Kiefer Sutherland Talks Web Drama ‘The Confession'; ’24’ Movie Updates

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the confession Kiefer Sutherland Talks Web Drama The Confession; 24 Movie Updates

Keifer Sutherland is set to star in a new action web-series called The Confession from Digital Broadcasting Group. The 24 star is also the creator of the ten episode series, which was written and directed by Brad Mirman, and co-stars John Hurt. The series premieres on Hulu in March.

The actor is also talking about the current state of the film spin-off of 24 – delivering news that the project is far from dead!

Each episode of  The Confesssion will be five to seven minutes long, and the plot centers on a hit-man confessing his sins to a priest on a snowy Christmas Eve. The story features flashbacks as the hit-man tells the priest how he came to visit him, climaxing with a twist. You can check out the teaser for the series here.

Sutherland talked to EW about the genesis of the series:

“It came about in such a different way. I was meeting a couple friends of mine, who wanted to introduce me to Chris Young (CEO of Digital Broadcasting Group). I know so little about the internet, but that’s what a lot of friends do for work. Most of that stuff being produced for the internet is comedy, very much like Jackass kind of material, which is great but didn’t appeal to me. Chris started talking about wanting to do a drama, but his criteria was so different. A drama in five-minute episodes! It was one of those things, like a puzzle over the course of the lunch. It can’t be that complicated to figure out a story in five minutes, right? I couldn’t, and it frustrated the crap out of me. So I went home that night, still thinking about it, and it stayed with me for three days. I was falling asleep when I literally got this idea of a confessional.”

The star shot the film last month in New York, but he stated that it was difficult, and far from the luxury of a typical Hollywood production:

“We called on a lot of favors. A dollar is a dollar. It gets you what you get. There’s no way around that, so you’re phoning dear friends for favors. None of us were paid what we normally get paid. Everybody found their own challenge in it, and that was the reason to do it. All of us believe very strongly that the internet is the future, the largest network in world, with the ability to reach a big audience.”

The series, has an interesting (if maybe clichéd) premise, and it might just be the thing that takes web-based entertainment to the next level. While the internet is filled with great comedy and some interesting horror material, it hasn’t really broken through to the mainstream . So could Sutherland’s attachment to such a project legitimize it as a form of entertainment for the masses?

the confession poster1 Kiefer Sutherland Talks Web Drama The Confession; 24 Movie Updates

It’s hard to say, at this juncture, but the main problem with a project of this kind (as stated by Sutherland in the above quote) is the length of each episode. It will be difficult to build drama in five minutes, and then sustain it over a ten episode story arc that will make viewers come back each week. It could be that viewers will just want to watch the series in its collected form, avoiding the film-makers initial intention.

As to returning to the role of Jack Bauer, Sutherland stated that there is still hope that a film version of 24 might just make it to the screen – despite the news that the recent script for project had been rejected by Fox. The gravel voiced actor said:

“We have a couple ideas we are working on that we are very excited about. 24 was a lot of work, it certainly had its ups and downs. But for so many reasons, it was one of the great experiences of my life. I miss the daily grind of it, which I was surprised about because that’s the one thing you complain about all the time. Be careful what you ask for!”

He went on to call the project “the little engine that could” and said that although State of Play writer Billy Ray’s script hadn’t met expectations, some of the material would still be used:

“Billy did a fantastic job and there are aspects of that story [that will remain]. I couldn’t be more thrilled.”

So fans of Kiefer Sutherland and 24 can rejoice. Not only will the former Lost Boy be making an apperance on a hard drive near you with The Confession, but it looks like there is still a chance that you’ll be able to see Jack Bauer on the big screen.

Source: Indie Wire & EW

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  1. I wonder how they will title this? “24: 2 HR”? Maybe just “Jack Bauer: _____”. Aside from the title I look forward to this. I owned seasons 1-3, stopped watching it and then picked up on the final season. I just hope his daughter doesn’t get kidnapped or that there is a mole in CTU(recurring themes).

    • i hope that jack and aundrey reins will fall madly in love but i dint like 24 should ever stop i started watching 24 the begganning for the summer 2012 and its september 24 2012 here i am on seasion 6 ep 29

  2. “24” the movie simply must be made. Jack Bauer’s story is unfinished. “24” has a huuuuuge fanbase. Fox executives have been complete idiots these past couple of years. Cancelling “My Name is Earl”, “24” and so on. Fox makes me sick. They make no sense at all; Taking shows that are immensely popular and trashing them!

  3. I don’t know what to say other than interesting.

    I don’t know if i’ll be seeing this it really doesn’t sound all the entertaining story wise and it gets worse when you factor in 7 minute episodes. It’s kind of pointless.

  4. I think time has passed for a 24 movie. Time to move on.

    • I disgree there are die hard 24 fans out there. Jack is the man. I think they should bring the series back with a new twiist. Jack left unfinished business and I think his fans want to see him back. Rather than call it 24 just have Jack taking care of business in a longer time frame. The confession sounds okay but 5 – 7 minutes is not gonna cut it.

  5. @Little Monster…

    I have to disagree. “24” has a huge fan base and would LOVE a feature film. If they can recapture the magic the show had, especially the first few seasons, they can probably make a few sequels as well. I personally would LOVE LOVE LOVE a “24” feature film.

  6. I wish they had just made Die Hard 24:7. John McClane And Jack Bauer? It would have been brilliant!! Hopefully the full script will appear one day.

    And I will watch anything with Kiefer in, the guy is a legend!

  7. I really want for there to be a movie! Also cant wait for The Confession. Kiefer Sutherland is back!

  8. i just love kiefer…there is something about his voice. i hope i can see 24 the movie soon.

  9. I do really hope, that there will be a movie ending for 24, I know, that series ended quite closed for some people, but its just a point of view… For me the real ending is Jacks death, I want to see Jack dead, and I mean dead, not like season 4 dead, because until he is still alive, theres always chance of something going wrong…

    Anyway I m looking forward to see The Confession series, but I think, its not gonna be some mindblowing thing like “24” is, was…

    And about that fanbase of 24 I know, its huge, I think that is something what really counts, I think that 24 movie sequel has a bright future, I hope that I m not wrong..

    Hope that 24, Die hard spin off is just a bad joke… I like John, but when I imagine McClane standing beside Bauer, its just wrong…

    Sorry for my english, I ll get better once :) maybe not

  10. 24hrs is very intresting i hate to think is over. Is there gonna be season 9?

  11. Just watched the teaser for The Confession…I still have chills up my spine. As an Intuitive I feel it will do well. Keifer, you’re right the web is the way of the future even for movies. People have little time to give to entertainment so 5 or 7 minute episodes will fit right in with people’s schedules. I look forward to March…I’ll be watching!Best to you always, my whole family are fans.

  12. 24 “The Movies” is truly long overdue; however if it ever gets down we shall be all eyes and ears for it. But hey, if it doesn’t show up we still have the “Series” memories to fall back on for ever…

  13. Just found The Confessional on Hulu. I’m already hooked. Love Keifer Sutherland. It’s not Jack Bauer, but just as good! keep the episodes coming.

  14. Saw the confessional on Hulu had the feel of jack confessing for his CTU sins cant wait to see 4-10.

  15. Wow, I was so happy to view this last night. Im a trailer junkie so I was watching all the new trailers with my popcorn all settled in on the couch, when to my surprise I caught the preview on Hulu. I was so happy I watched the entire story up to episode 8. It could end there No Problem. It was just fantastic. I recommend it highly. Great work!

  16. Hi fans am a die hard 24 fans cant wait for a season 9 series or even the movie fox should please put 24,jack bauer,chloe,CTU,White house back to the screens of 24 viewers really miss the action.

  17. I, also am a fan of “24” and could not believe that we had seen the last of Kiefer as Jack Bauer in 24, there is so much story left there. Can’t wait to see the movie but hopefully the TV Series will return as well.

  18. Another series or a new movie? I think I’d prefer a new movie even though it’s less screen time. Jack on the big screen would be brilliant!

  19. I miss it.. I see he is doing a series called ‘Touched’, it’s an anti-jack.. how about Jack meets Bourne ( played by Matt of course ) now that would make a good movie! They can be on the same side or.. against. Maybe Jack is assigned to hunt Bourne down.. but of course they end up on the same side.. sinister or what!!

  20. The confession was awesome but it says it is expired on hulu so what do we do now ?? Anyone know if they are in the works in making more mini webisodes of the confession ??

    I also can’t wait for the “24” movie, how I miss those good television watching days. Unfortunately there is nothing but crap on now well except “House” and the upcoming premiere of “Touch” I actually thought that was going to be a flop at first but watch the pilot and was hooked on it.

  21. I have been waiting it seems forever for Keifer Sutherland to come to us home viewers. Our star Canadian has been sorely missed. Did not know about this series until today Apt.2nd. Sorry Keifer, I have every series of “24” you did and keep watching them over again. I agree that Fox is the loser and hope they wake up and have you, Chloe,CTU and Whitehouse back. Well done on your other series Keifer, “Touch”. You are a good man, too good not to be sought after by many studios and Movie companies. The best to you and your family Keifer!

  22. I LOVE KEIFER`S movies…cant wait 2 watch season two of the confession…nigeria