Crow Reboot to Start Shooting This Summer?

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crow reboot header image Crow Reboot to Start Shooting This Summer?

Comics2Film received exclusive word from director Stephen Norrington that his planned reboot of The Crow might start filming as soon as this summer.

Norrington apparently had several films on his slate, including a supernatural WWII film called The Lost Patrol; Crow fans were worried that those other projects would delay production on this new Crow film. However, details provided by Norrington suggest that The Crow is the hottest property on his list right now, and that the green light from the studio could come sooner before later.

Here’s what Norrington had to say about The Crow reboot:

“The producer and visual effects people are crunching numbers…We’ve opened discussions with major cast but nothing is final yet…Cast and budget and schedules will no doubt continue to adjust all equations.”

Norrington also added that he hopes to “shoot in the summer, but nothing’s certain…Is it ever?”

The producer behind The Crow reboot is Ryan Kavanaugh and the film will be released by Relativity Media. As for who should play the new Crow? We here at Screen Rant have already started speculating on which actor should fill the shoes of the late Brandon Lee; if you want throw your two cents into that discussion, go HERE.

The Crow Brandon Lee Crow Reboot to Start Shooting This Summer?

This Crow reboot is something that I’m 100% behind. Many think that the Alex Proyas / Brandon Lee film that came out in 1994 is THE definitive take on the character, but I was never convinced. Too much of the ’94 film was hokey and/or weird to me; Proyas’ take was too much Goth style, like some twisted Pearl Jam video – and, despite the hard R-rating, the film lacked a feeling of real menace and intensity. I also thought that the ’94 film spent too much time focusing on side characters and/or subplots. I’m personally hoping this new version will correct those missteps.

The Crow reboot is tentatively slated for release in 2011. Are you hoping it starts shooting this summer in order to make that release date?

Source: Comics2Film

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  1. I thought the 1994 crow was great and a whole new genre for movies. It needs to be Gothy…I mwan come on a man comes back from the dead to avenge wrong doing.

  2. I thought the 1994 Crow was awesome. and it has to be Gothy its about a man coming back from the dead to avenge what was done to him and hs family.

  3. cast an unknown to play the lead.

  4. Seriously? The film was too goth? The original comic was inspired by all sorts of gothic imagery.

    God knows what sort of travesty this reboot is going to be like. Thanks hollywood, why bother coming up with new films when you can simply “reboot” all the old franchises or remake all the great films from around the world while dumbing them down for American audiences?

  5. I liked the 1994 Crow, but I agree that a reboot could be what the franchise and fans need. I thought the original was a bit hokey and weird especially the focus on the little girl character, Ernie Hudson, and some of the strange villains. I loved the story and Brandon Lee's take on the character, but I think the director could have done some things differently. Its a good movie, but it isn't one that I watch repeatedly. In fact, I think I've only watched it twice.

  6. I agree with you, I've only seen it once and found it boring and weird, I just think a lot of emos find it nostalgic because of the unfortunate and untimely passing of Brandon Lee. He was better than the movie he was in. Anyway, expect emos and goths to scrutinize the casting of the lead just like the Captain America fan boys.

  7. What an idiotic statement.

  8. Ok..Norrington did The League of Extraordinary Gentleman. And the producers are baggin' on Proyas. He stayed true to the goth, violent tone of the comic book. Not to mention he had to piece together a film after Brandons death which was pretty darn good. Get a new director.

  9. Kofi, I always stick by what you say–opinions and reviews–but brotha what are you saying here???? Your last paragraph is downright blasphemy.
    Too hoky, too much gothic style, not menacing, side-characters/sub-plots, twisted Pearl Jam? What am I reading here?

    As for this, I really and honestly do not understand how you can “reboot” something when every sequel in this franchise is basically a reboot of the same story.
    Someone dies, a Crow brings them back to life to set the wrong things right.
    So what is this talk of “reboot”, is it just for the sake of the movement right now?

    Personally, I really enjoyed Norrington's LXG. Yes, it was not like the comics but, hey, for what it was, it was pretty decent.

  10. Since when was Pearl Jam goth?!? Geeze…

    Anyways, any level of “gothness” that the film contained was due to it being faithful to the source material, right down to the character. From Wikipedia…

    “The main character, Eric, is modeled after three musical influences on O'Barr's life[citation needed]. Joy Division's lead singer Ian Curtis' melancholic lyrics and spasmodic onstage dance movements inspired Eric's somber dialogue and pained convulsions when remembering his and Shelly's deaths. Bauhaus lead singer Peter Murphy inspired his imposing physical presence, ghostly makeup, and sharp, high cheek bones. Eric's physicality/anatomy is based on punk legend Iggy Pop. Additionally, the names of Officer Albrecht and Captain Hook are allusions to Joy Division members Bernard (Albrecht) Sumner and Peter Hook.

    Other influences on The Crow range from the Gothic imagery of Arthur Rimbaud's poetry to the bleakness of the Cure's early albums. All these characteristics were carried over to the movie.”

    I'm not a big fan of the goth scene (probably because too many people confuse it with old-school horror punk, such as the Misfits), but the movie was what the comic was to a large degree. Now, if you want to say that they need to tone down the gothic nature in order to make something that's more accessible, you go right ahead, but that course of action usually results in a finished product that turns off fans and ultimately satisfies no one.

  11. They can add this reboot to Hollywood's to-do list, but I'm a fan of Proyas in general. The 1994 remains a solid film in my book just because I like Proyas' approach to filming.

    Now if he would only change the title of Dracula: Year Zero . . .

  12. I find it difficult to imagine anyone doing a better job in this role than Brandon Lee did. He was superb and really made the gothic look stand out. How many people remember the Halloween after this film was released? How many people dressed up like Brandon Lee? I still see the character portrayed at Halloween parties.

    If they do it, I hope they do it in epic fashion, focusing more on the main character and less on offshoot story lines. They build them in so that they can have spinoffs and sequels, but they dilute the story.

    Best wishes to Stephen. He's going to need to bring together a top-notch crew to pull this off in a way that makes everyone immediately think that it's a better version than the '94 version.

  13. The original comic was written because James O'Barr lost the love of his life in a car wreck. Too Gothic? When you are writing about the feelings you have after that, how would you write and draw?

  14. Boo. What a freakin' waste of time.

  15. enjoyed the original also have no real qualms about a reboot. However i do have issues with this goth like a twisted pearl jam video pearl videos are the fixer, do the evolution, alive, even flow, love boat captain, i am mine. All of these are live with the exception do the evolution which is animated and none come close to being goth and neither does pearl jam music for that matter. sorry for pearl jam rant just had to say.

  16. Boo. What a freakin' waste of time.

  17. enjoyed the original also have no real qualms about a reboot. However i do have issues with this goth like a twisted pearl jam video pearl videos are the fixer, do the evolution, alive, even flow, love boat captain, i am mine. All of these are live with the exception do the evolution which is animated and none come close to being goth and neither does pearl jam music for that matter. sorry for pearl jam rant just had to say.

  18. Absolutely no! I won't be seeing the re-make! I don't mind re-makes normally, but this is one that should be left alone, in my honest opinion. Listen to the viewers who are posting right here, and it might save you guys some major financial heartache in the long run. Regardless of what you thought about the first one being too gothic, it has a HUGE fan base, and if it's done over, it is bound to bomb hard. That's just my feeling. Brandon delivered a brilliant performance, and it should be left alone. Re-make THE DUKES OF HAZZARD re-make over again, but please keep your mitts off THE CROW. Hey, I'm just an avid movie guy, so I'm just looking out for your best interests as film makers. How much money do you guys think you're willing to lose?