‘The Butterfly Effect’ Being Rebooted By Writer/Director of the Original

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The Butterfly Effect Kutcher The Butterfly Effect Being Rebooted By Writer/Director of the Original

There’s no avoiding the rise of the reboot in the past few years; the act of bringing an established franchise back to square one is officially in vogue. 2012 and 2013 alone have seen reboots for both contemporary and classic brands, from The Lone Ranger, to Dredd, to Man of Steel, to The Amazing Spider-Man, while the immediate future holds the promise of even more rebooting with Godzilla and The Crow. (To name just a handful.) Now we can add one more title to the mix, as the 2004 time travel thriller The Butterfly Effect is getting the reboot treatment, too.

Production companies FilmEngine and Benderspink are reportedly moving forward on the project with the aid of none other than Eric Bress. Bress, viewers may recall, wrote the original film and co-directed it alongside J. Mackye Gruber. It’s also worth noting that FilmEngine and Benderspink both have co-production credits for the first picture as well as its two DTV sequels.

At present, Bress has only been tapped for scriptwriting duties and no one has been called on to direct yet; short version: the film remains in the formative stages. For the moment, this sounds like a straight-up recycle of the nearly decade-old Ashton Kutcher vehicle, in which he plays a troubled young man who realizes he has the ability to travel back in time and alter his past – to disastrous consequences. That perception may change as more information about the production crops up in the coming months.

All of this calls into question the need to reboot the film; what intentions do Bress and these companies have in pursuing this endeavor? The Butterfly Effect certainly can’t be called a critical success, but it did turn out to be a solid financial hit for New Line, the studio that distributed it (and which  shares a “first look” deal with Benderspink). There’s no rule stating that a movie has to be good to make money, after all, and The Butterfly Effect – for all of its grimy, morbid pleasures – proves that quite handily. It could be that Bress, Benderspink, and FilmEngine simply want to try and strike gold twice with the same concept – which is itself reminiscent of that Simpsons “Treehouse of Horror” bit, “Time and Punishment“.

The Butterfly Effect Kutcher Suplee The Butterfly Effect Being Rebooted By Writer/Director of the Original

While this news reads like a blatant attempt at revisiting one’s past to make a quick buck (there’s a Butterfly Effect joke in there somewhere), it’s totally possible that the team behind the reboot have interesting narrative choices to bring to the film. Maybe that’s the central directive here: to mine a better picture out of The Butterfly Effect, which frankly has a ton of potential front-loaded into its main conceit.

More to the point: The Butterfly Effect is exactly the sort of film that should be remade. There’s a lot of room for narrative improvement and things that could be done to expand on the premise, at least if all involved choose to do so. But if the reboot only rehashes moments and characters we’ve seen already, then it’s just going to make the same mistakes all over again.


Stay tuned to Screen Rant for more details on The Butterfly Effect reboot as they become available.

Source: Variety

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  1. Define stupid.

  2. Reboot overload. Even worse when they’re ones nobody will wanna see anymore.

  3. I’ll bet TENS of people were screaming for this reboot.

    • Awesome. +100.

    • I think you meant tenths of people….

  4. All I can do is laugh at this news!! Why on earth would you want to remake this?

  5. So when are they rebooting Twilight?


  6. See, this movie sucked (the concept was awesome) so I don’t mind it being rebooted. Just stay the hell away from the classics. If studios are intent on bringing a classic back at least turn it into a spin-off like the rumored Creed movie.

    • Exactly my feeling. Reboot bad movies. They’re the movies that SHOULD get rebooted.

  7. hmmm…..

  8. lol poor ashton, his best performance to date being rebooted already.

    I actually didnt mind his performance here, but put into perspective it’s his “genius” moment compared to every other single solitary thing he’s farted up.

    • If he wouldn’t have been in it the movie would have been a classic by now. Amy Smart is actually a good actress.

  9. Weirdly, I actually liked this movie.

  10. Not surprised, after all they never made anything worth a while after TBE.

  11. well the screenwriter/director that is Eric Bress has a horrible track record as to creating films/screenplays…

    HE made for example: Kyle XY, Final Destination 2, and “The Final Destination”.

    Reboot a turd all you want, it’ll still be a turd.

    • I liked FD2…my favorite one of the series actually.

  12. I loved the original and I really don’t see any chance to improve upon it, a reboot we really don’t need.

  13. I loved that original movie and I still think ashton kutcher is underrated in what he does.

    • how so?

      im interested in learning his merits, please share

      • He’s underrated in that one movie but everything else he’s ever done shows him to be someone who must have lucked through life, like Adam Sandler, Vin Diesel and Jeremy Piven (ie someone with no discernable talent but still given lots of work and millions of dollars).

        • Good shout on Vin and Jeremy Piven and to an extent I agree with old Shouty Sandler, you’ve got to love The Waterboy and Anger Management tho!

          I’d also like to add Sam Worthington to this collection of mediocrity as well

          • Funnily enough, my brother and I had a discussion about Sam Worthington saying he got popular briefly but then sort of disappeared.

            Neither of us thought he stood out though in anything he’s done.

        • Am I the only one who loved Ashton Kutcher on That 70s Show? I always see people bash him so much but they never mention whether they liked him there or not. I thought he was hilarious on that show. Sure, his movie record has been pretty spotty (I did like him in this movie though), but I’ll always love Kelso.

          And I enjoyed Adam Sandler’s early work. Billy Madison, Big Daddy, Anger Management, etc. It’s within these last 10 years that he’s just been annoying in these movies, but that isn’t until after he earned his comedy fame IMO.

          • Personally, the only person I didn’t find irritating on That 70′s Show was Kurtwood Smith but that’s just nostalgia talking because I think he’s the greatest movie villain ever thanks to his role as Clarence Boddicker in Robocop.

            That hot redhead girl was ok too but the rest….boy, I hated them. And that show.

            I’ve also never liked Sandler except for his role as Pip in Airheads.

  14. While I enjoyed only the first one does this really need to be rebooted? This has bomb written all over it.

  15. There is no need to reboot this!! It’s great the way it is!!!

  16. Oh come on!

  17. What? So soon? The movie is not even 10 years old yet and now they’re rebooting it. Unbelievable.

  18. They re-booted Spider-man in 5 years (Spiderman 1-2 is IMO why comic book movies are so huge today.) A successful trilogy even though the third one sucked. 5 Years! They rebooted the Hulk in 5 years too.

    I think its interesting that the same writer and director wants to reboot his own film. Movie wasn’t great by any means, but it was a surprisingly entertaining time travel pic. I’m all for directors giving it another try. Why not?

    Its weird that people complain about re-boots and remakes. If it looks good I’ll watch it. If it looks like crap and gets a real low RT review I’ll skip it. I don’t mind having the options. Like people who complain about a Oldboy remake. Why? It was a awesome movie and now there making an American version. Whats wrong with that? If anything it, will only bring more attention to the original that we all loved.

  19. After laughing this headline off after a bit I thought hey, why not?
    As someone who’s spent way to much time thinking about choices, actions and their consequences over the years the basic premise for TBE is an interesting one but it ended up being a bad movie.
    My suggestion…
    There’s no need for time travel.
    Have a character make a seemingly unimportant decision or action then explore how that can ripple through other people’s live in very important ways.

  20. The same people rebooting their own movie. I think that’s called a mulligan, not a reboot. Maybe that can be the next big thing. People who make forgettable to bad movies, now with more experience saying, “Hey, can I just try that again?”

    • …a mulligan. Dammit, I wish I’d thought of that first. +200.

    • Well, isn’t there an indie director who made a movie in French that was apparently perfect and flawless and then he decided to make an English language remake because he felt the original could be improved and it ended up being universally panned?

      I forget what the movie or director are called though.

    • If you use time travel you can call it the next X-Men movie. There should be a magical character named Mulligan who time travels and alters the past by doing exactly the same thing only lamer. They could do a whole series of prequels and then sequels about him, but never do his origin story. Until they run out of ideas and then do his whole family tree from prehistoric times up until the cyborg-zombie apocalypse that restarts the universe…

  21. i dont mind most reboots its just when they try to reboot something thats relatively young and had critical and financial success like with The Amazing Spiderman the Raimi’s trilogy was so fresh in my head that i couldn’t help but think of it when i went to see it

    there should be some sort of rule to keep from rebooting every failed attempt at a movie like cant reboot something that under 20 years old or has made more than X amount at the box office

    at least that would keep some sort of control over mindlessly rebooting whatever they feel like to save risking a new property

  22. This was actually a really good movie.

    Someone else in the comments said they rebooted Hulk in 5 years. Yeah, because we needed a Hulk reboot. The 2003 film is below average and doesn’t really make a name for itself.

    TBE, however, isn’t really worth the reboot at this point. It’s going to be hard to sell it with psychological films being done by Christopher Nolan and Danny Boyle.

  23. I’m not convinced… I’d rather see something new.

  24. Millions of 13-17 year old girls just peed their pants and went OMG! LOL! This will suck!

  25. This is a story about a boy with the ability to displace his consciousness to his younger self and change the present by altering his actions in the past.

  26. they need to make a prequel on how ashton’s dad ends up in the nut house!