‘The Conjuring’ Trailer #3: The Real Perron Family Tell Their Story

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Director James Wan has had a busy year. Not only has he reunited with screenwriter Leigh Whannell to make Insidious 2, he’s also been bringing another haunting to life (figuratively speaking) in The Conjuring, another ghost movie that is based an real accounts of paranormal activity that plagued a family in the 1970s.

Lili Taylor and Ron Livingston play Carolyn and Roger Perron, a couple who move into a new home with their five daughters, only to find themselves tormented by malevolent spirits. Desperate, they call on the help of paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren (Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga) – who are perhaps best known for their involvement in the Amityville Horror case – to get to the bottom of the haunting and hopefully rid the house of ghosts.

A new trailer for The Conjuring has just been released over at Yahoo, and comes with an interesting twist: it features interviews with the real-life Perron family. Lorraine Warren was apparently quite heavily involved with the making of the film as a consultant, so it’s perhaps unsurprising that the victims of the original haunting should also be drawn into the promotion of The Conjuring. Their account of events is intercut with clips from the film that show both the ghosts themselves and some of the spooky events that supposedly happened in the house.

Vera Farmiga as Lorraine Warren in The Conjuring The Conjuring Trailer #3: The Real Perron Family Tell Their Story

If you’re not superstitious and don’t buy into the “true story” aspect of films like The Conjuring, then this trailer probably won’t do as much to scare you as the previous ones have. Many people don’t need to genuinely believe in ghosts in order to be scared by ┬áhaunted house movies; for those who do believe that there might be something more out there, however, hearing the Perrons talk about their experiences in the house will no doubt add an extra edge of scariness to the story.

Having said that, The Conjuring might not even need any help with the scare factor. The first reviews of the film were recently published and the virtually unanimous impression from all the critics was that Wan has crafted a truly terrifying film, with masterful construction of the haunting scenes and some truly nasty spooks. Not only that, but the MPAA awarded The Conjuring an R rating, not because it has much in the way of gore, but because they simply considered it to be too scary for younger audiences to handle. This may well end up being the most frightening horror movie of the year, in which case you may want to believe that the whole thing is purely fictional.


The Conjuring is out in theaters on July 19, 2013.

Source: Yahoo

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  1. I’m trying not to get too overhyped about this movie. Insidious was fantastic but some of that had to do with lower expectations in a genre that misses far more often than it hits. Really looking forward to this one though. I hope there are some surprises left once it comes out.

  2. Wow, can that movie trailer voice get any deeper?

    • I’m gonna assume puberty hit during conception in Trailer Guy’s case.

      Looks like a cool movie but I’ll wait until it’s on Youtube (like my first viewing of V/H/S was) or TV (Paranormal Activity 4 premiered tonight on TV so that’s recorded to see how bad it is compared to previous comments about it).

  3. At the time I was 18 years old, and was a member of an organization called Parapsychology Investigation and Research Organization based at Rhode Island College. I’d placed an ad in a local newspaper regarding our services, and it was answered by Carolyn Perron three weeks later, which was how we became involved in her situation. It did not take long to discover that this was the REAL DEAL, and that genuine, incredible spirit activity was taking place within this house… something which these family members had to live with on a daily and nightly basis! Although we were a young college-age organization, we assured them we would do all we could to help.
    Once we’d investigated and realized the genuine validity of the phenomena taking place, I suggested and began discussing with other member the possibility of consulting with our friends Ed and Lorraine Warren, because of their years of experience and valued advice. When things became overwhelming for Carolyn, Donna, our chairperson of P.I.R.O., did just that, and contacted Ed and Lorraine. Ed and Lorraine did more that just consult with us; they became personally involved in the case as well.

    • NearKeith, do you have any links to more articles about the actual Perron haunting? Are there any actual pictures or footage that the Warrens took available to the public?

      • Just look up ed warren or lorraine warren and it will show all their cases

  4. conjuring looks awesome! this can bridge the gap of time waiting for Insidious chapter 2!!

  5. Might be worth a peek on Netflix.

    • It is not on Netflix because it is still in theaters

  6. The kid who flies through the air butt-first, and the other one who rises while sitting on the chair (up on a cushion of flatulent air??) makes me think the working title for this one will be “Poltergoosed”!

  7. We just saw the pre-screening of The Conjuring which came complete with a preist and a demon protection kit. This movie was phenomenal! I was so frightened I couldn’t sit still. A must see!!!

  8. I guess I wouldn’t watch this movie cuz when there are movies like this one it’s just gets me nuts an I won’t sleep ever in my house gain or my bed cuz I get that bad an yes I do believe in it all .

  9. Can someone tell me where. I could find ever details about the real story to get more info

    • Yes. Did you get a chance to read my post above, Timothy?

  10. lol @ narrator’s voice! haha

  11. I noticed the family is coming forward now, okay. Did they not know of the Ammityville Horror? I think same formula here. I think it is a sure bet that I am not the only person who thought that when the daughter just said that they did not think anyone ready. Another was the Carla Moran story also based on a “true” story made into the movie the Entity starring Barbara Hershey Great marketing ploy here.

  12. Well for all u non believers, of scary this could in fact be based on a true story even if its loosely based. The exorcist of Emily Rose is also based on a true story. There are books about that one. If u don’t like the subject of the movie stay home. And for those whom do , go and watch the story unfold. I believe that it is mostly true. Can’t wait to research more !

  13. I just watched the movie.. True account of actual events or not…. This was a scary, jump out of your seat, hide behind your hands movie!!! I will say that it’s been many, many years since a movie made me jump. Two thumbs up!!!

  14. Great movie best paranormal movie ive seen

  15. I seen it yesterday ._. That movie is unbelievably horrifying. Literally everyone in the movie theater was screaming and I totally agree with it being rated R for how scary it is. Its truly horrifying and Im not sure if Ill watch it again… Thats how scary it is. If you plan on seeing it, youre definetly up for some real terror

  16. I definitely agree best horror film in a long time. I was laughing nervously in the movie because I was so darn scared! Trying to keep my mind off of all the terrifying things that took place. This movie had me scared to go to sleep. I believe these paranormal activities happen having witnessed a few far less horrifying ones myself as a child visiting a friend of the family’s home overnight. If you are looking for a good scare, this is a must see

  17. I just watched it and I never get scared watching movies and I did five star must watch


    • You should go see it. Its very very good. If you like being scared, this is one to see

  19. Just saw the conjuring and loved it. Lots of good spots that make you jump, excellent story and pretty kept you glued to the screen the whole time. Its about time someone made a good scary movie that had content other than gore. Loved it

  20. Went to see this tonight. I have seen a ton of scary movies but this tops any other movie I have seen!!!

  21. Wow, we saw it last night, I couldnt breath I was so scared, but we walked out on a high, loved it ! I was watching the full theatre , everyone was spellbound , amazing !

  22. I saw it last night and there are many things the same as the house I am at staff at, a Haunted House near my home. Both scared a family in the 70′s in a rural area. Both had a hanging tree a dirt cellar and a pond. The difference is in Hinsdale the house had the Exorcism not any people. Both were most active in the 70′s. The difference is ours is still very active and is now a para normal research center.

  23. Very scary movie, but I thought Sinister with Ethan Hawke was much spookier.

  24. The movie was awesome it had all the good elements of a horror movie creepy suspense things jumping out a creepy back story and the garphics where pretty creepy. its not very gory though if thats what your into. I dont know how much f it was true but based on an interveiw of the real perror mom and the daughter christiene there where occurences in the housr and feelings of dread and fear they have a book house of darkness house of light

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  26. Conjuring is an awsum horror movie I ve ever watched!! T wud b yt mor awsum f t was in 3d!!! Its truly grt movie!!…. a big nd heartly thnku fa JAMES WAN… loved t!!!

  27. I am a believer and I’m interested to know why we don’t hear about these things taking place now. It was always around the 70′s and always big houses in America. Are there known cases current events?