What New Bat-Vehicles Will Appear in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’?

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the dark knight rises new batmobile What New Bat Vehicles Will Appear in The Dark Knight Rises?

Arguably the most emotional moment of The Dark Knight was when the Tumbler (Nolan’s beefy version of the Batmobile) got totaled during the chase sequence with Joker and his rocket launcher. Yes, I felt for that vehicle more than the character of Rachel Dawes (Maggie Gyllenhaal) when she exploded.

All jokes aside, with the Batmobile done for and hoping to never see the Batpod again, Wayne Enterprises and Lucius Fox (Morgan Freeman) need to push development forward big time on some new toys for Bruce Wayne’s Batman (Christian Bale) to play fight crime with in The Dark Knight Rises. We know there must be at least one new ride for Bats, and previous rumors pointed towards and streamlined version of the Tumbler, but the latest potential scoop hints at the possible introduction of the Batwing/Batplane.

Batman on Film has the inside info on what may be a new vehicle becoming a part of Batman’s arsenal in The Dark Knight Rises. On top of confirming there will certainly be an new Batmobile, there will be an “aerial Bat-Vehicle” as well.

“One of my sources mentioned the possibility of an appearance of [an aerial Bat-Vehicle]. The more I thought about it, the more sense it made with the planned shooting locations. Could be interesting!”

There’s a possibility that it’s true that there’s a possibility of a Batplane in Batman 3. Got it?

Christopher Nolan has to find some way to raise the bar after delivering what many consider to be the greatest comic book movie of all time, and certainly the most successful. Nolan and co. have made it a point to put together a power-house cast to help compete against Heath Ledger’s Oscar-winning performance as the villainous Joker in The Dark Knight, and new tech/costumes/vehicles are certainly an important aspect of Batman’s character that needs to be explored in The Dark Knight Rises as well.

I would expect that Batman’s new Batmobile will again be more of a Bat-tank in design, like the Tumbler was, so it could be something not too dissimilar from what we’ve become accustomed to. It doesn’t make sense to downsize with his next primary ride if Wayne’s alter ego will also be flying his own personal superhero jet. It will be very interesting to see the design of a Nolanverse Batplane and how believable it is.

So, a new Batmobile and the introduction of the Batplane? I’m in. I’m excited to see the rebuilt Wayne Manor and the new Batcave. Be sure to check out our report on the latest Batman 3 villain rumors and details.

The Dark Knight Rises is written by Jonathan Nolan and Chris Nolan off of Goyer and Chris’ story and it will of course be directed by Chris as well. Returning cast members Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Gary Oldman and Morgan Freeman are joined by franchise newcomers Anne Hathaway (Catwoman), Tom Hardy (Bane) and rumored Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Marion Cotillard.

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The Dark Knight Rises hits regular and IMAX theaters on July 20, 2012.

Source: Batman on Film

Images Courtesy of Maximum PC, Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, Warner Bros.

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  1. Starting to think, all fan boys hate Nolans film while the rest of the world enjoys them.

    • I’m a fan I like the Nolan films. There’s a hole in that logic.

  2. I would love for the Batwing to be modelled on real world military tech with a twist, like the Tumbler (sorry, DSB).

    If they made the Batwing a vertical take off & landing version of a stealth bomber, that would be so cool. It would be nearly as versatile as the batcopter then.

  3. The problem i have with the realistic take with Nolan’s Batman films is it seems theres limitations in more ways than one. Especially when it comes to villains. I like the kind of realism as seen in Marvel Studio’s films like Ironman,Incredible Hulk etc. If the Batman franchise gets rebooted again, i hope theres a balance between Burton’s films & Nolan’s somehow. Maybe Get Bruce Timm & Co. involved or follow by example of Batman:TAS since imo that would be a nice balance for a new Batman reboot.

    • Wally, you and me are on the same wave length. Everything you just said is exactly how I feel.

      • @ Dr.SamBeckett

        Im glad im not the only that’s open-minded.

        • Wally,DSB, thats what I’ve been saying. A combination of Nolans and Burtons Batmen would be cool.

          • @ happyman

            Yup, it would be great. The only people i can think of that can pull it off would be Bruce Timm & Co who helped made Batman:TAS & the other shows that followed so great.

  4. You know ill put it out there I really dont like any Batman movie until Begins, yes did i watch them and enjoy them as a kid? who didn’t but now looking back (Burton’s movies included) I think they were all campy Jack’s Joker is about as Scary as a 1st grader, and DSB i swear sometimes you say things just to see who you can wind up.. in this case me, CMON man Devito’s penguin rivals RIP Heath’s Joker??? they must have some good smoke where ever your at my friend. IMO no one will ever handle this franchise the way Nolan&Co have and for that i am sad but at the same time im happy cuz at least I (we batman fans) finally got our Batman movies done right.

    • “t least I (we batman fans) finally got our Batman movies done right.”

      Are you being serious?

      Burton’s Batman films were a huge success, the first film was a massive thing when it came out. Just because it’s old doesn’t mean it’s still not good.
      If it weren’t for Burton’s Batman you wouldn’t have your precious Chris Nolan films, Burton gave superhero films a real credibility.
      You are one of those people who thinks anything that went before just cannot possibly be as good as what exists now in the present.
      Well, you’re wrong.
      I prefer Burton’s Batman films, I prefer Michael Keaton as Batman. And I’m not the only one.

      Can’t you just accept that I like something different to you? Or must I be on drugs to have a different opinion?

      • I have to agree, as much as I like “The Dark Knight” “Batman Returns” is one of the better Batman films. People seem to forget how revolutionary they were for the time period they were made. People say “X-Men” defined and changed comic book movies but it was “Batman” that was the first comic-book-movie to take a realistic approach. So stop with this pointless argument, “Batman” and “Batman Returns” were revolutionary for the 80s and 90s and “Batman Begins” and “The Dark Knight” were revolutionary for the 00s. All four are good films, with completely different approaches in film making and all four are good for different reasons.

        • I think all four are good films, but I cannot handle this attitude that Nolan’s films are the greatest pieces of cinema ever made. Because there not.
          People just dump on Burton’s Batman films, they associate it with Batman And Robin.
          It seems as though you’re not allowed to say you prefer the older films without people attacking you with a torrent of criticism.

          • Those are just the people that can’t handle a little dated cinema with dated FX etc. Ignore them, one day they will wake up and realise just hoe amazing those films were for the time they were made. I guarantee you those people have never seen films like “Metropolis” or “Blade Runner” they just don’t understand what makes a good film period. According to them as long as it has up-to-date FX then it’s all of a sudden “the greatest movie of all time” (i.e. Avatar)

            • how* I was in no way comparing anybody to “hoe”. Sorry :L

          • Sam…

            You’ll be happy to know that a couple of us do NOT see the world that way. I enjoyed all four films quite a bit (the two pairs for variously different and varying reasons) and think each one has merit. I have no problem with someone preferring one or the other, as long as they respect me in that regard, as well.

            • That’s all I ask for.

          • Drsam my dislike of Burtons films are not because they are dated or because I associate them with Batman and Robin. I simply think they are bad films. They lacked substance all together. They were mindless straight forward action. They were classic Tim Burton (Who I can’t Stand) Tim has this crazy idea that making something dark means low lighting and dress people up funny with a crazy hair do and make it cooky weird and it will be dark. I thought the sets were cheaply made and looked faker than fake. I thought the dialogue was horribly cheesy and campy. There are many parts of the first two Burton films that I would compare to the old 60’s show. Some of the scenes were laughably campy and as an adult watching them makes me want to bash my head on the wall til it bleeds to make sure I’m not dreaming how laughably bad it was. I thought Jack was a bad Joker as well.

            The only things IMO they got right were the Batmobiel, The Bat Suit and Keaton was a good Batman, but sadly he was an awful Bruce Wayne. You know the handsome Billionaire playboy. Sorry I’m a big Keaton Fan, but he’s just not that guy lol.

            I understand you prefer the films and hate people criticizing you for that and it’s fine, but it’s just as bad to criticize them for not prefering the films by saying things like ‘they just can’t handle older films’ or ‘they are only letting their judgment be clouded by Batman and robin’.

            I’m here to tell you I’d watch Batman Forever and batman and Robin again before I’d watch batman returns another time. I think Batman returns is the worst bat film. At least Batman and Robin could admit it was campy. Batman returns refused to accept just how campy and bad it was.

            • I actually agree mostly about Returns. It is just a Tim Burton film and isn’t really Batman, I still enjoy but I prefer Batman Forever if I’m being truly honest.
              But I will stand by the 89 film to the bitter end. I prefer Keaton, the music, the costume, the batmobile.
              And I did like Nicholson as the Joker, there are a few bits when I find his performance genuinely creepy. Do I think Ledger was better? Yeah I do, but that was a different film for a different time.
              I’m fine with people not liking them, but most people don’t like them simply because they are old and not made by Nolan.

            • @ Daniel F

              I know what you opinion is. But it seems others hatred of Batman & Robin tend to hate the whole franchise altogether. Imo Burton’s films weren’t about action, they had story to them. As i said before i thought the set looked fine as Gotham would look like, Dark skyline with dark alleys etc. Except for Schumacher’s films of-course which he made Gotham worse imo. To me those sets looked fake & cheesy. I have no idea how you could compare Burton’s films to the 60’s tv show. Imo Nicolsons Joker was traditional & closer to the comics. Ledger’s performance was great but his Joker’s appearance looked, lost for words, but wasn’t creepy which im surprised anybody would say. You probly didn’t like Keaton’s Bruce Wayne cause he was older & more maturer. He was more focused on his vow than pickin up girls. Im surprised you’d think Batman Returns is the worse, even worser than Batman & Robin which i find the weakest film in that franchise. Id compare that film to the 60’s Batman show. I liked it more when i was younger but not as much. I only watch it if im watchin all 4 films.

              • Wally some adivce. Never guess why i think something or why I feel how I feel. You tend to be wrong.

                My thoughts on Keaton as Bruce have nothing what so ever to do with his age. While I think him not picking up on Girls is a terrible mistake on the writers part because they didn’t put enough distance between Bruce and Batman and essentially made them the same personality which is a bad idea when Bruce is trying to not appear to be Batman. Still THAT IS NOT why I think he was a bad Bruce.

                In fact if I am reading my post correctly (Which I am) I said my exact reason why he wasn’t a great Bruce Wayne. In fact if you go back and read it you might see it there pretty easy to spot. Not one mention of his age or him not picking up girls. What a bizarre connection you came up with there.

                Batman & Robin was an awful and cheesy film that knew it was awful and cheesy and didn’t really apologize for it. Batman Returns was awful and cheesy, but tried to pretend it was some how dark and creepy. Which is funny all on it’s own. This is why i’d rather watch Batman & Robin over Batman Returns. Batman 89 as much as I hate it is better than both of them though, but returns is my most hated Batman film in history. I’d rather go watch the campy crap 60’s show.

                • @ Daniel F

                  Keep the advice. I wished i was wrong but tired of being right. Why would Bruce Wayne need to pick up girls? Anyways he had Vicky Vale to make up for that. Was it because Keaton wasn’t handsome enough? If so, i thought he was fine & had that mysterious look. Like how Knox mentioned how weird Wayne seemed when he left the party, & Vicky’s look on her face. You’re talkin as Batman & Robin & Batman Returns are people, not films. Lol, you should get in touch with one of my co-workers whos a big movie critic. He finds more than one thing he didn’t like in every Batman film including TDK. Not just them but any film you could think of.

                  • Agreed! I can also find something in a film that annoys me; it could be something very simple but sometimes it can distract from the whole movie. I’ll do that Batman movies for you right now in fact…

                    Batman – 1. Poor visual effects, I know it was ’89 but the death of “The Joker” scene was laughable. They should learn a thing or two from “Die Hard” (’88).
                    2. Vicki Vale was a very bland character and to be honest I couldn’t care less whether she lived or not.
                    3. I didn’t like “The Joker’s” look. Again I know it was ’89 but I still think they could have made him look better, e.g darker hair and a bit more shading/shadowing on his face.

                    Batman Returns – 1. I HATED the character of “Max Shreck”, just plain awful.
                    2. Again with the FX.
                    3. I didn’t really like the approach they took with “The Penguin”, I mean it was good but it could have been so much more.

                    I won’t even bother with “Batman Forever” and “Batman and Robin”

                    Batman Begins – I’m gonna be honest, this is the only film that I can’t think of any problems I had, I just think it was an almost perfect Batman film tbh.

                    The Dark Knight – 1. His voice lol
                    2. Recast of Rachel Dawes, nothing against the actors but recasting is something I absolutely despise in sequels.
                    3. “The Joker”… ’nuff said

    • @ RandomMovieFan

      Burton’s films were intended to be darker films than what the Superman films were at that time & they were popular especially the first film cause the film & its cast surprised everyone. Who said Jack’s Joker was supposed to be scary? His was more traditional to the comics & imo i didn’t find Ledger’s Joker scary so i can see where Dr.SamBeckett was coming from. No-one will handle Batman franchise better than Nolan & Co? How can you be so sure when years down the road someone might. Nolan’s Batman Begins didn’t bring in as much as Burton’s 89 Batman film which won a award. I bet someone like James Cameron or if asked Bruce Timm & Co could do better. Who are you to say who Bat fans are who isnt? Nolan got Batman films right? Ummmm I don’t recall certain things like Bruce Wayne being trained under Ras al’ Ghoul right. Btw i even read how Nolan himself enjoyed Burton’s 89 Batman film.

      • Now I would love to see Bruce Timm involved in a live action batman movie.

        • @ Dr.SamBeckett

          Me too. Not just Batman, but every DC Comic Property, so they can make a great Justice League film.

  5. I thought Bruce Timm only made animated films. And as for the new bat vehicle? BATCOPTER all the way. A badass chopper like Airwolf was. Lol, remember Airwolf?

    • @ happyman

      Bruce Timm & Co are known for makin animated films. It would be nice if WB asked/offered them jump to makin live-action films. Not just for Batman but for imo for any DC Comic hero film. Especially since they could be tied into the same universe that could set up a Justice League film which Bruce Timm i feel should personally direct. Im just thinkin outta the box & know its all far from a long shot.

      • Hey Wally, I’m a long time getting back to you on this,but thanks. I wasnt really expecing an “answer” to my post. I still dont see how guys who make animated movies have any experience directing live people, but I’m withya on the integrated DC universe. I’m DYING to see two( or more ) DC characters in the same( good ) movie. If Bruce Timm can do it, more power to him. Do you suppose he’s a Batman fan because his name is Bruce? :)

        • @ happyman

          Imo id say the people who made DC animated movies( namely Bruce Timm & CO )shouldnt have too much trouble directing actors for live-action comic book films. Reason for that is because they already know the DC characters pretty well & they’ve had numberous actors/actresses not only lend their voices for the shows but for the animated films aswell. Im just sayin im willing to give them a shot, especially since they’d the best people to get a live-action Justice League on the big screen. I know if he’s a Batman fan, he must be cause to date he & team made the best Batman show thats been on tv imo, Not because his name is Bruce which i find is doubtful. Throughout Batman:TAS they brought in alot of characters from the comics, some shown for the first on tv that weren’t on 60’s show of-course including Ras Al’ Ghoul who alot of people, including me at the time weren’t familiar with when he’s known to be a heavy hitter villain of batman’s rogues gallary. Other’s were Renee Montoya, Leslie Thompkins as supporting cast. Imo i even liked how they got creative on purpose with Superman:TAS by having Brainiac come from Krypton even though he doesn’t. Made a better reason of the villain with a origin w/motive that Superman has knowing Brainiac was his father’s enemy before his.

  6. If they absolutely must do an aerial vehicle, I’d rather see them go with a Bat-Glider, something to handle longer glides than Bruce’s arms can sustain with his electro-cape.

    I’m still a huge fan of the Tumbler, and to be honest, they could just rebuild the one from BB and I’d be pleased.

    My concern is really best summed up by Nicholson’s Joker, “Where does he get those wonderful toys?” In BB, it was very clear that Bruce was raiding the archives at Wayne Enterprises, making use of long-forgotten projects. To some degree I wondered about this in TDK, with the new Batsuit. How can he justify manufacturing NEW tech? Wouldn’t the engineers and fabricators kind of start to put two and two together when this “secret military plane” they are working on suddenly needs “a giant Bat emblem on its belly”?

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