Rumor Patrol: ‘Walking Dead’ Star Norman Reedus to Star in ‘The Crow’ Reboot

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Norman Reedus to star in The Crow remake Rumor Patrol: Walking Dead Star Norman Reedus to Star in The Crow Reboot

Like the resurrected superhero himself, movie and TV franchise The Crow refuses to die and is making another comeback soon in a new film telling the original story once more. Based on the comic books by James O’Barr, who is also working on this reboot as a consultant, The Crow is about Eric Draven, a rock star who seeks vengeance from beyond the grave after being brutally murdered by a gang of criminals.

Casting Draven has been a bit of a headache, with various actors dropping in and out of the role. At one point Bradley Cooper (The Hangover) seemed to be firmly attached, but later dropped out in order to star in an adaptation of Paradise Lost for the director of the original version of The Crow, Alex Proyas (a poor choice, it turned out, as Paradise Lost was later axed completely). After that there were various actors in talks for the role, including James McAvoy, Tom Hiddleston and Alexander Skarsgård, before Luke Evans (The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug) was finally cast in the role.

With its vengeful vigilante chosen, it seems that Relativity Media is now moving on to gather the rest of the cast. Film blog Schmoes Know, which has been reporting a lot of big casting rumors recently, now claims to have more insider information from a source code-named “the Phantom.” According to this source, The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus is currently the top choice to play a supporting character called “James.”

There’s no one by that name in the comic books or the original film and it’s not uncommon for studios to use code names for characters during casting, so if this rumor is true Reedus could be playing just about anyone. Given the kind of roles he is best known for, however, Reedus seems like a good fit for T-Bird, the leader of the gang that murders Eric Draven and leaves his fiancée beaten and raped. In the 1994 version, T-Bird was played by David Patrick Kelly.

David Patrick Kelly as T Bird in The Crow Rumor Patrol: Walking Dead Star Norman Reedus to Star in The Crow Reboot

Could Norman Reedus take on the role of T-Bird?

As one of the original characters introduced on The Walking Dead, Daryl has also grown to be one of the most popular and also one of the most resilient thanks to his virtually unfazeable personality, his air of effortless cool and the fact that he owns the best weapon in the show, a crossbow (silent at long range with retrievable ammo – perfect for the zombie apocalypse). He’s certainly popular enough among comic book and horror fans to be a great pick for The Crow.

It’s difficult to gauge whether or not this rumor is true without knowing exactly who the source for this information is, and even if it is true there’s a chance that Reedus might just turn down the role. Schmoes Know has broken a lot of casting exclusives recently, for major films like Batman vs. Superman and Fantastic Four, so as those films head into production and the casts become fixed we should start to get an idea of how reliable these scoops are.

If Reedus is being sought then it seems likely that “James” is quite a prominent character in the film, whether friend or foe. If he does turn out to be an ally then Eric Draven probably shouldn’t trust him anyway; we all remember what happened in Blade II.


The Crow doesn’t have a release date yet, but we’ll keep you posted on any further details.

Source: Schmoes Know

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  1. Even Schmoes clarify that he’s actually up for the role of “James”

    According to our source, Norman Reedus is the top choice for “James”. No news yet of who “James” will be in the movie with previously announced Luke Evans as Eric Draven, the man that will eventually turn into The Crow.

  2. Ah, scratch my comments.

    scratch them all to hell.

    • lol. gotta read the article bro. it’s all good though.

  3. I’m open to reboots, remakes and everything but I wished they would just let this franchise rest. Just let this series rest, it should have ended after the first one. Let the original Crow be the gem it is and let it be.

    • ^^^^ +100000
      I think it’s a fitting way to fondly remember one Brandon Lee. To attempt to recreate it serves only to disappoint.

      • Just like the pain that us comic book fans felt when the Brandon Lee movie came out. :)

    • We’ll always have the original, a reboot won’t affect it in any shape or form. I welcome a re-imagining of the franchise.

      • I agree. Besides, the original one is far from a “classic”, so I don’t understand why others believe it should not be rebooted.

        • People are usually against reboots for 2 reasons the first being nostalgia, every time they watch a film they will be reminded of a previous memory of them being in a happy state of consciousness watching whatever movie is being rebooted. The second reason is that reboots/remakes are usually made by embellishing the originals. One could argue that the story usually takes a back a seat whilst the visuals are updated for a new (style over substance) mainstream audience.

          Either way I stopped hating on remakes a long time ago when I realized whatever happens during the reboot/remake process, its a much more rewarding experience to stick the original on, enjoy watching a film I like, than ranting on message boards about why they shouldn’t do it.

          “the original one is far from a “classic”

          Well that’s subjective however if there is a large enough group of people who consider it a “classic” (and there is) then it’s a classic no matter what your perception.

          The only thing stopping this from being a cult classic is that it made a bunch of money at the time because Brandon Lee tragically lost his life during the filming. I feel the movie is great and truly does “stand the test of time” however I doubt as many people would have gone to the cinema to watch the film had that event not happened.

          • Same for TDK too, most went because of Heath’s death while a lot of us had been looking forward to it since the first Joker teaser image but unfortunately, we were a minority.

            Anyway, I love the original Crow. It’s a classic but until I see a trailer, I won’t be negative about the reboot (unlike that horrendous Robocop reboot).

            • Well that’s the way it should be done, like any reboot, I was apprehensions purely because history hasn’t served them well. The cast looked great but then no, the trailer came and it looks so very, very generic. I understand they want to update these films that were so popular but they never seem to care past the aesthetics? these films there trying to recreate were great movies despite limited SFX capabilities.

              It would appear that mainstream audiences these days are like magpies “show me something shiny” and “I’ll buy that for a dollar”. The only good thing that came from the new Robocop trailer was me putting the original on for the first time in a few years.

              • Haha, yeah, I felt the opposite. I was apprehensive but greeted the thought of a reboot with open arms until the trailers came along and it looks like a poor, generic action flick that will be good to those easily pleased but looks worse than Robocop 3 in my opinion (and god, that was a bad movie, only beaten by the even worse TV series that followed).

                The Crow….I can somehow see Eric’s issues resolved over a series of movies, depending how well the first movie does to drag it out rather than do as the sequels did and have different characters. I’d just like to see some variation in a good way that isn’t copying the original comic books and movie exactly but isn’t too different to come across as pure crap (like Robocop’s reboot).

  4. I may have missed if this was clarified in the article.. is this a film reboot? Or TV series? I hope not TV series, because last time a major character in The Walking Dead signed on to a new TV show, he was killed off in the next season. You can’t have TWD without Daryl honestly!!

  5. Hmmmmm… -.-


    • Bah haha … +10000000

    • I like your jacket.

  7. hasn’t this series been rebooted a few time?

    • Nope, the sequels featured different characters after Eric Draven resolved his issues at the end of the first movie.

      • ah, i’ve seen tv shows and some movie didn’t realize it…i always thought they were reboots so i paid them no mind

  8. How awesome it would be to have a medieval crow, or a western. But hollywood has no imagination and lacks the ability to dream.

  9. This is not good news for me. I am a huge fan of the original Crow movie, especially Brandon Lee. I don’t see how you can remake this movie as good or better than the original.

    • The Departed was a great remake. People agree that Let Me In is a good remake of Let The Right One In.

      Not all remakes are bad and some improve on the originals.

    • The remakes aren’t really aimed at the people who watched them first time round and became fans. Its just Hollywood saying “hey this worked in the past, we don’t have to come up with anything original and we can make some easy money” Its a shame that the blatant disregard for even attempting to make anything with any resemblance of depth to it is so obvious.

      • I also hate how it seems obviously pointed at drone attacks in recent years when the original mixed in commentary about industry being closed down due to multi-nationals replacing human workers with robots, dumbed-down media (those brilliant news reports and commercials), plus a Christ-like allegory of death and rebirth in the Alex Murphy character.

  10. I know where is the wry satirical social commentary that made this and other Verhoeven films so good? It wont even have the ultra violence? Will it have Murphy’s philosophical struggle against being part human part robot? Well no not from the trailer it wont and neither did Total Recall have anything from the original that made it so appealing. I wonder sometimes if the people producing these remakes even understood the originals?

    I would like to here what Verhoeven thinks.

  11. I love how so many people bash movies they have not seen. Jeez. So much hatred and too many people who think they are smarter than the general audience.

  12. Wish Tom Hiddleston played Eric!