Video of The ‘Batwing’ From The Dark Knight Rises; More Catwoman Images

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Batwing Dark Knight Rises Video of The Batwing From The Dark Knight Rises; More Catwoman Images

Hot on the heals of news that the fan-favorite Batwing would appear in Christopher Nolan’s third Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises, we now have video of the machine in action. But that’s not all, the public shoot has also revealed other interesting tidbits – another action-packed Catwoman set-piece as well as Joseph Gordon-Levitt on-set.

As we’ve previously warned, on-set shooting details can provide MILD to MEDIUM SPOILERS for The Dark Knight Rises. If you are attempting to avoid spoilers altogether, please be advised to turn away now – you have been WARNED.

Still here? Here we go…

First-up we’ve got new images and video of the infamous flying machine that surfaced on a highway yesterday during The Dark Knight Rises shoot. While the images certainly hinted at the possibility the vehicle was Nolan’s take on the classic Bat-plane, the Batwing, the new video abolishes any lingering uncertainty.

Check out the video of Nolan’s Batwing in action below followed by an image of the vehicle on-set (courtesy of NolanFans):


Dark Kinght Rises Batwing 570x427 Video of The Batwing From The Dark Knight Rises; More Catwoman Images


Astute moviegoers will no doubt notice a strong similarity to the military vehicles in James Cameron’s Avatar – especially when the Batwing is viewed from the side.

Certainly the appearance of the Batwing is the most exciting Batman news of the last couple days but, considering the number of comments on our prior Catwoman posts, a lot of moviegoers are no doubt anxious for another look at the character. While the following images will no doubt fail to put the lingering Catwoman mask debate to rest, the pictures – which once again feature the anti-heroine on the Bat-Pod – definitely corroborate another fan-fueled piece of speculation: that Batman and Catwoman become involved in a high-speed game of Cat and Bat.

Check out the images below (courtesy of CBM):

Last up, following renewed speculation that Inception star Joseph Gordon-Levitt will actually be playing The Riddler, we’ve got footage of the actor on-set (sans a gaudy green super-villain costume).

Take a look at Gordon-Levitt on set below:

Batman fans are certainly getting an unprecedented behind the scenes look at one of the most highly-anticipated films of next summer. That said, despite all the reveals, there’s a surprising amount of information that’s still up in the air – with the public production actually serving-up more questions than answers. Is Gordon-Levitt The Riddler? What does Catwoman’s full costume look like? What kind of bomb does Bane use in the Heinz Stadium scene?

Time will tell but we’ll be sure to keep you posted as more Dark Knight Rises details are announced… or leak out.


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The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters July 20, 2012.

Source: NolanFans and CBM

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  1. oh pardon me i siad that the ” scorpion transformer” looking tail behind the vehicle was that it was a camera set wasn`t it.

  2. 1st comment yyaaaaa…!!!!

    • actually ure second comment lol
      and Joseph Gordon-Levitt is gonna be the riddler? sickk

  3. damn!

  4. Yes, best news of the day is the visual confrimation that Selina Kyle/ will not be confined to a ponytail.

  5. Ugh…there’s way, way too much info leaking about this film. This is probably the last DKR link I’ll be clicking on until after I see the film.

    • Yah i have to agree. i like spoilers but this is one of those moments in the movie where the audience assumes the villain has the upper hand. Then all of a sudden… Batman ups the ante and unleashes his response in the form of a new kind of augmentation developed without our knowledge to that point. A secret weapon if you will to change the game. level the competition. And strike down this violent uphevial by any and all means nessicary.

      As i said before i come to this site religiously and it is not the fault of the people here. But someone on that set. Needs to seriously put a cork in it. It’s far better and frankly more entertaining for us to speculate on what’s going to happen than have all of these whoppers being revealed before our eyes.

      That being said. The notion of escalation is obvious here. Batman is pulling no punches. I am officially sold. This will not be conservative like the last two movies. Christopher Nolan is definately altering the design, not overwhelmingly (this is not Batman & Robin redux ) but just enough . He has already dealt with dread and loss. Now it’s time for redemption and ressurection. Which is his secret to ending the trillogy.

      In my opinion. He is looking to end this trilogy on such a note that when the movie ends. You’ll literally burst out of your seat. Saying.

      “Now that Is what i’m talking about! Lets get back in line and see this again!”

      • Yes!

        Also, it’s been fear and chaos so far, actually, not dread and loss. And chaos equals fear. Maybe “escalation” is the watchword for this film.

  6. I wonder if there will be more to the batwing than what we’re seeing added on digitally. As it is, it looks sort of…unfinished?

    • That thing looks like a cast iron waffle maker.

  7. Man I’d like her to ride my Bat Pod… wait……. eww!

  8. I really really hope that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is playing The Riddler :)

  9. I think it’s perfectly plausible that “John Blake” will be revealed to actually be Edward Nygma, though there are a few things that I think Nolan will do with the character…

    1. He will never be referred to as “The Riddler” only as either John or Edward.
    2. He will never adopt the classic costume. Maybe towards the end of the film he will have certain traits from the character e.g. he may be wearing a green coat to give a little nod to the fans.
    3. He uses he alter ego “John Blake” in order to gain information on Bruce Wayne/Batman. Probably a detective that was assigned to the recapture of Bane.
    4. He won’t leave riddles all over the place, he will be a much darker and serious character (think Riddler from “Batman: Arkham Asylum”).
    5. He will be the mastermind…he leads Talia to Bruce. He leads Bane to Batman etc.
    6. Selina Kyle will start as his accomplice but after spending time with Bruce she falls in love, the one thing Edward was not counting on and so he turns Bane on Catwoman and Batman has to save her.
    7. At the end he will be overthrown by Talia and Bane who join forces to take out both Batman and Catwoman.
    8. Batman Rises up to the task of being “what ever Gotham needs him to be” this time, they needed him to be the hero.
    9. Remember Batman “can make the choice no one else can make…the right choice” I think this line will be a big part of the theme for The Dark Knight Rises

    That’s me folks :)

    • You just listed 9 Great Reasons The Riddler Will NOT be in DKR. LOL

      “He won’t leave riddles all over the place, he will be a much darker and serious character (think Riddler from “Batman: Arkham Asylum”).”

      Did you even play Arkham Asylum?

      • I think he may be referring to the more sinister side of “The Riddler” shown in “Batman: Arkham Asylum”, for example when “The Riddler” tells the joke about the baby and cutting off its legs. He was definitely portrayed as mentally insane in that game as opposed to being obsessive compulsive; something that in my opinion would work well for Nolan’s “Batman” films.

        On the subject; I doubt “The Riddler” will make an appearance in the film. If he does, it will be a cameo played by some unknown actor, much like “Victor Zsasz” was portrayed in “Batman Begins”.

        On a different subject; anyone thought about a “Batman 4″ or reboot? I have. I made the call some months ago, here is what I think the next “Batman” film will be and what evidence I have to back it up…

        My prediction is: “The Dark Knight Returns” directed by Zack Snyder for a release of 2014 – 2015. And here are my reasons for making this prediction…

        1. Zack Snyder has once before adapted works by Frank Miller (“300″).
        2. He currently has nothing scheduled after “Man of Steel”.
        3. He directed “Watchmen”, another epic superhero comic book (sorry…I meant graphic novel).
        4. ^ “Watchmen” was also published by DC.
        5. He proved with “Watchmen” that he can make a faithful comic book film yet keep a dark tone to it.

        Am I right? Tell me I’m wrong. Either way, I made the call here first!

        • Forgot to mention…

          6. He’s directing a “Superman” film. “Superman” appears in “The Dark knight Returns”…”Superman” cameo anyone? Possibly even a “Batman” cameo in “Man of Steel” huh? Anyone? Anyone at all?

          • First, I am all for DC keeping their properties separate and I firmly believe they can still make a JLA with different versions of characters, successfully.

            That is to say, I’m not someone who thinks there needs to be crossovers, faith to “cannon,” etc.

            Just so you know.

            That said, a friend proposed to me a while back that he thought it would be a great way to introduce Superman in the last Batman movie. Present him from the viewpoint of Batman and have Superman as a very shocking alien notion in a “realish” world. And it could be something like DKR, where there are lots of red and blue streaks, then when he appears he’s godlike.

            I think it would be a very interesting idea.

            Not going to happen though. I expect that the Superman movie will be a whole different style than Batman (which are so distinctly Nolan). I prefer that. Marvel movies are becoming indistinguishable from one another.

            • Did you even read his comment? He specifically says that “Man of Steel” would be the beginning of “DC’s “Cinematic Universe”; a universe that Zack Snyder would be first establish. You don’t know what is going on behind the scenes, DC could have something big planned. It’s suspicious to me that “Man of Steel” was pushed back six months, I reckon DC are getting ready to prep a “Batman” reboot, “Flash” and possibly a “Green Lantern” reboot – What’s to say that the reason “Man of Steel” was held off was 1. To find time to cast these characters so that all of them, if not, one could make a cameo in “Man of Steel” and 2. To firmly establish this is a beginning e.g. 2013 – New year/fresh start.

              I think it would make sense for Snyder to direct “The Dark Knight Returns” after he’s finished with “Superman”…in terms of a “JLA” movie it would make sense as to why Christian Bale isn’t “Batman”. I reckon DC has a plan similar to Marvel…

              “Man of Steel”
              It’s also rumoured that “Flash” will make his début that year too.

              Possibly a “Batman” reboot, though I think 2015 is more likely, but hey…Marvel didn’t put any films out 2009.

              Like I said Most probably a “Batman’ reboot.
              And most likely “JLA”

  10. I dont get it, why dies the video of JGL hint that he might be the riddler? I dont see any green on him at all…??

    • You didn’t miss anything in the JGL video…nothing in it indicates the possibility of the Riddler…That is simply more speculation, as is the identification of the mystery vehicle as the “Batwing”.

      No one associated with production has stated or even implied that’s what it is, but a ridiculous number of people (both those who like what has been shown so far AND those who hate it) have merely assumed it is any sort of plane.

      Why can it not be some kind of state-of-the-art hovercraft OR, as some have stated, an advanced copter (the rotor blades might be internally stowed OR CGIed in, after the scenes with the vehicle are shot)?

      Personally, I think what LITTLE of it we have actually seen so far looks great and quite logical for navigating the urban warzone Gotham may indeed become.

      Oh, and for those upset that Batman’s vehicles have not had a “bat” theme, I wish to point out two important facts:

      This whole trilogy takes place at the beginning of his career, so he will naturally be overly cautious (body armor, fast tank/car, etc.). Nothing in the films denies the possibility that, after he has been active for five or six years and firmly established himself in Gotham City, Batman might indeed switch to a cloth outfit and a more sporty, BATmobile and/or Batjet.

      The second point is that Bruce is currently less flexible in his acquisition of resources than he will likely become once he has established definite and varied contacts and methods. Now, he must be more brutal and physical in his mission to to build his dangerous reputation among criminals (they already know he won’ t kill, but what WILL he do?). Later, he can fully embrace subtlety.

      I cannot wait to see how this trilogy finishes…I am excited! :)

  11. So, where exactly is this Batwing they´re talking about?

    • I believe you’re supposed ro read the article & look at the pictures before commenting.

      • Nice…heh-heh.

      • Its probably not going to be called a Bat Wing, Just like the TUMBLER was not called the BAT MOBILE.

        I like the way it looks. It doesnt have to be Tim Burton’s design because, well, this isn’t Tim Burton’s movie. Its similar to the Tumbler, which is what it needs to because this is Nolan’s Movie. So it would only make sense to have things look similar to the first two movies and not out of place.

      • I read the article and I had a look at the pics. The only Bat-Plane I can see is Burton´s. The other thing looks like a Transformer with Down Syndrome.

        • And they should all look like burtons. It should never change . If it doesnt look like burton’s, then it aint right! Right?

          • Hahaha I love when sarcasm is translated well into text.

          • I didn´t say that, you twisted my words. I just said that Nolan´s Bat-Plane doesn´t look like a plane. It looks like a Hunter-Killer from Terminator…

            • I think it looks like a mix of the Hunter Killer and the A.I. jet in the movie Stealth.

        • If it really is the batwing, it’s not hard to imagine that it’s the central fusilage, and they’re going CG the wings & other elements. Granted it’s not exactly aerodynamic but it does fit with the aesthetic established by the tumbler. Of course it could turn out to just be a tumbler that has unfolded to launch weapons.

        • Agreed, looks like crap. I was really hoping this time around we would get a new batmobile, batsuit and better looking catwoman.

  12. I don’t know where people get this crazy idea that the Riddler or the Batwing will be in this film. Nolan has stated himself that the Riddler will not be in this film, so that eliminates that rumor. As far as the Batwing rumor, anyone with eyes could tell that it is a dismantled tumbler that is obviously probably being used for interior tumbler shots.

    • Did you watch the video? The front cockpit area of this vehicle is significantly different than the tumbler…

      • Yeah, if you check out the videos on superherohype (three of them) it is obviously some sort of hover-enabled craft that is filmed flying through the streets.

        I like it. It reminds me of a smaller version of the drop ship from Aliens.
        Plus a jet plane would be useless to fly through the streets of a city.

    • Any fool can easily see that this thing has rear and side wings on it. Your are impossibly mistaken. Next time before you write a comment try looking at the video first.

      Good grief.

  13. so is the tumbler going to turn into the bat wing it looks like it could

  14. I see JGL either getting dropped off by a Bane tumbler with a gas can looking like hes up to no good like hes one of the bad guys?

    But then it also seems like the Bane Tumbler is patrolling the streets and it kinda looks like hes waiting for it to go by, like hes trying to avoid it and not be seen by it, hinting hes NOT one of the bad guys?

    Subaruwrxfan (who shot the video) said hes taking the gas can to go burn down an orphanage….. Or at least taking the gas can to an orphanage according to his video description

    thoughts anyone? clear this up for me?

  15. Does it seem from the video of JGL that maybe the city is under banes control?! The camo tumbler looked like it was patrolling the streets. And why was JGL crossing the street with a petrol (gasoline) can?

    • Just realized my post asks the same sorta things as Tim’s above. Making my comment a bit pointless. I really should read all the other posts before commenting.

  16. Her’s a close up video of the new batwing

    If the link is allowed that is.

    • D*CK you beat me to it! lol

  17. Batman: “Hey Bane, Catwoman, you guys can have the tumblers and the bat-pod. I got this huge flying massive tank things with missiles and S*it. Who’s running the streets now?!”


  18. Did they take that thing off the specs for the alien craft in the Battleship film. It’s atrocious. But hey, maybe it will look better in post production.

  19. Why is there a Transformer in the next Batman flick? Honestly that thing looks like its gonna turn into Megatron any minute. Seriously, why don’t any of his vehicles or gadgets look like bats or have the a bat insignia on them, ever? Hell put the yellow bat on his armor.

    “Because it would be unrealistic.” Oh right.

    • More along the lines of it wouldn’t fit Nolan’s idea of his batman world.

      • Funny how I see that retort everytime someone doesn’t like a Nolan concept for Batman.

        BTW, it would fit if he would’ve gone that route at the beginning. Buttons batmobile was just a supped up corvette, not some tank thing. That’s more “realistic” than the tumbler. Note: I don’t really mind the tumbler.

        • Wayne Enterprises (I forgot what department) were building equipment for the MILITARY, that never worked out because it cost too much. Wayne enterprises weren’t designing equipment for the military to look like BATS. That’s what whole point plot of the origin of the series. That’s what you’re over looking. Bruce is not building this sh*t! It was already built! Therefore, its not going to have a BAT resemblance, but he is just using all of it for his own benefit.

          This is technically the origins of the bat. Maybe after 15 years of serving gotham, Bruce would start building stuff with bat resemblances. But for right now, he’s just using whatever he and L. Fox can find in the Wayne tower.

          • Meant to be a new post, not a reply…

        • Actually it wasnt.

          • Wasn’t what?

            • Buttons batmobile was just a supped up corvette, not some tank thing. I believed it was based of the Impala frame.

              • It was built on a impalla chassi, but the body style is clearly a modified corvette frame.

  20. Awesome pics and videos. I think they nailed it by totally re-designing the batwing, just as they did with the bat-mobile.

  21. Am I the only one that thinks that the more and more that leaks,the more I realize that this movie is going to be a mess(if the rumors are true)?

    There’s just entirely too much going on for it to even be satisfying when it’s over.

    I’m trying to stay hopeful,but I guess I have to draw a like somewhere.

    With all of these characters and presumable plot and side plots,Nolan is setting himself up to either be the goat or a hero.If he can actually pull this movie off,then he’ll probably be heralded as the greatest director in Hollywood.

    • how can you even make that prediction with nothing but uncut footage with no dialogue and no idea of what is going on in the movie. everyone and their mother was so sure heath ledger was going to be the worst joker ever and now look. everyone can say whatever they want i guess but to jump the gun and say this movie will suck without even seeing the final cut seems kind of self absorbed and pompous. chris nolan isn’t the type of director to make a ridiculous movie just to cash in. hes a story teller and makes his art firstly for himself and secondly for the viewer which is a quality only good artists posses.

      • 1)I said that this movie has potential to be a mess.I’m talking about the plot because it “seems” that there is too much going on.

        2)I’m getting sick of people extrapolating that “everyone” thought that Leger would be a bad Joker.I didn’t think so and I know of others that felt the same way.

        My concerns are all plot related,and how the characters will be portrayed,but that’s a less concern than the former.

        funny how if anyone has anything a tad bit negative to say that all the fanboys will jump out of the wood works to defend it,when both arguments are legit.For the same reasons that people think that it’s going to be great,an argument can be made that it won’t be,but neither side really knows.

        I’m really hoping it will be great,because I loved the first two,and who the hell wants to see a bad movie anyway?I just don’t have a lot of trust in movie making today,the way that things have been going for the past few years.

        Nolan has banked a ton of movie cred,but if Spielberg can make a crappy movie,then anyone can,imo,and I’m just hoping that Nolan hasn’t finally bit off more than he can chew.

    • What rumors, exactly?

      I figured on a site like Screen Rant, where a bunch of film nerds reside, the commenters would have a better understanding of how a film is made. Leaked photos and video of filming are never any indication of how good or bad a film will be….the footage looks nothing like what the end-product will be, it’s not even from the same ANGLE for f@ck’s sake.

      It seems to me that people aren’t taking any of this into consideration when watching spoiler footage. From here on out, apply a filter to what you’re seeing. Remind yourself “this is going to look totally different when they’re done with it.” You have been educated and informed. You’re welcome.

    • they never showed anything about the movie they just show characters its not like the movie is ruined

  22. I for one cant wait to see how this all, the only this movie fails if the fan base just has raised the bar to high!

  23. According to what we’re seeing in the video is actually the Bat-copter and not the Batwing as rumor would have it. They’re reporting that the rotor blades will be CGI and added in post. The link to the article is below. They also have more video showing it moving through the streets of Gotham aka Pittsburgh.

    • So you think he’s got so much budget he can make fake scenes, fake props, and even film these fake scenes?

      Do you wear a tinfoil hat?

      • Weird – this reply was meant for Clu down below, don’t know how it ended up here.

  24. He already is the greatest director in hollywood. This is why the 3rd movie always “fails.” It is because people like you that these movies fail to live up to the insane expectations you fans have after the first two movies. What has Nolan done for us but create cinmeatic magic with EVERY movie he makes including the TWO GREATEST Batman movies ever. Just leave it to Nolan and you will be surprised.

    • I could name you a list of 3rd movies that were not fails so your point in invalid

  25. Would Nolan haters rather see Tim Burtons take on children tales (which all have a 50/50 chance of ending up as a snuff film due to the creepy factor in those films)?

  26. Really ?
    He already did that with the Batpod!
    You can clearly see that its the top of the tumbler.
    Don’t get me wrong, it looks intensley badass, But, you know,
    It doesn’t look to aro dynamic to me.

  27. They should just release movies in little 5 minute clips over the course of the year, that way nobody will have to wait and watch the whole thing….

  28. I think Nolan is messing with the fans. These are all decoys to throw the internet world off it’s trail. A schedule of a days shoot might read like this:

    1.) Shoot fight scene between Batman and Bane
    2.) Shoot kissing scene between Catwoman and Batman
    3.) Have grip drive fake bat flying machine that will never be in the finished film around the streets of Pittsburgh to throw fan sites like this off the scent.

    All this predicting/guessing/hoping is fun. Also, give Nolan some credit. His vision has been spot on with Batman. He’s too bright to screw this up.

  29. Im even more pumped for this movie if thats even possible? lol….

    So will batman hook up with catwoman or what? If not then i think Bruce dies.

    • Both. He hooks up with Catwoman, and dies from untreated venereal disease 10 years later.

      • ouch!