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Politicians are ripe targets for comedy, and The Campaign – the new film from director Jay Roach – certainly pulls no punches. The first trailer for the movie, which stars Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis as two dim-witted congressional candidates, showed a glimpse of the movie’s over-the-top comedy and now a new red-band clip offers even more awkward laughs.

As any seasoned political observer knows, when a candidate is running for office, he or she isn’t running alone. Fair or not, everyone they’ve ever associated with is lumped into the race with them. Most often, that means their families.

In the above clip from The Campaign, the two main characters ask their families to divulge any secrets before the congressional campaign goes into full swing. Naturally, some of the revelations aren’t exactly politically correct. (If you haven’t seen the trailer for the movie, it features Will Ferrell punching a baby. That should tell you pretty much all you need to know about the tone this movie is going for.)

To use a line from my favorite Will Ferrell comedy, Anchorman, “That escalated quickly… I mean, that really got out of hand fast.”

campaign zach galifianakis will ferrell The Campaign Red Band Clip

The clip is reminiscent of the dinner table scene in Ferrell’s 2006 comedy Talladega Nights (albeit less funny, in my opinion). There are a few good one-liners in there, but most of it is just awkward. Then again, that’s half the appeal of both Ferrell and Galifianakis.

The ability to put viewers on edge without going so far overboard that you lose mainstream audiences is a rare comedic skill, and Ferrell and Galifianakis are masters. Director Jay Roach has also shown his skills in this regard with films like Meet the Parents and Dinner for Schmucks.

This summer has already seen one major R-rated comedy success with Seth MacFarlane’s raunchy comedy Ted. Maybe The Campaign will be the next in line. What do you think? Does this red band clip make you want to see the movie?

The Campaign opens in theaters around the U.S. on August 10th, 2012.

Source: IGN

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  1. The Campaign is clearly not politically correct and the
    attempts at humor in the trailer are not comically correct.

    • Sorry, but this isn’t exactly too far from reality. Its merely a satirical mocking of how pathetic our politicians are these days.

      • Now, now, no need to be sorry now. The satirical attempt is a failure.
        The film violates the first requirement of a comedy — it is not funny.

        • Thank you, Robert Palmar, Official Comedic Judge.

          • You’re welcome, ATG. I might not be appointed for another term though 😀

  2. Ok, I have to say the ‘punched a baby’ part made me crack a smile. I know, I know, this film has low standards of comedy. But I couldn’t help it.

  3. I am just one of those who don’t think Will Ferrell is funny. A friend and I, as well as two other people, actually walked out of Talladega Nights at the theater. My friend and I left within the first half hour. Ferrell was far better in sketch comedy on Saturday Night Live, but most of his movies have been quite lame, and I think he is really overrated. He is strictly a DVD watch for me, if at all anymore.

    • I like him sometimes.

      I thought Elf was fantastic. I thought Step Brothers was real funny. And Anchorman was pretty good. Talladega Nights BLEW! I think I laughed once… and it wasn’t even really a laugh. It was more of a “heh…”

      I’m glad I only watched it at a friend’s house, and didn’t see it at the theater. I probably would’ve left too.

      • Elf was good and Farrell was funny in that.
        That was about the last time he was funny.

    • You are right on Will Farrell, Jeff.

  4. Im sorry, but Im all in for this movie. I’m tired of all the sissy politicians and their political correctness, their praise Jebus only during election time, save a tree, no new taxes, drill baby drill, don’t drill here; it will kill these type animals, send a man to jail for dog fighting , let a man off the hook for lying to congress about drug use in baseball, tax the rich, the poor is too lazy, pay your fair share. I’m just plane tired and I hope this movie reflects all these points.

  5. LOL that was hilarious. I will definitely be seeing it. Will does a good job about 75% of the time, but when he is off his movies super suck.

  6. It seems I’m in the minority but I still find Farrell hilarious.
    My favorites:
    Step Brothers
    The Other Guys

    • Everyone seems to have liked Anchorman.
      I never saw that and I’ll have to check it out.

      I made note of the others your recommend too, my friend.

      I don’t dislike Farrell, it’s just this trailer looked
      weak without a single laugh for me and usually
      some of the the best laughs appear in trailers.

    • anchorman is hilarious no doubt there.

  7. I don’t care for Will Ferrel, but this looks fantastic! I’m so seeing this in the theater.

    • We agree to disagree. After sitting there for awhile and pondering leaving, we finally walked out at the moment in the movie when the kids at the dinner table were demeaning their grandfather for no apparent reason. At that point, no one in the theater was laughing, and I thought, “This is what passes for humor these days?” Very lame. To give you my point of view, however, I loved Dumb and Dumb with Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels.

      • Dumb And Dumber is a classic and one of the funniest movies ever made.
        I see this movie falling flat because of the very type of scene you describe.

        • I’m still hoping for a sequel to Dumb and Dumber, although I admit it looks like a long shot now…

    • Agreed. I think Will Ferrell is hilarious.

    • You haven’t seen the Hangover? Zach is in that movie and that movie is hilarious.

  8. Zach Galifianakis…isn’t he the hypocrite who was giddy about working with Mike Tyson, a convicted rapist, in the Hangover franchise, but he refused to work with Mel Gibson, a drunken name-caller? Another reason to skip this movie…

    • Yep, that’s the guy. And unlike Farrell, Zach’s appeal is a complete mystery to me.

      • Agreed. I watched the first Hangover on DVD and found it only mildly amusing. Skipped the second one altogether. No interest in Galifianakis, especially after he refused to work with Gibson, an Oscar winner with sooo much more talent than him.

  9. This movie will do good I think because people love politicial comidies and kids in my high school make fun of politics everyday but Will Ferrell really isn’t my most favorite actor but hopefully he can pull it off here