.

    I love both companies but i really expect diff. things when i see their movies. When I go into the theater I expect DC to deliver something that’ll keep me thinking long after the credits have rolled and for Marvel i expect something that’ll keep me grinning post-credits. But off course there are exceptions (superman returns, elektra, x-men 3, green lantern).

    • alb2009…

      BEAUTIFULLY stated. THIS I can agree with.

    • alb2009…

      Beautifully stated.

    • This is what I’ve been telling people around here for months. It’s nice when other people pipe up about it too.

      Binary thinking is dangerous & limiting. “Which is better, Avengers or TDKR” is a false question. It’s not 1 or 0, black or white. It’s “they’re totally different things, both good.”

      • Ken

        (“they’re totally different things, both good.”)

        ‘Both are different’ does not always necessarily equal to ‘Both are good’.

        • “‘Both are different’ does not always necessarily equal to ‘Both are good’.”

          Thanks Captain Obvious.

          This is similar to calling up an electrician and saying “you know, it’s not a good idea to mix aluminum and copper wiring.” There would be a long pause on the other end, and he would finally say “…. uh huh. thanks.”

        • I never claimed that all things that are different from each other are automatically equal and good. My point was that too many people think in binary terms: “I like TDKR so therefore Avengers isn’t as good,” or the reverse. These are invalid ways of thinking. People can subscribe to them if they wish, but those people will be missing out on the point of these movies.

          I realize a film site isn’t really an effective place to get people to stop thinking in narrow, 1/0 terms, but it’s still fun to shake them like a baby and say “no. bad.”

          • Ken,

            I agree, bro. But the “different-good” statement was for fun. Just joking.

  16. Why do you people want to ruin the surpise by watching every trailer and looking at every photo????

    Just go in fresh for future movies from now on and it will be more enjoyable. Also, only come to this site every season to see waht movies are coming out and that’s it, and then leave fro 4-5 months.

    • Uuuuuummmm no.

    • Sorry, but that’s a big no. SR is not just about trailers and entertainment news, we have camaraderie here. Sure, you can get all the entertainment news you want, and it did start out that way, but it has grown beyond that. Vic and company have created something special, and I will always love them for it. To be honest, I stopped watching clips and previews of TA after the 2nd trailer (it sold me), so when stuff for TA come out, I just read what others have to say. But staying away from SR? A resounding no.

  17. Official Avengers Post-Credits Scene :


    • @ Lawrence

      I hope you’re telling a lie, if not thanks for blabbing off one of good parts of the film to those who havn’t seen it yet!

    • What the hell is the deal with people continually attempting to spoil this movie for those who haven’t seen it yet?

      You’re on auto-mod just for that.


      • @ Vic Holtreman

        Thanks Vic! Luckly i’ll probly forget what was mentioned by the time the film opens for me to see it as i have bad memory of things,lol.

      • Thank you Vic.

  18. The Avengers has a 96% on Rotten Tomatoes right now; it’s still early having not been released in the U.S. yet, but that’s one heck of a good sign IMO. Hype. I’m sure TDKR will be just as good

  19. Ha, here in Germany The Avengers hits theaters April 26. :D

    PS: I can’t believe that a movie from the US is coming out sooner in europe, than in the US. I wonder what the reason is.

  20. I never liked ANY of the Marvel movies ever and never liked ANY of the DC ones **BEFORE Nolan** either …except ‘Batman-The Animated Series’.

    I would like to thank Nolan to give Batman his due place in the history of Super-heroes – At The Top.

    Based on what I have watched till date, I BELIEVE ‘The Avengers’ will be Marvel’s personal own best effort ever. ‘The Avengers’ will be FUN and ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ will be FUN, DRAMA and EPIC combined.

    • OOPS! I did like one DC movie which is non-Nolan: V for Vendetta (2006). Was a very good for me.

      • V for Vendetta?

        • Ah yeah. Love that film, in spite of the changes from the comic. Did you see it?

        • Wally…

          I’m not sure if you have not heard of this film or if you simply did not understand why amol mentioned it (and, of course, it is none of my business what you two are discussing). I simply wanted to recommend the film to you if you have not seen it. Many Alan Moore purists are dissatisfied with it because it changes some things from his source material; I, however, still loved it because I found that it handled its dystopian subject matter excellently through a fascinating set of characters and (imho) a superbly presented story.

          • @ Archaeon

            I have seen the film once in theaters w/ friends who knew more about the character than i did. Of-course they didn’t enjoy it themselves as much but as for me even less.

            Bottomline is imo i thought TDK is a great film, but is Not the greatest CBM ever as some people exaggerate it to be. I have yet seen a perfect CBM. I even found Avatar overhyped despite that film being enjoyable imo. Not enough to beat Titanic imo. I know the films aren’t CBM, but im just mentioning them by example if you know what i mean. Just because i enjoyed Batman Begins more than TDK doesn’t mean i hated that film. That’s all.

            • I am curious then: What were you wondering about with the “?” in regard to Amol’s mention of “V for Vendetta”…? THAT is to what I was responding, in this case. I wasn’t even thinking about TDK in my above response…

  21. I really appreciate that Vic & Co. make efforts to kill off any spoiler comments, but it still irks me when people think it’s acceptable or even wanted, to post detailed spoilers. Who the f@rk wants to now what happens in a movie before they go see it with their own eyes? The fun in movies isn’t knowing the details, the fun is in experiencing the details for yourself. I don’t get the mentality that leads people to post spoiler info…they’re going about life the wrong way.

  22. I am looking forward to “The Avengers” next week. Last night, however, I saw “The Dark Knight” again and loved every single minute of it. I know many people find it less interesting each time they watch it (if more than once), but I feel the opposite. Each new viewing opens up a newer, more complete understanding of and appreciation for the characters and the story(ies). I think, now, that it is a better film than when I originally saw it.

    I am even more excited than before about the release of “The Dark Knight Rises” and am highly anticipating the trailer next week. :)

  23. Let me ramble if I may. I think TDKR may possibly have a smaller opening weekend financially than The Avengers, but I think it will sell more tickets. Don’t forget most of the Avengers take was due to the Imax 3D at $17.50 a ticket. Plus the new Dark Knight doesn’t look like it’s going for a family audience. I’m sure will be treated to a much more sophisticated story than the avengers offered, but I’m fearful we may walk out of the theater with an cold feeling in the pit of our stomachs.