Casting For ‘The Crow’ Reboot Has Begun

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the crow wallpaper Casting For The Crow Reboot Has Begun

Ever since it was announced that Blade director, Stephen Norrington, was going to be writing and directing a reboot of The Crow franchise, there’s been speculation as to what shape his take on the classic comic and film character would be. At the time Norrington’s attachment was announced, it was revealed that the new version wouldn’t be, “gloriously gothic or stylized,” and this upset quite a few people who consider stylized goth to be the essence of The Crow story.

Norrington’s version is said to be, “realistic, hard-edged and mysterious,” which sounds like they’re trying to emulate the reboot success of Batman Begins with more brutality. That’s what I hope, anyway, although maybe that’s just wishful thinking on my part.

It was recently announced that the latest draft of Norrington’s Crow has been well received by studio Relativity Media, so much so that the project is reportedly going to fly into production. One of the big questions hovering over the film is who will step in and fill The Crow’s shoes, which is a tall order considering the great job the late Brandon Lee did in 1994 with Alex Proyas cult film, before Lee was tragically killed during filming (we’ll try and forget about subsequent portrayals of the character, shall we?).

We recently did a speculation post on who should play The Crow, and posed that question to you, our loyal Screen Rant readers. And today we learn, thanks to io9, that casting is already firmly being thought about: at a press conference for the drama Brothers, producer Ryan Kavanaugh spoke about casting for The Crow.

Although he obviously couldn’t talk specifics about The Crow casting, Kavanaugh did say that they’ve got good ideas about it. When asked whether they’re looking for actors for the titular role, Kavanaugh said:

“We’re looking. We’re in discussions… I think it’s something cool, we’re approaching it differently. It’s really a whole relaunch of the franchise, much more of a dark superhero type.

It will be an actor you’ve heard of, yes. We’re not ruling anything out. We’re looking at both, with the very well known and the “very talented but they may not be quite there yet.”

Kavanaugh also went on to reveal that this version of The Crow will still have the black-and-white make-up, but it will be different to what we’ve seen before. He confirmed my suspicions of trying to be like Batman Begins, by saying it’s the best way to think of this new Crow relaunch, “in terms of the look and feel of the character.” He said overall they’re sticking to the flavor of the dark and gritty world we know, but are, “relaunching it and making it with a much more present day character, someone more relatable to everybody.”

The Crow Brandon Lee Casting For The Crow Reboot Has Begun

Will anyone be able to top Brandon Lee’s portrayal of The Crow?

Lastly, Kavanaugh assured us that the script is finished (minor tweaks aside) and that it is definitely a reboot and NOT a remake of the cult ’90s film. I’m willing to take him at his word on that last part, although it’s going to be a tough job for Norrington to keep the gritty and dark atmosphere without it just seeming like a rip-off of Alex Proyas’ film. I just hope the side of Norrington we see shining through in his direction of The Crow is reminiscent of Blade and not of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Who would you like to see play the iconic character of The Crow in this “reinvention” of the franchise/character? Do you think it should be someone really famous, a complete unknown or someone in-between? Do you like that this version apparently isn’t going to be gothic or stylized as the 1994 one was?

There’s no official word on when The Crow reboot will hit theaters, but it’s estimated to be sometime in 2011.

Source: io9 (thanks to /Film)

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  1. I REALLY don’t want this film remade. I don’t want to ruin the perfect love i have for the original with Brandon.

    I’m also wondering if there will be any form of martial arts in it. I never read the comic, so i don’t know if that was part of his arsenal. I’m wondering if that’s why the 2nd and 3rd movies sucked. Not just because of the lack of good fighting (the acting and stories were horrid).

    But since the Blade team is doing this, i wonder if they’ll incorporate it into his fighting abilities.

  2. Even though no one can top Brandon Lee I’m going to give this reboot a chance, it can’t be worse than City of Angels, that movie was terrible.

  3. Two things that really makes no sense.
    1) Why reboot a story when each film is basically a reboot. One guy dies, is brought back to life to seek revenge, and goes back to being dead. You are telling the same story again and again, so why even do a “remake”?
    2) after reading this, how gritty and dark can you make this when the original Crow IS gritty and VERY VERY DARK! That film makes BB and TDK look like Veggie Tales movie.

    Can anyone explain to me the logic on this?

  4. @SK-47,

    I can explain it: $

  5. The only two people who I think would do really well are Hugh Jackman and Mickey Rourke

  6. What’s this “genius” idea of making it less gothic? It’s as if hollywood wakes up every morning and says to themselves. “Ahhhh! Which franchise can I ruin today with my horrible envisioning and imagination? How can I make people forget a franchise?”

  7. @huntthejeist

    in the words of James Hetfield, “Sad but True”

  8. If it’s a glorified Blade movie, I wont mind. I think visually Blade I or II are perfect for what they want to go for.

  9. SK-47

    #2 = right on

    Wtf are they talking about, “dark and gritty”, that’s the freaking ESSENCE of the WHOLE FRANCHISE. These producers/movie studios are really confused. We get it, Batman’s reboot worked perfectly. Doesn’t mean we need the same concept applied to EVERYTHING. What’s next, a Flinstones reboot that’s more “realistic, dark and gritty”?

    Not to mention they haven’t learned the lesson after 3 sequels. It’s all about the main actor and the director for a franchise like this. Either a break out star is needed or someone famous that can really pull of the character. Same thing with the director. Really frustrating hearing these news recently about some of my favorite characters/movies.

  10. Why can’t we remake horrible movie of recent years and make them good instead of taking something that’s already beloved and either sticking so close to the original there was no point to doing it or changing it so much that it could be something else entirely?
    I’d pay money to see a good version of Van Helsing. I can’t be the only one.
    If The Crow’s gotta be remade, do it with an unknown. While I was aware of Brandon Lee’s existence prior to seeing it, I’d never seen him in anything.

  11. @ dude love
    i agree with you, blade 1 and 2 where “dark” and somewhat “gothic”
    @ strich
    i also agree with you :-D even though the martial arts in the original crow wasnt that hardcore it was still good, i just hope they dont screw it as bad as other remakes/reboots (most noteably terminator 4)

  12. it’ll be hard for them to make a good Crow movie without it being “gothic or stylized” considering that that is what The Crow is. And he is not a character that any Joe Shmoe is supposed to relate to, he is the personification and the quintessence of depression and heart wrenching pain, so, im not saring it wont be a good movie, im just saying it wont be a Crow movie.

  13. ^ Well said

    “And he is not a character that any Joe Shmoe is supposed to relate to, he is the personification and the quintessence of depression and heart wrenching pain…”

  14. The only way I would see this flick is if, and **only** if it is more of a direct adaptation of James O’ Barr’s graphic novel. Other than that, we got problems, some of which have already been said by commenters. (Three sequels, three different Crows) .Even the short lived TV show was a bit of retcon.

    I will always love the first Blade film. Shoot, I even had a soft spot for Death Machine. I generally still think Norrington, despite the big mess known as LXG, still has many (good) films in him. However, if one took the supernatural out of The Crow, was is left is just another vigilante film. See how far tat gets you. You won’t get far. In addition, you folks really want an atomic bomb to drop? I have said this a million times. I will say it again.

    The first Crow film also had the morbid appeal of Brandon Lee’s death. (He dies one year before film is eventually released; character comes back from the dead ‘one year later’, “I’m dead and I move” etc.)

    So unless they film this in a sepia / B%W background, or give it a Renaissance flow…this doesn’t have much appeal.

    As to who they would cast? I could care less. It’s not that Johnny Depp is desperate y’know.

  15. I have absolutely had enough of all these remakes, they are always inferior to the original.

    And The Crow, of all things. I mean, it is a classic, its akin to remaking Star Wars!

  16. I feel sick!

  17. The crow sometimes brings the souls of the dead back to avenge someone, or to put right something terribly wrong. Would be a good time for the crow to bring back Brandon long enough to beat the asses of a bunch of hollywood execs that are to stupid to do the right thing.

  18. adrien brody, benicio del toro, or johnny depp would all be amazing. clive owen would be good too, but i dont think his accent would work.

  19. I think everyone has valid points. The sequels sucked, but they were sequels, not reboots. That’s a very important point. Personally, I like when different directors adapt movies out of written works because each is a different point of view. In truth, Alex Proyas did an amazing job with the original, and Brandon Lee will always be The Crow to me; but there were significant differences between the comic and the movie. As long as they cast it well (James Franco for example) and follow the comic, then I’ll respect the new one. Blade was an excellent adaptation, and I enjoyed League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, I am pretty certain this reboot will be very well done.

  20. Not really pleased. They will get it wrong no matter WHO they get to play the role. I am amazed at Hollywood’s fear and inability to create anymore instead of just copying and rehashing. Pity that this time it happens to be my all time favorite.

    Two points. the sequels weren’t really sequels as each comes from a different story. The only common thread is the literal crow who returns a spirit to the world for vengeance.

    Last, if they do make it, leave out all the mumbo jumbo about the crow being some mythical source of power and go back the avenging the dead and not the living aspect. Oh, and don’t forget me:
    SkullCowboy ;)

  21. …just a quick note: If I remember correctly, the original WAS to have Skull Cowboy in it, but when Brandon Lee died, the re-edits to make the film seem completed removed the Skull Cowboy appearances because his scenes had so intricately involved Brandon's Crow that the film would have looked awkward and unpolished had the scenes remained. The t.v. series actually DID feature an episode or two with ol' Skully, since it was about the Eric Draven Crow (and, of course, it could take more time AND actor Mark Dacascos lived).

  22. I'll give this movie a chance, can't be any worse than Ciy of Angels, what a mess THAT was. But I will ALWAYS prefer the original with Brandon Lee. RIP Brandon.

  23. There are some movies that should NEVER be remade or “rebooted” & this is one of them! How about a COMPLETE & remastered special edition on BluRay instead?

  24. There are some movies that should NEVER be remade or “rebooted” & this is one of them! How about a COMPLETE & remastered special edition on BluRay instead?

  25. There are some movies that should NEVER be remade or “rebooted” & this is one of them! How about a COMPLETE & remastered special edition on BluRay instead?

  26. music makes a film, its something remake and sequel makers need to learn as gospel. the 2nd thing that makes a film is story, the third actors and last visual effects. i say that because thier are original twilight zone episodes that kick the ass of 200 billion dollar horror movies (and classic star trek episodes that kick the ass out of 200 billion dollar scifi movies) and they had crappy special effects. stop the remakes, please, i want to get off the ride now. thier are 55+ for 2010-11 planned. why cant rebooters get the point we cant stand sequels as it is and you want to remake something? plus remake a movie that is 50 years old and deserves it, like the thing and the fly, who were decent movies and had terrific remakes, not movies that are classic and dont need it like nightmare or the crow. you cant top genius, you can only immitate it.

  27. the other thing is in order for a reboot to be a hit it needs to appease old and new fans. reboots that dont and ignore that formula that people generaly see a movie out of nostalgia thats a reboot if the movies 30 years old or less generaly have thier reboots tank. you cant really do anything nastolgic with this movie involving the original cast other than to make a crow movie we've seen already. remakes are the worst form of moviemaking prostitution, I have more respect for tv to film or book to film or sequel makers than people that remake films, especialy when thier greats and dont need to be remade *cough nightmare, the crow, hellrasier cough*.

  28. if your remaking a film i suggest you never depreciate it, its obvious your just riding the coat tails of a greater film. “character not relatable to todays youth” its a comic book movie about a dead guy, not some smarmy intellectual drama. please.

  29. I really think Joseph Gordon Levitt should play Eric Draven. He has the look and it would make him even bigger as an actor. I just hope he can he can do it the justice thst Brandon Lee did.