‘The Cape’ Continues Downward Slide In Ratings

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david lyons cape The Cape Continues Downward Slide In Ratings

If rating trends continue, it may be curtains for The Cape. After a mediocre start for the freshman NBC show (8.6 million viewers), Monday’s episode netted only 5.8 million. That’s a drop of nearly 40% in just two weeks.

Fox won the night with new episodes of House and Lie To Me. It wasn’t all bad news for NBC, as their new courtroom drama Harry’s Law caught 10.3 million eyeballs in the 10 PM slot immediately following the hooded hero.

Appropriately, The Cape seems to be struggling with an identity crisis. The campy action and self-deprecating humor on display in the two-hour premiere episode was enjoyable (Screen Rant writer Anthony Ocasio likened it to a modern version of Adam West’s Batman), but the writers, producers and actors seem hell-bent for leather on playing the drama straight. The next two episodes try to portray The Cape in a dark and gritty matter that just doesn’t suit the comic book framing and fast-paced action. For example, the second episode centered around Vince Faraday’s struggle to keep the otherwordly darkness of The Cape from consuming him – this from a show that featured a bank-robbing raccoon just a week previous.

In my opinion, the problem lies with The Cape‘s protagonist and antagonists. Faraday is about as interesting as his generic-brand alter-ego, and his rogues gallery isn’t much better. The most compelling part of Batman (the character The Cape wants to be when it grows up) is the villains – without the twisted bad guys, he’s just a nut in a costume beating up thugs. Dick Tracy-knockoff characters like Chess and Scales just can’t compare, leaving an already bland hero with no one interesting enough to hate.

There is a lot of fun to be had with The Cape‘s supporting cast, like Orwell and Max Malini. The last few episodes gave us some enjoyable scenes at the Carnival of Crime (including some very intentional Summer Glau fanservice), but it wasn’t enough to make us forget about Faraday’s dark, angsty and altogether uninteresting quest. It’s odd that bloggers and carneys could become more compelling than a vengeful masked vigilante, but they have, and the writers should capitalize on them.

malini circus the cape The Cape Continues Downward Slide In Ratings

'The Cape' could use more of The Carnival of Crime, and less of, well, The Cape.

If The Cape is to survive, it needs to deliver on what its remaining fans want: the camp. The show shares a lot more in common with ABC’s No Ordinary Family than the Heroes it replaces, and the people behind The Cape should embrace that. The next few episodes should feature over-the-top action and goofy fun, not brooding anti-heroes ruminating on the nature of justice. And if worse comes to worst, there’s always NBC’s upcoming Wonder Woman TV Show to look forward to.

The Cape airs Monday nights at 9 PM on NBC – for now.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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  1. Yes, this show will get cancelled. Poor man’s Batman.

    • I gave it a shot. I couldn’t stand watching it die slowly. I’ll stick with No Ordinary Family and my DVDs of Heroes, thank you very much. If you really want to watch a decent cape wearing superhero show that doesn’t take itself too seriously then hop in the Way Back Machine and take alook at The Greatest American Hero.

      • Yes! They handled the ludicrous nature of the story perfectly…To this day, its “Believe It or Not” theme is still one of my favorites, and I even have a “tooned” statue of Ralph in my living room.

  2. this show is, unfortunately, awful.. It´ll be canned soon and it´s a shame because I do love Summer Glau. On the other side, they haven´t given her anything at all to do so far so maybe it´s for the best, hopefully she´ll quickly move on to something bigger and better. Praying to god for a TSCC tv-movie. It´ll never happen though.

  3. I really like the show, I think it’s a lot of fun. I think that doing a comic book series this goofy nowadays is a ballsy moves, if you think about it all the comic books stories try to be grounded in reality, Nolan’s Batman, Heroes, No Ordinary Family, even Smallville portrays Superman, the most iconic hero of all times, as a regular Joe that DOES NOT FLY.

    Having a midget that boxes, a carnival of freaks that robs banks as the main sidekicks and a masked billionare as the villain, I think is actually refreshing.

    Apparently I’m the only one that feels this way about it, and it’s a shame because if it gets cancelled we’ll have to follow Summer Glau to the next doomed project and it’s getting tiresome. Let the girl have a successful show already, I really like her!


    • I feel the EXACT same way. Never cared much for Heroes and it’s “OMG SUPER-POWERED DRAMA”.

      I admit this show isn’t groundbreakingly original, but it’s certainly enertaining and oozing with style. Very likable cast as well.

      • I agree. I have to admit that I found it much more entertaining and enjoyable to watch than No Ordinary Family. And it is a lot less cheesy than Smallville.

    • I’m with ya. I like the style. I like the midget (we are both so politically incorrect)! I like that the two main baddies are now at each others’ throats. I like the concept of privatization of the police force. I like that that the least ugly of the main male characters is named Scales (and that’s darn purty make-up).

  4. Ya, like most people, I stopped watching after episode two. Let’s pull the pin on this one.

  5. bye bye

  6. Whoops, I knew I missed something Monday! :P

    While I don’t disagree with the article, can someone please tell me exactly how NBC exactly knows how only X number of people watched it? Basing their numbers off of a small Nielsen sampling of a mere 5000 people is so last century. The tracking network needs to be updated somehow because I am tired of losing shows because of what these 5000 idiots are and are not watching.

    oh and what was that crack about Batman? “he’s just a nut in a costume beating up thugs” commmmmeeee onnnnnn. He’s an extremely RICH nut in a costume beating up thugs :D

  7. I liked it enough to watch it so far. I have a very uneventful life so I need something to watch. But yeah, this show’s gonna crash and burn…

  8. Maybe after this show ends they will bring a revamped version of Heroes back on.

  9. I have been watching every episode of the cape and I must say it’s tough to hang in there. I also like Summer, and if TSCC could not of made it past 2 seasons, the cape is done. Stick a fork in it… I really liked TSCC and Hereos and……. But they all get cancelled. At least I can finally see the end of American Idol, come on Tyler, get back to Rock and Roll, no wonder Perry is pissed.

  10. I’d like to see them push the family stuff further into the background. I can’t stand that sorry little kid. I can’t decide yet if he’s figured out that The Cape is his father and he’s playing along, or if he’s just kind of stupid.

    I also agree that they need to steer clear of the edgy stuff, and just stick to the fun, although I disagree that the plots have turned all that dark. So one episode is about the cape’s “dark side”. Sooner or later they were going to have to address the mystical side of the cape. They happened to have gone with “sooner”. I hardly think they went over the top, but as soon as every other conversation about The Cape being Palm City’s “hero we need” or “white knight”, I’ll be tuning out as well.

    And I’d like to see the villains amped up a bit as well. But it’s the FOURTH episode. Can they not worry about the ratings the first few weeks at least and let the show find an audience? I can’t comment on either “No Ordinary Family” or “Heroes”, because neither of them produced a commercial that made me want to watch their show. Not all of us are comparing this show to similar shows. Not that it doesn’t happen to me as well. I’ve never bothered to check out “Fringe” or “Supernatural” or any other similar shows because I don’t think, for me, anything could top “The X-Files”. But other people seem to be watching them (I assume – if thet’re even still on). I hope NBC waits long enough to give people a chance to find this show, because I think there’s a lot of fun potential.

      • Thanks, Tacoscat. I’ll give it a look and see how it is. I feel like it’ll just make me wish for Mulder and Scully to come back, though…

        • Supernatural is very X-Files-ish. The horror is blended with subtle comedy, just as the X Files was, I think Supernatural is the modern successor to the X Files, even in the way its grand plot drags the show down.

          I’ve never watched Fringe.

  11. PS….I have tried to give Cape a chance…alas I don’t have the heart for it anymore. I am glad someone else sees the situation with trying to utilize villians we have seen before in Dick Tracy. Good job Mr. Crider!

  12. This is the show that I want to like, but they make it so hard

  13. I think it is kind of fun but the only way it will be renewed is if another NBC show absolutely tanks.

  14. 01/26,/2011
    I like this show and I hope it can continue. After all it just started two weeks ago. Maybe it will get better?

  15. I like the show. I find the story much more believable and relatable than “no ordinary family” (that’s an awful show). But I wouldn’t mind this getting canceled early, save it from writing itself into a hole like most shows do, especially “Heroes”.

  16. Now a days in some hero based movies and tv sometimes the villains are more interesting than the title heroes.

    They’re right. There should be more camp, and the Cape should have more personality.

  17. I gave this show a shot when it aired, it was okay at first but in the end it lacked style and direction. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough to compel me to ignore my cell phone calls. Won’t be missed.

  18. I watched the first 2 episodes. It had cancellation stamped all over it.

    I think that many good shows are cancelled before they reach their potential, these days it seems the way, if it isnt an instant hit then it gets canned, the shows and characters have no chance to progress, shows like Buffy, Smallville and Supernatural would not have lasted more than one season in todays climate.

    But The Cape is awful, its a waste of money and a waste of Summer Glau.

    • Ummm, isn’t that what three different Punisher movies showed?

      On t.v., this would only work on cable.

  19. this show is fun! I think that is the problem, people are trying to take this show too seriously!! It’s a comic book-gone tv.

    Maybe it’s because I am a huge comic book buff, but I love that there is finally a show on tv that has the guts to try this. Farraday may not be the most attractive character but the supporting cast of the Carnival and even the guy who made dressed up like him on the train gave it some relief. This show is FUN. No Ordinary Family is getting harder to watch but I still enjoy this.

    Maybe just the fact that they made a super-hero show is enough for me to be blinded by any negatives but when I look at bad tv I think of season 6 of 24 and season 2 of Heroes. THIS IS NOT LIKE THAT AT ALL.

    Also, my friend burns this onto a dvd for me to watch because I cannot watch it live and do not forget, last year it was reported that HEROES had almost more ILLEGAL DOWNLOADS than it’s ratings

  20. I think the show is really funny . I hope they give it a shot.

  21. Chess is a Lame Villian, as is Scales, Which is too bad, since I thought this show had promise in the pilot, but if the ratings keep going the way they are going then I’ll be watching Being Human on SyFy. Which has better episodes than the Cape.

  22. This show really has a potential. But when competing with lame fun based tv shows doesn’t stand any chance, unfortunately.