Video of The ‘Batwing’ From The Dark Knight Rises; More Catwoman Images

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Batwing Dark Knight Rises Video of The Batwing From The Dark Knight Rises; More Catwoman Images

Hot on the heals of news that the fan-favorite Batwing would appear in Christopher Nolan’s third Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises, we now have video of the machine in action. But that’s not all, the public shoot has also revealed other interesting tidbits – another action-packed Catwoman set-piece as well as Joseph Gordon-Levitt on-set.

As we’ve previously warned, on-set shooting details can provide MILD to MEDIUM SPOILERS for The Dark Knight Rises. If you are attempting to avoid spoilers altogether, please be advised to turn away now – you have been WARNED.

Still here? Here we go…

First-up we’ve got new images and video of the infamous flying machine that surfaced on a highway yesterday during The Dark Knight Rises shoot. While the images certainly hinted at the possibility the vehicle was Nolan’s take on the classic Bat-plane, the Batwing, the new video abolishes any lingering uncertainty.

Check out the video of Nolan’s Batwing in action below followed by an image of the vehicle on-set (courtesy of NolanFans):

Dark Kinght Rises Batwing 570x427 Video of The Batwing From The Dark Knight Rises; More Catwoman Images

Astute moviegoers will no doubt notice a strong similarity to the military vehicles in James Cameron’s Avatar – especially when the Batwing is viewed from the side.

Certainly the appearance of the Batwing is the most exciting Batman news of the last couple days but, considering the number of comments on our prior Catwoman posts, a lot of moviegoers are no doubt anxious for another look at the character. While the following images will no doubt fail to put the lingering Catwoman mask debate to rest, the pictures – which once again feature the anti-heroine on the Bat-Pod – definitely corroborate another fan-fueled piece of speculation: that Batman and Catwoman become involved in a high-speed game of Cat and Bat.

Check out the images below (courtesy of CBM):

Last up, following renewed speculation that Inception star Joseph Gordon-Levitt will actually be playing The Riddler, we’ve got footage of the actor on-set (sans a gaudy green super-villain costume).

Take a look at Gordon-Levitt on set below:

Batman fans are certainly getting an unprecedented behind the scenes look at one of the most highly-anticipated films of next summer. That said, despite all the reveals, there’s a surprising amount of information that’s still up in the air – with the public production actually serving-up more questions than answers. Is Gordon-Levitt The Riddler? What does Catwoman’s full costume look like? What kind of bomb does Bane use in the Heinz Stadium scene?

Time will tell but we’ll be sure to keep you posted as more Dark Knight Rises details are announced… or leak out.

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The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters July 20, 2012.

Source: NolanFans and CBM

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  1. I believe in Chis Nolan.

    • I believe in the Tooth Fairy

      • I believe whatever doesn’t kill you simply makes you stranger.

        • true That!!!

      • Chris Nolan hasn’t let me down so far.

        • Why do we fall? So we can pick ourselves back up.

  2. Okay the Batwing…looks more like a hover craft to me right now than a jet or chopper. Second if it shows snow on the ground in the video of JGL does that mean this story may be taking place over the course of a whole year or just in the fall/winter?

  3. is that the BATWING???? it looks more like a FLYING GIANT CRAB hehehe

  4. I guess we`re going to run out of unknown actors/actresses/celebrities once in a while. Anne Hathaway may make a good role in this film but looking at other films I just can`t compare her to superhero franchise`s type also that bat-jet looks alot cooler than that huge piece of transformer`s metalbot-looking flesh then again i know aircraft shooting is more expensive but that thing looks odd and i don`t know how it`ll fit into the streets.
    Sorry, but if this film is crappy with several over difficulties of flaws i think it`ll ruin the franchise for me if it`s about up to 80% as bad as the last film or spidey 3 though i know every film has a conflict the bale batman franchise is DOOMED TO ROTTEN TOAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! also bale`s voice is notably either from a throat buried under sand or sick and strep as well as british make him sound more american like the last film if you can.

  5. how about make him have more bat weapons or vehicle weapons oh pardon me already being filmed if only batman could fly for atleast 2 minutes.

    • whats wrong with your brain? You need to get it checked, seriously…

  6. If that big heap of scrap metal is the Batwing, wellll, ok. I’m just not seeing the aerodynamics of it. Long way to go on this movie.

    • It’s not scrap – looks more like it has a surface designed for the addition of CGI afterwards. I’m not really sure how rotoscoping works, or if it even does with inanimate objects; anyway, something along those lines might what we’re looking at here. It will turn into the Batwing or Batchopper later on, with a dose of “movie magic.”

      Which would also explain why Mr. Nolan hasn’t closed the set. With this and maybe other things as well, we’re seeing the reality, but we have no clue as to how it will be appear onscreen. These are secrets hidden in plain sight.

      A writer at Cracked wrote, back in ’09, that the biggest disaster that really could happen in 2012 would be the third Batman movie being a flop. I don’t think that’s going to happen, although they set the bar incredibly high in the last film. The teaser trailer has the right “feel” to me. I just wonder: a) How they’re going to tie up all the loose ends; and b) Will Bruce ever get out of that well? I really cared about Bruce Wayne’s own personal drama after BB, which is unusual for a comic book movie. Wonder how it all ends….

  7. Meh

    I think the original Batwin smokes the steathfighter-blue thunder raped victim mobile

  8. People, it’s Christopher Nolan!! The guy is a beast and he really knows how to write a strong script and direct the hell out of a movie. This won’t be a fail.

  9. I highly doubt with dailies, photo shots, mockups, angles etc, Nolan is going to release a POS movie. You can’t judge a movie from on set photos, it will look nothing like this as a final movie.

  10. Boy…they sure are skimping on the production value. You can CLEARLY see the car underneath the BatWing.

    • Har, Har! Knee Slapper!

  11. This will be good, much better than The Avengers.

    • Really?? They can’t be compared. They are two completely different kinds of movies. It’s like comparing “Remember the Titans” with “The Little Giants.” It just doesn’t work. Box office wise, maybe. But even so, this is the last of an awesome series and avenger is the first multi-superhero movie so its all up in the air imo

  12. Im so thankful that there was finally justice done to Batman. This will be my last post on anything Batman until I c it. To much info comeing out. I have no doubt this movie will b jaw droping and stunning in every aspect. Thank u Chris Nolan for a very respectful trilogy. when the incarnations get worse in the future we can allways look back and say at least we had the Nolan verse.

  13. Well, “The Dark Knight” was just on TV again, and I found myself thoroughly engrossed and satisfied, once more. I absolutely love that film. :)

    Seeing TDK again propelled me EVEN further into the realm of excitement and anticipation for TDKR…I am very much looking forward to its release.

    Also, for those concerned about all the “spoilers” coming out for the film, there IS an exceedingly simple solution: Don’t click on and/or read any of them. Otherwise, you REALLY have no right to complain about information overkill…

    • Hmmm, that should have been “overload”, but considering all of the complaining occurring, “overkill” seems to fit too.


    • Yea I watched the first half of the film before heading out and I still love it.

      On the subject of the new Batplane/Batgyro I am glad it doesn’t look like a bat shaped plane from the comics. I like how Bruce is using prototype weapons and vehicles from WayneCorp’s R&D department. As for the actual design and function it looks like a highly manevuerable, low altitude harrier/helicopter blend for use in the confines of a city.

      As for the design of Bane & “Selina Kyle” — I dont know. Bane being shorter than the Batman could work out in the long run with the implemention of venom, as the teaser showed him hulking over the Batman. Selina Kyle could go from a a simple thief into a more theatrical catwomam throughout the film. On the other hand, I wouldnt really care if she didn’t. She originally was a thief (without a costume) nicknamed the cat. I hope there is no obessesion woth stray cats either (cat owners freak me out). I really cant wait to find out the real plot of them film as Nolan has twice used misdirection in his bat films. BB had the Ra’s Al Ghul/Henri Ducard switch up. TDK was really a Harvey Dent story with the Joker more as a red herring. I wonder what the “true” story of TDKR will be.

      • I am so very happy you point all of these things out…People need to know.


  14. Dante, pull your head out of your ass. I meant it as a joke/sarcasm.

  15. I’m pretty sure this third installment is for the fans of Batman only. Those who expect to see another Joker will be somewhat disappointed. With that said, it’s all starting to look like Batman is going to have an all out war against Bane and Talia considering the amount of leaks that show Tumblers and this Batwing ( whatever they are gonna call in the movie ). This will be a serious action flick with tense emotional drama. I can’t wait !

    • Talia won’t be in this movie. Bane is the main villain. Just read the Knightfall saga and you’ll realize how irrelevant Talia is and what a big deal Bane is.

  16. Everything I see for this movie gets me less and less excited for it, short Bane, Catwoman in goggles, the same boring Tumbler AGAIN, instead of a cooler looking redesigned Batmobile. That thing doesn’t even resemble the Batwing from the comics. It looks like they’re using an alien ship from that “Battleship” movie.

    • Well enjoy The Avengers. May I offer a suggestion, since you are in a constant state of displeasure when seeing photos, videos, etc. simply ignore the posts. I know its been said many times, but it is a just a suggestion.

      Have a good day.

      • I know but I’m still curious though lol. Then I see it and go “Um…cool? I guess?”

    • i agree to some degree,the plot ive known for a while read the script from a source from a person at warner bros.all i can say thats its gonna have the best storyline and plot of all the other two.. as of the casting of bane its dissapointing and im not too keen of bane..alot of people that dont follow the comics wont know who bane of the catwoman ,the majority of people want to see the catwoman more than bane,the villian is one of the most popular characters in the batman franchise..casting hathaway is such a dissapointment,she better pull a health ledger into the character,if not major criticisim is gonna happen ,the tumbler is fine..the batwing should at least look a little similar to the comics,in all im not too hyped with this film cause i know it wont be as good as the last thing ras algul’s daughter is involved in the movie..

      • i mean ras alguls sister i mean

  17. Not to come off as a pervert, but I had my doubts for Anne Hathaway as Catwoman. I can now admit she looks amazing in that suit. Batwing looks cool, too.

  18. What spoilers?

    We saw the ‘batplane’ flying. Did you not expect it to fly?

    We saw JGL with a gas can walking across the street.. Did you think he was supposed to be carrying something else?

    OH NO the tumbler is in the film!!! We didnt see that coming.

    Bane and Batman will fight…. Crud film is ruined now.

    I was half expecting JGL to point at the person filming and do an Invasion of the Body snatchers… 😀

    There is nothing in these clips or pics that (at least for me) could spoil the film…. While it is nice to lable them as spoilers common sense dictates that anything based on the movie especially if it is behind the scenes or taken without consent you sill see part of a movie that is not complete.

    “(sans a gaudy green super-villain costume)” So you are saying you believe him to be or just feeding the fire? 😉

    • Ben,

      That was not at you. Sorry as I read my comment again it appears it is at you.

      It was more to the people that think the movie could be ruined with news such as this.

  19. the surprises keep coming for many who are new to the batman franchise and those who have not seen all of batmans movies or even familiar with the book, but for us cats that have been around a long time know this all revamped retreads. bane looks like a putty cat, catwoman looks like a skinny clown with glasses. iam officially off this overhyped batman movie.. nolan should have either done man of steel or inception sequel

  20. I dont think this will be called the Batwing but it looks more like a Giant mosquito

  21. I believe i know how bane is going to finish off the batman in the trailer…

    ****SPOILER ALERT*****

    Bane who confronts Batman in the trailer steps up into a warehouse/bat cave. Shooters have surrounded Batman as seen in the brief clip if you watch closely you’ll notice a shooter in the far right corner. This means if Batman leaves the circle he’ll be shot. Worn out and broken the batman lunges at Bane. Bane however kneels down and rises up picking up the Batman twisting him in mid air then dropping him down on his knee.

    Now here is where things get interesting…

    He rips off the batman’s mask and believes he has just crippled the bat although it was a tad too easy. But to us (the audience) we know this person he has just crippled is not the “caped crusader” but a phony, a pretender (as seen in TDK). Bane tosses him onto the street of Gotham for two reasons.

    The first reason is to appease his followers.

    The second is to draw out of hiding who he believes is the real dark knight. Who has been missing for a long while.

    What do you think?

    Am i close…

    • I would disagree.

      I did notice the Guy in White and he is hokding a video camera not a gun. And in the trailer that is Christain Bale not an imposter.

      If anything I would guess one of two things would happen. (1) Bane decideds to break The Batman by public defeating him and showing Gotham and its Underworld that the Batman is not only defeatable but Bane is the one who did. Thereby cementing his position as King of Gotham. Same as people do in a new school where they pick a fight with the biggest guy on school to show people not to F with them (reference to his time in Santa Prisca Prison maybe?)
      (2) Similiar to The Dark Knight Returns Batman challenges Bane (like he did The Mutant Leader) to a one-on-one in front of his followers in order to usurp his title as the City Champion after a previous defeat.