War Machine’s ‘Avengers’ Absence Explained in ‘Iron Man 3′ Prequel Comic

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War Machine Iron Man 2 Armor Design War Machines Avengers Absence Explained in Iron Man 3 Prequel Comic

By expanding the Marvel cinematic universe and introducing additional characters from Marvel Comics into the films, the studio is not only increasing the scope of their franchise, but the expectations that come with it. Now that Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America and Thor have crossed paths and fought alongside one another for a common goal, telling their own stories following such an event becomes slightly more challenging.

If Tony Stark needs help battling a global threat down the line for instance, why wouldn’t Captain America and S.H.I.E.L.D. help out? Even before that, when aliens invaded New York in The Avengers, where was James “Rhodey” Rhodes and his heavily armed War Machine suit introduced in Iron Man 2?

At least one of these questions will be explained in detail before “Phase Two” of the Marvel film franchise kicks off next summer with Iron Man 3. Listed in Marvel Comics’ January 2013 solicitations was part 1 (of 2) of Marvel’s Iron Man 3 Prelude. From the brief description we know that it’ll take place partly during the events of The Avengers and after, in between it and the story of Iron Man 3. Most importantly, it’ll explain what mission Rhodey was conducting during the invasion of New York.

Chris Gage (Writer), Steve Kurth (Author)

  • The perfect prelude to the upcoming highly-anticipated Marvel Studios film, Iron Man 3
  • As Tony Stark prepares for his next venture, he tasks War Machine with a mission of his own.
  • War Machine faces his biggest test as a hero, while Iron Man takes on the Battle of New York!

The Barnes & Noble description of the trade paperback (which also includes the comic version of Iron Man 2) adds a few more details, including a hint of Stark developing the Extremis technology that’ll redefine the character, his armor and his ability to interface with technology.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe returns! First, it’s the comics adaptation of the blockbuster film Iron Man 2! Why is the U.S. government going after Iron Man? Plus, a mysterious figure from Tony’s past returns – and he’s got a vendetta. Featuring the first appearance and origin of War Machine! Then, it’s an all-new story set between the events of Marvel’s the Avengers and the upcoming Iron Man 3! What mysterious project has Tony Stark been developing since his alliance with SHIELD and his joining Earth’s Mightiest Heroes? And how will it change the way he lives … forever?

New promo art featuring War Machine’s old and new armor designs also made its way online this week. Note the new shoulder cannon replacing the minigun from Iron Man 2:

Iron Man 3 Iron Patriot War Machine Promo Art 570x570 War Machines Avengers Absence Explained in Iron Man 3 Prequel Comic

By the end of Iron Man 3, Tony Stark will have altered his body, fought at least a few major battles, and War Machine will have new Iron Patriot-themed duds. Unless War Machine is tasked with another mission from Tony Stark, there will be an expectation that he’ll show up in The Avengers 2. During Comic-Con this summer – where Iron Man 3 was a major focus of the event – Don Cheadle hinted that he could show up in The Avengers sequel, and depending on his role in IM3 (and his relationship with Stark and the S.H.I.E.L.D. organization) it makes sense that he would.

Of course, Iron Man 3 is just one of four confirmed films preceding The Avengers 2 and they are all introducing new characters that could similarly earn a roster spot for the next big team-up: Falcon, Winter Soldier and any member of Guardians of the Galaxy just to name a few. There’s also of course, rumors of other unannounced appearances, including Dr. Strange.

How big will Joss Whedon go with The Avengers 2 and will it be a platform to bring in all of the heroes from the Marvel cinematic universe? Coulson lives!

War Machine in The Avengers 570x267 War Machines Avengers Absence Explained in Iron Man 3 Prequel Comic

Iron Man 3 is directed by Shane Black based off of his and Drew Pearce’s screenplay, and stars Robert Downey Jr., Ben Kingsley, Don Cheadle, Gwyneth Paltrow, Guy Pearce, Jon Favreau, Rebecca Hall, William Sadler, James Badge Dale and the voice of Paul Bettany.

Iron Man 3 releases May 3, 2013, Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers 2 on May 1, 2015 and Ant-Man on November 6, 2015.


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Source: CBR, CBM

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  1. Cool. But I still hate that paint job. OD Green would have been better! ~ Stark

    • I like it. But I’m pretty easily pleased when it comes to this stuff tbh

  2. I’ll give that a read, fury’s big week was mildly entertaining. I’d love them to continue the Samuel sterns/leader story loose end if there’s no hulk movie soon.

    • I agree. The Leader story was set up perfectly in that comic. Widow had been following the Hulk through the adventure in his movie, and when Samuel Sterns’s head/brain was exposed to Gamma Radiation, it swelled and he became what would eventually be the Leader. He looked at Widow as she went to detain him and simply said, “Well, aren’t you pretty.”

      They also possess the Destroyer from the Thor movie that was left on earth after Thor beat it down. They were just beginning to figure out how to work it, kind of. I’m not worried about the Destroyer as much as The Leader. What if the Leader took over the Destroyer, or figured out how to link to it telepathically, and broke out of SHIELD and began his assault on the Hulk and the world????

  3. Awesome that War Machine is back. Hopefully he’ll be in Avengers 2 with Iron Man. If something nightmarish like RDJ not signing for more films as Iron Man happens then War Machine can represent Iron Man for SHIELD. I’d say in Avengers 2 the new characters will be War Machine, Falcon, Doctor Strange(if he’s in Thor 2) Ant Man and maybe Nova. But War Machine, Falcon and Ant Man for sure.

    • Note sure about Ant Man. The movie release in November 6, 2015. :(

    • Doubt that’s ever going to happen, as moviegoers will be expecting Downey/Stark and not just only Rhodes (although if they wanted to, the makes of the movies could also involve Potts and Hogan as wearers of the armor creating an American version of the Ultraman legions from the Ultraman TV show.)

  4. i dont think warmachine is needed in the avengers 2 we have are hero with a suit of armour tony stark who is much better then rhodey

  5. “Why is the U.S. government going after Iron Man? Plus, a mysterious figure from Tony’s past returns – and he’s got a vendetta.” – I’ve seen IM2 a LOT, but I don’t remember this “mysterious figure from Tony’s past” at all. Am I misunderstanding something here? I’m guessing they’re referring to Whiplash, but their paths never crossed in Tony’s past. The only bad guy from Tony’s past in IM2 is Justin Hammer, but he’s hardly a “mysterious figure”.

    Moving on, it’s great to hear they’ll be explaining WM’s absence in TA… I just wish they’d have stuck to the silver/grey armor instead of the iron patriot look for IM3.

    • I guess they’re referring to his father’s past, which in a sense is his past since the events would have happened when he was a kid.

      • You’re probably right. It just seems like an unnecessary and confusing thing for them to say.

        • Could also be referring to the Mandarin who ordered Tony Stark’s kidnapping in Iron Man. It was the Ten Rings organization that kidnapped him afterall.

          • True, but Mandarin wasn’t in IM2 – just a ten rings agent who hardly had a minute long appearance (he was the guy who gave Whiplash his papers)

            • Chances are Mandarin was behind it all, we’ve just not seen him yet. Not only could he be responsible for what happened in IM1, but what happened before that with Stark’s dad.

              • The Ten Rings aka Marvel’s League of Shadows.

                • actually, Ra’s al Ghul didn’t appear in print until 1971. the mandarin’s 1st appearance was in 1964, so the real statement should be- league of shadows, aka Marvel’s 10 rings.

                  • @Jeffro

                    The Ten Rings were never portrayed as a terrorist organization like TheLeague of Shadows/Assassin’s in the comics. Nor has The Mandarin ever been portrayed as afalse prophet like Ra’s al Ghul. It’s clear that Shane Black has taken some hints from the TDK trilogy.

                    Soooo.. Mandarin and the Ten Rings aka Marvel’s Ra’s al Ghul and League of Shadow’s spin off.

              • I have no doubt that he’s behind everything that happened in Stark’s life and I hope they expand and unveil that “conspiracy theory” in IM3.
                The kidnapping, financing Whiplash – Mandarin obviously wants Stark dead and like you said, the whole thing might very well go way back to Stark’s father (and possibly his research with the cosmic cube even).

                • I always thought that the Ten Rings had something to do with breaking Wiplash out of prison for Justin Hammer they just never said so.

                  I could see possible Mandrin/Ten Rings connections with: Tony’s kidnapping, working directly with Obidai Stane, giving Wiplash the papers to get in to attak Tony at the race in IM2, breaking Wiplash out of prison afterward, working personally with Justin Hammer and Hammer industries.

                  They even could have had something to do with the car crash that killed Tony’s parents in the past to get rid of Howard Stark.

  6. There’s really no good explanation as to why War Machine was not in the Avengers. I’m certain there was no mission more important that stopping an alien invasion. so, it’s kind of hard to accept whatever story they may give.

    Everyone that was in the individual movies was in the Avengers accept for War Machine.
    I don’t know, I can only specualate, but don’t lie, cause it will eventually come out. If he wasnt going to be in the Avengers, then why have him in Iron Man 2?

    • The character did deserve an honorable mention, I thought. It would have been easy to do.

      • I’m glad the actual comics don’t worry about these issues. Imagine how many trees would have to killed if each and every comic had to explain why every other superhero in the world wasn’t available to help with whatever particular crisis is being highlighted in a given issue.

        Seriously, is it really necessary to explain why War Machine wasn’t there?

        But hey this is what the Internet is for right. So lets go over the situation. Out of nowhere an alien army led by a mythological god suddenly appears over New York. No warning, no appoach…just bam they are there. Fortunately they are met by the Avengers who are containing the situation while everyone else is scrambling to respond. So the question is how long do you really think that battle took. To me it seemed more or less real time so lets 30 minutes, maybe an hour tops.

        Okay lets go with the story that War Machine is otherwise engaged. Perhaps confronting a Ten Rings cell in the Middle East or maybe some where around China. For the sake of argument lets say he just finished saving a village after a pitch battle when he receives orders that he is needed in New York. This is a comic book movie so lets take the necessity to reload out of the equation and say he immediately heads back to New York. Even at supersonic flight, just how long would it take him to get there? In my opinion by the time he gets there, the battle is going to be over. Which also why I am going to argue is why we didn’t see much of a meaningful military response. By the time they would of been able to assess the situation and get assets into position the battle would have been over.

        • This is also another one of those “suspend disbelief” situations… Loki’s army. It was pathetic. Even the canadian military would have destroyed it. Anyways, like ur explanation @fbryant3 makes sense to me that if hes on another continent tunning a mission that theres just no way even at top speed hed ever make it to new york in time for the fight. Would have been funny if had had shown up at the shawarma scene, with a “what’d i miss” kinda line.

          • lol. A small band of kids with trash can shields and sling shots could have beaten the Chitauri.

        • Have you read comics recently? Right now that’s exactly what the comics are doing, presenting the perspective of what that individual or small group was doing at the point of time everything was going on.

          And you just made the biggest point of your entire story. Out of nowhere without warning an alien invasion occurs in New York. Home of the FF, the Avengers, Spider Man, Ghost Rider, Punisher, Daredevil, Doctor Strange and a dozen other heroes. These are all regular New York residents. None of them would have just stood back and played second fiddle in an alien invasion. Every single one of these characters would have stepped in without warning as a response to a sudden alien invasion on new york. And the entire city was being attacked, which means there is no excuse for saying ‘they couldn’t get there in time’. They would have already been in the spots they needed to be in and none of them would have been doing something more important than stopping an alien invasion. Maybe Spider Man got a delay because he was saving a few random bystanders. But Punisher? He would have been on that in half a second. Maybe Doctor Strange might be busy meditating. But the FF wouldn’t have just stood around, they would have been just as quick if not quicker to respond than the Avengers would have. And that’s not even mentioning what villains like Dr. Doom would be doing while this great opportunity of distraction presents itself along with the hundreds of other villains that would have been residing that area and almost all of them being the types that would never pass up an opportunity to loot, plunder and sucker punch random heroes while they were busy fighting something else.

          Like I said before, Avengers biggest point of failure was a complete lack of character interactions that were necessary to make the story valid.

          And since when has Iron Man ever sent out someone to do his direct dirty work? Sorry but if someone was gonna confront the ten rings about everything that happened so far Iron Man would have been there in person. Tony Stark may send out for his laundry. But, he doesn’t send for delivery when he decides to do justice right.

          • Dude please don’t be that thick about it. Yes thats were they all live. but what makes you think they’re all home? And even if they are, they’re superheroes, they have their own individual responsibilites to take care of the keep the world safe.

            There could be/are times when a superhero is in the middle of something important, look and see something else like an alien invasion happening, see the avengers responding to it and say: “they’ve got this one covered” because they know if they go help them then whatever situation they might be in the middle of at that moment will go to hell and only make things worse.

            The Avengers responded to this themselves because it was their mission. Its what they were already doing. They knew it was comming. They knew it was gonna happen. It was their responsibility, for them to take care of at that moment, while other superheroes who may not have been clued in to it may have been busy with their own “save the world” or “save the day” jobs. They were already in the middle of working on stopping the invasion from happening, thats why they got together, it was the AVENGERS job

            Spider-man would be helping bystandars somewhere else in the city. The punisher may be doing the same thing. Doctor Strange may be in the astral plain fighting dormammu so he’d be tied up. And the Fantastic Four and Dr. Doom could be fighting, just not in New York. Maybe in space, maybe in the Negative Zone, or maybe even in Latveria.

            To make a long rant short: The world is a big place to protect. Other guys could be bust doing things on their own front to keep the world safe. They could even be out of town doing hero work. So end of the day it was all up to the Avengers, and just the Avengers.

            • Yeah but to place the assumption that so much was going on at once that the dozens of heroes that would have been in the vicinity would be too busy to help stop an alien invasion brings up the question, “What were they doing that was so important they couldn’t help fight an alien invasion yet wasn’t important enough to stand on it’s own as a story. That’d be a lot of s*** going down at once.

              And Punisher wouldn’t be helping people, he would have gone at the threat causing the danger. We would have seen the amount of hell he would have been bringing down even the background of the story.

              Spider Man would have saved a few people while making his way to the center of the activity in which he would have joined up to assist the Avengers. (This can be excused cause Sony is being hilarious and denying Disney their own sh*t)

              The FF would have made their way to the center and joined up with the Avengers while assisting the city. And if Doom was in the picture at the moment he would have been working an ulterior motive that would have been best stopped by the FF helping the Avengers since Mr. Fantastic isn’t a rush in blind he would have seen the big picture.

              Still doesn’t hold water. As I said, what about all the villains that would taking advantage of the chaos? That wouldn’t be some small list that would be isolated to a part of the city not seen in the movie. We would have seen a few villains in the background doing stuff.

              Fact is that the entire movie plot was such a large event and yet was so condensed and apparently meaningless to the rest of the Marvel cinematic universe. There is no excuse. Fact is Avengers should have had a cast of nearly a dozen heroes minimum with additional supporting characters but instead we got the same repeat characters from that last few movies only with they themselves apparently running at half assed capacity and differing from even their normal movie versions. There is no excuse to give it. It was proof of a writer and director’s incapability to handle character interactions on a large enough scale to make it believable to the rest of the cinematic universe. Now we’ll see a bunch of half assed crappy comics come out to try to explain the plot holes left in script cause they realize the mistake made and this is the cheapest solution to fix it. It’s just proof that it was too soon for an Avengers movie. It was something that should never had had one director or writer and furthermore they shouldn’t have had the script put together by the asshole who’s movie list includes Alien Resurrection and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Deadpool is taking the right path. They went for the right rating, they brought in the creator to make sure the script wasn’t a blunder of tweenage commentary, they are taking the time to do it right. Avengers was rushed from the start and required multiple MAJOR CG fixes for the dvd/blu-ray release. And now the sequel is being rushed, IR3 is being rushed, we’re bringing in clownshoe hero groups instead of introducing the real heroes of the story (Guardians of the Galaxy to help with the Thanos expansion of the Universe yet not even a hint of the Titans and Mar-Vell who Thanos’ story revolves around!)

              And for that Whedonite who got upset cause I pointed out that he’s a terrible writer and director and looks like he’s preparing to star in ‘elephant man 2′ (okay I didn’t point that out, but everyone can see it): I put the largest portion of blame on Disney/Marvel. They should have done the work to see what was needed instead of what would be short lived popular and make quicktime money only. They chose one guy to take the load based on a fan base of a tween drama and a series that couldn’t get out of it’s first season ( I know it was do to the scheduling issues and the fact they wouldn’t air the episodes in order. Well the not airin them in order was likely a Whedon idea to make it seem like it’s been around longer and it wouldn’t have been moved around if it was getting viewers in the first place. Tip: TV Stations only move a show lineup when it’s not making enough money.) when it was clear this should have been the largest collaborative work of directors, writers and producers in recent movie history if not movie history period. Instead Disney does what it does best. Put cartoon eyes on it give a few stupid childs jokes and than market market market market. Drug Cartels take their queues on how to be properly corrupt and yet make quick money by ruining everything around them by watching Disney’s actions.

              • are you really that dense? the “rest of the MCU…”? the entirety of the MCU was in The Avengerse. the MCU is not following a specific comic book, it is simply a group of connected stories based on characters from marvel comics. so far, the MCU consists of Iron Man, The Hulk, Thor, Captain America, Hawkeye, Black widow, and War-Machine. all these other’s you mention, spidey, Fantastic four, ghost rider, daredevil, (who was only as of oct 10 just back in marvels hands) are not part of the MCU as other studio’s have the movie rights to them. as far as we know, Dr Strange has not yet gotten his powers, no reference to ant-man so far, so in the MCU, he might not exist yet.
                …and how many directors were they supposed to hire for the avengers? 3? 6? it’s usually 1 director, with a few exceptions, i.e. the waichoski siblings, the russo bros, the cohens…you see what i’m getting at?

                ” Deadpool is taking the right path. They went for the right rating, they brought in the creator to make sure the script wasn’t a blunder of tweenage commentary, they are taking the time to do it right.” fox has yet to “take the time to get it right” after x2.
                not sure what IR3 is, maybe you meant IM3? how is it rushed? are they supposed to take 2 years to make a film? 3 perhaps? apparently you have all the answers, so please enlighten us.
                have you even watched alien resurrection? if so, then you might want to do a little internet surfing and look for his original script. much different than what was filmed. also read his comments about it on his IMDB page [Removed by Moderator]

                • @Jeffero. THANK YOU for using the energy that I wasn’t planning on wasting to atleast try to explain this to him. Maybe I was being stupid by trying to meet him and the middle and explaining how no matter how many characters there end up being its completely worthless to bother about why however many don’t show up. I hear this from SOOO many places and I don’t understand why they can’t just seem to comprehend this but I’m glad you’ve got things strait enought to see the ignorance of it (by the way that’s almost exactly what I would have said next. Glad atleast you and me are on the same page)

                  @bob. I sincerely hope you are just trolling for some ignorant and pointless reason, maybe just to see how we react or something, and not that you seriously can’t comprehend this. (or maybe your just too young or something to get it, I have no way of telling) But the only “hole” in all of this is the huge one in the center of your head.

                  Like @jeffro said this is about the MCU, a seperate universe where if a character hasn’t been introduced or atleast mentioned we assume they don’t even exist yet anyway.

                  But the biggest thing to me is that I assume you have never read any of the comics because you don’t seem to understand just who the heck the Avengers even are. This is as a movie about the Avengers and no one but the main Avengers (the original line up, or close to it), especially any of the characters you keep mentioning, had any real bussiness even showing up in the movie otherwise. This isn’t a movie about the whole friggin marvel universe or else they would have just called it that, it would have lasted about three DAYS, and had no deffinative story or ending.

                  To further what Jeffero said above. If you’ve seriously been ignorant to any of the things we’ve said trying to explain this to you so far then you need to do some serious solid research on this stuff BEFORE you come trolling around here about something this pointless.

                  • [Removed by Moderator]

                    And yes, it is about the WHOLE MARVEL CINEMATIC UNIVERSE. That’s why everything about the movie involves things created and put in place (albeit used poorly) by the predecessor movies. So you’re comment is void. [Removed by Moderator]

                    • Oh oh. Hold on I have to wait for the other guy to say something first so I can copy what he says and say something back…its gonna happen any time now…still waiting..

                • Oh my god I I put in IR2 instead of IM2. Notice how you spent to long on that? Notice how you jumped right to calling me a troll cause I’m not [Removed by Moderator]? And what do you call the Marvel Cinematic Universe than? What does it contain if not the Marvel Heroes that are to appear and have appeared in the movies.

                  And yes, a movie should never be rushed. Avengers had to go back into the editing room after all the half assed lazy cg animation they put into it for it’s blu-ray release. That’s what happens when things are rushed. It ruins movies. Are you just too SIMPLE to care about quality? That’s half of why the entire Transformers trilogy sucked. They rushed it, and each one actually took a few years to make. And they all sucked cause they rushed the CG work. And you make a good point with the multiple directors. THEY MAKE GOOD MOVIES. Just because you’re taste in movies is reserved to only things presented to the childrens and tweens demographic doesn’t make it a bad movie. [Removed by Moderator].

                  And as far as Alien Res’. Even the original script sucked. Everything about it sucked. From beginning to end. Every portion of that movie, what it was and what it came out to be was nothing but another part of the death of that era of horror/suspense. It made the AVP movies look good it was so terrible inside and out. I don’t care what his excuses are. Whedon bitched his way into a t.v. series cause Buffy was a failure and he couldn’t take the credit for it and just blamed everyone for executing it wrong. It’s the definition of his career. He’s always taken all the credit for other talents hard work and refused to accept blame for his failures.

                  Fact is you’re [Removed by Moderator] upset cause I pointed out the guy couldn’t direct his way out of a paper bag and only got a success after it was handed to him by previous peoples hard work.

                  So your attempted facts are invalid, pointless, without backing and an attempt to defend someone who I even stated wasn’t directly responsible for the failed portions of Avengers proving that the only reason you commented was to try to defend your [Removed by Moderator].

                  You are obviously a person with no actual knowledge involving the movie business or hollywood and are just another FAN. Go get your next movie ticket, Fan. Your easy money is expected.

                  • first thing, bobbie, is i didn’t immediately call you a troll. that was at the end of my post. i still stand by my statement.
                    2. yes, the entire MCU contains the entire MCU, just as a gallon of milk contains an entire gallon of milk. not really sure what you mean by that.
                    3. ” Avengers had to go back into the editing room after all the half assed lazy cg animation they put into it for it’s blu-ray release.” where did you come up with that? the only re-editing that i know of, and i don’t claim to know everything mind you, is the scene where loki stabs agent coulson. they edited out the blood, or the spear maybe, for the uk release.
                    3. ” Whedon bitched his way into a t.v. series cause Buffy was a failure and he couldn’t take the credit for it and just blamed everyone for executing it wrong. It’s the definition of his career. He’s always taken all the credit for other talents hard work and refused to accept blame for his failures.” once again you make some pretty bold statements. lets look at the facts. BTVS the movie came out in 1992. whedon wrote it. i personally thought it was funny, whatever. then 5 years later they made the series, and it ran for 7 or 8 season’s, with a spin-off (Angel)which ran for 6 seasons. hardly a failure. i have only seen the pilot of buffy, the series, so i cant say wether i like it, but plenty of regulars around here say it’s pretty good, and they are not a bunch of twi-hard tweens, or whatever other derogatory name you try to invent. if he “bitched” his way into the show, well, good for him. how is that riding on someone elses success? not everything he did was a success. firefly and dollhouse while only lasting 1 season (half a season for firefly, + a film) they were both critical successes, and apparently, other whedonites agree.
                    4. “Fact is you’re just a teenage whendonite upset cause I pointed out the guy couldn’t direct his way out of a paper bag and only got a success after it was handed to him by previous peoples hard work.” wrong. i am far from being a teenager, but if i am a whedonite for liking the man’s work, then so be it.
                    5. “So your attempted facts are invalid, pointless, without backing and an ignorant attempt to defend someone who I even stated wasn’t directly responsible for the failed portions of Avengers proving that the only reason you commented was to try to defend your nerdiness in a place full of nerds who just don’t care.”
                    how are my facts invalid? you seem to have some kind of resentment to joss whedon and the avengers. are you upset that avengers did better (and was a better film, imo) than TDKR? and i gotta wonder, why you are even here, reading (or being read to?) and responding to articles and comments to movies you have no interest in? i don’t care for the twilight films, but i don’t go to read those articles and call people idiots for liking those films. everyone is entitled to their own taste.
                    as far as defending my “nerdiness” in a place full of nerds, well, you’re here also, so what does that say about you?
                    and 6. “You are obviously a person with no actual intellect involving the movie business or hollywood and are just another FAN. Go get your next movie ticket, Fan. Your easy money is expected.”
                    and that makes you what…hollywoods top producer? no wait, you’re an excutive at WB/DC? no no, that can’t be. well, whoever you are, try not to be so butt-hurt over the avengers success. green looks better on the hulk. just sayin’!

                  • Not nearly sarcastic enough, CaptainMagnum. Try again. This time put some fizazz in it and act like you weren’t coached on what you said. As predictably cliche as it was.

                    “I believe in you! I always have! That’s why I’m here!”

                    “Tick, quit squeezing the President’s head.”

                  • “Fact is you’re just a teenage whendonite upset cause I pointed out the guy couldn’t direct his way out of a paper bag”

                    $1,511,757,910 in box office says your wrong when it comes to Whedon. You seem to have a lot of rage when it comes to fans of Whedon, or Whedonites as you call them. Are you sure your just not upset that the guy who made a tv show based on a cheerleader who slayed vampires in her spare time out performed Nolan, the previous God of comic book movies? Whedon is finally getting some well deserved recognition, and it does make me smile to see it upsetting so many.

                    • Did you read my previous statements? I originally didn’t put all the blame of the artistic and creative failures of the movie on the guy. Fact is the fact you only seem upset with the Whedonite bash portion of my comments seems to prove that your ignorant to the entire situation only seeing the parts that seem relevant to [Removed by Moderator] jumpstart so you can come into the discussion only using a boringly dull base fact. It made that much, and I’m already seeing people get over the adrenaline rush of it’s existence who are admitting it wasn’t nearly as good as they thought it was and that now that they watch it without the childhood obsession mode overloading basic senses see it had a lot of failed points and was a success on brand name alone.

                      See I love watching Whedonites place the entire success on his name. It’s the perfect example of what I was talking about in the above statement. You’re right, avatar, according to you the success of the movie couldn’t possibly have been because of Robert Downey Jr, Chris Helmsworth, Chris Evans, Samuel L Jackson, Tom Hiddleston, Scarlett Johansson, or Gwyneth Paltrow. There’s not way, accodring to you, that the success could have come from the fifty years of numerous lines of comics setting the precedent of expectancy across not just one general demographic but dozens. According to you, avatar, it couldn’t have been the previous box office successes of Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Incredible Hulk, Captain America, or Thor that created a worldwide public interest in it or the fact it was a combination of those titles creating a merging even further to include a wider variation of demographics. And according to you the money the movie companies through at it obviously had no basis whatsoever. According to you if it wasn’t for Whedon being involved it would have been a total failure instead of just an artistic failure.

                      This is why I have no respect for Whedonites. Only part that upsets me is the fact I have to share a planet with a group of people so blindly worshiping a single man’s works as to not be able to acknowledge the success around him that actually let it happen. Fact is he stole half his plot for firefly from an anime, his only bearable episodes of buffy and angel weren’t written or directed by him, and he has a history for performing on sub-par levels when working with other peoples creations (alien and avengers). And the fact you all seem to jump right to Nolan for great comic movies just makes me laugh considering it just shows your ignorance to the comic movie world since you don’t seem to acknowledge Burton, Raimi, Toro, or Favreau, who are just as good as Nolan is at making comic-movies. You can always tell when someone is blindly obsessed with someone because they only know the name of that persons work and the person who the are compared to currently.

                      Oh and just because you think money means success, Avatar.
                      Enron was worth $70 Billion. We all see what they amount of money was worth, didn’t we?
                      Donald Trump was valued at over $2.9 Billion. And he’s for crashing companies like the captain of the Titanic.
                      Speaking of the titanic. That made millions in ticket sales. It was a huge marketing buildup, too. We all remember what the final value of the titanic was, right?
                      Kim Kardashian is currently value at $38 Million by herself. Not including her family. We all can see the obvious value in what that moneys actually worth.
                      Cleanup costs for the BP oil spill topple $8 Million. Does that mean the oil spill was a success, avatar?
                      Fact is amount of money someone cost or made doesn’t actually figure to anything but blind monetary value. And blind monetary value is less reliable than stock bought from the back of the van.

                      On the upside you’re the perfect customer. Ignorant to the details, avoidant of anything outside childishly-wanted perception, and easily manipulated based on those perceptions.

              • Excuse me, but I’m not interested in seeing every Marvel Comics character in the movie so that you can get your fanboy orgasm on. Nobody really is.

                If you want to see this super event happen on the movie screens, get your life together so that you can become a director/writer/producer like Joss, make a couple of movies and TV shows, become successful and then you can throw your clout around to have every Marvel Comics character fighting an alien invasion-provided, of course, that anybody would want to see it, or that it could even be written financed, and made.

                • Actually if you take a look at the general consensus the whole reason people go to see super hero movies if for super heroes and the reason most people go to see group super hero movies to see groups of super heroes. [Removed by Moderator]

                  • well you can choose to see these movies, or not to. you really have made no coherent point so far in all your ramblings. i don’t know if you liked the avengers, or any of the marvel films so far. if you don’t, then why are you here in a discussion about qa film you don’t care for, if not to be a troll? all you’ve done is insult people, so again i ask, what is your point?

                    • Jeffro, you’ve come at me with four different names, each one I shut up. [Removed by Moderator]

                    • And you went and directly commented after the Mod went and made his point too showing you are literally just that guy standing in the back yelling “Yeah!” after someone else ends the conversation than hides quickly enough. And I’m gonna just ignore the other childish insults. Did you learn anything from the Mod about direct attacks, DaRel? And coming at me like that after it’s obvious a mod stepped in is actually Trolling. Paul, I really hope you are looking at that when you mod-approve this comment. Equality and Respect go hand in hand. Especially with Rules adherence.

                      DeRal, You are making the claim that because you can’t come up with an imaginative concept for a super hero movie that contains more than five heroes that it obviously isn’t possible and apply that opinion for everyone. Even I wasn’t egotistical enough to claim my opinion as everyones. And movie companies have collaborated before. Wouldn’t be the first time. And if some of the greatest movies of all time are the Dirty Dozen, the Magnificent Seven, the Great Escape, than that’s proof that having more than five big names in a movie is more than possible while maintaining story, plot and characters. Especially for a movie with a budget of $400 million dollars. Go modern day even. Expendables managed to prove that you can have a large group of big name stars sharing the light. And 80% of the script in the Avengers was just catchy one liner after catchy one liner, by the way. And offered no actual character development so it already falls under the category you described.

                    • you made my point over at the JL thread. You want characters standing around the background for eye candy. I dont want to start one of your tirrades so i wont respond to you after this, as it is obvious youre more concerned with insulting people and going on rants. Jeffro and CaptainMagnum already gave you all the detailed points and i was adding on to the end, not really expecting you to understand as you obviously wont (also, the other day you argued with HeartSleeves that companies wont work together) as the moderator said, you attack anyone that disagrees with you. Fact is I’m Glad Marvel and DC are doing what they’re doing and i hope great things coome from it. The pedestran whining for more heroes and what not is just fanboy banter. Please keep me out of your rambling Bobby

              • The problem with having spiderman show up or the fantastic 4 is that their not part of the MCU because different studios hold the right to make movies about those character so as far as the MCU is concerned they don’t exist. For daredevil you could say that the explosions and loud noises, I assume skyscrapers collapsing are fairly loud, would render him catatonic, the punisher could be anywhere hell even arrested at this point. On top of this a whole load of characters haven’t been introduced into the MCU yet and is rather not see them thrown in without any explanation of who they were it would just be downright confusing and weird.

          • Iron Man wanted to hack SHEILD, work with Banner, and was asked to be on the Avenger’s protocol, then scrapped, so his F.U. was showing up because they needed him. Oh and Pepper kinda wanted him too, good poon makes you give up on 10 rings terror act i guess. Punisher would not have responded, he’s not in NY anymore “punisher dirty laundry” i agree with Spiderman 100% he would’ve been webbing the s*** out of things saving people, and it would’ve been epic. Because the lack of good FF movies, them and Dr. Doom are moot points, WHICH SUCKS!i love dr. doom as a villian. However in your movie, i think some of the villians would help too, because of their own selfish ideas. nice thoughts though man, alot of meshes of characters would be nice, well except the x men, until they figure out a way to deal with that fiasco.

    • Question for you, war machine is a member of the US military.. Does that make him part of sheild as well? Or are they two completelly seperate entities? Sheild was aware of the loki/aleisn plot. Perhaps military was not. Afterall war machine has to follow his superior’s orders. Maybe they could get war machine on loan from the military but his existing orders prior to event in avengers made him unavailable. Idk. Im sure if the invasion had lasted more than 30 mins or whatever he would have eventually showed up to fight from wherever he was.

    • Yeah it made no sense. They went out of their way for two movies to show Tony was not a good fit for The Avenger’s Intiative, yet run directly to him when things start going down. War Machine should have bern conscripted at the emd of IM2.

      • They were going for the a-typical cliche of ‘He doesn’t meet any of our standards and goes against everything we stand for so he must be meant to lead’ that’s being abused recently again in movies.

    • Well, we don’t know what mission he was on until the book comes out.

      Also, if we expect War Machine to be there (who’s part of the military), why wasn’t the rest of the military there? We saw one jet from the Helicarrier and a few ground units… where’s the air force?

      • Hung Over.

      • Way too busy doing something else?

  7. We Need more Girl action Bring SPIDER-WOMAN!!! to AVENGERS 2 ;)

    • My vote is for Ms. Marvel :D

  8. I dont understand how people have problems with “where was such and such” when this happened.

    If you have ever read a comic book for any extended amount of time in your life you have seen this happen time and time again.

    • Thank you.

    • Yeah but comic books are written fairly quickly. A higher standard for quality is expected when looking at a multi-hundred million dollar dedicated movie project. Just like when something goes from the newspaper comics to a comic book we all expect it to be more in depth. It’s like scale quality models. The larger the scale model, the more detail that’s expected. It’s a natural reaction.

    • +6 thank you^

      it’s credulous for people to demand these extra characters. a few arent even owned by marvel/disney at the moment. Also i’de like to know how long they thought this movie would be and how to properly show all characters translating to team/ensemble with 13 or 14 Avengers in the mix? lol trach thinking from pedestrians in my opinion

  9. i like the new designs of both suits iron man´s and war machine´s. they are not too bulky and shaped up, looks really good.

    • Aquaman: I enjoy the look as well, much better then I looked when I lacked my hand in the 90′s
      Nick Fury: We still hated you then too just so you know.
      Aquaman: I am a founding member of the Justice League, I deserve more respect!
      Stilt Man: I think I get more respect then you.
      Aqua Man: What can YOU do?
      Stilt Man: I basically just walk on stilts.
      Aqua Man: Lame…
      (All members of the Justice League huddle up except for Aqua Man and talk over something)
      Aqua Man: Whats going on?
      Wonder Woman: All in favor of kicking Aqua Man out of the Justice League so we can make room for Stilt Man?
      Everyone: Yea!
      Wonder Woman: Oppose?
      Aqua Man: What are you guys—
      Superman: Congratulations Stilt Man, you are now a JLA Member, please take this watch and a tee shirt for the occasion.
      Stilt Man: OMG!!! Thank you! (cries tears of joy)
      Aqua Man: What about me?
      Batman: What about you?
      Aqua Man: Where am I suppost to go? Hey, Tony? Can I be an Avenger?
      Iron Man: … HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! (starts to tear up)
      Aqua Man: (sob)
      Iron Man: Wait a minute, your not kidding?…
      Aqua Man: I don’t like being alone…
      Captain America: Son, you better get used to it. No one likes you.

      Uatu the Watcher: My job is not to judge, I am only to watch, but on that day, I wet myself. Because I really, really hate Aqua Man…

      • These are really getting boring

      • The one with dead pool in it the other day was better. But nice appearance from the Watcher though.

  10. I don’t feel like explaining character absences are necessary. It’s a suspension of disbelief we have whenever we open any comic book. I assume War Machine’s absence will have something to do with the Extremis project so it will actually mean something, which is fine. I’m just saying I don’t need a rundown of where everyone is every time a solo movie comes out.

    • Or he was just too far away to make it in time to participate in the battle. The battle in New York took, what, maybe an hour or two (not screen time, in universe time).

  11. First of all, my disappointment.
    They should keep movie narrative out of other media platforms as much as possible. I don’t want to play a game, I don’t want to read a comic book. I want to watch a movie. That’s nothing against comics or games – but I’ve never, and probably never will, warm up to cross media.

    It may be acceptable to a hardcore fanbase but not the general moviegoing public

    Where was Rhodes /War Machine in Avengers? “A mission” well, big surprise.
    I personally would have wished if they had Rhodes assist in protecting Jane Foster or guard Blonsky (or Stearns) in case Loki either went after Foster or chose to have a ‘Hulk’ of his own. War Machine could have been even been part of a second strike team (“West Coast”)

    Or, as suggested in ‘IM3′ War Machine is getting an upgrade. Maybe the armor was damaged in the battle with Whiplash in IM2.

    Point is there’s a lot of possible reasons why War Machine was not in The Avengers lineup. It didn’t really need to be explained in my view, and could easily be mentioned in IM3. It wasn’t that big of a deal and there were more than enough characters.

    But to answer the question in cross media *first* is lame.
    Put it in the movie.

    • Cross media confuses you? You know this is already a comic book spilling out into movie form right. It’s not a real surprise that the movie is spilling back into a comic book tie-in. And video games are a given. Each isn’t usually really signifigant to understanding the plot lines of each other and often dissregard things established in each other anyway.

      They are still going to “mention” why War Machine wasn’t there in IM3 but the comic gives you the chance to “see it” in more detail.

      I like the idea of a west coast avengers reference in mentioning a second strike team and it could be more guys like War Machine (who is basically a different form of Iron Man)

      • Its a fair criticism. Its called the MCU. Which stands for the Marvel CINEMATIC Universe. I think a little cross promotion is cool, but when important plot points are introduced in tie in comics/games/tv shows etc, it makes it hard for those who are only watching the movies to follow. Leave the tie in comics for unrelated missions and villans.

    • I agree that it doesn’t NEED to be explained in detail with comics, but it’s awesome for fans. For the moviegoers who don’t read the books, they’ll get a one-line explanation or something in Iron Man 3 and that’s fine.

      But there’s a story there that could be told for fans of the characters and that’s smart to include for a comic book tie-in.

  12. I dont think its about explaining all of their absences, the lone question is, why was he in IM2 if he wasnt going to be in the Avengers

    • Because even though IM2 was pretty much a prequel to The Avengers, it was still a movie and had a story that it told.
      Rodey/War Machine had a purpose and a place in that story – and if you think about it, he was basically the reason for Stark’s evolution into becoming less self centered and being able to work with others – he was there telling Tony that he doesn’t have to do everything alone.

      What you’re saying is kinda like saying why have the Howling Commandos in Cap:TFA if they aren’t all going to still be alive in the present working for SHIELD – even though almost all of them are dead (according to the deleted scene in TA), those characters still had a purpose to serve in the Cap movie.

      Not all characters are a part of the bigger picture, but since War Machine is clearly a powerful ally, I feel it’s important to at least give the fans a reasonably believable answer as to why he wasn’t there to help

    • To set him up as a future ally or replacement for Tony like he is in the comics.

      He’s also a bit of a cosmic fighter too when War Machine’s armour is created by an alien race that allows him to venture into space having all kinds of adventures away from Earth.

      It’s like Stellan Skaarsgard (apologies for misspelling if that’s the case) in Thor. His main role was to explain the Norse mythology and provide a link between Thor and Jane Foster character wise and it seemed a little bit of a waste in one sense but there he is again playing the same character in The Avengers and having a meatier role to play in the story.

      As for why Rhodes wasn’t in The Avengers, like mentioned before, he didn’t have to be there since he’s a military asset and the movie revolved around SHIELD (who are the black ops guys compared to War Machine’s US Air Force and have clearance that goes above the “regular” military).

      That and people would’ve complained about two guys in similar suits.

      They also recruited Tony for his mind so that he could help Banner. Rhodes is just a pilot that wears a suit similar to Tony’s so his role would be purely revolved around him standing there in the background until the fight at the end.

  13. So the plan for Avengers 2 is officially what should have been the plan for Avengers, introducing a REAL Avengers cast and what not? Too bad Whedon has proven himself time and again to be unable to handle directing large group interactions so chances are it’s gonna end up being just another sequel like Transformers 2 was. On the upside half-assed sequels tend to generate an appreciation for the original. And just for the guy who gets upset that I called it half-assed. It is being rushed, it’s existance is forcing a rush on multiple other Marvel/Disney movies and this ultimately will lead to a downfall in quality. As it stands IR3 is being highly rushed considering that Downey didn’t start working on it until after Avengers and than there were delays so IR3 is being filmed , edited, and released in essentially less than a year.

    • Humm I have to disagree with your statement that Whedon has proven he can’t handle large group interactions. Maybe you can cite some examples to help bolster your point. It could be Marvel/Disney is rushing TA2 and the solo follow up films also. I don’t see that to be the case. I’m sure some if not all the the solo stories were in some sort of planing before TA. I would also be intersted in what proof you have that IM3 is “being highly rushed”. As far as I understand that the delay due to RDJs injury was only minor and didn’t effect production much.

      • You do realize that wasn’t the only delay that occurred, right?

        • i hadn’t heard of any other delay. please enlighten us.

        • No I didn’t realize that wasn’t the only delay. If you can link something that talks about the other delays I would be intersted in reading them.

          • Or, you know, you could Google it yourself. Since you’re currently on the internet. It’s called ‘doing the work’. It happens to be the number one method for learning.

            • i have googgled it, and the only thing that shows up his his foot injury, so since you seem to have knowledge of something else, again please share. i read several of the stories and not one of them mentions any other delay, so what was it?

              • [Removed by Moderator]

                • [Removed by Moderator]

                  • [Removed by Moderator]

      • Personally, I have to disagree that Whedon can’t handle ensemble direction. From his history, that has been one of the primary things he can do better than most and the reason pretty much all of his work has been considered successful, even when the majority was television based and lower budgeted.

        Buffy, Angel, Firefly, etc. all have had group interaction based casting and, even with lower budgets (aligned with tv type production, it was that and their scripts that made them most popular.

        Almost all super hero based shows and movies have been typically one or rarely two heroes and one or two major villains. Of the few exceptions, like X-Men, the characters have usually not shared screen time in remotely the same fashion as the Avengers (can I have some more Colossus PLEASE).

        If you want to hate Whedon for being Whedon, have at it, but don’t make claims without some scrap of reason…

    • I would like to point out that it was always Marvel Studios intention to release 2 maybe 3 movies a year. They are not rushing becuase of the success of The Avengers. If anything, considering how soon studios like to push out sequels to succesful movies, they are taking there time between Avengers 1 and 2. And you are talking about filming and editing and all that jazz, when it comes to IM3. That amount of time once principal photography starts to the release of the movie seems pretty standard to me. You really think that they didnt go straight into planning stage straight after IM2?

      • That would be because it’s go for the heavy releases were based on how big of a success the Avengers was in the box office weekend. It’s a marketing strategy. You base the theory of future financial success based on the comparable current financial success. You find out people are willing to buy blue stuff right, you put out as much blue stuff as possible before they move on to a different color. Doesn’t always make it good.

    • you have no idea what you are talking about and thats why you can not provide any source or reference. Please stop trolling

  14. honestly, i think that they included war machine in IM2 even if he wouldn’t be in the avengers was because of the fans. after a hint to rhodey becoming war machine in im1, i think the fans would be upset with Favreau if he left him out. Plus, as people have said, he helped Stark be able to help the team more.

    as for war machine in the avengers, i think he would’ve turned into “iron man’s side kick” and would’ve just been there shooting s*** next to RDJ, not saying anything. plus, having 2 men in iron suits could’ve been a bit much.

    • Based on the movie as it was, you’re right. WM’s place would have been side by side the whole time. But if they had taken the opportunity to expand more and introduce a few new characters like they should have than chances are he would of been working on a different ‘mini-team’ in the midst and just staying in constant contact and working directly with Stark’s orders. Plus we could have seen a good dramatic moment where he flies at the hole after Stark or catches him as he falls or something allowing that ultimate moment of friendship often seen in comics that’ll be refered as nothing but homo-erotic in twenty years or so as it usually tends to happen with comics.

  15. Keep the paint job Silver. That’s how I remember him when I was a kid. Hollywood don’t ruin War Machine please and thank you.

    • if they don’t make war machine the iron patriot, then they have to introduce Norman Osborne, who hasnt even been introduced yet into Amazing Spider Man. Could’ve been a helluva cross over point though!

  16. Bring on phase 2!

  17. Nevermind war machine, where was Thor’s Agardian allies? s*** goes down with Loki and Tho is the only one sent in to stop him…. made zero sense!

    • It was already hinted at in the movie that it was hard for Odin to send Thor back to Earth without the Bifrost, and you want him to send an army? Even if you just mean Sif and the Warriors Three, that would still be nearly impossible without the Rainbow Bridge.

    • Zearing covered it pretty well already but I feel compelled to chime in. Thor’s Asgardian buddies were in Asgard. As was said in the dialog of the film, they had to scrounge up every bit of dark matter they could just to get one Asgardian to Earth. How are they going to send a bunch of people?

    • Thor became the gaurdian of earth so he was already around. I think the rainbow bridge was still broken between the realms from Thor. That may be why?

  18. no need to explain where war machine or any other hero types were in the avengers. We can presume that they may have evrn been in the fight and simply weren’t shown. Why operate on the assumption that we were privvey to every aspect/ moment/ participant in that massive event?

  19. Excited for the extra story.

    Hey Bob, you mad?

    • No, Joshie, why? [Removed by Moderator]

  20. @ bob, you are suffering some severe paranoid delusions, that you think i have to use 4 different nicks in here. you sir/ma’am are hilarious. let me assure you jeffro is the only nickname i’ve used in here, except this onetime, some one posted “thank god” as a reponse to someting, and i changed my name to “god” to reply and said “you’re welcome”. are you really that conceited to think you are worthy of that much of my time to make up 4 different names to “come at you” as you put it? well, lets clear up some things. i am not 14 as you seem to believe, but 45. been married to the same woman for 23 years now, i have 3 kids, one of in college, the other 2 in high-school. i have a large home, 1 cat, and 1 job. they are my life. [Removed by Moderator] and i really could give 2 s[-]!t$ whether you believe me or not. you are not significant enough to go to all that trouble, especially to risk getting banned from here. do you have the mental acuity to comprehend what i’m saying to you? or, “are you that obtuse?”
    all i did, again, was ask what point you are trying to make, and all you can do is childishly try to make some lame-@$$ insult. you still haven’t “shut me up”,
    for the record, you said earlier “Spider Man would have saved a few people while making his way to the center of the activity in which he would have joined up to assist the Avengers. (This can be excused cause Sony is being hilarious and denying Disney their own sh*t)” specifically the section in parentheses proves you don’t really know what you’re talking about as far as the marvel films go. sony is not denying marvel anything. marvel SOLD the rights to sony. but since marvel/disney made a mt. everest of money from the avengers, i’m sure sony, like fox, will try to make some kind of deal to have a mention in the next avengers film so they can get a slice of the pie, so if that does happen, then everybody wins. the film companys and the fans. if it never comes to fruition, then marvel/disney will still make another pile of money from avengers 2. if you don’t care for those movies, then “move along son…ya bother me”

    • I made my point the first time around. The great thing about comment boards is you don’t have to repeat yourself. [Removed by Moderator]

      • *yawn. you bore me. let me know if you ever have anything useful or relevant to say

        • Seems like I made my point, Jeffy. [Removed by Moderator]

          • no no no, calling me my bio [Removed by Moderator] is lazy. you’re gonna have to do better than that.

            • Jeffy, you should really talk to your parents about the meaning of passive aggression. You see it doesn’t work if you were already aggressive. It’s just cowardice at that point. Now I know you’re upset cause you can’t hold ground in a argument and got mad cause you looked wrong when arguing with me but it’s time to get over it. See, the important part of growing up is learning. You’ll figure this out down the road as you mature and grow. Now I await your rebuttal, kid.

              • Moderators? can we block this guy? any possible way? I think you guys should have some of the comic/cinematic reviewers look at comments, and if guys like this guy are arguing about unrealistic demands or dont even understand who owns rights to what that they be excluded from the conversation. Everyone else please ignore them. flat out disregard bob, tomm, and the troll community

                • @DaRel – You most likely didn’t read through all the comments but I dealt with Bob several days ago. But thank you for keeping an eye out for the troublemakers. :)

                  Paul Young – Moderator

  21. myreal question is where the hell was spiderman?

    • Yeah, right? The simple answer is Sony. The bigger answer is Marvel/Disney missed a major chunk of the big picture.

      • how is it that “Marvel/Disney missed a major chunk of the big picture.”?

        • Oh, he’s talking about how Marvel sold off film rights for a lot of their characters, but he’s kinda leaving out the fact that at the time Marvel wasn’t making their own films and wasn’t planning on doing so.

          When you sell your truck because you don’t need it, it’s still sold and owned by someone else 2 years later when you decide you need it now.

  22. Oh, isn’t that cute. Jeffro is stalking me now. Well, Jeffy. Why don’t you go back to my previous first comment on this page that I posted [Removed by Moderator]

  23. well, if your entire point is that the film “The Avengers” didn’t include spider-man, ghost rider, and the fantastic four, then your point was already disproved, since marvel doesn’t have the live action film rights to those characters. the only point you made is you have no clue as to what you are talking about.

  24. terrible, Rhodes wasn’t the Iron Patriot, it was Osbourne. You know the Green Goblin… he became the Iron Patriot after the death of Captain America, he stole a schematic from Tony Stark and made his own armor. problem was that it was just for the armor, not the weapons so the Iron Patriot wasn’t nearly as strong as the Iron Man Aror

    • Yup, welcome to Marvel/Disney. It’s like asking a porn star to watch your virgin 18 year old sister. Wont take long for it to get ruined. It’s too bad greed for money and popularity will be fully destroyed the great possibilities of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It’s completely Disney to just completely ruin the character so even if the rights do come under an agreement their screwed for the story anyhow.

      [Removed by Moderator]

  25. destroying**

    • Bob, please stop talking; you’ve more than proven what jeffro has said, and with regards to what you said about Wheedon and The Avengers you’re just talking nonsense.

  26. [Removed by Moderator]

    And of course you have to acknowledge the fact that Steve Rogers/Captain America wouldn’t make a statement like that against a semi-religious comment (“He’s a God”), ever? He’s always represented the American ‘dream’. Which means freedom of speech, choice, religion and freedom to prosper. By saying “There’s only one, God.” They made him a more singularly an ol’ catholic boy. Now if you’ve read a CA comic I haven’t that shows him doing this, please enlighten me because my entire basis of the characters is founded on the comics themselves and being the fact they’ve been making comics since the 30′s I can’t say I’ve read every comic ever made (or every captain america comic alone for that matter). As for the rest I’ve made my points clear above and wont fill the chat further by repeating them.

    [Removed by Moderator]

  27. …must resist impulse to point out the irony in last paragraph…cant contain much longer…brain overloaded with so many comments…must maintain control…

    BW: You should sit this one out Cap. These guys are basically Gods!
    CA: There’s only one God ma’am, and I’m sure he doesn’t dress like that!

    Most religions, not all, but most, believe in one god. the fact that a majority of americans are christians, i would say that his comment wasn’t anti-religous at all. if there is not a single comic book that refers to captain america as being affiliated with any religion, that doesn’t mean he isn’t affiliated with a certain one, and since he’s a fictional character, marvel can make him believe what ever they want. so whether he’s Christian, Jewish, Muslim, it doesn’t matter. he’s fictional.

    • They’ve never said that Cap was either atheist or oriented towards one religion (like you, not of my knowledge). There may have been some comic somewhere that said specificially or hinted at it, but if not its not a stretch for them to have Cap say that for the reason that, especially of the major religions still around today, they all center around only one centeral God. Not more than one like the Norse (the most pertinent to this argument) and Greek religions use to be.

      Even if it was oriented to one religion, though still with some small uncertianty which you could say it actually is, America is all about people being able to have their own view but also being able to be tolerant of other people’s views as well. Thats part of the basis for freedom of Speach, Religion, etc.

      So even if Cap was shown to have beleifs in one religion as long as he is also shown to remain completely supportive and unbiased of OTHER people’s relegious feeling and beleifs it would still fit in with his representation of America.

      • ^^^ what he said!
        and, cap said “I don’t like bullies. i don’t care where they’re from”

        • And you should take a lesson from that, Jeffy. Considering it was you who started bullying me before you realized I was more than you could handle. And before you try to make a comment about how I just tried to make you look bad because you can’t perform basic comprehension,

          “You looked bad before I ever met you.” Jon Snow

          I can quote things, too!

          Education: that which reveals to the wise, and conceals from the stupid, the vast limits of their knowledge. – Mark Twain

      • [Removed by Moderator]

        By making the comment alone it’s signifying a certain level of disrespect towards other religious possibilities. No matter how small. Hense, Cap never would have said it. The reason I stated the ‘ol’ catholic ‘ was based on where he was from, the area he was marked to have grown up in both in the comics and in the movie was a representation of an area and time of New York would have been primarily a Catholic style neighborhood based on said portrayal if you read your history so if he was defaulted to a religion at all it would likely be Catholicism. Now since Jeffy was never taught to shut up he’ll be commenting soon so I’ll make it clear I am not placing a religion behind Cap I am, infact, arguing any religious singularity to him with my comment and presenting the argument he would not have made that comment. I’ve made it perfectly clear so Jeffro any further comments you make I will just be straight bashing until you learn when it’s time to quit. Multiple times you’ve walked away only to return after having someone tell you how to try to sound smart.

        [Removed by Moderator]

        Now Vultron, as I told Jack, if you know of a specific comic issue or certain story block that might prove otherwise that Cap would make a comment like that even in a non-biased perspective please let me know cause I told Jack it’s impossible to have read every comic. But being a heavy Cap fan myself he’s usually the last one that would ever make a comment like that in all senses of personality I’ve seen him carry throughout the decades. “We’ll see about that.” “Doesn’t make him perfect.” “Doesn’t give him a reason.” “Doesn’t change things.” A dozen other comments could easily fit the meaning the writer/s wanted to put behind that line and I think they chose a bad one.

        [Removed by Moderator]

  28. [Removed by Moderator]

    • Guys – let’s drop it before I have to turn this car around please.

      Paul Young – Moderator

      • Paul, feel free to tell Jeffro to shut up anytime. [Removed by Moderator]

        • @bob – If I’m reading this right Jeffro called you troll, you insulted his intelligence and called him inbred and became rather hostile.

          Tell you what – I was just going to leave things be and politely asked you guys to drop it. Since it seems you can’t discuss opposite viewpoints on a movie without it getting dirty I’ll just remove the comments I deem to be in violation.

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          • Okay.