Tom Hiddleston Out of ‘The Crow’ Reboot; Alexander Skarsgård in?

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Alexander Skarsgard in The Crow Reboot Tom Hiddleston Out of The Crow Reboot; Alexander Skarsgård in?

For many comic book fans, Tom Hiddleston’s portrayal of Loki in Thor and The Avengers is one of more memorable onscreen villains in recent years. The English actor lent a certain amount of gravitas to the part, and such a prominent role in one of the highest-grossing films of all time can only help Hiddleston’s career.

Case in point: Recent reports claimed that Hiddleston was in talks to star in Relativity Media’s much-delayed reboot of The Crow franchise. Based on the comic books of the same name, the original 1994 thriller starred Brandon Lee and spawned three sequels and a television series. The series centers on a man who returns from the grave to exact revenge, and the part requires the same gothic presence and vengeful sensibility that Hiddleston brought to Loki.

According to Deadline, however, it appears that Hiddleston may not get the chance to offer his take on the character. Reports claim that the rumors about the actor’s involvement have been blown way out of proportion, stemming from a “simple conversation” regarding the project.

The site goes on to claim that Alexander Skarsgård of True Blood fame is actually the frontrunner for the part. Skarsgård – the son of Hiddleston’s Avengers co-star Stellan Skarsgård – was also recently attached to another planned reboot in director David Yates’ Tarzan. That project has since been delayed, meaning that the actor should be available to star in The Crow.

Tom Hiddleston Loki Costume Chest Shoulder Tom Hiddleston Out of The Crow Reboot; Alexander Skarsgård in?

This news may be disappointing to Marvel fans, as Hiddleston would likely have turned in a solid performance. He already has a certain mastery for balancing the larger-than-life personalities of a comic book character with a more relatable, tangible emotional core. However, the studio’s move here is surely a strategic one.

Hiddleston would guarantee the attention of the geek community, but one could argue that The Crow has enough brand recognition on its own to bring fans of the comics and the previous film series to theaters. Meanwhile, Skarsgård would help the film draw in younger moviegoers who may not be familiar with The Crow but who will flock to see the new revenge thriller from the star of True Blood.

At this point, though, The Crow remains very much in development. The film has been trapped in development for so long (with rumored stars ranging from Bradley Cooper to James McAvoy) that fans would be wise to wait for an official announcement before getting their hopes up on Skarsgård’s casting.

As for Hiddleston fans, there’s always his next Loki appearance in this fall’s Thor: The Dark World.

Do you think Skarsgård is a good casting choice for The Crow? If not, who would you cast? Sound off below with your suggestions.


Stay tuned to Screen Rant for the latest on The Crow reboot, which is currently without a release date.

Source: Deadline

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  1. Disappointed that Hiddleston isn’t gonna star but can’t speak about Skarsgard because I don’t think I’ve seen anything he’s been in to judge his acting ability.

    A part of me thinks they should go for a more obscure actor, like Marvel did when they picked Home And Away actor Chris Hemsworth to play Thor and his career blew up because of it.

    Hell, I don’t know why but I’m thinking Alfie Allen or whoever else I was thinking of until my mind went blank thinking of the name.

  2. I think that Alexander Skarsgård is the better choice.

  3. I don’t think a dark & violent comic book could be successful in today’s market, that was something that could work in the 80’s or 90’s.

    • Dredd worked brilliantly though. That was dark and violent.

      Could also say the same about the Dark Knight Trilogy despite them not showing the actual violence on screen. It was dark with implied violence at least, plus The Joker talking about his use of knives was a slightly controversial thing since we had discussions about gang deaths amongst teenagers due to the knife culture.

      Depends if Hollywood are willing to take the risk. The market is certainly there, they just seem afraid to provide that market with something violent that isn’t a crappy Eli Roth torture porn flick.

      • Dredd definitely did not work “brilliantly” in the market. Great film but it didn’t make to much money in the US. At least not enough to be labelled a market success

        • Yeah, well, I could say something about US audiences and the Hollywood machine that prevented an amazing film from being a success but I won’t.

  4. I’m going to catch some lleh spelled backwards for this but…

    Taylor Lautner is a better choice for a new Eric Draven.

    • Leave now!!

    • + 1 billion

      • …. Watched ‘Abduction’ last night because I was informed there was free-running… 5 minutes of free running does not make up for his struggle at acting. He is perfectly cast as the angsty teenager in ‘The films that shall not be named’ but he struggled at ANY emotional depth.

    • Your comment gave me cancer. Thanks.

  5. At this point, I believe it is Relativity Media’s
    reboot of The Crow franchise that is more the rumor.
    To be blunt, RM does not exactly have their act together.

    Hiddleston is accustomed to working with professionals
    who do and if anything happened here Tom discovered
    first hand who was behind this and just walked away.

    • That actually sounds plausible.

  6. Still trying to push this project through, I guess persistence is admirable….

  7. Its probably because he looked like a junkie in the Thor 2 trailer so the rumors started based upon that. And yes I know the dates of release are different. 😉

  8. I was on board with Tom. Now I’m out. I don’t think this guy is a good actor at all! he’s more eye candy for chicks than anything else. He’s the worst actor on true blood by far.

    • I’m sorry but what? I’m a guy. I don’t watch the show for “eye candy”… He’s very talented. VERY. The subtle nuances he puts into the Eric role are brilliant.
      I do agree though that he’s not really correct for Eric Draven.

  9. Not a big fan of True Blood, but I have seen alot Alexanders work in Sweden and he really is a great actor. I think its because english isnt his native language he seems abit stiff sometimes. He would great as Eric Draven.

    • Good point. His father is amazing in almost everything I’ve seen him in!

  10. He is a bland actor, he will not have an impact at all. If you want to use some1, use Travis Fimmel. He is by far the most charismatic actor nowadays

  11. Well, I just lost all interest in this movie again.

    Tom would have been amazing, no clue whether he was the one to back out or if the creators wanted someone else, but either way the reboot looks worse again.

    Nothing against Alexander, I never saw him in anything, so he could be great for all I know.

    • I had the same reaction.

  12. crap.

  13. honestly,when i saw that tom will do it i think that thats give the film some backup of references and he will do a exelent performance in this character. with this guy skarsgard you lost MUCH of the public that you won with the lokis/crow news. if tom isnt the actor,put JGL or mcavoy

  14. Hiddleston would be better cast as The Crow. He has the carisma and the hair for it!

  15. I was much more excited for Crow reboot news with Hiddleson at the helm. Not so much now.

  16. I would have loved to see Hiddleston with another black wig and white make-up. Too bad.

  17. I’m just worried that the studio stiffs will give this a PG-13 rating, and not an R-rating, like it should have. I’ve only ever seen the original, and thought it was pretty cool. Michael Wincott (whatever happened to him?) was great as the bad guy. And who’s gonna replace Ernie Hudson and Tony “Candyman” Todd?

    • I know the movie was Rated R but that was also 1994. You can do more in a PG-13 than you could 20 years ago. I think it’ll be just fine if it was.

  18. I don’t know about this one.. Skarsgård’s looks and physique are just to “superstar” for the role. I feel like Hiddleston would better sell the character than Alexander.

    His physique fits well, looks also. Brandon Lee (RIP) sold it incredibly in the first one, while the rest of the franchise was poorly done and badly cast. I think that Skarsgård would only get this because of looks and not his acting abilities, and that can kill the franchise again.. True Blood is has been cast on looks as it’s for tv, so you need to sell it to the younger crowds, so talent is not always the first option.

    How many times have we seen bad characters stay on in shows because the teen fan base said “Oh he’s so dreamy” about an actor. I think this is one of those moments. They want to attract the True Blood following with him.

    I don’t mean to diminish his talent in any way, but when you compare the two, I have to say that Hiddleston has a better cutting edge to his skills that could be brought in for this movie.

    I think the whole “Hiddleston is accustomed to working with professionals who do and if anything happened here Tom discovered first hand who was behind this and just walked away.” from Robert Palmar makes sense if Hiddleston isn’t chosen…

    In the end, if Skarsgård is chosen, I hope it isn’t because he’s the “we need eye candy” choice and actually did something good at an audition, because seriously, he isn’t that great in True Blood.. Like another one said here, maybe it’s because English isn’t his first language, or maybe it’s just bad direction for the character to behave that way… dunno.. But .. He’s still wouldn’t be a first choice for me to play Draven..

  19. In the comics, Eric is a morphine abusing, self harming, mentally deranged individual. We know Hollywood is not going to take this road. Rebooting the ‘franchise’ started by the first movie is also a terrifying prospect considering what followed – pale imitations of a decent imitation of the source material. It is definitely not franchise material as has already been spectacularly proven, because by definition the character is completely beyond use by the end of the movie, otherwise you remove the reason for the story and the character’s existence. Whatever follows (proven as mentioned) is painfully obvious cash grab attempts at suckering in people who are pathetically obsessed with the original.

  20. Skarsgård was great in Generation Kill imho. Only ever seen Hiddleston in Avengers so can’t comment as to his acting ability (he was ok in an ott superhero movie).

    I don’t want to see a ‘reboot’ of The Crow though, for me the first one was great, leave it alone fcs…

  21. Hiddleston > Skarsgard on every level: the look, the talent, the resume…Skarsgard is cool in Tru Blood, was horrible (as was everyone) in Battleship. I’m not convinced yet that he can carry a franchise.

  22. Hmmm this is a strange turn for me. I’m a fan of all 4 actors they’ve had attached but despised the idea of Bradley Cooper or James McAvoy being in the roll… they’re just don’t exude the right kind of dark.
    However as soon as I read that Tom Hiddleston was an option I thought about it and was nothing but excited. I think he’d make a perfect Crow, really do the part justice.

    As for Alexander Skarsgård, I really like the actor, I think he has HUGE potential and I’ve seen him play such a variety of roles I don’t think the chameleon could ever NOT do a part correctly… BUT in my eyes he’s too huge, The Crow was not an almost 7ft viking. The reason the original worked was because he didn’t look to be imposing but he was unstoppaple. Alexander Skarsgård already looks that without all the supernatural powers.

    I’d still go see it, I’ll always support Alexander Skarsgård’s work but I’m not entirely sold he’s better than Loki.

  23. Gee I don’t know Jared Padaleki, Tom Felton, Augustus Prew, or what about Ben Barnes? Are they too slightly built? Brandon Lee impressed me as being of average build and cat like…

  24. Hmph…I was hoping Hiddleston would to this. Not sold on Alexander Skarsgard. Then again, nothing is official so this is likely to change a few times before (if?) they actually start production.

  25. This needs to get done one way or another, huge fan of the first with Brandon Lee. It’s so eerie watching that movie now when you catch the cgi and body double parts. Hopefully they do it some justice.

  26. Let’s play “did you know?” Did you know the original Crow was going to be direct to video until the accidental shooting of Brandon Lee… at which point Miramax stepped in with the 8 million needed to do the digital post-production and advertising campaign.

    I only bring it up because we’re talking about remaking a movie that’s only famous because the lead actor died making it. Meanwhile elsewhere on Planet Earth, an estimated 200,000 children starved to death around the world while Americans gorged themselves on entertainment. Have a nice day.

    • Did you know movies are about escapism, leaving the drudgery behind for a couple hours and trying too forget the depressing real world. Likewise, people come to movie discussion sites(like this one) to partake in the company of other movie fans to trade ideas and opinions of said movies. That is, not to be reminded of starving children. You have a restful and pleasant evening.

    • I’m surprised you’ve got an internet connection all the way up on your high horse!

    • So what does this have to do with how or why they should do a remake?

  27. This is garbage. If they wanna make a new Crow movie, fine. But A reboot of Eric Draven??? Not needed. Shows how pathetic hollywood is. And a slap to the face of Brandon Lee.

    • thank you. couldn’t have said it better myself. i agree completely.

  28. First off, sure English is not Alexander’s native tongue, but let’s not forget that the character of Eric Northman in True Blood is not American, so I’m guessing the people running the show doesn’t want his accent to be 100% perfect.

    As a Swede myself, I’ve seen a lot of his work, and I would say that he is in fact a very talented actor. In my eyes he’s far superior to our other Swede over in Hollywood, Joel Kinnaman (aka the new RoboCop). I recommend all of you to check out some of Alexander’s other work.

    Also, I’m glad they didn’t pick Hiddleston. A truly amazing actor, but I’m afraid that his portrait of Draven would be too similar to his role as Loki.

    In my opinion, Hiddleston is a better actor than Alexander, but if he’s out, Alexander is a far better choice than for example Bradley Cooper or James McAvoy.

  29. Anyone that ever suggested Bradley Cooper or James McAvoy for this role should have lost their jobs immediately.