Mel Gibson and ‘The Beaver’ Get Delayed

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The Beaver Mel Gibson release date delayed Mel Gibson and The Beaver Get Delayed

One of the oddest movies set to hit theaters in 2011 is the Jodie Foster-directed The Beaver, which stars the ever-controversial Mel Gibson as a man who utilizes a toy beaver puppet in order to get his life back on track.

After Gibson’s real life shenanigans made it a dubious decision for the studio to release The Beaver, Summit Entertainment finally bit the bullet just before last Christmas and set a March 23, 2011 release date for the movie. However, it has just been revealed that the movie will now hit theaters two months later than before.

Deadline reports that Summit has decided to delay the release of The Beaver, with the comedy/drama now opening in limited release on May 6th, and opening up for a wider release two weeks later.

So what’s the deal? Is the movie having some post-production issues? Is the studio wary of Gibson’s reputation once more? Is the movie lacking in quality and so the studio is dumping it into a near-summer slot in a desperate bid to make more money?

Actually, it appears to be none of those things and in fact there are a couple of other reasons for the delay: Firstly, Foster is apparently off shooting a movie in Europe and wouldn’t be around next month to promote the film (she will be back in time for the May release date). Secondly, Summit wants to wait a while in order for the (hopefully) positive word-of-mouth to spread from the film’s premiere on March 16th at the SXSW Film Festival.

The Beaver official release date Mel Gibson and The Beaver Get Delayed

The early buzz on The Beaver is actually very positive, with particular praise being sung for Gibson’s performance (it’s even been described as a career high for him). The fact that this is only Gibson’s second credited acting role in the last seven years (the first being in the 2010 revenge thriller Edge of Darkness) is certainly intriguing, and even more intriguing is the fact that he’s chosen such a self-deprecating role to showcase his acting talent – which is so rarely put on show these days.

Can the film do well at the box office, considering that Gibson’s recent antics put him on the public’s┬álist of shame? I’d like to think that audiences could separate a film star’s on-screen performances from their real life (after all they are acting) but sadly that isn’t always the case.

As I said up top, The Beaver is one of the oddest films of the 2011 movie schedule but from the trailer and all the buzz surrounding the film I am very curious to see it. All today’s news means is that we’re going to have to wait a little longer than we thought before we can check it out.

The Beaver is now set to open in U.S. theaters on May 6, 2011 (limited), and will open to a wider release on May 20, 2011.

Source: Deadline

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  1. Ya know, you are right. I heard the tapes where they were arguing and while they were heated there was no physical abuse. I have heard worse in the supermarket. The guy may be a little off but what successful actor isnt?

  2. The man said some swear words to his ex. None of the abuse accusations have been validated. I find it insipid that the Hangover 2 crowd, while perfectly OK with having Mike Tyson, a convicted rapist, do a cameo, kicked Mel Gibson off the set because he used language about on par with what they say in the movie anyway. This incident, in particular, is a prime example of the inanity of all this anti-Gibson sentiment, at least when it comes to his most recent PR nightmare. I, for one, am seeing The Beaver, the main reason being to show my support for Mel’s career. He’s one of the greatest film talents working today, as both an actor and director. Other celebrities have done far worse and maintained their appeal. Why should Gibson be any different?

    • I so support that statement.
      I am surprised no one picked up on that whole convicted rapist vs. Mel Gibson angle. I mean – come on – how can he possibly be worse than that in anyones mind???

    • Umm are you serious?

      I’m all for supporting a movie. This sounds interesting and I’m in to watch it regardless of what I think of Mel as a person.

      However the problem people have isn’t that he yelled and cussed. The problem is that he said some amazingly racist things. Some truly disgusting things about two races. On several occasions.

    • What you say! Exactly.

      I will NOT be seeing HO2 BECAUSE of their actions, even though I like Neeson. My DISLIKE for the rest is overriding: Zach et al will never get my money again.

      I am so disgusted with them, W. Ryder, B. Walters, J Behar, J Law (ALL these people have a connection back to ONE person that has a personal vendetta against Mel since before the DUI–guess who?) I am now checking out who the agency is for the stars of the movies I see! I will boycott this one sniveling childish racist prejudiced ahole and his companies and his brother for the rest of my life–I am SO disgusted with him and his moral-less ‘talent’ base. One guess who that is.

  3. I have never understood why we cannot separate talent from one’s personal life. Gibson has said and allegedly done some terrible things, but I am not watching Mel Gibson when I watch Lethal Weapon, I am seeing Martin Briggs. We have to stop making celebrities out to be more then what they are, which is human. I will most definitely be seeing the Beaver.

    • I agree, but it’s usually that a person’s personal life effects their professional. I’m not saying that how it should be b/c I’m not, but that’s just how the world works unfortunately.

      • Time to change that and it starts in Hollyweird with US, the ones that buy the tickets. WE have the POWER IF we act collectively.

        I can’t WAIT to see the Beaver and How I Spent My Summer Vacation.

    • I think it’s mostly because many people don’t like the idea of financially supporting someone who isn’t a good person.

      Personally, I feel like his ex-girlfriend kinda set him up on that phone conversation, and only recorded the part where he went off on her, not when she was provoking him. That’s my .02 though, and I don’t know him as a person.

      But I’ll continue to watch his movies and works.

      • I think Mel is an awful person.. However I don’t get not watching a film because of that.

        Sure he’s an awful person and despite the fact that he’s a fantastic actor you don’t want to support him being a bad person.. What about the hundreds of other people who work on the film who could be some of the most kind hearted people ever known?

        • Mel is NOT a bad person.

          EVERYONE that KNOWS him personally says very different. The very slanted spin opinions of TWO people (Mee the arresting officer and Ox the Liar) that the media has glommed onto should NOT over ride the multitudes of others, people that have worked for him, with him, his friends, his acuaintences–people of ALL races, religions, sexual orientations.

          Oh oh I hear W. Ryder’s name? SHE is a convicted thief, a known liar, of low morals and NEEDS work, will do anything for work–who do you think has her in his pocket? See post above!

          • It’s not like he slammed an entire race (after making a film about the King of the Jews (irony!!!)), and did it once again. He’s a great actor, but he’s also a racist. Sure, people have done worse than Mel, but that doesn’t justify his actions.

          • Actually yes Mel is a bad person. A very awful one in fact. Regardless of how nice he can be to people the absolute undeniable truth is that he is a racist a fairly big racist. He has trashed not only one but two. He’s a fantastic actor that I’ll watch in anything he is in because his movies are good but I have no respect for him as a person he’s trash. I have no love for racists and the world would be better with out people like him in it.

  4. I’ve been looking forward to this film for a long time. Gibson is one of my favorite actors and has been since I was a teen. All else aside, he’s easily one of the best actors of his generation, and his movies have never left me less than thoroughly entertained.

    • I agree with you. Many people have their afflictions and demons. If the flaws of every person were publicized the way his have been, I think a lot fewer people would be casting the proverbial stones at him. Not to go off on a rant, but it saddens me to see how people come to the aide of a guy like Roman Polanski yet attempt to blackball Mel Gibson. …Anyway, I’m very much looking forward to this movie.

    • Well, when Mel’s ex-girlfriend is tried for extortion and it is revealed how Mel was set up, how she edited his comments, and then sold them to Radar On Line, maybe people will have a different view of him.

  5. Look I want to see this film this news is a let down because it sounds good and Mel (despite being an awful racist and poor excusse for a human being) is an amazing actor. When I’m watching a Gibbson film I could usually bet I’m gonna love it because he usually makes good choices with films and always performs well. I have not liked him at all as a Director, but as an actor I watch everything he does.

    All that said I’m shocked anyone would debate him being a decent person or not. He’s racist trash for me that’s the end of the story. I’ve heard the things he said and no matter what anyone says there is no excuse for it.