‘Dark Knight Rises’ CinemaCon Footage Recap: A Truly Epic Batman Finale

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Dark Knight Rises Batman vs. Bane Header Dark Knight Rises CinemaCon Footage Recap: A Truly Epic Batman Finale

Right now Avengers hype is at an all-time high as Marvel’s mega-movie crosses the finish line into theaters. Inevitably, talk is now turning to what Marvel Studios has allegedly done that DC/Warner Bros. has arguably not: built sufficient hype for their big summer tentpole film.

People are currently (at the time of writing this) mentioning The Dark Knight Rises in the same breath as the word “underwhelming” – but only for now. When the new Dark Knight Rises trailer is released in front of The Avengers next week, the talk will no doubt shift all over again. Or, you can scroll down and read about some recent Dark Knight Rises footage that was screened at CinemaCon this week, and possibly get that giddy Batman movie feeling right now.

Batman On Film was sent prompt word by reporters Sean Gerber and Josh Costella, who were on hand  at CinemaCon to cover the new sizzle reel of Dark Knight Rises footage that was unveiled. Below you’ll find a small excerpt from their report:

It opened with previously seen images from the PROLOGUEand teaser trailer before fading into brand new, incredible sequences. The first “money shot” has now been shown with Batman standing atop a bridge with the wind sweeping his cape behind him. Batman looks as badass as one would expect, but Bruce Wayne looks tired and in need of retirement.

Not all is bad for Bruce, though, as his love life appears to be on the upswing. There was a shot of he and Miranda Tate kissing (I’ve seen it reported elsewhere that he was kissing Selina Kyle, but it was definitely Tate) on what appeared to be the “morning after.”

The relationship between Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle is a little harder to pin down, as the footage sent mixed signals. Despite the evidence to the contrary, I was left with the feeling that Batman and Catwoman are indeed allies. There was a brief shot of the two of them fighting side-by-side, but more importantly was the sympathy Catwoman showed to Batman and his cause. “You’ve given them everything,” she tells Batman, to which he replies,”No I haven’t. Not yet.” I’m paraphrasing the beginning of Batman’s line, but I’m sure about the “Not yet” part.

We’ve seen his new aerial vehicle before and learned it’s name, The Bat, but this footage really showed it in action. It moves like a jet, doing a barrel roll as it whips over a Gotham skyscraper, but lands almost gently and efficiently like a helicopter within the safety of The Batcave. The Bat is cool. No doubt about it.

I’m sure there’s more that I’ve unintentionally left out, but the feeling I walked out of this presentation with was clear: THE DARK KNIGHT RISES truly looks like the very best of Christopher Nolan’s already legendary era of the franchise.

This is only a very small slice of what was screened in the presentation – for many, many, more juicy details, you need to head over to Batman On Film.

batman vs bane Dark Knight Rises CinemaCon Footage Recap: A Truly Epic Batman Finale

Batman and Bane in 'The Dark Knight Rises'

Having been called a ‘dirty little Nolan fan’ and everything in between for years now on this site, I am going to remain in a nice, safe, middle ground. So I’ll say what I have been saying all along: It’s going to be a very good year for superhero movies. Quite possibly the best we’re going to get.

If you listen to our latest Screen Rant Podcast, you’ll also hear us come to a conclusion that few seem to have reached: despite the trailers, set photos, set videos, rumors, spoilers, and even this footage report, we still know next to nothing in the way of confirmed information about what Dark Knight Rises’ plot is all about. We know there’s Batman, Bane, Catwoman – maybe some surprise guests – and the whole thing takes place eight years after The Dark Knight and is about some vague terrorist plot. Again, not very much.

The Dark Knight Rises in theaters on July 20, 2012.

Source: Batman On Film


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  1. Read the whole thing on Batman on film.
    I have decided we need a leaked video now.

  2. Awesome stuff

  3. I read the thing and it said banes voice was cleared up so that excuse can now be taken away from the non believers

    • we will see when we see.

      • you mean “hear”

    • Bane’s voice was the least of my concerns with this movie. He may sound better, but he still looks stupid with ridiculous mask. Catwoman still looks like a stripped version of Black Widow, she’s still carrying a gun instead of a whip. And Batman had to come out of RETIREMENT to fight Bane. Batman would NEVER retire, his obsession wouldn’t let him.

      • *Stripper

      • I think the Bane mask is scary as h*ll; would you have preferred a silly wrestler’s mask? I also think Catwoman’s outfit is underwhelming, but at least it’s not that atrocity Halle Berry got away with

      • Clearly you’ve never read the comics because he does retire.

  4. “The Bat”? Really? And here I was thinking that “The Dark Knight Rises” sounded like a lazy name choice…

    • Well bats fly…. and its just like calling in the batmobile or batbike…. batcopter sounds even worse.

    • Have to agree with Trey. Batcopter may be a time-honored name in the comics, but no reason to have the same name for something that can just as easily be called the Bat for good reason.

    • “The Bat”, after seeing Batman take on all of a bat’s characteristics – from echolocation/sonar vision and an enhanced sense of hearing, to being most ‘alive’ at night, the Bat epitomizes the ability of a bat – flying, not gliding, to attack its prey. so it makes sense to call it something that purely represents what it represents. no need for fancy hybrid words ( i reckon the batpod is the odd one out amongst this vehicle and the tumbler). nice and simple, short and sweet. But theres still more meaning to it:

      Adding a ‘the’ makes it much more epic – you can have ‘a’ tumbler, as there are others made, and batman can call it ‘his’/’my’ batpod, as it is something to own and be loaned to or stolen by catwoman. but i believe The Bat, although is used and owned by Batman as well, feels like a sentient being from the name. Can’t you picture the animalistic nature of it as it is chasing the enemy’s veicles like a bat would, swooping to catch its prey?

      • ^ you win haha

  5. The Dark Knight Rises flying beneath the radar
    is an ominous sign its cargo is indeed deadly
    and may yet leave devastation in its wake.

  6. Both The Avengers & The Dark Knight Rises will have an incredible opening. I’m curious to see what kind of numbers both of these films bring in once they have both finished their theatrical run. I can’t wait to add these two films to my ever expanding Blu-ray library.

    • ^^^ yes!

    • amen i cannot wait to buy the 3D avengers blu ray, and about the only 2 movies i truly love that i dont own is batman begins and the dark knight because im waiting for a collection set of batman films with all three

  7. Haven’t thought about the future of comic book movies before. But I think you may be right Kofi. This could easily be the best CB movie year we get! And I’m excited to be witnessing it! Can’t wait for this amazing summer to kick in!

    • Totally agree with you on that. However, if the Superman and Spider-man franchises both turn out to be really incredible, then we could potentially get a Superman, Spider-Man, and Avengers movie year in the future. I think that would definitely make the probability of besting this year more plausible. But even if that’s not the case, it may not matter. Avengers is doing incredible, living up to all of its hype and more according to many who have already seen the film, Batman will most likely be a revelation, and Spider-man… I don’t know, but Spidey’s my favorite character and I’m looking forward to the reboot so we’ll see.

    • It’s the best movie year I can remember: Avengers, Prometheus, TDKR, Amazing Spiderman, Brave, The Hobbit and three of them are filmed in native 3D, I’m getting poor this year, so much tickets to buy.

  8. Some vague terrorist plot? Com’on, I think we all know that this movie will take about the economy with its occupy Gotham theme as expressed by Selina Kyle in the second trailer. Anyway very exciting to see the new trailer and what is going to be in store for us.

  9. I still think it should of been riddler and penquin i think Bane should have more of the comic look not a sub zero mask look and catwoman looks something like out of adam west batman whoever decides to make Batman after this i think a really coolArkham Asylum and Arkham City trilogy based off the games. Im sure this will still be a awesome movie despite the awful look villians

  10. I still think it should of been riddler and penquin i think Bane should have more of the comic look not a sub zero mask look and catwoman looks something like out of adam west batman whoever decides to make Batman after this i think a really coolArkham Asylum and Arkham City trilogy based off the games. Im sure this will still be a awesome movie

  11. I still think it should of been riddler and penquin i think Bane should have more of the comic look not a sub zero mask look and catwoman looks something like out of adam west batman whoever decides to make Batman after this i think a really coolArkham Asylum and Arkham City trilogy based off the games.

    • Id love to see a movie adaptation of arkham asylum and city but there is to many characters so they would have to cut someone out. I can’t see them attempting the joker again. But id really like to see harley quinn and the riddler again like you said.

  12. Batman is the best comic and have the memorable villians maybe the next Batman we will have a director who will do the cgi characters Clayface would be awesome. Killer Kroc would be epic. Black Mask i think Ben kingsley would be a awesome hugo strange

  13. I have no doubts that this film has the potential to be one of, if not the greatest comic book film of all time. Nolan didn’t disappoint before and I feel that he is going to surpass all expectation and give us one hell of a grand finale.

  14. Oh def true truf. Just saying wouldnt it be something if Tim Burton came back to do the Arkham Asylum Trilogy game based movie just saying

    • Or darren ornophskey or howver you spell it lol

      • Darren Afronsky (i thnk lol) actually wanted to create an even more realistic & grittier Batman. His Bruce would have been raised by a mechanic named Big Al. It would have been more an elsewhere title than Batman movie.

  15. MattVaughn would be a awesome director did a awesome job with Kickass and Xmen first class

    • I hated x-men first class.

      • oops, misread. I thought you said ‘X-men Last Stand’

  16. “People are currently (at the time of writing this) mentioning The Dark Knight Rises in the same breath as the word “underwhelming” – but only for now.” says it all for me, for now.

  17. The fire is definitley rising ALL you Batman/Nolan haters, u know you feel it. Admit defeat.

    • No. I don’t think so. Some brief footage description that doesn’t sound all that exciting isn’t going to sway me. But obviously, I realise no one is allowed to say anything bad about the Lord Nolan.

      • If you don’t like Nolan, and you don’t like his Batman trilogy, why do you bother to comment on every TDKR article? All I have seen from you, sir, is hating masked as some sort of high mindedness. It is obvious from your previous comments that you already have some sort of bias against this movie after seeing nothing but one trailer and one teaser. Why don’t you do us all a favor, pull up your Spidey under-roos, put on your Excelcior T shirt, and move it on over to the Avengers thread, Stan.

  18. Oh, Gotham, will Batman pay the ultimate price for your sorry, corrupt ass?!

    • Only if we’re lucky

  19. That description sounds pretty good (although, that guy doesn’t really sound too sure of what he saw lol ;))
    I’m hoping his description is accurate though, because I really want to see that “money shot” of Batman. In BB and TDK there wasn’t really a shot like that (of which I can recall) – you know, the classic shot of Batman standing/crouching on a high building, looking out over Gotham (I really love shots like that).
    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I hope TDKR turns out to be a BATMAN movie…

    • You need to put your glasses on and rewatch those movies if you think there was not an ICONIC pose of Batman on top of building looking over Gotham !

      • I’ve watched BB 9 times and TDK 4 times… the (arguably) iconic poses that Batman had in those movies weren’t that good/memorable IMO.
        I remember a nice one in BB though, but once again, it’s not really the type of iconic pose I’ll be remembering for years to come…

        • Batman ontop of the building in china is a money shot lol

          • Not that memorable though (IMO)…
            The part of that scene that I remember the most was Batman jumping off of that building and gliding towards the other building, not the “hero pose” of him looking out over the city.

            • In Batman Begins, the motion shot of Batman standing on the gargoyle. Classic Batman pose.

            • Actually in The Dark Knight, Batman talks to Fox (I think) standing on top of Sears Tower looking over Gotham, which was epic!

        • I’ve always gotten the feeling that Nolan is more into story and character than ‘iconic poses’. All the ridiculous poses in the world couldn’t make Tim Burton’s Batman films any good

          • Tim Burton’s Batman movies were great, when he left the franchise is when it went bad.

    • Well so far Nolan has brought us a Bruce Wayne movie and a Joker movie, is TDKR just a Bane and Catwoman movie?

      • interesting claim.. so nolan might have a similar challenge to whedon – balancing the significance of an iconic ensemble cast

        • And if anything Nolan has an even bigger job in that respect, trying to balance, Talia, Bane, a backstory with Ra’s and the League Of Shadows, and Batman and Catwoman, and god knows what else. Plus JGL mysterious character. Nolan has to end things. Whedon is just starting.

          • Because nolan is ending things, he doesn’t have to dedicate too much to juggling characters. No need for JGL to get as much screen time as bane.

            • i dont think ‘screen time’ is relevant – there can still be a significant effect of a character on the story regardless of how much you see of him/her.
              and just because things are ending i dont think that can be used as a cop out or something in giving attention to characters.

              Not really agreeing with his ‘Bruce Wayne’ and ‘Joker’ movie remarks, but DrSamBeckett’s right about the probably bigger challenge for Nolan. but i believe he has learned from his alleged mistakes

              • I agree, a character can have a huge impact regardless of screen time, it’s finding a way to juggle all of them and create a satisfying climax.

              • thats fine…I just disagree that he has more of a juggling act to do than whedon who is juggling major characters. Impact is irrevelant if he only has 8 min on film…that’s my point.

                • Nolan isn’t juggling batman superman green lantern flash wonder woman

  20. Ra’s Al Ghul (Liam Neeson) will show up in the end for sure and go mano y mano with Batman, after Bats finishes off Bane. This is my gut feel for this flick.

    • Well that would truly make it worth watching” But I doubt it will be anything as cool.

      • You really take any chance you get to bash this movie DR lol

        • hahahahahaga

  21. If you listen to our latest Screen Rant Podcast, you’ll also hear us come to a conclusion that few seem to have reached


  22. Well, I just can’t seem to get excited about this movie like TA. TDKR is 2nd on my most anticipated list, and maybe the excitement will build after watching TA a couple…five…eleven times :-D . And who knows; maybe this newest trailer will up the ante quite a bit.

  23. To call these Batmans, comicbook movies, is like calling Rocky a sports movie. The Nolan Batmans are crime dramas based off a comicbook character. Burton & Schumacher’s(cough*sucked*cough)were comicbook movies.

    • Listen to you. lol. You do know that Nolan’s tone & atyle came directly right from the comics. You may also be unaware that comics are not all written on the same note. The Avengers even has a highly realistc & gritty version in the comics. Suprise! I know.