Bradley Cooper Drops Out of ‘The Crow’ Remake; Mark Wahlberg Rumors Resurface

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It’s been a strange road for The Crow remake. We’ve been covering the film since 2008, and during that time it’s gone through multiple directors, writers, and lead actors. Now, it appears that The Crow is going through yet another change.

Most recently, director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo and Hangover star Bradley Cooper were linked to the project. Fresnadillo is still directing the film, but it looks like he’s going to need another star.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Cooper has left the project due to scheduling conflicts with Alex Proyas’ Paradise Lost. (Such is the life of a hot Hollywood A-lister.) Cooper’s departure opens up the role for another actor, and, interestingly, one of the names being discussed is a blast from the past.

In addition to the news that Cooper is leaving the film, THR reports that Channing Tatum and Mark Wahlberg are being considered as possible replacements. Fans might recall that Wahlberg was offered the lead role for the film last year, but he announced that he would not be playing the part a couple of months later.

One of the reasons Wahlberg said he dropped out of The Crow was because his preferred director (Stephen Norrington) was no longer attached to the film. Considering that Norrington still isn’t on board, it seems unlikely that Wahlberg would return to the project, but stranger things have happened.

The rumor that Channing Tatum may be involved the project makes more sense, and could actually be a good turn for the actor. With lead roles in films like G.I. Joe, Tatum has become a legitimate movie star and is one of the few actors in Hollywood that could get audiences excited about yet another Hollywood remake. Whether you like him or not, he definitely fits the part and makes sense from the studio’s perspective.

What do you think? Is Cooper’s departure disappointing? Could Channing Tatum succeed in a gritty  reboot of The Crow, or will nobody be able to fill Brandon Lee’s shoes as the vengeful rocker Eric Draven?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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  1. Still shocked they’re re-making this. Brandon Lee was amazing & I think they need stop with the re-makes & come up with something new. The original was a dedication to Brandon & it should stay that way. Leave it alone… no-one will be as good as Brandon Lee, he made it his.

    • I totally agree with you 100%. The Crow is what made Brandon Lee a star. This movie is his legacy and should be left alone. Just think if they would have remade Bruce Lee’s Fist of Fury or Enter the Dragon. BAD IDEA! Dont remake a movie the was made great the first time.

    • I totally agree with you. Makes my heart hurt everytime I read about a ‘remake’.

      No one will ever fit the role. Brandon Lee (as one of my favorite actors as well) did an incredible job and that should stay the way it is. Why not remaster the movie, pass it on the cinemas (I know it didn’t by the time because of the family not wanting…or so I read) as a tribute? Alex Proyas did an amazing job and Brandon Lee will be *THE* Eric Draven, forever.

      Please don’t ruin it. Do something new.

    • All i can say is….they better not drop the ball on this remake. It would be insulting to brandon lee and all the fans. The crow should be played by an unknown actor who’s carrer can start of with a a bang with this film…but there will only be one original.

  2. You know who the best candidate would be to play the CROW again. It’s Joseph-Gordon Levitt, I’m sorry but Channing Tatum is not a good actor and has woody performances in the past. No one can come close to playing the great BRandon Lee’s part other than Joseph.

  3. I feel like it would be a huge mistake to remake this movie. Because of his amazing performance, followed by his untimely death, Brandon Lee is and will always be the only Eric Draven. I agree with Samantha, the original was a dedication to Brandon and his fiance, Eliza. Having anyone else play the part would almost be disrespectful. In a way, I look at Lee’s portrayal of The Crow in the same way that I do for Heath Ledger as The Joker. They were both incredible performances that, if not for such horrific tragedies, would have changed both actors’ careers forever. That being said, could you imagine Hollywood casting someone else in the place of Ledger in remake of The Dark Knight? Then why should we put another face to The Crow? Why fix something that isn’t broken??

    On top of that, the actors that have been rumored to revive the role are far from ideal. Nothing against Cooper, Wahlberg, or Tatum as actors, but physically, I cannot see them as Draven.

  4. The Crow with Brandon Lee is my favorite movie of all time. I saw it when i was a kid, couldnt get enough of it. Brandon Lees performance was incredible to me. This remake idea, disappoints me. i hope they decide to change their mind on it. but if they don’t, i definitely do not want Channing Tatum to play the same character Brandon Lee did. Jared Leto, ill accept. ill actually watch it. better be one hell of a performance by him though. maybe even Gordon-Levitt. i loved his past few movies (500 days of summer) (50/50) (Inception) and hes a great up and coming actor. Other than that, maybe even Jake Gyllenhaal. I havent seen any other actors that i would accept playing that role.

    • i agree with u but i would like to see a remake or reboot, and them dedicate it again to lee! im sooo unsure on who should be cast as ts main character?!? i was trying to think of someone who looks like him but its hard to do! i grw up watching the movies as well, my best friend turned me onto the movie! good memories! o

  5. Channing Tatum as the Crow would absolutely BUTCHER this movie. I fear that man is only good enough for the strip clubs he use to work at.

  6. The Crow was a great movie. No question. But why Re-Make a movie when it can clearly just continue? Many, if not all the sequels were lacking but that doesn’t mean you have to start over. Brandon Lee’s biggest tribute was this movie. DO NOT TOUCH IT. And for the love of the franchise, do not put Tatum as the role.

  7. i hope walberg would be good for the part! channing maybe justnot sure how they could replace brandon lees was the best part for the movie!

  8. i also think conger would have been a disgrace as draven! i think brandon would want a continuation of the movie ! its just hard to find an actor that looks like him! i just loved the movie! rewatched it tons of times!hopefully they find someone great for the role!

  9. They should not remake this movie. After Brandon Lee passed they should have quit making them all together. It’s a shame when they try to remake an amazing movie like this, no one cal play Brandon Lee’s part I don’t care how good of a actor they are. It DOES NOT need to be remade!

  10. This is my all time favorite movie. The thought of someone renaming it sickens me. The original still brings tears to my eyes because Brandon Lee brought so much love pain anger and revenge to the role. I cannot see any actor doing that now. I agree with the person who mention Heath Ledger as the Joker. I cannot imagine anyone playing the joker now because Heath did an amazing job with that role. if it isn’t broke don’t fix it. In Tue case of this just re release HD or in better detail. DO NOT REMAKE IT. It would be a sad disappointment.

  11. This is bs, they need to stop the re-make and leave the original alone. Brandon Lee did an amazing job and NO ONE can take his place!

  12. No. Absolutely not. Channing Tatum does not fit the part and would ruin the movie completely. I know I wouldn’t see it.

  13. I love the original Crow movie and if remake isn’t done I wouldn’t mind. But if I were to choose who plays Eric Draven I’d hire Jack Huston he’s a very good actor and physically fits the role.

  14. look for real? no one will be able to fill brandon lees role. and lets face it. the actors, as great as they are, hell even as hot as they are, could not pull this role, NONE OF THEM could, they had done a really good job at casting Eric draven in the stairway to heaven by casting marc dacoscos, so seriously if their going to do a remake they should just stick with someone who looks EVEN CLOSE TO THE PART! this film is going to be a failure of mass proportions if they use any of these actors, no offense because i love all three of these actors in there careers. but doing the crow…. will not benifit them any other then they can say they have walked in the shadows of Brandon Lee

  15. This is a movie that was perfect 20 years ago and should be and should’ve been left alone. Hollywood stop remaking and re hashing old ideas. Brandon Lee’s shoes are impossible to fill.

  16. Thay should just Leave it Alone just make a New one with Girl Crow somtething new ! or kid crow..

  17. Its a shame to remake The Crow. Nobody can ever replace Brandon Lee, but if Hollywood is determined to do this “remake”, then they need to really look hard at the actor to play it, I think they should get Jason Momoa to do it…he has got the look. I would rather them just not doing the remake at all but if they do, my money is on him.

  18. A reboot would be cool only because I can Never get enough of the original. I think an A lister like whalberg or tatum would ruin the film. Id like to see a lesser know actor try and pull it off. And if a remake does happen it MUST be rated R like the original. Must be dark, gloomy and brooding like the original.

  19. It would be a spit in the face of Brandon Lee and the Lee family if they remake this movie. I grew up on the movie and I like it just the way it is. You can’t improve perfection, I know I won’t waste my time seeing the remake….. Hollywood will u please stop ****** up our classics??

  20. I am gobsmacked that they would attempt to remake this version of the The Crow, with three others to choose from that progressively got worse and worse, until we have Edward Furlongs low budget and pityful attempt
    Now they want to remake/reboot the master of dark movies, remaking Brandon’s Movie?
    If this is a remake in the sense of title alone and a different story base then fine it’s just another Crow Movie. but if it has Eric Draven, then they are wrong to do this.
    I read the comics eric had his time back here, time for the Crow to bring another soul back, NOT ERIC…
    perhaps this is way there is so much trouble getting this project started, because it is not meant to happen this way

  21. I agree, they shouldn’t remake the original. BUT if they do, they should consider actors who either played John carter or Conan the barbarian.

  22. I agree, they shouldn’t remake the original. BUT if they do, they should consider actors who either played John carter or Conan the barbarian. Those actors have the similarities to Brandon and have the moves for Eric.

  23. Remaking this movie is a HUGE mistake. NO actor and NO remake will ever live up to the original with Brandon Lee, and yes this is an insult to Lee’s memory. Hollywood needs to start coming up with fresh new ideas, instead of taking classics and BUTCHERING them, which if this remake is going to be like all the others I have seen lately, that is exactly what they are going to do. The original was beautiful…cast perfectly, music was great, Brandon was phenomenal, and the fact it was a low budget movie was even better because there was no big “hollywood hype” on it…it was raw, dark, and pure. Now they are going to cast whatever guy girls are currently drooling over and ruin it with over the top hollywood effects, excessive violence, and naked boobs all over the place because that is ALL I have seen lately in horror/cult remakes. LEAVE THIS MOVIE ALONE, drop the remake. If you want to introduce it to a younger audience, just re-release the original. No matter how you do it, it will NEVER live up to the first. This movie is a classic, and dedicated to Brandon. Just leave it be. Wahlberg or Tatum??? PLEASE. NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO just NO!!!

  24. No. Just no. The Crow was done right the first time. There isn’t an actor alive that can fill Brandon Lee’s shoes for the part of Eric Draven. Who am I kidding? The original cast was perfect. Who would they get to play Top Dollar? Matt Damon? What about TinTin? Fiddy Cent.. maybe Lil Wayne? No. Stop it! Go remake Muppets Take Manhattan.

    I promise.. I will never spend a cent to see it.

  25. I dunno. I wasn’t a fan of the idea of a remake because the original was just too good, especially because of Brandon Lee. But Bradley Cooper would have been excellent for the role with his appearance and his acting. Mark Wahlberg and Channing Tatum would not suit the role at all.

  26. the only actor that would come close to pull off the part is jared leto cus he could look the part the best if not him its pointless no one will bring what brandon did to the movie

  27. Does anyone else find it funny that Bradley Cooper left the remake to work on a film directed by the director of the original film? :p

  28. i think jason moma is a better fit then mark walhberg or channing tatem.

  29. Now bottom Line – This Movie should not be made!!!!!!

    However seeing as how the Hollywood Movie Machine will do what it will,
    Why has Noone thought of Joseph Gordon-Levitt?

    Hes Very popular now, Hes younger, more relate-able with Younger crowds and being in movies Like Mysterious Skin and Brick where his characters are emotionally driven-He would be the Perfect fit.
    I think If they go with someone like Channing Tatum or Bradley Cooper If would be the same as trying To Put Eric Mabius is the Iconic Role!!

    So completely Left Field here – Im gonna be Team Joseph Gordon-Levitt