Trailer For ‘The Beaver’ Starring Mel Gibson [Updated]

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The Beaver Trailer For The Beaver Starring Mel Gibson [Updated]

The Beaver has been in the can for quite a while, with Summit Entertainment trying to figure out a release strategy for the quirky drama starring controversy lightning rod, Mel Gibson.

The Jodie Foster-directed film was stuck in release date  limbo ever since Gibson’s personal life hit the tabloid headlines earlier this year. Since then, the studio mulled over various release possibilities – including dumping the film straight to DVD.

Now, it would appear that cooler heads prevailed and the film is now set for a Spring release a promotional image has been released and a new trailer is on the way.

The release of the trailer comes hot on the heels of the first official image from the film, an image showing Gibson, his co-star and director Jodie Foster as well as the titular glove puppet.

According to Summit:

The Beaver is an emotional story about a man on a journey to re-discover his family and re-start his life.

Plagued by his own demons, Walter Black was once a successful toy executive and family man who now suffers from depression. No matter what he tries, Walter can’t seem to get himself back on track.until a beaver hand puppet enters his life.”

first image from the beaver Trailer For The Beaver Starring Mel Gibson [Updated]

And here’s the official trailer for The Beaver:

Watch the HD version at Apple.

Those who have seen the film say that Gibson delivers a career high performance, and before his off-screen drama hit the news it was believed that the actor was a shoe-in for an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor. A Spring release knocks the aging icon out of this year’s race, but if the performance is that strong there is a possibility that the Lethal Weapon star could get a nomination next year – if the general public and Hollywood forgive him for his transgressions.

Summit will be testing the waters with these new promotional materials, no doubt seeing how audiences react to the offbeat story and Gibson’s appearance in the film. Spring isn’t that far away, and Gibson’s private problems may still be raging on, so it will be very interesting to see if he’d be willing to jump on the promotional bandwagon and face the press, especially when the plot (superficially, at least) bears an uncanny resemblance to his own life.

So, will Gibson’s appearance in The Beaver steer you away from the film, or can you separate the man from the character?

Keep reading Screen Rant for more on The Beaver and Mel Gibson’s career.

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  1. I’m still a fan, regardless of past issues. This looks interesting enough to keep an eye out for.

  2. @”So, will Gibson’s appearance in The Beaver steer you away from the film, or can you separate the man from the character?”

    To be honest, no. Gibson may be racist loser in reality, but he’s a great actor.

    • I still dont know why ppl say hes a racist. Does anyone have a link or something!?

      • heres the link to that argument this is tape 2 btw

        • Do you understand the concept of an ‘edited tape’?? Brighten up.

  3. @”I still dont know why ppl say hes a racist. Does anyone have a link or something!?”

    For one he slammed an entire race a few years back, then just recently he threatened his ex-girl and started saying racist remarks. Here’s the link to what he said:

    • But like I said, he’s a scumbag in reality, but a fantastic actor. People need to separate people’s personal life from their professional.

      • i know i know charie sheen is a wako douche but he is one of my fav actors. i also like mel alot. i dont care about there personal life very much. tiger woods is still my favorite golfer.

  4. I love Mel Gibson.

  5. Still a big fan.Bring on his viking movie!! Top class actor and director.

  6. This movie looks pretty interesting to me, I’ll have to see this. I agree with Little Monster, he’s a dbag in real life but he can really act.

  7. During World War II the Germans committed genocide, the Japanese did a sneak attack on Pearl Harbor. Also, there were the lynch mobs in the south, the violent riots in Los Angeles, the president of Mexico going before the US Congress and insulting all of America, and then on and on the list goes. There are so many other things that are far worse than what Mel Gibson said or did. Whatever his views are, that’s his business. He just needs to keep them to himself. We all have some kind of view point on some matter that goes against the general public’s idea. When you put it in perspective, what he did was really nothing in the grand scheme of things. We all need to just move on and worry about ourselves. Anyone of us could just as easily be dragged through the dirt. I try to remember that last sentence whenever I hear about some else’s private matters.

    • Well said!!!

    • I love how people try and use to make what Gibson did “right”. Yes, there’s been worse things done, but that doesn’t make Gibson’s comments right. He’s still a racist bastard.

      • Well said!!!!

        • Unbelieveable.

          • wo are you to judge a person youve never met or meet i could careless if hes racist or not because i dont know him nor will i ever know him a person that gives a crap about a celebrity a person they know absolutley nothing about except what happens in the mass media is somone id say has no life and the one with the issues. the guys made awsome films, that you cant argue. who gives a crap about his personal life

            • who*

            • Racist is bad. Who am I to judge a racist? How about a human being. Racists are some of the lowest forms of humans in existence they are pure trash. He has some great films and you can’t argue that, but that doesn’t make his actions ok. You act like we are all just sitting at home watching TV waiting for a celeb to mess up, but everyone knows what Gibson did regardless of weather they try to follow that news or not it is literally all over the place. Its a major news story that is on nearly every site on the internet and on nearly every news channel. It’s just like hearing your neighbor yelling racist slurs you tend to think lower of that person unless you your self are racist.

              Gibson isn’t above being judged because he’s famous. I’ve always been an advocate for celebs getting unfairly judged for getting angry or not wanting their privacy invaded, but this is different. If Mel had killed someone would you still be saying that we shouldn’t judge him and we should shut up and leave him alone? Bad Behavior shouldn’t just be ignored. He didn’t throw a fit on a set he did two of the worst things you can do. 1. Threaten Violence toward a woman and 2. Being a complete POS racist.

      • LIttle monster couldn’t agree more with everything you’ve said here. Just because he could of killed a jewish and, but only insulted them instead doesn’t suddenly make what he did ok. Wrong is wrong no matter how many worse things exist.

        Also Mel is a huge POS D bag, but he’s a fantastic actor so I’ll still watch his movies.

      • Its been blown so far out of proportion. His Racist comments are terrible, no excuse, but why boycott the career of a great artist because of it? Everyone continues to see and sometimes praise Roman Polanski films.Is child rape not as bad? Or was it too long ago now? No one seems to have trouble seperating the man from the art in his case.

      • Well here’s the thing…

        I don’t know whether Gibson is an anti-Semite for real or not. Here’s what I think:

        1. He made statements while drunk (correct me if I’m wrong, please).

        2. There are many, many people in Hollywood, at every level of the industry that happen to be Jewish.

        3. We have no idea if he’s been “burned” by people in the industry in relation to projects he’s made or pitched once or multiple times. I would imagine there was some behind the scenes ugliness related to “The Passion of the Christ.”

        I can tell you that when I was a kid I went to a Junior High that had kids from the “bad” part of town. Got my butt kicked a couple of times by black kids and for a while I got an attitude about it. Took me a couple of years and growing up to realize that there is good and bad in every group of people, regardless of race, creed, color or religion.

        Anyway, that’s my two cents on this whole thing.


        • Huzzah!

        • Very well said Vic :)

  8. I like him as an actor and this movie looks like it will definitely adhere to my tastes.

  9. People say things they don’t really mean all the time.

  10. Robert Downey, jr. has said it was Mel Gibson who taught him about second chances.
    After jail Downey’s long history of substance abuse and unreliability had made
    him uninsurable and therefore unemployable by anyone in Hollywood.

    Mel Gibson reached out to Downey and cast him in the The Singing Detective,
    insuring Downey personally at great expense to help him restore his career.

    This is what Robert had to say about Mel recently on the Today show:

    “The truth is, he and I have a friendship that spans well over two decades, and he’s a stand-up guy; he always has been for me.
    There’s the reality of what happens to people and the mistakes that they make and the journeys they’re on, and then there’s the media, and then there’s everyone’s opinion. The way I honor my friendship with him is by not getting too involved in whatever the public discussion is.”

    What’s good enough for Robert Downey, Jr. is good enough for me.
    The kind of friend Mel is is the measure of the man and not
    any drunken rant when out of control and irrational.

  11. Gibson has done enough to warrant suspicion that he is an anti-semite but nowhere near enough for it to be a certainty. Given how Jewish Hollywood is, if he has managed to hide true antisemitism this long he must be a better actor off screen than on. Personally i don’t like the man’s work but i do like the idea behind the movie, and you have to support any lesbian who has the guts to make a movie with such a title.

    • When all is said and done..Most if not all of us have said and done things we are not proud of..especially when in an altered state of mind (drunk) or especially when very angry..Things and actions we would like to take back, unfortunatley you can’t take it back you can only move forward and try to right the wrongs and given appropriate time most of us do that, forgivenness is given and people move on. When you are a major star constantly in the spotlight and you make mistakes such as these, well forgiveness comes much slower because we are constantly reminded on a daily basis by a clip or footage or a link to some website of the persons indiscretions. It stays in the public consciousness much longer and is allowed to rot and fester. SOme people never let anything go but these sre the same people who would collapse like a star going supernova as it reached it’s Chandrasekhar limit..Easy to be high and mighty when every aspect of your personal and professional life is not under a microscope..

      • Green usually I would agree with this argument, but not so much when it comes to Mel (This is coming from someone who was a huge huge fan). There are far to many occasions that he has made this remarks it wasn’t just one or even two mistakes.

        Also I think classifying what he did as a mistake is a bit much. I’ve flipped out and yelled at people like Bale and have gotten in my share of angry or drunken fights. I’ve even said things I regret while drunk and even not drunk, but nothing to the magnitude of the things Gibson has said. I have little tolerance for racism. Based on the things he’s said and how often he has said these things it’s painfully in fact beyond painfully obvious he is very racist. This isn’t a small mistake that can be forgiven. These are things that define him as a racist POS.

        Much like Roman Polanski I could never forgive his disgusting actions either as bad as Gibson is I’m more disgusted by Roman. (He was mentioned above only reason I bring him up)

        All that said I’m gonna watch a good actor or good film either way. Mel is still a fantastic actor and I’ll still watch any film of his that looks good no matter how awful of human being he is (and he is).

        What I find funny is I’ve seen a few people defending Gibson that blasted Bale. It’s funny to see what some people tolerate and what some people flip out about. Yelling at a guy and cussing him out for what ever reason for some people translates as an awful action, but being a blatant racist and threatening a woman with physical harm is ok.

        • Sure you’ve done things you are not proud of Daniel..I think everybody has..I am positive there are things I have said when I was inebriated that I absolutely DONOT remember to this day..things I would argue with the devil with that I would never say but there are two or three people who corroborate what was said or what transpired and you get humbled like never before in your life.I consider myself to be a very reasonable & likeable person and am ashamed of some of the things I have done in my life but I regret nothing because I couldn’t be the person I am today without those events occurring.You need to see your ugly side(and everybody has one) exposed before you can learn that that is a part of you that needs to be controlled. I am not judging him and I have fought the urge to do so..let he who is without sin cast the first stone so to speak. That being said I will find it hard to watch him on screen knowing that he MAY BE a nasty sod. It is easy to sit behind a keyboard and belittle someone who we don’t know at all. In actual fact Gibson has made a lot of enemies in his time in Hollywood so I am sure to “expose” him as a racist is advancing somebodies agenda. That being said he needs to be accountable for his actions and take appropriate steps to get his behaviour under control..

          • Gk I’m the type of person that remembers what he did while he was drunk. I’ve done things I wasn’t proud of but remembered it the next day. While you say things while drunk that you wouldn’t say sober it’s not ever something that came out of no where it’s usually something you think but try to hide from every one. Drinking doesn’t make you create some crazy second person that isn’t you it just makes you lose your ability to hold back and restrain your self.

            I hate the he with out sin argument just because some slept with his neigbors wife or told a lie once doesn’t mean he can’t think a rapist or theif is a bad person. Sure if you have stolen alot you can’t judge some one who steal but you can darn sure judge a murderer not all ‘sins’ are created equal.

            I can tell I may have commuted my share of so called sins but non of them were racism. There are very few thing I despise more than racism so to me Mel is a pos no way around it a very talented one but talent doesn’t excusse racism.

            I don’t see why it matters how many enemies he has made he said what he said it’s a matter of fact his enemies didn’t make it up and it wasn’t just one out burst.

            I don’t need to personally know Mel I know what he’s done and what he’s said several times. That’s who he is maybe 90% of the time he holds it back and restrains him self but that 10% shows the real him. He wouldn’t say those things if he didn’t agree with them.

            I will always judge drug addicts, Racists, Woman beaters, killers , and rapists and pedaphiles they are the lowest forms of human beings there are and they disgust me to my very core.

            • Get off your high horse Daniel.You actually come off sounding a little cheesy. You are a guy who always on this site who always states he “sees” someone elses POV but in actuality never does.You casually brush aside the other side of an arguement and then continue on with your own “side” because in your mind your opinion is the only one that really matters to you.

              Thinking someone is a POS is a long way from saying it out loud to that person or a group of people. Hence that is why you fail to get the “Judge not…” It doesn’t matter what the other person has done, that is the whole point of that piece of scripture…

              The only problem with all the so-called “sins” you have committed is that there wasn’t someone with a camera or recording the audio for the whole world to hear/see might not be so holier than thou then. There is no good or bad Daniel, it’s just a matter of how an individual percieves something, what you percieve as sin may not be by the next person and vice-versa. If you remember everything you ever said and did when you were drunk then I will say to you that you have never been really drunk then..memory loss is a common occurrance with inebriation and so is loss of inhibition.. No one on this site really knows anything about anyone else Daniel, we only tell other people what we want them to know and people very rarely offer up negative opinions of themselves and they dont present themselves as they really are on forums like this. Everybody has moments where they act like idiots and morons..that doesn’t necessarily mean you are a “bad” just means you got caught with your pants down and people rarely let you forget that..

              I don’t see any point in continuing this arguement..


              • Rofl i’m holiar than though and on a high horse because I hate racists ? Lol wow..

                No good or bad it’s all just perspective? So Hitlar and KKK members are not bad guys just misunderstood?

                Give me a break I can’t believe your even trying to take that side. Wow just wow.

                Also sins was really your word I just used it. I don’t like the word I don’t actually believe in god or sins or any of that. I just believe that there is a right and wrong and while you might think things like racism and rape and murder are not bad I do. Charles Manson is probably just misunderstood to you. I’m sure he’s a great guy that the media screwed.

                • No Daniel it is a eastern religion belief that there is no good or right or wrong,just cause and effect..every action has an effect..I don’t hate anyone..try some meditation Daniel to work through your anger/hatred might want to sort through that before you try to pass along fatherly advice to your little one .. I love how people like you drag abominations like Hitler into your arguements..History has spoken on Hitler and those of his ilk..stop trolling and looking for people to argue with Daniel, you don’t have to comment on every post you disagree with

                  • You know what I find really funny about all this there is no right or wrong crap. A few months back you told me I was an awful person and it was wrong of me to download movies. You treated me like I was absolute scum for downloading movies, but hatred people for having another skin color gets a pass from you? Nothing right or wrong there is no bad or good… Unless you download movies then you might as well be satan?

                    I love when people like you go off on a rant about how someone always thinks their right and don’t take others opinions as valid and then tell them how they are wrong and how they should be more like you because your way of life is the only one thats right. Thats not hypocritical at all. All your posts here are basically say that your right and that i’m wrong for not sharing the same opinion. You go on to tell me I need meditation and to work on my issues because I don’t agree with your personal philosophy on right and wrong.

                    I’ll never ever take advice from someone who doesn’t think things like racism or spousal abuse are wrong. I am fairly happy with who I am as a person and see no need to work on my self. I’ll be happy to hand advice down to my little one. I can’t wait to teach my children the difference between right and wrong. To teach my kid that it’s wrong to be a racist. I’d prefer they know that there is a right and a wrong and teach them the benefit to not doing the wrong things in life and to teach them why things like racism are wrong. I wouldn’t want my child to turn out with the same attitude in life as you. I’d prefer they have a conscience err I mean have a different philosophy.

                    Hitler was a racist therefor a fitting example to this discussion.

                    Oh look at that in your true fasion you’ve given up on debate and jumped straight to the insults. Now I’m a troll because I don’t agree with your philosophy in life. I was curious how long it would take you to insult me. To be fair it was longer than usual.

                    1. I don’t post on every single comment I disagree with in fact there are many that I ignore.
                    2. Even if I did while yes I don’t have to I also don’t HAVE to comment on the site at all and neither do you but we do it anyway.

                    I like to come here to express my honest opinion on things and I find that a good debate is healthy for life until someone like you starts insulting the person for not agreeing with you. I simply come here because I like reading the news and disscussing it. Some times that means I will disagree with someone, but some times it means I will agree as well. I can’t even begin to count how many times I’ve posted that I agree with some one and why. In fact there have been times I agree with you though I’ve noticed you only respond to me if I disagree with you…Odd.

                    At the end of the day you think there is no right and wrong no good or bad, but I do. Rather than accept that I have an opposing opinion you did it exactly what you accused me of and acted as if your opinion is the only one that matters and I’m wrong for not sharing it. If you truly believed that you wouldn’t have complained about me not agreeing at all and you wouldn’t of tried to push your eastern philosophy on me and you wouldn’t of tried to imply I’ll be a bad parent because I believe in right and wrong (which is the funniest thing i’ve read indays). I don’t need to post when I disagree and guess what neither do you that hasn’t stopped you from replying to me every time I disagree though. The first time I disagreed with you I was very polite and if you look back your responsive had been rude each time and more so with each new post. I’d suggest working through your own issues before you tell other people how to live their life. You can’t even stay true to your own philosphy how do you expect to shove it down everyone’s throats… Errr suggest it to others.

                    • Na, when i’m drunk i am another person, that has nothing to do with releasing any restraints.

                    • Sorry pencil you may not want to admit it, but no when your drunk your still you. You don’t suddenly become your neighbor bill. All those dirty little thoughts and feelings you have but keep to your self you’ll let out and maybe let loose a little of that anger you hold back or maybe not take life so serious and be a little happy, but your still you. You won’t say anything that you hadn’t already thought about deep down while you were sober. You don’t suddenly go from being a car carrying member of PETA to a hunter for sport because your drunk.

  12. Kanye West, Tiger Woods, Mel Gibson…
    They’re all geniuses in their respected crafts, but they get labeled because of their personal lives. It’s unfortunate that people can’t forget about their personal lives and just enjoy their work. I’m not defending their actions, I’m just saying those actions have nothing to do with their talent levels and ability.

  13. I love Mel. Can’t wait for his movie.

  14. Danial f needs to stop being so PC. I can’t stand people who are so damn PC. Mel hasn’t said anything that we all have said at one time or another. So learn to forget or forgive people for saying things when their upset.

    • Excuse me?

      Mel has spewed forth so much vitriol and hatred I cannot begin to fathom ever even containing that amount of hatred within me, let alone saying it out loud.

      Mel Gibson has “done” FAR more than the average person. I don’t mean with his art, either.

      I can’t dissociate Mel Gibson’s face as a person, from his face as an actor anymore, because of the hatred he spewed. I’m not “judging him”, but I am reminded, ever single time I see his face, of his drunken hateful ravings.

      Even if David Duke composed the most sublime symphony, I would not be able to separate the hateful racist from the “Art”. (obviously, the former is just an example).

      How many of the people in this thread are so forgiving of Tom Cruise? I doubt half of those defending Mel Gibson’s actions and his artistry would jump to defend Tom Cruise’s. Yet, Cruise is, in my opinion, a far better actor.

      • hmm?
        what’s wrong with Tom Cruise? Nothing? Right. He might be misdirected in his religious beliefs… But that the son of god became a zombie makes perfect sense… Screw religion, screw anyone who thinks that racism exists.

        • Screw anyone who thinks that racism exists?

          Are you actually trying to say racism doesn’t exist?

          Do you also think that birds are fake? and there is no such thing as a building?

          It is literally impossible to try and come up with a legitimate argument that racism doesn’t exist.

          If we are declaring something no longer exists

          Flies and Spiders no longer exist neither do mice rats or snakes. Phew life is a little safer now.

    • Me PC? Rofl that’s hilarious. Yea and the Pope is satanic. Just because I hate racism doesn’t make me PC.

      Mel hasn’t said anything that we all have not said? Speak for your self buddy. If you spew that kind of hate on a regular basis that’s pretty sad. Maybe your ok with racism, but don’t put me or anyone else in that category I can assure you he’s said many many things I’ve never in my life said.

  15. Some people say the most hateful and hurtful things when their mad. Mel is no exception. You people want to stone him to death, go ahead. Don’t get me wrong, I still think he’s a jerk for saying those things. If he was my friend’ He would have to appologise and we could move on.

  16. This movie will reminds me of “Benny & Joon” & “Cast Away”. The Oregon State Beavers will watch this movie

  17. It comes down to this.

    He said some unpleasant things, that someone in the public should never have said, but he can still think these things if he wants to.

    But he is a great actor and director, seperating the actor from the man is easy, watch his films, ignore the man and his comments