TNT Readies ‘The Closer’ Spin-off ‘Major Crimes’ & Mystery TV Movies

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Mary McDonnell Kyra Sedgwick The Closer Major Crimes TNT Readies The Closer Spin off Major Crimes & Mystery TV Movies

TNT’s long-running cop series The Closer is coming to a close after Season 7, but the story of the LAPD will continue. The network announced a spin-off show, Major Crimes, starring Mary McDonnell, for a summer 2012 premiere.

The spin-off has been rumored for months, ever since producer and star Kyra Sedgwick announced the end of The Closer last December. Major Crimes will continue right where the original series leaves off, its 10-episode freshman season starting right after The Closer‘s series finale.

Battlestar Galactica and Scream 4 star Mary McDonnell will take the lead in Major Crimes. She’ll be reprising her role as Captain Sharon Raydor, whom she’s been playing since 2009. Raydor may be taking over the LAPD Major Crimes Division after Sedgewick’s character, Deputy Chief Brenda Johnson, is promoted or retires.

Major Crimes will be executive produced by The Closer creator and producer James Duff. Notably absent from the announcement was Sydgwick, who’s had a producer credit on the original series for four years. The Closer producers Greer Shephard and Michael M. Robin will join Duff.

Mary McDonnell The Closer Major Crimes TNT Readies The Closer Spin off Major Crimes & Mystery TV Movies

Mary McDonnell as Captain Raydor on 'The Closer'

News of The Closer‘s planned end was a surprise to many, as the series is still pulling in excellent ratings for TNT. A spin-off will allow the network to hold onto its longest-running IP and preserve the setting and characters that have been developing for the last six years. It may also be TNT’s bid to begin its own multi-entry police franchise, in the vein of CSI, Law & Order and NCIS.

In addition to Major Crimes, TNT announced a new series of mystery TV movies for a Tuesday night slot. The collection of films will be called The TNT Tuesday Night Mystery, and will include six initial adaptations. All six will be movie versions of popular crime novels: Innocent by Scott Turow, Silent Witness by Richard North Patterson, Ricochet by Sandra Brown, Hide by Lisa Gardner, Good Morning, Killer by April Smith and Deck The Halls by Mary and Carol Higgins Clark. The film series will begin in November of this year.

Major Crimes is currently scheduled for summer 2012 on TNT. The Closer begins its final season on July 11th.

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    • I just can’t figure out how Brenda’s exit from the show will come about. And as for “sweet Buzz” – what if he’s the leak? He has always had a problem doing things Brenda’s way, just like David has. It’s too obvious for the leak to be Pope or Taylor. But I surely hope that Provenza and Flynn will be in the new MAJOR CRIMES spinoff – they are hysterical together.

    • No sorry majior crimes is too flat the closer made me laugh this is just weak tried watch it twice but I have to move on.

  1. We have loved The Closer since the beginning; however, the final season is a real disappointment with silly plots that can’t compare to previous seasons. I’ll give it one more show; otherwise, I can’t bear to watch. The Santa show was stupid!!!!! What happened to good writers?????

    • I agree-the writing this season has been really weak. And a spinoff starring Captain Raydor? Whose bright idea was that–I love the squad and I like Capt. Raydor’s relationship with Brenda, but who wants to see her as the main character. It’s a disappointing way to continue what was an amazing show. How out of touch can you get?

      • agree. The strong characters Fritz, Tao, Gabriel should be important int he new show. The Raydor character shouldn’t and cant’ see Provenza and Flynn as the lead detectives when they always served as the comic relief!!
        I’m curious what it will be like but don’t think it’s got staying power.

  2. I still think that the squadroom is bugged. Remember how that lawyer kept hanging around the squadroom, plus the man who ordered the hit on Terrel baylor was into electronics. And I think Brenda is going to become pregnant, a menopause baby.

    • I totally agree with Sandi. I think Brenda is going to be offered the position of Chief of Police but turns it down, saying “I’ve decided to be a stay-at-home mom.” I have always thought Captain Rayder was more of a friend to Brenda than Brenda thought she was. I think the leak might be Pope because, as Fritz once poited out to Brenda: “He will throw you under the bus in a second to save himself.” I think he is jealous and resentful of Brenda’s success in LA.

      • A stay at home MOM. Really, she is too old and too unstable. She can’t even take care of her cat.

  3. I have been watching the reruns of the series in the afternoon and while I did suspect Buzz for a while, I am now fairly certain that the leak is Cmdr. Taylor. He instigated an “anonymous” complaint of conduct unbecoming against her which he withdrew only when offer a promotion to Commander. He put his support behind Delk when Delk and Just Plain Brenda were in competition for the promotion to Chief. His attacks against Brenda were also thinly veiled attacks against Pope. Although he has seemed to be less antagonistic against Brenda in recent episodes, that could be more two-faced behavior waiting his chance. He says in one episode that he thinks all incidents of questionable behavior should be thoroughly investigated, so siccing the attorney on Brenda is a way to take her out of his path to Chief, and take down Pope with her. Besides, Delk himself says that he learns things the way everybody in the LAPD learns things — from that notorious gossip Taylor.

  4. Brenda, Pope and Gabriel are leaving the show. So if you watch close and remember Brenda was second in line to be Chief of Police. It’s Pope that is the leak.

  5. The BEST show on TNT they are taking off the air, what is wrong with that picture ??????

    “Major Crimes” will go right into the dumper !!! Mary McDonnell (her character) will not last !!! Many people, including me, DID NOT LIKE her character !!! I wanted to see her character killed off somehow on the show, she is TOTALLY ANNOYING !!!!!

    It’s a shame because TNT seems to be going the way of the other networks, putting on STUPIDITY (Franklin & Bash) instead of good solid entertaining shows.

    • TNT had no reason to end a series as successful as The Closer. I think Kyra Sedgwick made impossible financial demands which TNT couldn’t meet. Except for the last six shows, the real stars of the series have usually been the writers. They have been incredible. I’ll never forgive Kyra for pulling the plug on such a remarkable show.

      • Kyra signed on for 7 seasons and that was all. She wasn’t going to be away from family in New York to film in LA anymore than that.

      • I agree with you. Everyone is taking it out on Mary McDonnell when Kyra wanted out. I wish the rest of the cast luck. I will be watching since I watched it for the guys anyway.

    • I initially found her character really annoying as well and kept wondering why we were being subjected to it however my opinion has changed in this past year. I think it started with the episode where she pull out a bean bag shotgun and landed her shot perfectly. I now see her as someone who grew to appreciate Brenda’s good qualities and was willing to help her manage her more unorthodox tendencies. I am looking forward to seeing Major Crimes and wish the Capt Raydor character well. I’m also glad we will continue to see Flynn and Provenza.

  6. OMG!!!!! I’d miss Brenda so dearly and Major Crimes would never be the same as The Closer, without Brenda……… All of the other characters could be replaced but once Brenda remains, it certainly would be a continuation of The Closer. Her uniqueness and dedication towards solving crimes has helped me a lot here in the twin Caribbean Island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, as a Crime Reporter with the country’s leading newspaper. Though it was just a television series, I’ve learned a lot in crime investigations etc

  7. I think it’s Taylor because raydor made a comment in front of Taylor and pope and right away it was spread around..I HATE the closer is leaving!!

  8. I agree with Doug. Mary McDonnell is irritating and brings nothing to the drama. She always plays herself in whatever role she reprises. I knew she was angling for a larger role the moment she came on the show. I’ll bet anything that she (and whatever politics she used to get what she obviously wanted) is the reason Kyra Sedgwick left. No other actress has the talent and subtly that Kyra has. I agree the new show will be a flop. Too bad. They should have kept McDonnell out of it. She’s unsympathetic.

    • Mary is great, just give it a chance. Kyra will be missed greatly, I’ve watched show from very beginning and I think if anyone can step in it will be Mary.

  9. Even though David Gabriel is one of my favorite characters on this wonderful show, I’m betting that HE is the leak. Notice that he isn’t signed up for “Major Crimes”? And even though he respects and admires Brenda, he often disapproves of how she approaches the rules and procedures. He might be feeding information to the higher-ups as a “doing it for her own good” type of reasoning. I will miss this show and Brenda Leigh Johnson so much! But looking forward to “Major Crimes,” I must admit!

  10. I so don’t want it to be, but I too think that Gabriel is the leak. Pope and Taylor are too obvious.

  11. Brenda IS the Closer due to her unusual methods of interrogation etc (ergo the title). I can’t see the show succeeding without her altho the ensemble cast was quite good. I don’t see McDonnell’s character as strong enuf to hold the show together in any way. Yes, she was always an irritating and dispensable character. They would need someone new to lead that would still not copy-cat Brenda, yet hold the ensemble together and allow them to shine as they have in the past.

  12. I hope they don’t do something stupid to write Brenda out,like going to jail or something. Let her retire and go be with her sick dad and maybe have a baby. Fritz can come and go and keep us posted about Brenda and she can make a guest appearance once a season. I am excited about Major Crimes.

  13. I agree Gabriel is the leak. Even though Pope and Taylor were the only 2 in the office when Raydor said she quit, Taylor and Gabriel have a close relationship. And the fact that Brenda will be doing some guest spots I will watch just to see how that happens and I think MC deserves a chance

  14. Okay you CLOSERSTERS!
    We all agree that this show needs some old fashion love. The writers are a little weary and everything isn’t as dead on as it used to be.
    As much as I hate to say it Gabriel is the bad guy. Or at least giving add to the enemy, Pope! My hope is that MAJOR CRIMES sucks soooooooo much, they bring our Brenda back. Remember, BOBBY EWING didn’t really die. Smile.
    I also demand if we must do this new show, at least give me this extremely handsome man to look at. All my men are handsome, HOWEVER!

  15. I like that TNT is trying to have spin off of The Closer I just wish they couldve brought someone else in to take Kyra Sedgwick place. I dont know why but the lady that plays Cpt. Rader annoyes the hell out of me. . Oh and the article talked how this show is doing like CSI, Law & Order & NCIS but wasnt NCIS actually a spinoff of the show JAG that introduced Gibbs,Abby,Denozo,& Duckies characters? I could be wrong I just hope M.C writer keep letting Provenza & Flinns characters getting into trouble for certain things like when they tryed going to Baseball game &left dead body in Provenzas garage & when they returned the dead woman was gone & off course when they try meeting women & pull some stupid stunts getting them in trouble. Well guess just have to wait & see?

    • I think the annoying thing about Mary (Capt. Raydor) is her voice seems so monotone.

  16. I was reading on another sight & thought it said that Fritz would still be on from time to time i just wander how they ending her character? Also saw commercial showing Breanda crying & thought she said something about not letting or wanting her father to die so maybe shes going home to be with him? I just hope they dont kill her character off so that she might be able to return to show without having to make up some crazy storyline to bring her back like she really been in some hospital with coma & no one new about it or some ridicules I have feeling that when show starts loosing its audience TNT might come up with more money to bring her back if thats reason shes leaving the show

  17. What I hope is that Brenda and Gabriel do a spin-off, maybe taking cases MC can’t solve.


  19. I hate to think it, but I believe it is going to be Gabriel since he is not part of the MC cast. I would have liked to see him stay. Or maybe he is going to leave to become a federal agent.

  20. I would love to see Gabriel come back being in charge with a top postion,and Brenda back strong as ever ,she makes the show. everyone there work great together and funny.I think its the best show on besides LAW AND ORDER.

  21. Pope & Gabriel will not be returning so the leak is one of them. As for brenda she will return to Atlanta to care for her father, the loss of her Mother is so traumatic she can no longer do her job effectively. This is the only way for her to make a “good” exit without jeopardizing her career. Maybe the leak was a bug planted by the looser lawyer for the Baylor family, either way the show won’t be the same and I won’t watch it. I liked the relationship with Brenda,Pope & Gabriel and if it turns out one of them betrays Brenda then the show ends badly, maybe TNT won’t screw it up.

  22. Gabriel has to be the leak and Pope will either be fired or resign..

  23. (the other Karen) I was thinking that Gabriel’s girlfriend, the lawyer studying for the bar, is the leak. She was just introduced, but Gabriel said he’s been seeing her for 9 mos, was it? I also wondered if Fritz were going to take that job out in Hollywood, I think, and thus provide an exit for Brenda. I agree with others that I likely won’t watch the spin-off. McDonnell’s voice isn’t just monotonous, it’s nasal, and she always sounds self-righteous. I really can’t stand her. She completely ruined Battlestar Galactica for me. It’s not worth it to me to watch, no matter how much I enjoy the other characters. The character of Brenda worked because she could be many things, including sympathetic and irritating. McDonnell, no matter how hard she tries, is monotone in too many ways. Anyone else think it’s Gabriel’s girlfriend?

  24. Wow only 1 episode left & The Closer will be over with for good! I was very disappointed with the final episodes but the last 2 have been little more to the standards i expected from this show. While the final previews show her nemesis i have a feeling that afterthe loss of her mother i think in order to stop this guy she is either going to get killed by him trying. Trying to catch him or kill him because she seems to be losing touch with reality. I know its just a show but with the guilt she feels from not talking with her mom because she was busy & thought she could the next morning but she couldnt because she died i think will cause Brenda. To put a bullet in the Lawyer/rapists head! Another reason i think this is the commercial showing her being drove away while her colleagues staring at her in stunned disbelief like she had gone to far! Then again maybe since Pope wont be back she might shoot him for breaking her heart in there past? Regardless only 1 episode left! I wish they

  25. i am not happy about the new changes to the closer. sharon raydor does not have the personality of brenda and never will. this a mistake waiting to happen. i have watched brenda since the beginning and am sad to see her go. it will not be the same show. brenda will not be replaced by sharon at all.

  26. New Show was a Thumbs Up!!!