‘The Bourne Legacy’ Trailer: A New Unstoppable Killing Machine

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The Bourne Legacy Trailer The Bourne Legacy Trailer: A New Unstoppable Killing Machine

There’s been some confusion surrounding The Bourne Legacy, which is neither a direct continuation of the storyline from previous Bourne movies, nor a reboot of the franchise. Instead, it’s a semi-spinoff that revolves around a different “programmed” Treadstone assassin – as played by Hawkeye from The Avengers (a.k.a. Oscar-nominee Jeremy Renner).

Bourne film series screenwriter Tony Gilroy is juggling both writing and directing duties on Bourne Legacy. His involvement with the new chapter in this popular action-thriller franchise – combined with the film’s respectable cast (more on that in a moment) – was enough to land this not-a-reboot installment a spot on our Most Anticipated Movies of 2012¬†list.

Renner stars in Bourne Legacy as “Aaron Cross,” a new highly-lethal government spook “whose life-or-death stakes have been triggered by the events of the first three films.” In other words, history ends up repeating itself in the aftermath of The Bourne Ultimatum, once¬†Cross goes rogue – forcing government agents like Pam Landy (Joan Allen) and Noah Vosen (David Strathairn) to track him down, by whatever means necessary.

In addition to returning Bourne universe players like Allen, Strathairn, and Albert Finney, the Bourne Legacy cast also includes decorated stars such as Edward Norton and Rachel Weisz (not to be confused with Gina Carano), along with Oscar Isaac (Drive) and Stacy Keach (Prison Break) in supporting roles. As you will see in the Bourne Legacy teaser, though, this is first and foremost Renner‘s chance to show off more of his action star chops.

Check out the official teaser trailer (followed by the poster) for The Bourne Legacy, below:




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Based on this early footage, Gilroy has traded in the frantic shaky cam and kinetic editing that director Paul Greengrass favored in Bourne Supremacy and Bourne Ultimatum, in favor of the steadier, but still exhilarating approach of Doug Liman in Bourne Identity. For those who were never big fans of Greengrass‘ style, the news that they’ll actually be able to see what Renner is doing during Bourne Legacy‘s action sequences should be most welcome.

If there’s one potential note of concern to take away from this otherwise promising teaser, it’s that Bourne Legacy could suffer a bit from retconning. That is, Cross is being setup as a much more “stable” and effective killer than even Jason Bourne… and yet, throughout the previous films, there was always the implication that Bourne was far and away the deadliest operative produced by Treadstone. Not that this will detract from Bourne Legacy‘s quality as a standalone story, but still…

The Bourne Legacy arrives in theaters around the U.S. on August 3rd, 2012.

Source: iTunes Movie Trailers

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  1. sense. this makes none.

  2. No Jason Bourne in a Bourn movie makes as much sense as the Bill Cosby Show without Bill freakin Cosby.

    • Look up the definition of LEGACY and you’ll know why Jason Bourne doesn’t have to be there.

  3. This movie looks pimp.

  4. i like the pedigree from which this franchise has come from, i like the cast, and im plain curious about where this one will go. so im in. i look foward to the 2nd trailer.

    • “i like the pedigree from which this franchise has come from,”

      Think a about that for a second…

  5. So dumb, movie studios always have to do that one last movie in the franchise that ends up being a dud. I hope this isn’t the case for this, because the Bourne Trilogy is my favorite movie series.

  6. @pencil

    So you’ve never read a book that had a chapter where perspective switched from the main character to a supporting or new character? A TV show that changed perspectives for an episode or even part of a season? Or a movie where that perspective for a segment of the runtime?

  7. Looks good.

  8. I was very mad when i first heard Matt damon wasnt going to be in the next BOURNE film, but this looks awesome! most of my doubts are now gone

    • I totally agree with your statement Draagyn! This looks just as good as the other movies from what I saw of this trailer.

  9. Movie looks ku Matt was always a little girl and now look like they got a action star movie mostly going to be about action not running around saying who am i which i thought was lame!!

    • How matt damon is a unlikely action movie star and jeremy renner isn’t ??? they’re both regular good looking 5’10 hollywood actors….what’s renner cred ? look closely and you’ll see that most movie stars are fake : bogart was supposed to be the epitome of the tough guy, he was 5’8 was particularly unimpressive according to several of his female costars and liked spending his night at home…. same goes for bruce willis ex comedy guy ascended action guy, sylvester stallone another dwarf the most famous movie boxer in history and yet a joke in the ring as he has been KO twice by his co stars in the rocky movies…
      Truth is renner is exactly the same as damon. A generic good looking guy morphed into action star material thanks to the help of editor,choregraphs and stuntmen.

  10. You know, it looks great. Love the series, Renner has made a great career. BUT, I still think they should have chosen a different name! The Bourne Legacy is actually a good book by Eric Van Lustbader and has plenty to do with Bourne and nothing to do with this Aaron Cross… Why did they have to make the last name Cross too? For a second there I thought they combined the Bourne series and the Alex Cross series (James Patterson).

    • Agreed. After Greengrass and Damon dropped out, and they went in a different direction, they should have changed the name too. To base a movie on a book that has absolutely nothing to do with the book is just plain silly.

  11. How is this Bourne?, Theres no Jason or Matt Damon, At least with Predator 2 or Terminator Salvation we were seeing the charachter from the previous film in some kinda representation, This is not a Bourne movie , Its like havin a Rambo/Rocky flick without Stallone in it and still calling it Rocky or Rambo !!! Total garbage, Hollywood running dry outta decent ideas and coming up with this unimaginative dull droll, Wow You bunch of so called screen writers and so called directors cant even think of doing the obvious and just have Renner as Bourne or change the title of the film to something else completely thus giving us a new vehicle to enjoy!!!! ,Whats next – James Bonds grandma’s secret adventures in L.A or Batman : The secret brother in law he had that we never knew about who was a window cleaner in Botswana!!!!and his amazing adventures!!!

    • It’s set within the same universe as the Bourne trilogy, but they’re going with a different character. It makes sense. Tredstone thinks Jason Bourne is dead, and so, they try and make another. One they think won’t turn on them like Jason did.

    • LEGACY! LEGACY! The word is important!

  12. I completely forgot about this. I hope it doesn’t get lost in the shuffle of an already packed summer. Sure Bourne will always be Matt Damon but I don’t see any reason why this can’t succeed on it’s own. Renner showed he can handle a role like this in MI-4. 2012 is going to be looked back on as the greatest year (monetarily) in cinema history.

    • Well said Kevin7, well said.

  13. You know, I’m keeping open minded about this. Damon gave Renner his blessing…but the one gripe/complaint i have with this is, and you guys are gonna laugh, JOHN POWELL IS NOT DOING THE SCORE!!! That by itself bothers me just because his music is what gave the bourne movies the tone.

    So, will i see it, yes. But I will not compare it to the others, nor will I ever compare Damon to Renner.

    • As an avid film score fan, I’m totally in agreement with you.

      • Interesting. I just discovered that James Newton Howard is doing the score (if IMDB is to be believed, anyway). If I’d been given the job of picking a replacement for Powell, Howard would have been at the top of my list. Salt was probably the best imitation Bourne score that I’ve ever heard.

  14. Its o…….k…… When doing a risky movie like that I wish trailers would tell a little more. It just looks like another crap film with a bunch of unnecessary hype.

    • Please use a different username so people don’t get us confused thanks.

      • ok

    • It’s a teaser. Duh.

  15. Anyone ever read the books? Greengrass in particular MESSED THEM UP SOOOOOOO BAD. The movies weren’t anything like the books. And it makes absolutely no sense why “The Bourne Legacy,” which *gasp* was a continuation with Jason Bourne, doesn’t even have anything to do with him in the movie version. But since the idiots decided to kill off Marie and pretty much screw up the whole story, I suppose they found it easier to just continue crapping on the novels.

    • Greengrass was the director….if you have any complaints about the story you should write to Gillroy who was the writer… and incendently is the director of this new installment.

    • @JediGuy1138
      Gotta agree with you. The first Bourne book revolved around the pursuit of “Carlos, the Jackal,” a real-life international assassin/terrorist who earned his notoriety in the early 80′s which was the time when the books came out. The first TV-movie adaptation starring Richard Chamberlain was the one that tried to stay true to the book.

      Bourne Supremacy is about the hunt for an impostor Bourne operating in Asia. The backdrop of the story involves the impending turn-over of Hong Kong to China. Bourne Ultimatum is practically a “grudge match” between an aging Carlos and Bourne/Webb.

      These story lines are definitely not the ones used in the Matt Damon’s Bourne movies, which is kinda’ like the same situation with the series of James Bond movies that starred Sean Connery and Roger Moore. Yeah, Hollywood’s been doing it for a long time.

  16. It looks really cool, but I still hate that there is no Jason Bourne…

    • Look up the definition LEGACY and hunk about why Jason is not there. Even if he was in the book.

  17. I think this film looks great so far. I am totally in.

  18. Other than the stupid title, it looks quite promising. Also, Albert Finney is AWESOME. He needs to be in more movies.

  19. As long as this isn’t the last one, and they bring Bourne back in for #5, I can be ok with this one..

    • my thoughts exactly, hopefully this one does well enough and they can get a good script together for the 5th one to bring back greengrass and damon. and maybe have jeremy renner in on with damon? not sure how good that would be. what makes jason bourne so great is that he usually works entirely alone. and to have him team up with renner would be cool but it would take away part of what makes bourne bourne. and i hope they bring back julie styles for the 5th

  20. Y’know, it’s easy to be sceptical but there is talent to admire both behind the camera and in front. I can accept another agent in the same universe as in the original trilogy we saw plenty of them coming after Bourne. But I’m unfamiliar with the prose it is based on so I can only pray blindly that it’s not a retread in the sense that halfway through the movie he turns and discovers his humanity or remembers who he was (if he gets shot and suffers amnesia, I will hurt people). If this does happen, and we see a load of people in power looking at each other with ‘not again, why always us?’ faces then this franchise will die with supreme indignity. Ideal scenario? Renner plays the Government agent for the whole movie, doing their bidding and it ends simply with this:

    They discover Jason Bourne is alive and Renner is given the task of eliminating him once and forever. Cue end credits…

    • That sound interesting…I can agree with that.

  21. In the catagory of “That’s Entertainment” This looks like it fits the bill…I’m looking forward to checking it out…

  22. Putting it in the Bourne world means we already understand the basic premise and they don’t have to waste movie time explaining it. The fact that Paul Greengrass is not directing this movie already makes the camera work and editing superior to the 2nd and 3rd Bourne movies. To me, it’s almost like Bourne 2, since you couldn’t see crap during 2 and 3 anyway.

    • the books were great….but I’m over it, HOLLYWOOD you know…..this looks great….Bourne Identity was my favorite, a classic in this genre….hmmmmmm this could be good! Love Renner/Norton/Finney

  23. This looks really good.

  24. 1. I’m not sure what a “semi-spinoff” means.
    2. I am equally unsure how anybody could confuse Rachel Weisz with Gina Carano.

    Mr. Schaefer?

    • 1. Bourne Legacy is part spinoff, in the sense that it focuses on a new character in the Bourne universe. However, its storyline is (reportedly) tied in close enough with the overarching storyline of the previous films that it will directly set the stage for a fifth Bourne flick that sees Matt Damon return as Jason Bourne. So, in that regard, it’s not a complete standalone spinoff – but also not a complete sequel either (confusing, I know).

      2. Heh, that’s a SR inside joke. Just listen to the very beginning of that SR podcast which I linked to with that Weisz/Carano line and all will be clear. ;-)

  25. Well, I like how the Bourne in this one isn’t like from the other three movies. He seems more like Jason before the events of the first movie. So it should be interesting to see how the movie handles that I guess?

    • I understand what you’re getting at but the character Jeremy Renner’s playing is NOT Jason Bourne at all.He’s another agent within the univere of the Bourne trilogy that this story will be centering around.New agent,new story,new twists,new mystery,new action/fight scenes,same universe

      “There Was Never Just One”

  26. This looks good. Yeah.

  27. I like the concept about another CIA operative …somethings have to change, looking forward for this film

  28. i love the bourne movies and i’ve grown to be a fan of Jeremy Renner – i’ll def be checking this out.

  29. I’ll probably watch this one on Netflix.