‘The Cape’ Gets Its Season Cut Short

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The Cape canceled The Cape Gets Its Season Cut Short

It seems NBC’s superhero drama The Cape has gotten it’s inaugural season hemmed by the network: season one was originally slated for 13 episodes, but that number has now been reduced to 10.

Does this mean that the death of The Cape is imminent? More than likely, yes.

Deadline reports that production on the show will be immediately shut down, now that filming on episode 10 has wrapped. At this current time there is no word on whether or not the halted production is a “let’s wait and see” type scenario, or a “let’s cut our losses” decision. I’m placing my bet on the latter.

This report should come as no surprise, of course: The Cape has been a wounded animal limping on three legs ever since its solid series premiere. The show was always a questionable endeavor – a cheap knockoff secondhand version of the Batman mythos that had neither the brand recognition nor the support of an established fanbase to bolster it. Audiences quickly got tired of seeing a hokey story about a disgraced cop running around in a circus outfit (literally), and The Cape has been plummenting in the ratings ever since. The episode that aired this past Monday had the lowest viewership yet, and news that upcoming episodes will feature guest stars like Lil’ Romeo is not likely to lure viewers.

The immediate question is how NBC will choose to air the remaining episodes of the show. Deadline points out that the network could push back the return of The Event (originally slated for February 28th) to March 7th, allowing The Cape to air the last of its episodes before likely vanishing from the airwaves in a puff of smoke (that’s a Cape inside joke, for those wondering). This would likely be the best move – one that could allow the fans of The Cape who do exist to enjoy their show to an uninterrupted end. Plus, I don’t know too many people who are begging for The Event to come back, so a week’s delay probably wouldn’t upset things too much (unless they’ve already printed up the promo materials for the show’s return :-P).

the event cast new Image 570x256 The Cape Gets Its Season Cut Short

Can you wait an extra week for 'The Event' to return?

Personally, I tried to get into The Cape but constantly found it sliding to the bottom of my DVR priority list until that big red exclamation point would coerce me into watching it before deletion. I’ve mostly used the show to fill the restless hours of night when I have trouble sleeping – and once a TV show is being used as a sleeping aid, you know it’s probably time to put it out to pasture.

Look, if NBC wants to play in the superhero sandbox, it needs to stop investing in these short-lived “original” series like Heroes and The Cape. Marvel has new shows like The Hulk, Cloak and Dagger, and Jessica Jones on the way; while DC/Warner Bros. is working on shows like Wonder Woman and possibly Raven to air on the small screen. The superhero genre is alive on TV, but there are simply better heroes with better mythologies, and better minds in the comic book industry who could help guide them through development. Hell, NBC could’ve gone to Marvel and developed a Moon Knight series instead of The Cape and probably had more success with it… but I digress.

Sad that The Cape is likely meeting his end?

If you want to see the show crawl to its newly established finish line, you can tune in Mondays @ 9pm on NBC.

Source: Deadline

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  1. Didn’t you hear? Wonder Woman is going to NBC. Hopefully this will be their true redemption for Heroes’ later seasons and The Cape. If it and No Ordinary Family, a superhero show I actually enjoyed, both get cancelled this year, all the other superhero shows based on real comic books that are planned for coming out will definitely more than make up for those 2 shows lost.

    • Yeah, and I’m sure Wonder Woman will get canceled as well thanks to NBC just like with any other show that I have gotten into that this network has aired.

  2. While the Cape was not the best show ever, it had some interesting ideas and was a welcome alternative to the 27 iterations of Law and Order, the CSIs, Grey’s and similar knock-offs, and the Gossip Girls of the world. Perhaps it’s time people start watching original programming instead of the same ole crap. It’s no wonder and original idea doesn’t fly when you only slip one in every now and again among the endless rehashes of the same tired ideas. On second thought, we still have 40 yrs of TV programs to remake/reboot…

    • I totaly agree, i really enjoyed the cape and it seems everything i like to watch is having its seasons cut shorter to save money or not making anymore. This year one tree hill, brothers and sisters, desperate house wives are in there last year. Ghost whisper hasnt got a channel to air on. What is the world coming too. There is gonna be nothing worth watching on TV at this rate

  3. Oh well, I’m not sad about it.

    and would it have worked if they had “Harry ‘s Law” as the show’s lead in instead of vice versa? I mean Harry’s Law is pulling 10 million viewers.

    • Which just about sums up the general American viewer. Cliched, over sentimental trite wins the day every singled time.

  4. Cape lost another half a million viewers before it had its season cut short who knows maybe it will hang on to the 5..5 and a half million viewers it currently has and get another season.

  5. Sigh – I just took the time on a blizzard day to get through the first five episodes and was kind of trudging through the last episode and a half.

    I think the chemistry is there, but that Chess wasn’t nuking the “Carnival of Crime” after finding out about it after the first portion of episodes was a bump I don’t think the show can recover from.

  6. Another one bites the dust, I actually liked The Event, but it seems networks take shows off air for months, and people lose interest, forget, or don’t know if or when they are coming back. what do they expect.

  7. bring heroes back, give it another shot

  8. I wasnt fond of ‘the cape’ but it’s sad news to people who may enjoy it
    I personally want more animated shows for adults that would be great – like spawn but with heroes we know better (not a dis to spawn fans)

  9. There’s nothing I can write without insulting America, America Ratings systems and Network TV & Studios.

  10. Another reason that I have not to watch NBC, because everytime a cool show comes on that me and a lot of other people develop a big following to than they axe it:( This is unacceptable, and NBC better keep this show on since its one of the only shows I look forward to on a Monday night. Knight Rider remake was awesome too, and I really loved that show, but what does NBC do? They canceled that show too…:(

    • Yep, i loved the new knight rider too! Cant believe they axed it, but what also doesnt help is when the likes of sky tv in the uk doesnt advertise these programmes properly. We used to get a monthly magazine that that had every new show or new season advertised, now its hardly worth picking up it doesnt tell you anymore what up and coming as regards to these kinds of shows, its all sport/pay per view sport and movies and movie channels. i dont have the sport and movie channels! So if ratings are low its because half the world doesnt know about these shows!!!!

  11. If NBC axes this show, than they better at least reunite Vince Farraday with his family as the final episode or I am gonna be very unhappy if they end it any other way:(

  12. Well, one of the “big” networks shoots itself in the foot again. We’ve already given up on “CSI” ever being interesting again in our house, and that was the only show we watched on CBS. “The Cape” is probably done, and they’ve scrambled the cast of “Law & Order L.A.” already, after only a handful of episodes. That eliminates any need for NBC. “Castle” is the only show we have left on the “Big 3″. If it wasn’t for TNT or USA, we wouldn’t even need cable anymore. It’s too bad they don’t give shows enough time to gather up steam these days. I’ll miss “The Cape”, but NBC can suck it.

  13. Sad because it had potential but it really started to get boring fast. As I said originally there is only so much you can do with some boxing, flash powder and a bit of “Cape-Fu”. You also end up matching him against a bunch of pretty ordinary criminals and we already have that on the oodles of crime shows.

    This show would probably have worked best as a mini-series.

  14. They better not cancel the cape because the show is awesome and the only other show tv that is good is the event and the long gone terriers.

  15. i really like the cape. i didn’t like the series premiere, but the show has really grown on me and i like it a lot. nbc better not cancel it! the event is terrible, cancel that instead!!

  16. Sadly, it’s a bit of a self-fulfilled prophecy. I’ve enjoyed the show, and was looking forward to seeing it build. But now that it has the smell of death over it, I’m wondering if there’s any point even in watching what’s left. So by indicacting that the show is going to end because of low viewership, they’ve just reduced their viewership even more. Why couldn’t they have just stuck to their guns? I was willing to watch them grow something new. I finished with “Wonder Woman” the same time as Lynda Carter. I’m done with reboots.

  17. I think people that aren’t liking the Cape aren’t giving it a fair chance. To compare it to Batman is unfair because the Cape fights to get his family back, not for the memory of them. More importantly though the brothers Wheeler have brought a very unique moral puzzle to us in the form of Palm City. The fast paced episodes, huge leaps from character to character (i.e. last week’s introduction to Dice), & conflicting character motivations only bring a richness to what is otherwise, yes, a silly and dilapidated idea. I urge everyone to watch a few episodes again, and not while going to bed, and pay close attention. There are a lot of brand new spins on the same old puff in this show.

  18. I was looking forward to The Event coming back, but I’m not sure I’ll bother, for the same reason I stopped watching The Cape a few weeks ago. Because what’s the point any more? Now unless a show has been dumbed down to the enth degree it’s got no hope.

  19. I like The Cape and think the premise has potential
    I also like The Event, yjey are both different to the usual crud thats coming out. CSI Vegas had its best season in years but CSI Miami has lost its way

    Your tv stations need to get a grip and give series a chance to build a following but also have a mix of continued plot line with individual character development.

    Your stations seem to have forgotten that 24 yes 24 didnt have a good following at first until it came to the UK and we loved it. 24 went on to have a further 7 seasons and a one off special and a worldwide cult following but it could so easily have been scrapped after the first season.

    i guess what im trying to say is NBC and other stations GET A GRIP

  20. i like the cape plz put it back on i like the cape more

    • me to