‘The Cape’ Gets Defeated: Series Finale Cut; Will Air Online

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the cape official promo The Cape Gets Defeated: Series Finale Cut; Will Air Online

Well, it was… interesting while it lasted. NBC has announced that the final episode of its original superhero series The Cape will not be broadcast, instead opting to show it online later this month.

The Cape has been plagued with mediocre ratings ever since its premiere in January. While the two-hour pilot received a decent 8.5 million viewers, the show captured fewer and fewer eyeballs with every passing week. NBC cut the 13-episode order down to ten last month, and this week’s episode, “Razer,” secured 4.1 million viewers with just 1.1 million in the 18-49 demographic. NBC will air new episodes of The Event in The Cape‘s regular slot starting next Monday.

NBC didn’t reveal any other information about the de-facto finale, except that it would appear on the network’s website sometime in March. Expect the episode to hit Hulu at the same time – or shortly thereafter.

While The Cape showed a lot of promise, the poor production value and eclectic writing left viewers unimpressed. The show tended to take itself too seriously, while unintentionally reveling in its own campy characters and dialogue. The Cape was at its best when it embraced the ridiculous and fun nature of its golden age comic book inspiration, and at its worst when it got bogged down in Vince Faraday’s family melodrama.

David Lyons’ masked vigilante was the weakest part of the show, perhaps owing to the fact that the character was supposed to be a generic everyman. The Cape left viewers craving more screen time from the much more interesting second-tier characters like Summer Glau’s mysterious hacker/blogger Orwell or James Frain’s appreciably lunatic Chess. The high point of the show, as far as I’m concerned, was Kieth David as carny/cat burglar Max Malini and his dwarf associate Rollo (Martin Kleba) . The pair stole the show whenever they appeared on screen – which wasn’t nearly often enough.

nbc the cape summer glau The Cape Gets Defeated: Series Finale Cut; Will Air Online

But even The Cape has its die-hard supporters. Fans have started a petition entitled “SAVE THE CAPE’ on NBC’s official forums… with just over five hundred digital signatures. Oh well – there’s always NBC’s upcoming Wonder Woman adaptation to look forward to. The new David E. Kelley production will arrive in the fall of 2011 or spring 2012.

The Cape series finale will be available online in March

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  1. this is one piss off, im from canada which means i cant watch it online thanks NBC heroes,Conan,earl, now the only show worth watching is chuck

  2. Wonder Woman will be canned after one season as well, though it MAY last more than 9 episodes.

    • What pisses me off is WHY would you put ANY show that’s actually interesting on a network channel when all they do is cancel the damn thing before it even finishes its season. What nonsense. Cable channels AT LEAST let you finish a season but NOOOOoooo, they put it on basic stations so they can get jerked around and for what? There is NO pay off what so ever. All you did was waste your time, energy and money, for nothing.

      When will these people learn? It annoys the hell out of me.

  3. Its ratings were horrible ,thats why they cut so many episodes.

  4. Oh well, it’s NBC, i didnt had any high hopes anyway.
    They should be named “NothingButCancel TV”.

  5. Good bye, Cape! You were a horrible show with way too much camp.

    I stopped watching after the third episode, the writing was bad and the acting was worse. The high points of the show were the three secondary characters that the article pointed out. I love cheesey movies and tv shows, but this was too much to accept. I truly believe that NBC made a wise decision this time.

  6. It was fun while it lasted, but I won’t miss it.

  7. Gutted not to see more of James Frain. I liked the promiss of his split personality character. The show picked the wrong character to focus on.

  8. I think the problem was the main character.

  9. Bummer the only current show with Summer Glau – AFAIK – gets cancelled, but the rest never pulled my shoes off…

  10. I thought this show had a lot of promise and I really liked the premiere, but then it just got worse and worse every week before I finally stopped watching after probably like week 4. Maybe it was the bad writing, maybe just the fact that it’s on NBC and I figured it would get cancelled anyway, but meh. I really should just stop watching that network as a whole.

  11. So let’s see this is the 2ND show that Summer Glau has been in and both shows were canned, granted SCC lasted 2 seasons where as The Cape lasted 9 episodes. Bad writing and even worse acting doomed this show from the beginning, Though I did like the Circus of Crime, but that was about it. Not only that, but this show was on Monday Nights, Should have been on Tuesday or something. I liked the pilot and thought it had promise, but went downhill fast. So basically any show that has Summer Glau on it will get cancelled. Just saying, since she’s 2 for 2.

    • 3 for 3 actually, Firefly was cut short as well.

    • 3 for 3, actually. Let’s not forget Firefly.

    • sarah connor chronicles
      dollhouse (cameo but whatever)
      the unit

      now the cape :(

      • Firefly and SCC were great shows in which Summer Glau played fantastic roles. I wouldn’t be blaming her. She, and Keith David who rarely puts a foot wrong, were the only reason I started watching The Cape. The show did seem a bit too serious and probably needed a bit more levity injected to add more of an enjoyment factor for viewers. Nonetheless I was an avid viewer for I liked it for it’s escapism. I’d suggest that the majority of shows don’t ‘nail it’ in their first season. Come Season 2 things tend to click better between cast/crew/writers. Unfortunately TV executives are far too impatient to let any hint of talent flourish.

  12. I think most could tell this show was going to flop from the get go. Why would NBC even bother airing it is beyond me. NBC equals a desperate network trying to find a hit.

  13. This should not be a shock to anyone. Guys the superheo fad is going to die if the studios arent careful.

  14. Should have wrapped the Cape storyline and spun-off the Circus of Crime. Way more fun! – Stark

  15. Well, you didn’t really expect NBC to try to stick with a show like this did you? What’s next on NBC? WonderWoman right?… I give it a season and 4 episodes before it’s canceled. Anyone wanna place bets?

  16. I watched it but I won’t really miss it.

  17. Just want to know what happened to Orwell. That is all

  18. I’m not happy about this. It wasn’t the greatest show ever, but it was fun at least. At least it was different. What’s wrong with that? So what now? Will we get another celebrity dance show (barf), yet another watered down police or medical drama? Oh, maybe another funniest home videos or weightloss reality show. Because we don’t already have more than too many of those. With any luck maybe just maybe Syfy will pick it up, but I’m not going to get my hopes up.

  19. The main problem with shows on the main USA networks is the way they are written and constructed. They need to take a lesson from cable networks who actually get a complete run written & in the can before they air. This is why HBO, SHOWTIME etc have more success & longer seasons.

    Can anyone imagine a network putting out something like Boardwalk Empire or Trueblood, i don’t think so!!!!

  20. NBC should bring back Heroes, about a year ago i started it from the first episode to the last Carnivale epp. and it was Awesome. Maybe a new angle or somethign but Bring Back Sylar and Petrelli. best show NBC ever had.

  21. RU NUTS!!!!!!!!!! I find a show thats good and you remove it

    • This is why I boycotted NBC a few years back. They start a good show only to cancel it shortly after they hook the fans. They continously dissapointing me…I am all done with them. Anyway….NBC pretty much has sucked the last 10 years!

  22. This is why I boycotted NBC a few years back and just came back this year for the Event. They start a good show only to cancel it shortly after they hook the fans. They are continously dissapointing fans. NBC = NOTHING BUT CANCELLATIONS! This is why I watch cable series only now. NBC will have me until the screw up and cancelling The Event! It is A GREAT SHOW…wish it was on ABC or CBS. NBC will eff this good show up to. MORONS! I will admit…the guy that played the cape…not the best person for the part.

  23. A show about Keith David’s character and his crew robbing from the rich and getting to other hijinks would be golden

  24. I’m sorry, I thought the show sucked from the beginning. I fell asleep during the first episode. I knew it was going to come to this.

    • When the Networks understand that canceling a show with out a good ending, equals No Respect to viewers, and will lead viewers to other media. Don’t believe it? Just watch the curve downward at every show dropped with no story ending. After wasting our time to follow a show, do we want to continue? What do you think?

      The Cape could have been a super show, if it had not been turned into a “AS The Cape Turns” Soap Opera. Maybe producers should watch some 50’s Superman, or read some good comics, to get back to how a superhero story should go.

      As for me, I am tired of wasting my time watching TV series, Cause i never know if i can finish the story. Sorta like reading a book with the last pages blank.


  25. Just watched the last of series 1 on syfi channel in the uk and cant wait for the second series. sad to hear that its been axed.

    • If I’m not mistaken, knight Rider was on NBC and was canceled after 1st season. My wife and I really liked The Cape and I knight Rider b-cause I always watched the original…I’m 30, what can I say. I guess I am now going to delete The Cape from the series recordings on my dvr.

  26. Going thru my dvr I just deleted The Cape, The Gates, No Ordinary Family, The Defenders, and Mr Sunshine. Has Persons Unknown been canceled too our was it just a 1 season show? Damn these tv stations!

  27. I ennoyed the cape. I admit that it took a while to watch the ten episodes, but overall I still liked the show. I also enjoyed No Ordinary Family and Pushing Daisies. I hate NBC.

  28. I only watched this because Summer was part of it. Every show she is on gets canceled which pisses me off. I hope her next one works out and its no NBC she signs with.

  29. I actually liked the show and the characters, im gutted that it has been cancelled. When i saw the trailer i got so into it and i have never missed one episode. I loved the story line and i was looking forward for the others too come but obviously its not going to happen “/