‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Script is Due Tomorrow

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the dark knight rises script The Dark Knight Rises Script is Due Tomorrow

Christopher Nolan, who was seemingly being setup to become the an almighty overseer in Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment’s growing superhero movie universe, recently dropped out of his producer role for Superman: Man of Steel to focus his efforts on The Dark Knight Rises, the third Christian Bale-starring Batman film.

With a release date for The Dark Knight Rises already set for the summer of 2012, Tom Hardy signing on to the project, casting rumors spreading and a supposed production start date of May 2011, the all-important script is almost ready to go. Apparently, director Christopher Nolan must hand it in tomorrow… or else.

This report comes from the Twitter account of Variety writer David S. Cohen who tweeted yesterday that Nolan spoke with him about having to hand in the next draft of the script tomorrow.

“Chris Nolan told me his The Dark Knight Rises script is due Monday or he’s in big trouble. Big trouble? What can they do? Fire him?”

Don’t take the “big trouble” part seriously.

Current reports, rumors and speculation point towards Nolan’s third Batman movie basing its story on the graphic novel “Batman: Prey” which means Dr. Hugo Strange could be a primary villain, likely played by fan-favorite Inception actor, Tom Hardy. As for other new characters joining the fray, there are numerous reports of high-profile lead actresses in contention for two female lead parts (Catwoman? Talia al Ghul?) in Nolan’s next project.

What we can say about who will not be playing a part in The Dark Knight Rises, is that Two-Face won’t be returning, nor will there feature any cameo appearances of The Joker from unused archived footage of Heath Ledger. That is, if Aaron Eckhart’s and Nolan’s words hold true.

If the current script treatment is being finalized as we speak, we can hope for more official news in the near future and for the casting rumors to start becoming official cast additions.

As disappointing as it may be to some, The Dark Knight Rises is reportedly the last Batman movie for Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale, that is of course, “unless Chris says different.” If the next Batman movie brings in over a billion dollars at the box office again, this can’t be their last, especially with the character acting as the cornerstone as DC launches Green Lantern and re-launches Superman.

The Dark Knight Rises will releases July 20, 2012.

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  1. Great i cant wait!!!

  2. here’s to hoping it doesn’t get leaked…with Nolan the unknown is always better…of course avoiding the script would work too

  3. I like the idea of Hardy playing Hugo Strange as someone obsessed with finding out who Batman is. Although, it’s pretty similar to what Schumacher did with The Riddler. I just hope Catwoman isn’t in the film. I want someone new.

  4. Lets go Kate Beckinsale as Catwoman.

  5. Still hoping for hangman it would be nice for someone new instead of catwoman

  6. I remember a certain internet movieguy who once suggested that Batman Begins could work as a prologue, and *then* they could make a trilogy.. who knows? If the movie, as you say, makes a billion.. who are they gonna stop?

    • Ah thought it was because Heath Ledgers death hyped TDK.

  7. I’m against this batman bein part of the upcoming greenlantern/superman universe. One of he joys of his franchise is that it is stand alone based off the books. It prides itself of it’s realistic take and adding superman would ruin that. Batman sould be in an upcoming justice league movie but a different batman

    • While the “realism” of Dolan’s Batman is debatable, I agree that the tone of the films would clash with Superman/GL.
      A “parallell universe”-version of Batman on the other hand. Turn up the camp, back with the yellow Bat-logo and give him more gadgets.

      • NO…never again the camp. EVER.

        Having said that, yes, a new Batman would be great to have in the JLA.

  8. gawd. I like how the studio feeds these fan sites to try to fan the flame with non newsworthy trivial information.

  9. We’ve finally reached the point where information has to start coming out. Spiderman’s coming out around the same time, and they’ve already got as full cast, so news on Batman (and even Superman) should be just around the corner if they want to meet their deadline.

  10. “Big Trouble” There’s no way in hell Christopher Nolan could get in Big Trouble. He’s a genius and they shouldn’t rush him but whatever. I just want the third movie to be good and extra special. Nolan hasn’t failed us yet and I think he won’t fail us for this. I trust he’ll do a good job.

  11. All I can say is…in Nolan we should trust. I don’t care what he does to Batman in the next sequel, as he’s earned the right to have our undivided trust. I for one, wouldn’t mind seeing Catwoman being in this sequel, as I would love see Nolan’s version of any and all Batman villains, so any villain he decides to bring to the table is fine by me. Just as long as he doesn’t kill and/or expose Batman’s identity to the world, then I’m good with whatever Nolan has up his sleeve.

    Personally, from all the reports I researched and read thus far, it sounds like Hugo Strange, Catwoman and Talia Al Ghul could all be in the next Batman movie, which would suit me just fine.

  12. Now this is worth waiting for. :-)

  13. Talia Al Ghul or else!!

    • Indeed!!!


  14. Strange has always been a fairly dull rogue and while he can make for an interesting story sometimes (but rarely) it’s not really fit for a major block buster film. He’s not really an exciting guy. I really really hope it’s not him.

    • Also I hope they don’t do an idiotic thing like put Talia Al Ghoul or Catwoman in it. Neither would be a good addition and if either of them in it not only will this film not be as good as TDK it won’t even be as good as Begins.

  15. Another day. Another Batman story.

  16. I hope the female villain is Catwoman. No Talia Al Ghul.

  17. can’t really see the point of this article. why not wait till 2moz?

    • Careful. I wanted to say that, but all you will end up getting is a reply similar to this; “Well, people are obviously interested, you must be otherwise you wouldnt have bothered reading and posting”.

      By the by, I completely agree with you, and the above example is a paraphrase of something said to me on a different Batman thread when I said something similar

      • I’m shocked!! We…. You and me… agree….. on…. something…

        • Yes well. I don’t see it happening too often :)

  18. I can´t wait too.
    I´m dying of anxiety here.
    People insist with Catwoman.
    She won´t show up!
    Nolan will use the key surviving characters from the 2 previous movies + some new ones never seen before.
    Catwoman is out of this subject.
    It´s gonna be Talia.
    And the other female role,my money is in Sarah Essen.

  19. The problem with sequel and “trequels”, is that they usually rehash what happened in the first movie. I hope it isnt the case with Batman rises (I doubt it will be). I think Nolan sees his Batman films as one big issue broken up into 3 respective parts.
    Something akin to the Lord of the Rings trilogy. One massive story splintered into 3 movies. I like how the theme of “escalation” flows from Batman Begins to the Dark Knight. Bruce Wayne started something in the 1st movie and it’s something that he’s initially not aware of until the 2nd movie when he confronts the Joker. The Joker even tells him “You started something here and there’s no going back”. To me, that line smacks of the creation of the rogues gallery. The next movie is really going to be interesting. I always liked Hugo Strange; reason being, he was the only one to ever uncover Batmans identity (save for the riddlers of course at the end of Hush. And that was only because he was submerged in a lazarus pit and had an epiphany of who Batman really was)

    • Actually that’s not true at all. Many people have discovered his identity over the years take Bane for example who actually figured it out before most and faster than any other rogue ever has. Even a few non bad guys have deduced he was Bruce Wayne the third Robin being one. Discovering who Batman really is isn’t exactly meaningful at this point.

  20. Srom a money making perspective i would say out characters they might use look at how much the TDK made compared to BB.

  21. Man I would love to get my hands on that script!

    It seems that this Batman 3 is shaping up to have more substance than the previous films. If it is indeed based on Prey, that is a very good thing. Prey was one of many great stories in Legends of the dark Knight. A new interesting villain like Strange is risky though, these ideas are really catering to the fanboy/girls but joe public don’t know strange.

    and the batman in the JLA seemed to serve as the strategist of the team, and he was more of a plan B kind of guy. If a JLA movie was made, Bats would have to “camp” it up just to share screen time with the likes of Martian Manhunter and Hawkman.

    I do think that BB and TDK were a little overrated, and TDK doesn’t stand the test of time well, Every time I watch it i see new holes. I don’t think I’ll watch it anymore. I actually found Bale’s Bats more interesting in BB, in TDK Bats seemed to be just going in circles, not much development for Bruce Wayne.

    • It’s hard to describe the joy I feel when I stumble upon a kindred spirit who agrees that the first two films were overrated. Don’t get me wrong, they were “ok” (BB was better than TDK in my humble opinion), but still, they were MORE than just “a little” overrated as my TACTFUL friend above stated. lol. I could name A MILLION more than valid in depth detailed reasons why this is holds true, but i feel the Ambient i took kicking in so ill just skim the surface and hopefully care enough about this tomorrow to follow up. lol:

      -It is NOT ok for a film with sooooooo many plot holes and contrived ideas to take itself so damn seriously.

      -I hate to say it, but not only would his performance have not been so critically acclaimed and publicly revered, but THE ENTIRE DARK KNIGHT FILM wouldn’t have been NEARLY as well received as it was if Heath Ledger didn’t tragically pass away when he did.

      -And lastly (for now atleast), the whole TwoFace CAMEO APPEARANCE was just a slap in the damn face. I mean really?……REALLY?!?!?!?! Lol. It’s like the script got rushed near the end OR noone could figure out what to do with one of the most dynamic characters in the batman universe!?!?!? What an insult to the guy. lol.

      • You guys aren’t the only ones who find them overrated. I too feel that way. I will still watch and enjoy them every once and a while (like a year or two). But I agree, way to serious. Wait, a film that’s way to serious yet “Why so serious”? *Alanis Singing* – Isn’t it ironic, don’t ya think :P.

        • The thing about that song is that most of the situations Morrisette describes are NOT ironic…just unfortunate.

          For the record, I happen to think both films DO stand up quite well, both in terms of quality and excitement. They are both wonderfully acted across the board (yes, I know Katie Holmes would never be accused of being a brilliant actress, but she DID convey the shame she felt at Bruce’s initial leaving and consequent return with a gun quite effectively AND her dismissal of his playboy persona was spot-on). They set up their respective storylines with an increasing sense of anticipatory dread and then release that tension with the heroic turns of several of the characters. They both have humorous moments interspersed throughout. They both flow fluidly and logically (if you’re being honest about the blacker aspects of human nature). Bruce’s evolution into the hero we now know and love is well-thought-out and fascinating to see.

          Oh, and to all who wish for more detecting to occur, I agree…and I’m betting that there will be at least SOME more than the bit we saw in the first two films. Remember that Batman has only been operating for about a year and a half or two years in this particular series, so he’s been focusing on “quick” (relatively speaking) and brutal takedowns of previously confident and entrenched criminals…Contrast this with the more established career of the Burton/Keaton Batman (already three years in when the FIRST film started). Right now, he’s establishing his street cred as a force of nature…a legend.

    • ummm tdk kicked ass, the storyline was great behind it, tdkr will be deeper i believe.

  22. Black Mask, Killer Croc, and Hugo Strange are my choices for the film’s villains. Black Mask as the new head of crime (With Killer Croc as a pet and means of punishing people), and Hugo Strange as the man working with the Anit-Batman team led by Gordon. And Hugo gets his hands on some valuable info on Harvey and start some real fireworks.

    • that sounds promising.

    • strange and harvey would would, if you have harvey bullock. killer croc will never do. black mask, probably not

  23. right now my votes for the villains are Hugo Strange, Talia Al Ghul as Bruces love interst, and either catwoman or harley quin as the female villain (preferably harley).

  24. warner brothers should have piss’d on the dark knight script, most of those lines r awful

    • Hmmm.I will say that some of the dialogue isn’t the best,and The Joker,easily has the best dialogue,but it was a step up from the first movie.

      I think that a good portion doesn’t really come off as “real” dialogue,but I don’t think it’s nearly as bad as you suggest.

      • No. He’s right. The dialogue was dreadful and to top it off the “dreadful-tivity” (lmao) of Batman’s dialogue was amplified 10 fold by Christian Bale’s stomach turning delivery.

        Excuse the made up word, but i heard it in a casual conversation and ive been DYING to use it as often as possible. lol.

      • u know what the problem was?, there were too many insignificant “extra” characters, took away too much screen time from the Joker, and therefore had to rush the whole “Two-face” plot which was barely believable that he would turn bad.

        they should have cut out like 5 characters and shown more scenes w/ the Joker and his men!

    • Thank goodness Warner Brothers does not employ you…


      • U know what the problem was?, there were too many insignificant “extra” characters, took away too much screen time from the Joker, and therefore had to rush the whole “Two-face” plot which was barely believable that he would turn bad.

        they should have cut out like 5 characters and shown more scenes w/ the Joker and his men!

        i love every other batman movie made by WB, but TDK is unwatchable at times.
        “do u beleuve in decent men at an indecent time”

        “uh, they took our clothes and badges”

        “They got to me early w/ my moms medical bills” ramirez totally worthless

        • tdk was better than any batman movie PERIOD.

  25. hmm

  26. Granted, many over the years have discovered Batman’s identity but I think Strange could’ve been the first.

    • id say strange will be in it because of that reason. hope bullock is in it also. could be how there were joker and two face. strange and bullock.

  27. I am still in the minority here. I’m the voice in the wilderness.
    Yes, I still want Sophia and Alberto Falcone (“Holiday Killer”/ “Hangman”) or maybe Rupert Thorne to show.

    But I wonder if the female lead character might be Janice Porter. We are fresh out of DA’s aren’t we?

    • I agree I’ve been calling hangman for ages it would fit so well and its a new (to film) unseen character let’s hope this happens good call on the da angle to forgot about that

  28. My Votes.
    Hugo Strange (Mad scientist who uses scarecrow to help create Formula)
    Harvey Bullock (Crooked cop, Helping Gordon but plotting on killing Gordon)
    Talia Al Ghul (One who helps with Hugo Strange)
    Bruces Love (Soon To Find Out)

    • Bruces Love (Soon To Find Out)…..

      Really?! you say it like your the only one that knows. To be honest I find that quite arrogant. It’s like no-one has read the comics but you. For those that haven’t….

      In one of many story lines I’ve read, Talia Al Ghul has relations with Batman, and also bears the fruit of old pointy ears loins. But I will say, in that storyline her father is still very much alive.