Bradley Cooper Drops Out of ‘The Crow’ Remake; Mark Wahlberg Rumors Resurface

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It’s been a strange road for The Crow remake. We’ve been covering the film since 2008, and during that time it’s gone through multiple directors, writers, and lead actors. Now, it appears that The Crow is going through yet another change.

Most recently, director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo and Hangover star Bradley Cooper were linked to the project. Fresnadillo is still directing the film, but it looks like he’s going to need another star.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Cooper has left the project due to scheduling conflicts with Alex Proyas’ Paradise Lost. (Such is the life of a hot Hollywood A-lister.) Cooper’s departure opens up the role for another actor, and, interestingly, one of the names being discussed is a blast from the past.

In addition to the news that Cooper is leaving the film, THR reports that Channing Tatum and Mark Wahlberg are being considered as possible replacements. Fans might recall that Wahlberg was offered the lead role for the film last year, but he announced that he would not be playing the part a couple of months later.

One of the reasons Wahlberg said he dropped out of The Crow was because his preferred director (Stephen Norrington) was no longer attached to the film. Considering that Norrington still isn’t on board, it seems unlikely that Wahlberg would return to the project, but stranger things have happened.

The rumor that Channing Tatum may be involved the project makes more sense, and could actually be a good turn for the actor. With lead roles in films like G.I. Joe, Tatum has become a legitimate movie star and is one of the few actors in Hollywood that could get audiences excited about yet another Hollywood remake. Whether you like him or not, he definitely fits the part and makes sense from the studio’s perspective.

What do you think? Is Cooper’s departure disappointing? Could Channing Tatum succeed in a gritty ┬áreboot of The Crow, or will nobody be able to fill Brandon Lee’s shoes as the vengeful rocker Eric Draven?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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  1. oh holy hell, just leave the movie be! all you guys want to do is make more money out of a movie that the actor made the movie! You can not replace Brandon Lee! I am sorry!

    • There is NO NEED for a remake of this excellent film, especially when it’s star (Brandon Lee) was killed while making the film!! The Crow was and always will be HIS baby and it should remain that way imo, since the original was done quite well in the first place!!

    • Yes please leave the movie alone. the last 3 were aweful there will only be one crow on the big screen that was Brandon unless you can get his soul to come down and remake the movie playing his original part forget it because Channing is hot but he is not going to live up to part that Brandon sacrificed his life over!!! there will be only two great crows in this life. Brandon and Mark thats it. no one else. this film is going to bomb. the crow fans, er the Brandon Lee die hard crow fans are not going to watch some crap with channing or any other idiot you put in there to replace Brandon. No one can replace him in this film and your idiots if you try to!!! Brandon did The Crow justice he is the only reason that movie made it!!! and the only reason the tv series are as long as they are is because of Mark so there. Just leave the movie alone because it will always remain Brandon Lee’s part no matter what. he gave his life for that movie and i think that deserves to be recognized moreso than having someone replace him!!! Btw i dont plan on seeing this movie or owning it EVER!!!

    • I totally agree the movie is so so amazing the way it is with Brandon lee leave it alone you can’t make it better cause it already amazing !! So stop trying to remake every good movie …

    Johnny all the way!

    • I totally agree, Johnny would be the only one I can think of to pull off this role.

  3. They should get someone like ernie.reyes jr or scott adkins to be the crow in the remake or even damien walters of youtube

  4. Remaking a film that has a dead cast member, even one that died making the film, is not an insult to their memory. I am a massive fan of The Crow. I read the comics before the movie and watched the film countless times in high school when it came out. I groan and roll my eyes every time I hear that there is another remake coming. Hollywood wants to bank on titles that every one knows. Why else would we have six fast and the furious movies (with a seventh already announced)? They sell. Going from the track record of the previous Crow sequels, I can see the hesitancy to tack another on when you can remake the original. I’ll withhold judgment until I see the film. I can’t complain about something that’s not even been made nor even written yet. I’m also a huge Evil Dead fan and I think the upcoming remake looks amazing. It depends on the people involved in the film.

    If it gets made and sucks, the right people didn’t make it. If it gets made and is good? Well, then we have two good movies.

  5. We should wait because It should be Nicholas Hoult and he needs to be older..just a little older though.

    switch up the the make up ad long hair. He has the bone structure. he has the talent. He definately has the eyes…so freaky drenched in black…I’m right I AM!

  6. Brandon Lee is my idol. I’m named after him and this movie. My first and middle name come straight from the movie…Brandon us my first and Eric is my middle…i wish they would just leave it add it is. Brandon Lee will never be able to be replaced…i don’t care who the actor is. They will never be able to fill his role as good as he did.

    • I agree no one can replace brandon lee in this movie

  7. They allegedly announced Luke Evans as the Brandon Lee replacement. Terrible. Not even close. They could have done better than Luke Evans. Plenty of different people could be suggested. My suggestion would be Taylor Kitsch from the Disney movie John Carter. He He had great hair, a great body and totally would be more imaginable or ideal to Brandon Lee. Not saying he is in total comparison to Brandon Lee or anything cause obviously NO ONE will ever be able to replace him. But I after seeing Taylor Kitsch in that movie…it allowed me to see more of a comparison. But bottom line is there’s a better choice than Luke Evans!!!!

  8. I’d love to see this classic remade. Here’s how you do it. I’d agree on johnny depp being a great candidate, especially to attract the attention the movie deserves. Next, and very important, music. Crow soundtracks are not to be corrupted. In fact, just

    meusic from the original! Perfect!


  9. i agree leave the movie alone!!! that was Brandon’s movie and it wouldnt have been the hottest thing if it was not for Brandon. He sacrificed his life for that role. the crow will always belong to Brandon and i think that you guys should acknowledge that moreso than trying to remake the movie and forgetting Brandon ever had anything to do with it!!! Never will he be forgotten. this movie is not going to make it. i can tell you right now because no original and true crow fan who is a big Brandon Lee fan will ever watch this piece of crap. i am a true crow fan and Brandon made that part come alive. he made that movie great! Channing is too big of a wuzzy to throw himself into a role of Eric Draven. there will only be two Eric Dravens and that was Brandon Lee and Mark Dacascos for the tv series. that’s it no other guy is capable of playing the role of the crow. thats why in my book the last three crows sucked.

    • no remake how bout taking one of the other fan made books like tempal of night or a new spine like a female crow for cryin out loud

  10. we do not need a remake but a fresh new ideal hoe bout a female crow but please no Kristin stewart she sucks and it would be disrespectful maybe daniella monet she has the build and attidue for the part she played on victorious a nick show

    • Uhhhhhh no. Lmao

  11. Channing Tatum will kill this comic book movie

    • Agreed

  12. There are lots of Crow comic storylines to choose from, leave this one the hell alone!!!
    To take something so iconic, chew it up and crap out a far inferior product? What a waste of time and money and what an obvious money grab. I’d rather set myself on fire than watch a reamake.
    Bah, what a thing to wake up to, I need coffee.

  13. They can’t ruin this movie! There’s already been 4 Crow movies why don’t they just make a 5th, && if any thing they should get a rock star or some who’s seen the movie and respects Brandon Lee’s role so they can do it justice. If the star that’s plays Eric can’t even tell me who Brandon’s dad was or why the quote “it can’t rain all the time” is significant than he shouldn’t be Eric.

  14. Channing and marky mark come on these guys have to much muscle. Neither of the look like rock stars james franco would be good

  15. This is just sad. I’m sorry but neither Wahlberg nor Tatum would be able to pull this off. I can’t see either of them playing Eric Draven. Brandon Lee was PERFECT in the original. It’s safe to say a remake just wouldn’t do the film justice.

  16. Luke Evens was the last person they pick to play Eric. And James O’Barr is gonna be on the set to help with the movie. Its gonna go with the comic more or less. I feel we can have more trust in this than all the other sequels. I’m looking forward to seeing the how this will play off. I absolutely love The Crow and hope that all the die hard Crow fans can understand that James O’Barr has a lot of respect towards his fans to not disappoint them, and def. not to make Brandon Lee a mockery. He is doing what he loves most and that’s making something he loves a reality.

  17. I’ve always said criss Angel would make a perfect crow.. he’s got the look…

  18. NO! The other spin offs show how bad it is to do anything to the original. Brandon Lee (RIP) is the only Eric Draven for me.

  19. Brandon Lee is The Crow, and always will be. Even lookalike Mark Dacascos couldn’t make it work, and he’s awesome. Any attempt to remake the original will be a flop. Mark my words.

  20. LEAVE THIS MOVIE ALONE! It would be disrespectful to James O’Barr, Brandon Lee, Ernie Hudson, and all of the wonderful actors of the original 1994 film. Mr. Lee made the movie, and The Crow movies that followed the 94 film were awful!!!! This is a Cult Classic, you will never capture the movie magic that was Brandon Lee’s The Crow again, by trying to remake it. That would be like trying to remake Alien, or The Rocky Horror Picture Show. I won’t watch the remade junk!

  21. Jared Leto should get this part. He deserves it

  22. the only other person that could pull this roll off with out a problem is heath but he to is dead i would like to see it redone just to see what they could do and it make suck but then again it maybe great. they have to get someone who can be dark and that can be the roll not just play the roll but like i said heath ledger was the only other one that could have done it imo.

  23. I grew up watching this movie, its a classic.

    I love the soundtrack, the storyline, the characters.

    Now as for the fact that its in the works to be remade, i believe is a really terrible choice. Why? well for one Brandon Lee died in the process of making this movie, I don’t believe remaking this would be a great tribute to his memory. Fans of this movie in particular would not find the remaking of this film so enjoyable either. Just leave this film alone, it doesn’t need a remake to give it a new look. Its just really amazing the way it is.

    As a fan im begging you not to continue with this remake. If anything release it again in theaters so other fans and new alike can enjoy it on the big screen.

  24. I think Chris angel would be perfect for the roll of the crow, he has the look him and Brandon have similar faces and sorta sound alike, so I vote Chris angel to be the crow