Rumor: ‘The Conjuring 2′ Will Send the Warrens to 1970s England

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the conjuring sequel plot Rumor: The Conjuring 2 Will Send the Warrens to 1970s England

To call The Conjuring the horror movie hit of 2013 (so far) would be quite fitting. Director James Wan’s R-Rated supernatural scarefest has already grossed more than six times its $20 million budget worldwide in theaters – in addition to earning critical kudos, for old-fashioned spooking tactics and Wan’s technical expertise. New Line Cinema gave the go-ahead for development on a sequel before Wan’s film began its theatrical run; needless to say, the studio’s instincts were right on the money (in this case).






The Conjuring was loosely - emphasis on loosely - inspired by one of the real-world cases that involved the paranormal investigator/demonologist husband-wife team of Ed and Lorraine Warren (as portrayed by Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga in the movie). Wan’s film concludes with Ed briefly mentioning to his significant other that he’s been informed about a potential new case in Long Island – a reference to the real-life incident that inspired The Amityville Horror (which ended up being investigated by the Warrens).

However, according to AICN‘s source – who claims to have attended “an intimate gathering at Lorraine Warren’s home” recently – that case will not be the basis for the Conjuring sequel plot:

The case file they’re looking at [occurs] in the late ’70s and centers on two sisters in Enfield, England, who were allegedly possessed. Warren said she personally saw them levitate and even saw one of the sister dematerialize in front of her only to be found 20 minutes later stuffed into an oversized fuse box, contorted in such an unnatural way that they couldn’t have replicated it if they tried. She also said that the demon spoke directly to her husband on many occasions. Warren cited this case as one of the most terrifying experiences of her career.

Truth be told, it wouldn’t make a whole lot of sense for The Conjuring sequel to focus on the Amityville incident, which has been so heavily dramatized and re-told onscreen in the past. Not to mention, a recounting of that event from the Warrens’ perspective might have trouble bringing an interesting and refreshing dimension to the proceedings. On the other side of the coin, a case like the one described above – one of several lesser-known occurrences that involved the Warrens – offers ripe material for a screenwriter to adapt – by letting their imagination run wild with the “truth” behind it all.

Vera Farmiga in The Conjuring 2013 570x380 Rumor: The Conjuring 2 Will Send the Warrens to 1970s England

Carey W. and Chad Hayes’ script for The Conjuring definitely has an anecdotal feel; in some ways, the three-act narrative resembles that of a glorified pilot episode for a TV series (in ways good and bad), which follows the Warrens as they investigate a terrifying new case every week. You can see already see how the rumored story for Conjuring 2 – with the Hayes twins back as the screenwriters – could pickup the story threads left dangling in the first movie – like the emotional toll that each demonic encounter takes on the clairvoyant Lorraine.

That said, if Wan doesn’t return as the director on The Conjuring sequel, then it’ll be more than a little difficult to get fans of the first installment onboard for Part 2 – regardless of whatever the plot winds up being.


The Conjuring is now playing in theaters. For an in-depth discussion of the film by the Screen Rant editors, you should check out our Conjuring episode of the SR Underground Podcast.

Source: AICN

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  1. Like I said before, they could make a franchise out of it if they use lesser known investigations.

    I just hope the sequel is actually….you know….scary. Totally underwhelmed when I caught the movie last week.

    • I agree. The “horror” of the film was totally overhyped. I loved the film as a character study, but I wasn’t frightened at all throughout the entirety of the film. I honestly cannot wait for the sequel; I find it refreshing for the scares to take a backseat to the character development.

      • I have grown up having seances and have seen a friends finger nails bleed as she abused the spirit in the glass and didn’t believe. It freaked everyone out though i just sat there and didn’t really freak out. It stopped bleeding within seconds and she said she would never have a seance again. I have a cousin that does cleansings and my mum asked her to do 1 on me several years ago. My cousins daughter was always scared to come close to me, even when they came to the supermarket i was a manager at. After the cleansing my cousin said she could see my sister who passed away on the 29-7-2001 at 10:30am Sunday morning. When i stood up I felt so much lighter, and my 2nd cousin was no longer scared of me. I have been told of Psychic ability though never been able to use it properly, though at times i can tell people of their past, many times. With all this known to me i still do not get scared of horror and was not at all scared of the conjuring. Look forward to a sequel. If there is a clairvoyant out there in South Australia, Australia that can help me with my so called talent please contact me.

    • couldn’t disagree more, personally. I found it brilliantly chilling and one of the most satisfying horror films since Insidious.

      That said, I’m a huge fan of James Wan, so I am… VERY biased.

      • I agree! This was the scariest movie I’ve ever seen!

    • I walked away a little less spooked than I expected to be, although overall I think it’s a better FILM than Insidious. There were fewer jump scares (but there was a lot of well-staged suspense) and some of the visuals (like the possession) were more disturbing than frightening, and the film’s closed-off conclusion meant that I slept pretty soundly after I caught it last night. I agree with you that they could make it a little more scary, but I still liked it. Although maybe we’re used to a different standard of scary, because the audience I was with (and my friends) were all pretty freaked out somehow.

    • Disagree movie was very frightening, you’re one those macho people that say I wasn’t scared, but in actuality you were probably closing you’re eyes during every scary scene in the movie.

  2. Sounds like a good idea. A new investigation outside of the US. I enjoyed the first movie and hope it’s made with the same passion as the first

  3. Liked the first one a lot. I just wished they had been a lil more detailed about the history of the house and the people that haunted it. That always adds to it for me.

  4. Without Wan, the movie will end up like typical Hollywood movies which not very scary and engaging. Wan only directing this movie but not one of the screenwriters but he managed to craft the way horror movie should be. I think he’s very talented guy who has so many stand alone original ideas.

  5. The Conjuring worked because of Wan and his
    sophisticated and subtle approach to the simple.

    What looks easy really is not and in the hands of
    someone else genuine thrills become cheap thrills.
    This is one sequel that demands the same director.

    • I agree. I would only want a sequel if James Wan directed it.

  6. These are probably watchable on Netflix; I’ll keep them in mind. Not “go to the theater” material, tho (only a small proportion of movies nowadays are theater-must-sees, tho).

  7. I’m reading a book called “The Demonologist” about their lives and various big cases. They DEFINITELY could have a franchise out of the Conjuring. Best horror movie in years.

    • That’s my problem with movie versions of their cases.

      The films aren’t scary at all but the actual “events” as recounted in text form and details that Hollywood leave out when adapting the investigations give a creepy kind of feeling that Amityville Horror (both versions) and The Conjuring failed to do.

      Honestly, if I had to give a “Horror Movie of the Year” award right at this moment, I’d give it to a low budget movie called Crawlspace that premiered on The Horror Channel a few weeks ago and was – unlike The Conjuring – genuinely good and had actual scares.

      Then again, I’ve been watching horror movies for years and I can understand that people who don’t normally watch them would find The Conjuring to be terrifying or brilliant.

      • The conjuring was brilliantly made, it was cliche but it worked better than most. Imo best horror film ive seen in a decade, but i dont watch horror films regularly

      • Crawlspace sucked, and to even compare let along say it surpassed The Conjuring is laughable.

    • I agree this was a great movie better then all i have seen in years i also took a trip to see lorraine warren well worth the trip she is a wonderful lady had much to offer and see

  8. I just want the ending of conjuring 2 to be that the attempts to cure a family failed and the warrens agreed to keep it a secret.

  9. Wan needs to return. He did such a great job with the first and I would be very excited to see a second instalment if he were to return. Without him I would be very sceptical

    • I totally agree, washyourhands. Right now, nobody tells a ghost story on film better than Wan. Seriously, I can’t think of anyone else. Someone mention to me Guillermo del Toro, but I don’t think he even touches Wan with a 10-foot pole. Everything Guillermo has made has been hyped and then turns out to be total crap.

      While Insidious 2 left me a tad disappointed after the first Insidious, Wan is still the best in the business at weaving ghost stories on film.

  10. I thought this was based on a true story. I wonder if they are making up the case in England or are they basing it on another “real” case that they investigated?

    • @Patrick

      I always looked at “Based on True events.”

      1 How come no one ever confirms the true events? I mean not one person is around to confirm this is what happened.

      2 If it were true events, and no one was around to confirm it, how do they know?

      3 If you keep doing the same stuff over and over and come up with the same “Found Footage”

      People start thinking it is all in your head.

      • People can confirm it. There are videos with the real families that went through the things and explained what happened and the differences between reality and film. Maybe you should do some research before you assume things

  11. Hopefully this time aroud they will hold back on the previews. The trailors for the original that they flooded every TV channel with contained basically every single “scare” scene in the movie. I liked the original Saw and Insidious and really wanted to like the Conjuring. Unfortunately the hype was too much to live up to and I actually found it pretty boring. Honestly didnt give me a single good scary moment.

  12. They need to go to Amityville, they set it up for that, it would be a shame to not go. I’d LOVE to see James Wan go there!

    • How Amityville’s have we seen already? Nothing would ruin this soon-to-be franchise quicker than “The Amityville Horror, Part 30.”

      Also, there is a scene in the Conjuring in which Ed tells of a case in which his wife saw something that was so disturbing, she locked herself in her room for 9 days afterwards without eating. I kind of thought that was the setup for the sequel.

  13. EPIC FAIL not going to AMITYVILLE!!!!

    • Maybe not this time, I commend them not going that route just yet.

  14. the conjuring was a very well made film and all that but scary ?

    like once in the whole film did I truly feel scared

    I laughed at 2 scenes that were supposed to be frightening

    the guy behind it is very talented, but the first half of insidious, genuinely scared me( before the film, turned into some halloween costume party that robbed it, of it’s power)

    I guess, I have just seen too many horror films

  15. I want to say that out of all of the movies I’ve seen so far this summer, “The Conjuring” has easily been the most entertaining. Man of Steel and Iron Man 3 were OK, while World War Z was just plain awful. “The Conjuring” had just enough really cool “jump out at you” scares to make it a good time.

    Also, I thought the sequel would be based on a case that Ed Warren (Patrick Wilson) talked about in this film – it was the case in which his wife saw something so horrible that “she still won’t tell me what she saw to this day”.

    I pretty much thought they were already setting up a sequel with that.

  16. They need to bring the Annabell doll back, since she wasn’t even the main focal point of the 1st movie, she’d be a great addition to the sequel, It would be cool to actually see the doll walk around and talk

  17. Is “Found Footage”

    The new “There was no one left to tell the story.” yet the story still gets told?

  18. I liked it… Got me a few times… =)

  19. I thought The Conjuring was pretty good. I went in watching it without having seen the trailer….and with low expectations. I don’t listen to or hype up movies. Im a huge horror fan…Im 32….and ive been into horror since I was 5 years old. I place Conjuring next to The Changeling and Poltergeist….which clearly it was paying homage to. The tree….the doll…under the bed….the static tv…the bouncing ball….the turning rocking chair. The score was also well done.

  20. when watching the conjuring did anyone notice how much screen time they gave to the annabelle doll without it having anything to do with the main plot? maybe they just wanted a good subplot, but maybe they were planing a sequel for that. but im hoping that they do the one in England and they keep the doll a sub plot of all the movies… and in the final one… (if they make more then 2) the doll is the main demon… the whole time it has been feeding of the wife as it has been in the case (but the case isn’t strong enough to hold the demon) and once she is weak enough the demon latches on to her…. and the movie continues from there. so dont make the second movie about the doll but keep the doll like in the first one but make it have a bit more activity in every movie.

    and i agree wan needs to be the one to direct it.

    • they actually making a spin-off about the annabelle doll (annabelle) and it will be release worldwide somewhere in about october 2014, it’s confirmed on wikipedia, tho the plot for the second installment havent been announced yet

  21. Raf, I totaly agree with you about Annabelle, she’s biding her time.
    The third movie could see a major supernatural event whereby Annabelle not only escapes,but instigates the release of all the collected items.
    This could then open up a spin off series (Film or TV) whereby the items have to be safely re-acquired (not without bloodshed).

    As some of you may know, this type of show has already been done, it was called Friday the 13th (tv show) greatly underrated series I thoroughly enjoyed in my teenage years.

    Question for all, has anyone experienced any typing isues using these text boxes, some key interactions are not picked up, I have to re-type some of my text?

    • Do any of you know what the real annabellle looks like? If not you would be disapponited its not really scary. Good story but the doll is not scary

  22. I’ve watched MANY horror movies, especially the supernatural ones. The conjuring is hands down the best in my opinion.
    Nearly every other horror film is just some let down where Im bored senseless or feel robbed of my time and money. All of the paranormal movies, all of the amityville horrors, the exorcisms of “insert name here” (Emily Rose, for example), etc.
    Some are entertaining, but are not scary at all.
    Insidious was a really good movie that wasn’t scary to me; but, the conjuring (i feel) was better and actually was scary.

    If any one here watches the Conjuring, then says that the Conjuring wasn’t scary but then lists some other supernatural one is either: 1) a liar; or 2) just thinking back to some movie they havent seen since they were 10.
    I believe people when they say they aren’t scared of the conjuring because they dont believe in the supernatural. But to say some laughable movie like the Paranormal Activity series is scary, but that the conjuring isnt, is like saying diamonds are cheap, but cheetos are expensive.

  23. this says based on true events — back in the sixtys i associated with people who had abilities— they were all friends of the warrens- they were many many times more gifted than the warrens some were amazing- but none of them charged money and none of them tried to be media darlings like the warrens did- none of them sold out like the warrens did

  24. just watched the movie last week. wasnt scared. i now have a strange obsession with this movie and the Warrens. Thanks xD

  25. Good movie so real almost like the excorcist

  26. I have been fascinated with horror movies since I was barely 10…Conjuring is no doubt a nicely crafted horror movie.

  27. The movie was not meant to make you scream and run. The movie was meant to make people own their eyes and see the horrors of what the warrens and that family went through. Be reminded, this is only a screen. This did happen in real life. While i did not run and hide and feel scared, my body did want to curl into a ball and shrink up because it was very creepy and full of suspense. not something i would want in my home any day of the week.

  28. Loved the first one ,can’t wait to see second one kno I will be great as well!!

  29. Their books are amazing i am enthralled with the series and so happy someone chose to focus on this while lorraine was still alive to be a part of it. Annebelle was terrifying, but i hope they focus more on the actual cases if they do a third. Haunting in Connecticut is also one of their stories.